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Chapter 74: 74
Terms used in this chapter:

Backflip – a type of somersault which involves jumping and turning backwards and landing on one’s feet .

Fastball – a type of very fast throw in baseball .

Bi-ik-jo intertwining with each other like a single tree – This is a Chinese idiom (比翼連理) . The first half of the idiom (比翼) refers to the bi-ik-jo, a mythical creature which is a pair of male and female birds with one eye and one wing each who always fly together . It also refers to couples who have a deep and positive relationship . The last part (連理) describes two trees (with different roots) growing closer and intertwining their branches with each other .

So what this idiom means is that two people are so close that they become one . It is also used to describe lovers/couples who are deeply affectionate or close to each other .

For the boss monsters in games, there existed patterns .

Their attack methods .

Their attack timing .

Their attack sequence .

And in fact, it didn’t just happen in games .

Even in reality, patterns existed too .

The attacks and frequent strikes they execute were often based on the attacker’s habit, preferences, and so on .

Their unique movements before the attack .

The time required for an attack to be triggered .

Their attack range .

If one knew all of these, and they had the eyes to assess and the reflexes to react properly, it became possible to do something .

Particular actions such as defeating the boss while naked, or dancing while defeating the boss, became something that were possible to do .

It was the so-called rotten water’s play .

“Catch me if you can~!”

Cordelia cheerfully shouted as she used the Bayer family’s footwork technique .

Due to the magic she cast twice and the footwork technique of a prestigious family, her agility tremendously increased, and her movement was like a beam of light that exceeded the wind’s movements .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Madgar’s attacks struck the places where Cordelia was last standing .

Every time the huge sickle-like arms hit the ground, the earth shook, but there was no hesitation in Cordelia’s steps, even when the places she had just stood on were being destroyed .

“Head! Head! Head! Head!”

Cordelia didn’t just shout out words . Magic bullets flew in front of Madgar and struck Madgar’s head without fail .

But its power was weak .

Although it hit Madgar’s head, it literally just hit her and didn’t do much damage .

It couldn’t even stop Madgar for a moment .

But Cordelia didn’t care . She quickly evaded Madgar’s sharp blades that were wildly swung and used the protection of the wind barrier to block the venom from Madgar’s arms . She didn’t stay in one place for long but kept moving .

“Foolish b*tch!”

Madgar burst with anger and released the demon’s power . She stamped the ground with her eight feet, and a purple aura spread out in all directions . It was impossible to evade because it was an attack that covered the entire area, and not a point or linear attack .

“Nope . I can avoid it . ”

Cordelia jumped high as if she was a high jump athlete . With a backflip, she easily evaded the demonic power that spread out on the ground .


Cordelia shot her magic again after her somersault, and the magic bullet flew like a fastball and hit Madgar’s head without fail again this time .


Madgar angrily screamed .

That b*tch who was idly moving around should have been torn apart by that attack, yet it was not enough as she kept hitting Madgar’s head .

If she had thought rationally, it would have been correct to ignore Cordelia and charge at Gentle Snow Breeze, but she couldn’t ignore Cordelia because of her irritation .

Furthermore, the demonic power, that she had rapidly received, made her more violent and lose her self-control .

Madgar was so preoccupied with tearing Cordelia apart that she couldn’t even think of attacking Gentle Snow Breeze .

‘Her aggro is so sick . ’

Jude admired it before he created a whirlwind .

He steadily did his job, evading Madgar’s attacks while attacking the gaps .

He was doing something similar to Cordelia, but also different .

It looked like he was dodging and hitting too, but there was a difference in the details .

“Leg! Leg! Leg! Leg!”

If Cordelia was the light, Jude was the wind . Like the wind that couldn’t be caught, Jude ran amidst Madgar’s attacks and persistently aimed at Madgar’s legs only .

Unlike the head, Madgar had eight legs, so there were plenty of places to hit .


As Cordelia had said, large monsters were rather easy to deal with .

Since Madgar was huge, all of their attacks would still hit even if it were not precise . And Madgar’s attacks were also easy to avoid .

Rather, Jude and Cordelia would have struggled more if Madgar had appeared as a mid-ranking demonic human .

‘Of course, it’s still not easy . ’

They would kick the bucket if they get hit by even one attack .

In fact, the surrounding area had been completely devastated by Madgar’s attacks .

It was full of smashed and cracked places, and there were spots that were contaminated with poison, and spots where the poison even melted the ground . So the Angry Bull tribe or the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe couldn’t even approach out of fear .

‘This is better though . ’

Even a graze would become a serious injury .

Anyone who intrudes on the fight would only be a hindrance if they cannot evade all the attacks like Jude and Cordelia .


Dozens of magic bullets struck Madgar’s head as if it were beating a drum .

It didn’t hurt her .

More than half of the flying magic bullets were destroyed before it even reached the head .

But Madgar was still angry . Her rage surged and burst out .


Madgar’s irritation exploded, and she opened her mouth wide this time and shot sound waves . And at that moment, Gentle Snow Breeze intervened .

“Wind Blade!”

A sharp wind rushed and jolted Madgar’s sound waves .

The direction of the attack naturally changed, and Cordelia tried to avoid the sound waves by rolling on the ground in a hurry .

“Ah! Seriously! Don’t butt in!”

“Just restrain him! Restrain!”

Cordelia and Jude simultaneously shouted, and Gentle Snow Breeze flinched and became dejected, before she pouted her lips and concentrated on only restraining Madgar’s power again .

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In the first place, Jude and Cordelia were able to fight well against Madgar because Gentle Snow Breeze suppressed Madgar’s demonic power with her divine power .

Jude counted the numbers in his mind .

