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Chapter 71: 71
I made a mistake last chapter . Madgar was actually a woman . I’ve revised the previous chapter to reflect that .

And here’s a picture of a blue evening primrose, because it’s referred to in this chapter:

The fire’s momentum was terrifying .

The heat spread to the sky, and the flames greatly rose and seemingly reached several meters in height alone .

“Master Madgar!”

“You must run away!”

The warriors of the Angry Bull tribe were running about in confusion as they cried out .

It was a natural reaction . They were in a situation where the raging flames were coming at them like a tsunami .

“You Gentle Snow Breeze bastards! Have you completely lost your minds!”

To use flames in a place like this .

Are you saying that you want to die together?!

However, the flames have already began to burn everything . Madgar urgently ordered then .

“Retreat! Leave the battlefield!”

Madgar gave her orders, and everyone no longer waited . The warriors of the Angry Bull tribe began running like wild beasts as they avoided the wildfire, and Madgar also began to run as she used magic to strengthen her legs .

And the flames closely followed the warriors of the Angry Bull tribe .

“The wind?!”

The wind roughly blew .

It previously blew from the south to the north, but now, it turned towards the fleeing Angry Bull tribe .

The flames naturally began to follow the wind too .


With her arms raised high, Cordelia made a dying sound rather than a spirited shout, and the golden tattoo on her left arm continued to shine brightly .

“This is hard! It’s so hard that I feel like I’m dying!”

Controlling the gusts of wind in a windless area was much harder than before .

The amount of wind that she had to handle was much greater as she had to control the widespread flames in the vast field .


Cordelia’s legs trembled . It was so hard that she was in tears . Jude hurriedly opened a mana potion and shoved its contents on Cordelia’s mouth .


“Hang in there! You’ll die if something goes wrong!”

“Bwastwad! Fwak!”

Cordelia couldn’t swear because she was swallowing the contents of the mana potion, but Jude could tell what she wanted to say just by looking at her eyes .

But as Jude had said, failure to control the flames may result to them dying together .

Cordelia focused and concentrated again .

And then there were people who helped Cordelia .

“The shamans of the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe!”

Jude exclaimed as he looked towards the walls .

Just as Great Storm was a wild god of the wind as his name implied, Gentle Snow Breeze was also a wild god who controlled the wind .

A strong wind blew as two shamans wearing colorful ornaments chanted their spells while on the wall .

They controlled the flow of the wind in the same direction as Cordelia, so it became easier to control the flames .

“As expected! It’s going according to plan!”

Jude cheered as he had anticipated that the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe would help, and Cordelia decided that she would definitely smack Jude in the back later, but for now, she used the power again .


The controlled flames turned into a raging fire and struck the Angry Bull tribe .

Because the flames raged over such a wide area, a number of people were unable to escape and were swept away by the flames, and the intense smoke also slowed down the warriors’ feet .


“Master Madgar!”

No matter how powerful the warriors of the Angry Bull tribe were, they were helpless against the flames .

As the warriors cried out, Madgar yelled in anger and raised her skeleton staff high .

“Pour down! Strike it! Heavy rain! Heaven’s Tears!”

Prior to being a mid-ranking demonic human, Madgar was a powerful shaman of the Angry Bull tribe .

After she almost used up an enormous amount of mana, the heavens immediately reacted .


Rain poured down from the sky .

It was far from enough to cover the entire field, but it was enough to intensively strike the flames .

The flames began to die down .

However, it did not completely die down .

Having consumed an enormous amount of mana at once, Madgar shouted in exhaustion .

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Although it was only for a short time, the damage caused by the fire was great .

In addition, Madgar herself had exhausted her mana, so they had to step back for now and reorganize themselves .


“Go back!”

Several warriors of the Angry Bull tribe guided the other warriors with flags, and the warriors who were in a mess because of the fire, smoke, and heavy rain, hurriedly left the basin .

After a dozen minutes…

The rain stopped, and the flames disappeared . The warriors of the Angry Bull tribe had run away .

“Good, as we had planned . ”

Jude broadly smiled, and Cordelia collapsed onto the floor .


It was really, really hard . She no longer had any strength left to remain standing .

Jude said as he deftly carried Cordelia on his back .

“Good job, Gold . As expected of Gold . I’m glad that I’m Silver . ”

Because the blessing of the wind was only in the golden tattoo .

In the midst of this, Cordelia tried to strangle the cheeky Jude, and Jude began to walk forward .

Their destination was naturally towards the walls of the Gentle Snow Breeze’s tribe .


“What the hell were you doing! Did you want to die together?!”

