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Chapter 76.2: 76.2
The next morning .

Jude and Cordelia left the basin after being sent off by Gentle Snow Breeze, and the two headed towards Raptor Canyon .

However, the facial expressions of the two were different .

Jude’s face was glowing with a smile, and Cordelia kept looking at him with an awkward face .


Cordelia flinched when Jude began to unusually hum .

And she studied Jude’s face again .

Why is he so excited?

Why is he broadly smiling?

Um…anyway, shouldn’t I behave like nothing happened at that time?

‘That’s right! Let’s pretend that I don’t remember!’

Having made up her mind, Cordelia cleared her throat and made a cool and dignified expression as if she had not done something shameful, and Jude had a wicked smile and said in a low voice .

“Lick, lick . ”

Cordelia’s face turned red .

But Cordelia didn’t give up yet .

“What nonsense are you suddenly saying?”

“Lick, lick . ”

“You b*stard! You wretched b*stard!”

Cordelia eventually gave up and began slapping Jude on the back, and Jude just smiled in satisfaction .

“Ugh! Hey! It no longer hurts when I hit you? Have you been lying so far that it doesn’t hurt?”

“No, it hurts a lot . Ouch, it hurts . Ouch, it hurts . ”

“I hate you so much!”

Cordelia, whose neck had turned red too, began to increase the strength in her hands .

“Ack! Hey! Hey! It hurts! It really hurts!”

“It doesn’t hurt!”

“No, you’re wrong . It really hurts, okay? Your level is high too, right?”

Though it may be less than the martial artist Jude, the wizard Cordelia also had her physical abilities increased every time she leveled up .

As Jude frantically cried, Cordelia asked after reflexively stopping her hand .

“Does it really hurt?”

“It really hurts . ”

“That’s great!”

“Ah! Ah! Hey! Hey!”

“More! Be more hurt!”

“Lick, lick . ”

“Hey! It doesn’t hurt? You’re not actually hurt, huh?”

“It hurts, but still, lick, lick . ”


A few minutes passed since the violence and relentless teasing between the two began .

Cordelia panted after getting tired, and Jude said .

“It’s all right, because it was very cute . ”

“F*cking b*stard . I’ll reconsider using Beast Mode again . ”

Cordelia glared at Jude and decided to change the topic instead of hitting Jude more .


“Anyway . ”

“Are we going to Raptor Canyon now?”

“Yes, because it seems that there’s a relation between Lena and the elves’ magic kingdom, which is said to be in Raptor Canyon . ”

“The ruins of the magic kingdom…there must be a lot of rare items, right?”

“Tsk, tsk…you’re greedy for everything . ”

“Die . ”

As Cordelia glared at Jude again, Jude cheerfully smiled and said .

“Well, I’m looking forward to it too . It’s a magic kingdom, so there’ll be a lot of stuff that you can use . ”

“Moonlight is still worth using, so I hope that there would be a lot of other things . Like armor or accessories . ”

“Since you’re using the witch’s magic, wouldn’t it be nice to have items that speed up your mana recovery?”

“Yes, yes, I must completely raise my mana itself . It’s good that the witch’s magic is strong, but it consumes a lot of mana . ”

After she said that, Cordelia suddenly stopped and looked back at Jude .

“Come to think of it, did you absorb the Essence of the Blue Moon well?”

“I absorbed it well . ”

“For real? Then did you open the third door? Are you stronger now?”

Cordelia asked as she walked up to Jude with her eyes shining .

Jude replied as he impulsively pinched Cordelia’s cheeks .

“I opened it . ”

Cordelia would have usually called him crazy and asked why he was pinching, but this time, her eyes got bigger and she widely smiled .

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“Wow! Third door! The third door! How did it go? Has something changed? Did you learn some new skills or something?”

“Should I show it?”

“Yes, show it to me . I want to see it . I want to experience it . ”

As she jumped in place with the rabbit ears headband on her head, Jude smiled again at the sight of such Cordelia, before he suddenly hugged Cordelia on her waist with just one arm .

“I’ll show it to you . ”

It was not only the Black Dragon Release Technique that he learned .

Twenty-Four Gale Steps also received a new change .

‘Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors . ’

Nine worlds and nine doors .

It was the special martial arts of the transcendent being who defeated the overlords of hell when they came down to this world in the past .

“Twenty-Four Gale Steps – Black Wind’s Advent . ”

Jude said in a low voice before he carried Cordelia with both hands . Cordelia clung to him as he stirred up the wind .

Dozens of golden-colored whirlwinds rose .

And in between that, a jet-black wind soared up too .


Jude laughed at Cordelia’s scream that was a beat late .

He unhesitatingly stepped forward and became the wind itself .


Instead of a deafening roar, what was heard was the sound of something piercing the air .

The jet-black wind that was surrounded by the golden whirlwinds blew . It became a gale as it crossed over the white snowfield .