This was reality, so it was a little different from the game .

The sound wave attack was a new attack that they had encountered for the first time .

The existing attacks were also slightly different from the game .

However, Jude had a heavenly talent for martial arts, and Cordelia was a combat genius .

Jude calculated .

Cordelia felt it through her instincts .

The two rotten waters quickly grasped the new attack pattern and turned Madgar’s attack into nothing .


Cordelia used the protection of the wind barrier . Instead of using it to block the front, she used it as a foothold and jumped, climbing the body of Madgar afterwards .

Madgar urgently tried to catch Cordelia, but it was impossible .

Cordelia dashed and leapt again at some point, before she struck Madgar’s head with magic bullets again .

“Agh! This bug-like b*tch!”

“You’re the bug!”

Provocations originally worked better if it were childish ones .

As she bled from her head, Madgar exuded a powerful force that blew away the divine power of Gentle Snow Breeze that was restraining her at that moment .


Intense airwaves spread out to the surrounding area, and the jumping Cordelia was thrown off at once as if she was swept away by a storm .

But it wasn’t called Beast Mode for no reason .

Cordelia used the protection of the wind barrier in succession as a shield and foothold . Like a cat or savage beast, she kicked on the footholds one after another .

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Her splendid aerial movements made anyone dizzy from just watching it .

Even Madgar watched her in a daze, and Cordelia finally landed on the ground after a beautiful backflip .

“Haa . ”

Cordelia lowered her stance as if she was really an animal before she sighed in relief, and Jude rushed forward . He didn’t give Madgar a moment of rest .


“You bug-like b*stard!”

Their attacks weren’t random .

Due to the constant attacks of the two, Madgar missed her tempo several times .

Her attacks went badly, and as time passed, she lost her composure .

“Why! Why!”

Madgar herself was a mid-ranking demonic human .

She personally sacrificed more than a hundred warriors and temporarily obtained the powerful strength of a demon .

But why!

How come!

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Gentle Snow Breeze’s power suppressed Madgar’s demonic powers once again .

Jude and Cordelia moved beautifully again .

They were indeed like bi-ik-jo intertwining with each other like a single tree .

The strikes of the two were like that of one person!

Jude continued to count numbers .

Cordelia felt it instinctively .

And Gentle Snow Breeze became aware of it .

Madgar’s power was weakening .

The demonic power that she used to confront the wild god was rapidly diminishing .

And at some point .

“15 minutes!”

“Five cup noodles!”

(T/N: Cup/instant noodles usually take 3 minutes to cook . So Cordelia meant that she can cook five cup noodles in a row in 15 minutes . )

Cordelia shouted whatever words she had in mind and changed her way of combat at that moment .

She, who had been evading earlier, now concentrated the witch’s power in one of her hands .

“It’s breaking!”

Jude exclaimed .

What he said was true .

Cracks appeared in Madgar’s whole body, before it broke apart and collapsed .

The purple aura disappeared, and black ash quickly covered their sight at once .

Her transformation was undone .

She returned to a mid-ranking demonic human .

Moreover, there was a penalty . Due to her excessive increase in strength, Madgar’s power temporarily dropped sharply .

That was the moment they were aiming for .

The moment when the enemy became most vulnerable!


Jude kicked the ground . Instead of shooting forward, he ran in a circle to control the wind .

He used the Twenty-Four Gale Steps .

Having gathered the whirlwinds and gale, Jude used the created whirlwinds to blow towards Madgar . The black ash that blocked their view was scattered at once .

“I can see her!”

By the time Gentle Snow Breeze cried, Jude and Cordelia were already moving .

Once again, the two moved beautifully like bi-ik-jo intertwining with each other like a single tree .



Now, just by listening to those shouts that she deeply loathed, Madgar reacted reflexively . Despite some difficulties, she spread out the demonic power on her head and legs .

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Then Jude and Cordelia’s attacks overlapped .

Each of them used the strongest attack they could deal on Madgar .

“Spear of Calamity!”

“Hell’s Blood Slash!”

A pitch-black spear pierced Madgar’s chest .

A red sword cut Madgar’s back .

Madgar’s chest and back, which had been defenseless, could not withstand the attacks of the two .

Madgar vomited black blood, and black blood also spouted from her back like a fountain .


You said it was the head .

You said it was the leg .

The moment death was right in front of her eyes, what came out of Madgar’s mouth was a voice full of resentment .

Having met eyes with Madgar, Cordelia said as her fangs shined .

“You broke the pattern . ”

“You’re really saying whatever you want . ”

It finally ended after Jude’s comment .

Cordelia released the Spear of Calamity from her hand, and Jude greatly stepped back .


Those were her last words .

Countless cracks spread throughout Madgar’s body and it soon burned . Her body became black ash and scattered .

And the two people .

Surrounded by rings of white light that rose in succession, Jude and Cordelia clicked their tongues as soon as they saw each other .

“Wow, that’s really dirty . Did you cut her back when you said leg?”

“You said head . ”

“I hit her from the front at least . ”

“Back attacks usually deal more damage . It gives you more points . ”

“Do you like getting more points?”

“I’m glad I won 1st place . I’m happy because I’m 1st place . The taste of 1st place is so good . ”

“Evil b*stard . Nasty b*stard . Anyway, you’re a damn b*stard . ”

The two continued to say whatever they wanted before they started laughing and simultaneously looked down .

Because they saw what the boss monster had left behind after it disappeared .

“It’s pretty . ”

Its beautiful color unintentionally drew them in .

A natural gem that was made from the power of the moonlight .

“The Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

A divine item that Madgar could not absorb because of its divine power .

A bright smile spread over the faces of Jude and Cordelia .

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