It was good that the gate opened as soon as they approached the wall, but not after that .

Because one of the shamans who helped Cordelia control the wind had yelled in anger .

In fact, what the shaman said was true .

If the fire had spread across the basin, the flames would have burned the walls to the ground without care .

“Stop it, Fine Snow . It was a reckless act, but thanks to them, the enemies withdrew . ”

“But brother!”

“I’m not saying that you’re wrong . But let’s postpone that for now . We have more urgent things to discuss . ”

When the black-haired shaman with blue feathers on his head, spoke as if he was comforting the other, the blue-haired shaman with red feathers closed his mouth with a look of discontent .

The blue-feathered shaman said as he looked back at Jude and Cordelia .

“Nice to meet you . Warriors of Great Storm . I am Clear Snow who serves Gentle Snow Breeze . And this is my younger brother, Fine Snow . ”

Although Cordelia didn’t know the language of the barbarians, she could understand what they were saying with her senses .

‘Are they introducing themselves?’

‘Yes . ’

Jude nodded his head before he responded in the barbarian language, though it was on an amateur level .

“Nice to meet you . I’m Jude . This is Cordelia . We came to help Gentle Snow Breeze . Great Storm, Violent Avalanche, sent us . ”

Each tribe living in the wild lands had a slightly different lineage . Unlike the Great Storm tribe who inherited the blood of the winter elves, the Gentle Snow Breeze tribe inherited the ancient dwarves’ lineage .

Therefore, there were many people with a rather short stature and sturdy physique, and the same was true for the shamans, Clear Snow and Fine Snow .

“Hmm, as expected . Gentle Snow Breeze wants to see you . Follow me . ”

To begin with, Clear Snow had witnessed Cordelia using the power of Great Storm . There was even the words of Gentle Snow Breeze, so even if Jude and Cordelia pretended to be from the Sälen Kingdom, they weren’t particularly wary or suspicious of the two .

“I understand . We’ll follow you . ”

Jude immediately replied, and after he conveyed the shaman’s words to Cordelia, he followed Clear Snow .

‘It’s a small village . ’

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Jude avoided the gaze of the unfriendly Fine Snow as he looked around, and he was able to estimate the size and population of the village .

‘The population is about 300 to 400?’

The interior of the basin was mostly farmland, but the area where people lived was not that wide .

‘Everyone is exhausted . ’

Due to the battle that lasted for several days, everyone was exhausted regardless of age or sex .

Had it not been for Jude and Cordelia’s intervention, the Angry Bull tribe would have ravaged the village by night .

“This way . ”

Clear Snow led Jude and Cordelia into a temple that was built in front of a lake .

It was a temple made of wood, though Jude and Cordelia felt it was just a slightly big wood cabin . But still, it was the largest building in the basin .

“O Gentle Snow Breeze, we have brought the warriors of Great Storm . ”

They saw a pair of feet hanging down from inside the cleanly wiped temple, and inside it, a person’s silhouette was seen .

As Clear Snow spoke and bowed his head in front of the feet, a voice came from the other side .

“Thank you for your hard work . Send them in . ”

It was a gracious voice that soothed the minds of the listeners .

After Jude and Cordelia unconsciously held their breaths in nervousness, they followed Clear Snow and entered the temple .

“We greet Gentle Snow Breeze . ”

When Jude and Cordelia spoke together and expressed their courtesies, the little sitting girl had a clear smile .

“Nice to meet you . I’m Gentle Snow Breeze . ”

The sight of a girl with white hair and big wings was reminiscent of an angel in stories .

However, her sickly appearance was clearly shown on her white face .

“Thank you for helping . Are you the ones sent by Great Storm older brother?”

(T/N: They aren’t really siblings, but Gentle Snow Breeze uses ‘older brother’ to address Great Storm as he is older than her . )

As a wild god, Gentle Snow Breeze could talk to them despite their different languages .

Jude and Cordelia delivered a brief summary of what had happened so far, and Gentle Snow Breeze was deeply troubled .

“I can’t believe they destroyed the mountain…it’s terrible just imagining it . No matter how evil they are, that’s really cruel . ”

Cordelia cleared her throat as if her conscience was stabbed at Gentle Snow Breeze’s words, and Jude said with a calm face .

“Violent Avalanche sent us in fear that Gentle Snow Breeze would also be attacked . Since the demon followers have taken over the Angry Bull tribe, we must establish an Eastern Alliance to counter them . ”

“I see what you mean . I also think that we have to work together in order to fight against them . ”

Gentle Snow Breeze clenched her fists, slightly moved her body forward, and then continued to speak .

