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Chapter 75.2: 75.2
As I said yesterday, we have two chapters today .

Terms used in this chapter:

Puppy cat (Gae-nyang-i) – A cat that acts like a dog .

The battle was over .

When Madgar died, most of the warriors of the Angry Bull tribe chose to flee, and they suffered great damages while on the run .

Fine Snow and Clear Snow did not go too far .

After driving out all the warriors of the Angry Bull tribe from Gentle Snow Breeze’s domain, victorious shouts broke out, and Jude and Cordelia also joined them .

And that night…

As she faced Jude and Cordelia, Gentle Snow Breeze asked as she slightly frowned .

“It’s nice to see you being affectionate, but…is she okay?”

“Yes, it’s one of the side effects of using Beast Mode . She’ll be fine tomorrow morning . ”

Jude said as he awkwardly smiled, because Cordelia’s head was on top of his lap .

Cordelia was clinging onto Jude, as if she was a dog or cat that was carefreely resting on his lap .

‘She’s like a puppy cat . ’

As her body was curled up, Cordelia occasionally licked Jude’s hand and purred like a real cat . She was also asking him to pet her instead of sitting still .

“Umm…she’ll be fine tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, she’ll clearly remember it…perhaps by tomorrow morning, her face will turn red and she’ll pretend not to remember . ”

“Ahem, ahem, I see . ”

After clearing her throat, Gentle Snow Breeze brought out a small box .

“This is the Memory of the Wind . It meets the requirements that you asked for . ”

“Thank you very much . ”

Inside the box was a green feather that looked to be very old .

‘We’ve gathered almost all the materials for the Ancestral Regression technique . ’

Ancestral Regression was a technique that reverts time, which required items that contained powers from the past .

The Memory of the Wind was not originally a required item, but as Gentle Snow Breeze said, it was an item that meets the requirements because it contained the past time like the Freezing Stone .

‘The only items left are the angelic blood and a special ink to use when drawing the magic circle . ’

In the latter case, it was possible to somehow find a substitute since it only required something that had high concentrations of mana .

In short, Cordelia would be able to use Ancestral Regression once she obtains Lena’s blood, who was the only angel on the planet at this point .

‘The Fallen Angel Mode is just around the corner . ’

With a happy smile, Jude said as he looked at Gentle Snow Breeze again .

“Gentle Snow Breeze, as I had said, we are thinking of building an Eastern Alliance that is centered on the Great Storm tribe . Would you like to join?”

“I will join . I can help build the Eastern Alliance by spreading the word to the nearby wild gods and tribes . I’m also planning on taking steps to prevent any further damage to the dragon vein . ”

Great Storm and Gentle Snow Breeze may be children when compared to Violent Avalanche, but in terms of strength, they were in the top ranks among the wild gods .

If these two joined forces and called for the creation of an alliance, even the wild gods who had not yet been damaged would be interested in joining the Eastern Alliance .

“Maybe…the Golden Dragon King may wake up this time . ”

“The Golden Dragon King?”

It was the first time that Jude had heard of that name .

Gentle Snow Breeze said as she warmly looked at Cordelia, who had begun to doze off on Jude’s lap .

“The Golden Dragon King is the first and the strongest wild god . He is like the parent of all the wild gods living in the wild land . ”

‘In other words, he’s the king of the wild gods?’

But Gentle Snow Breeze said that he might wake up .

In short, he was sleeping right now .

“A long time ago, when the overlords of hell came down to this world…the Golden Dragon King fought a fierce battle against the overlords to protect the wild land . Fortunately, he was able to drive out the overlords from the wild land, but the Golden Dragon King also suffered from a lot of injuries . ”

“He fell asleep to treat himself?”

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“Yes, though it’s been almost a thousand years since then . ”

The overlords of hell who came down to this world .

Considering the location, it seemed to be referring to Leviathan, the overlord of destruction .

“There’s a story that…he might wake up if the wild lands is in danger . ”

That story was like a legend even among the wild gods .

That didn’t happen in Legend of Heroes 2 though .

But that didn’t mean that it won’t happen this time .