At the time when Jude and Cordelia were headed for Raptor Canyon…

Gaël and Adelia were facing Red Wind .

“Uh…so you mean that Cordelia bought you?”

“Yes . Cordeliunnie bought me . To save me at the auction house . ”

Though her fluency in the continent’s official language was poor, Red Wind expressed her admiration for Cordelia with great enthusiasm .

Gaël asked after listening to her story .

“By the way, Miss Red Wind, did you happen to hear where Jude and Cordelia got the money?”

Although Gaël had never been involved in the slave trade, he at least had some knowledge of it .

As the heir to one of the 12 northern families, he understood how the world works to some degree .

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Red Wind inherited the blood of the Winter Elves, so she was a very beautiful girl, which meant that her price was likely higher than usual due to the nature of the Lankebuste’s slave auction house .

But Jude and Cordelia bought her in a normal transaction?

At Gaël’s question, Adelia also had a curious expression .

“Come to think of it, you’re right . It’s not something they can do from just their pocket money . ”

In addition, when they looked back on Jude and Cordelia’s journey, the two had constantly spent a lot of money .

So they were curious on where the two got the money to buy an expensive slave .

“Uh…Cordeliunnie said . She gambled . ”

“Gambled? Uh, you mean the casino?”

“Right . It was called casino . They made money there and bought me . Jude-oppa said they went to the casino to earn money to buy me . ”

As Red Wind broadly smiled, Gaël and Adelia looked at each other, and soon, anger rose on Adelia’s face .

‘He was a gambler?!’

Did they just go to the casino because he wanted to, or did they go to earn money to buy slaves?

It was one of the two .

Either he is too pure and honest, or he is a gambling addict!

“Uh…ahem…it seems they somehow won though . ”

Adelia’s eyes narrowed when Gaël cleared his throat and spoke .

And Red Wind said again .

“Right . Cordeliunnie said she won a lot . Unnie boasted that she was good at gambling . ”

“Wait, Lady Cordelia won?”

“Unnie is very good at gambling . She said that she’ll take me later . ”

Gaël’s gaze went back to Adelia at the innocent remarks of Red Wind, and Adelia flinched before she said as she cleared her throat .

“Ahem, ahem, she must be lucky…I guess . That’s it . ”

“…I see . ”

In any case, it was good that they made a lot of money and saved Red Wind, instead of squandering their fortune in vain .

“Miss Red Wind, can I ask you to continue your story?”

“Okay, I’ll continue . ”

Red Wind also talked about the things that had happened after crossing the border .

“The Ghostblade Kamael…”

“I didn’t expect Jude to be Landius’ disciple . ”

It was an unexpected appearance of important figures .

The Ghostblade Kamael, and Landius, the iron man .

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The two were undeniably the continent’s top swordsmen .

“Umm…I’m sorry . I didn’t really understand what they talked about with that person named Kamael . ”

“No, this is enough . Thanks for telling us . ”

When Gaël brightly smiled, Red Wind unconsciously blushed and giggled as she left the room, and Adelia spoke after she cleared her throat due to some unexplainable discomfort that she felt .

“It certainly doesn’t seem like normal . ”

“Yes, I don’t think it’s just a matter of being involved with demon followers . Them crossing the border seems to be due to an important mission rather than an elopement . Perhaps…I don’t know if we should also change the purpose of our trip . ”

They also had to help the two solve the current problem in addition to recovering the immature runaway couple .


Adelia bit her lips and let out a troubled voice .

It would have been better if they had just run away .

According to what they had heard, Cordelia was running towards an even greater danger .

“Don’t be so worried . We’ll be able to join the two soon . ”

“Yes…you’re right . Thank you, Lord Gaël . I’m thankful that Lord Gaël is here . ”

“I’m also thankful that Lady Adelia is here . ”

Gaël and Adelia stared at each other .

If Violent Avalanche was here, it would have a truly uncomfortable expression at the two staring at each other .

It was Adelia who turned her head away first .

“Ahem, ahem . Anyway, I think we shouldn’t delay ourselves . Let’s start heading towards the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe . ”

“Okay, I think that’s a good idea . ”

Gaël casually smiled and stood up from his seat before he held out his hand to Adelia .

“Let’s go . ”

“Yes, Lord Gaël . ”

Adelia held Gaël’s hand and stood up as she wondered why he was being modest than usual, and as they were leaving the room, she suddenly stopped walking . Because there was something else that came to her mind .

“That, by the way, Lord Gaël . ”

“Yes, Lady Adelia . ”

“That…Lord Gaël doesn’t do anything like gambling, right?”

“Yes, I don’t . That…Lady Adelia…you don’t too, right?”

“Yes, me too . ”

“That’s good . ”

“Yes, that’s good . ”

It was relevant to them that the other was a virtuous person .

Anyway, the two were relieved by the fact that neither side gambled, and they went out of the room with a small smile on their faces .

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