“A horde of demon followers did harm to the dragon vein . They attacked the dragon vein with an evil power, so I cannot use my powers properly . ”

That was the reason why Gentle Snow Breeze clearly looked sick .

Madgar’s conquest plan was to attack the dragon vein to worsen the condition of Gentle Snow Breeze, and then push the tribe into a primitive fight once they lost the powers they got from their wild god .

“Without the dragon veins, the wild lands will become inhabitable . Therefore, no one would harm the dragon vein even if there was a quarrel between the wild gods and tribes . ”

That was why Violent Avalanche and Gentle Snow Breeze so easily suffered a blow when the dragon vein was attacked .

In the first place, the idea of attacking the dragon vein had long disappeared in the wild lands .

“They are suppressing the dragon vein with an evil and powerful object . ”

Gentle Snow Breeze was one of the fairly strong wild gods .

However, she was just a small and weak girl now, as her power was suppressed by the damage done to the dragon vein .

‘If we go with this flow, we’ll get a quest to get rid of the stuff that’s blocking the dragon vein, right?’

Cordelia’s guess was quite reasonable, but Gentle Snow Breeze brought up another story .

“The tribe’s warriors have already tried a few times, but the enemy’s defense is strong . It’s impossible to breakthrough head on since they’ve built their main camp in the place where the dragon vein is suppressed . ”

Sneaking in was also uncertain . Even if they somehow freed the dragon vein, getting out would be a problem .

If so, what should they do?

Cordelia frowned as she tried to figure out on what they should do, but Jude only looked at Gentle Snow Breeze .

Because he thought that she wouldn’t have brought up this story if she didn’t have second-best option in the first place .

“I need the Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

Though Jude knew about almost everything in Legend of Heroes 2, this was the first time he had heard of it .

Gentle Snow Breeze continued to explain .

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“Not far from here is a place called Moonlight Hill . The dewdrops of the evening primroses blooming there, combined with the essence of the moonlight, is what is called the Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

The mere mention of it made it seem like it was an item with extraordinary power .

“Once a month, every time the Fantasy Moons rises, the Essence of the Blue Moon appears . It is something that receives the full moonlight . ”

She was talking about the phenomenon when the two moons in the sky would look like to be the same in size .

Jude reckoned that it would be tomorrow .

“Even the animals don’t approach the Moonlight Hill because the Essence of the Blue Moon itself has a property that revitalizes the vitality of the fields . They’re afraid that they might harm the Essence of the Blue Moon . But…now is not the time to worry about that . ”

He had a rough idea on what the situation was about .

“You intend to restore your strength with the Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

“Yes, with the Essence of the Blue Moon, I’ll be able to use my abilities even without the dragon vein . If I use that power to remove the evil object that is damaging the dragon vein, I’ll be able to use my full power without the Essence of the Blue Moon then . ”

The sanctuary and her tribe had already been attacked . Gentle Snow Breeze had no intention of forgiving the group of demon followers who attacked them .

“It’s highly likely that they know of the Essence of Blue Moon if they know so much about the dragon vein . Warriors of Great Storm, I’m ashamed of it, but my children are tired and injured from the continuous fighting and their urgency to protect this place . May I ask you to bring the Essence of the Blue Moon to me?”

At her careful question, Jude turned to Cordelia, and Cordelia nodded as if she didn’t have to think about it .

“We will bring the Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

“Thank you very much . My protection will be with you two . ”

As Gentle Snow Breeze said that and smiled, colorful patterns were added like decorations to Great Storm’s tattoo patterns .

Since Gentle Snow Breeze’s power was suppressed, there was no magic in the patterns right now, but when she recovers her powers, her protection/blessing would activate .

“Clear Snow will explain the details . If there’s anything you need, just tell us . ”


“Yes, anything . ”

“We appreciate it . We will do so then . ”

After Jude and Cordelia responded immediately, they left the temple and Gentle Snow Breeze, who was left behind, did not even felt suspicious of them .

“Let’s leave behind our conscience . ”

“Because we need to obtain the Essence of the Blue Moon . ”

In fact, the two had almost run out of food and mana potions . So hearing Gentle Snow Breeze’s words was just perfect timing for them, since they needed to resupply their provisions .

“Did you have a good conversation?”

Just in time, Clear Snow came and asked them, and Jude and Cordelia nodded . The two then simultaneously spoke .

“Please guide us to the armory . ”

“Supplies storage . Please guide . ”

Clear Snow had a somewhat uncomfortable feeling at the sparkling eyes of the two, but he soon nodded .


Gentle Snow Breeze’s prediction wasn’t wrong .