“O Gentle Snow Breeze, this humble one has a question they dare to ask . ”

“Speak . ”

“Is there something like a hidden secret in Raptor Canyon?”

It was the place where Lena died .

At Jude’s question, Gentle Snow Breeze briefly closed her eyes as her long eyelashes fell, before she nodded her head .

“A long time ago, there existed a magic kingdom of very powerful elves . It was eventually destroyed by the overlords of hell…but not all of their traces disappeared . ”

“Then Raptor Canyon…”

“Yes, it is the place where the capital of the fallen magic kingdom was located . There are still ruins of those days all throughout the Raptor Canyon . Only a few of those mysterious ancient races are left . ”

Jude now understood why Lena suddenly appeared in Raptor Canyon .

The magic kingdom of the ancient elves .

It was destroyed in their fight against the overlords of hell .

It was a place of interest for Lena, a wizard who declared that she would devote her life to fighting against demons .

“Jude, are you heading for Raptor Canyon . ”

“Yes, we were asked to go by the Guardians of the Holy Cross . So we must go . ”

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“All right, I understand . I’ll wait for you two after forming the Eastern Alliance . I look forward to the moment when I’ll see you again . ”

“Thank you . I look forward to seeing you again too . ”

That was it .

Jude bowed again, and then left the temple while carrying Cordelia on his back, who was constantly rolling on the floor earlier, and Gentle Snow Breeze smiled as she looked at the two leaving .

‘They’re a fantasy couple . ’

They really got along well and looked adorable .

But there was someone who thought differently .

“I admit that they suit each other well . The two are really a crazy couple . ”

“Uh…not a fantasy?”

“They’re crazy, they’re crazy . ”

Violent Avalanche strongly asserted, as it once again talked about the fight on the rocky mountain, and Gaël and Adelia looked at each other .

“Well…the two indeed had gone too far . ”

“It’s because of someone’s younger brother . ”

“Ahem, ahem, Jude is a very gentle child . ”

“Then are you saying that Cordelia is violent?”

“That’s right, she’s violent . She’s aggressive . Very violent…not . Umm…she’s not . ”

T/N: Not exactly a pun, but just a word with different meanings . Gwgyeokada can mean ‘gone too far’, ‘violent’, or ‘aggressive . ’


Violent Avalanche flinched when Adelia’s fierce eyes interrupted its words, so it tried hard to negate its previous words, and Gaël who saw that, had a small smile .

“Moving on, I think the two had become very strong . ”

“You’re right, the two are pretty good when you hear the story . ”

“Especially Cordelia who was really good at fighting . She was completely like a fighting cock… I get it . Don’t crush me .  Sob sob . ”

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As Violent Avalanche was being crushed by Adelia, Gaël struggled in holding back his laughter before he began talking again .

“In any case, it seems that it wasn’t an elopement . I feel like they were involved in a lot of things . ”

“You’re right . From the Fairy Queens to the Guardians of the Holy Cross…”

In addition, they were now fighting against a plot of the demon followers to seize the entire barbarian lands .

“We have to hurry up and join the two . ”

“Yes, we must . ”

“Ahem . ”

The last was Violent Avalanche again .

Gaël and Adelia were talking in a low voice while facing each other, before they simultaneously looked back at Violent Avalanche, and the white bear cub said as it squinted its eyes .

“No, I was just thinking that you look alike . ”

“You mean both Jude and Lady Cordelia?”

“Yes, they resemble you two . ”

“Lord Gaël is Jude’s older brother, and I’m Cordelia’s older sister . It’s natural that we resemble each other . ”

“Yes, because we’re siblings . ”

Gaël spoke as he looked at Adelia and smiled, and Adelia just nodded quietly and not snort like usual .

And Violent Avalanche thought .

‘No, that’s now what I meant . ’

There was a strange atmosphere between the two .

However, Violent Avalanche only kept those words in its mind . Because Adelia would surely send a fierce gaze if Violent Avalanche put those words out of its mouth .

And a dozen minutes passed .

“We’re here!”

Violent Avalanche suddenly jumped from its spot and began running towards the front, and Gaël and Adelia could see it too .

The village of the Great Storm tribe was spread out before their eyes .

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