Once they had retreated to their main camp, Madgar thought as she looked at the Spear of Corruption, Belial’s secret weapon, that was currently suppressing the dragon vein .

‘The Essence of the Blue Moon . ’

Madgar was originally a shaman from the wild lands .

Before meeting Haraken, she was originally called Blue Starlight, so of course, she knew about the Fantasy Moons and also of the Essence of Blue Moon .

Her original plan was to capture Gentle Snow Breeze and then take the Essence of the Blue Moon in her free time, but all her plans were ruined by the big fire that occurred .

‘It’s obvious that Gentle Snow Breeze will try to obtain the Essence of the Blue Moon . ’

However, she would not be able to send a lot of troops . Even the troops who were protecting the basin were lacking in number .

Therefore, Madgar herself did not need to send a lot of troops too . Rather, it was better to suppress Gentle Snow Breeze and the basin .

But Madgar thought differently .

‘Those who started the fire . ’

Who was it?

Was it Gentle Snow Breeze’s troops?

It can’t be .

There were plenty of times that they could have started the fire before .

Moreover, burning a field is not something a wild god would do, especially a kind one like Gentle Snow Breeze .

‘Zarakul’s death . ’

The direction in which the flames first occurred coincided with the southwest direction, where Violent Avalanche’s mountain was located .

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It could have been a mere coincidence, but Madgar believed in her intuition .

‘We’ll continue suppressing them . ’

Tomorrow morning, as soon as they replenished themselves, they leave the main camp and attack the basin again .

And Madgar herself would head to the Moonlight Hill .

She would take the Essence of the Blue Moon and trample their only possibility of survival .

Madgar slowly nodded .

In front of the Spear of Corruption which contained Belial’s power, she held her hands together as if she was praying .


“Let’s start right away . ”

Cordelia, who was adding feather decorations to her rabbit ears headband, blinked at Jude’s words .

“We’ll go there in advance?”

“If it’s a vacant area that no one has occupied, it would be more advantageous to ambush them in advance . ”

The Essence of the Blue Moon would appear tomorrow, but it was not necessary to start tomorrow .

“The Angry Bull tribe has now retreated to their main camp . Even if they’re aiming for the Essence of the Blue Moon as Gentle Snow Breeze said…their departure will be later than us . They’re geographically farther . ”

“Will they really come?”

“It would be better to assume that they are coming . ”

It would be much safer if they assumed the worst and moved accordingly .

“Uh…then I’m homeless again today . ”

They had finally reached a village after a long time .

The crestfallen Cordelia drooped her shoulders, but she did not insist on staying .

“Let’s go quickly with what we’ve planned . If we go quickly, I’ll be able to make the bed quickly, and then I can sleep early . I’m about to die because of someone who made me work hard . ”

“I understand, Princess . ”

After checking Cordelia’s condition, Jude immediately conveyed to Clear Snow about their intentions to begin .

“You mean right now?”

“Yes, right now . So hurry up . ”

Clear Snow looked up at the dark sky for a moment after hearing Jude’s answer, but he didn’t particularly complain .

“Gounko is a clever guy . He’ll take you well to the Moonlight Hill . May the blessing of Gentle Snow Breeze be with you . ”

“May the blessing of Great Storm be with you . ”

Jude and Cordelia responded to Clear Snow, and then rode on a large stag named Gounko .

And that night, when it was nearing midnight…

After arriving at Moonlight Hill, Jude and Cordelia let out voices of admiration .

“Amazing . ”

“Pretty . ”

The sight of blue flowers on a hill covered with white snow was a really mysterious sight .

Moonlight and the starlight, with the white snow reflecting them .

It was relatively bright even in the middle of the night, so it was possible to check the surrounding area, and Jude frowned as he saw the Moonlight Hill that was wider than he expected .

‘The good news is that there’s only a single road . ’

Moonlight Hill was the end of a slope, so it was virtually no different from a cliff .

The landform was about 30 meters high, which was too low to be called a mountain, but was quite high for a hill . It was like a cliff that seemed to have its sides shaved, except on the one side going up .

‘Is it best to block the road until the Essence of the Blue Moon appears, and then run away?’

Then how will they block the road?

While Jude was contemplating this and that, Cordelia began digging the ground after viewing the evening primroses .

It was to make a bed .

“Let’s sleep and then think about it tomorrow…what is it?”

Jude stood still and contemplated as he looked at Cordelia, or rather, as he enthusiastically gazed at the pit that Cordelia had begun to dig .

“Sure enough . ”

“Sure enough what?”

At Cordelia’s question, Jude smiled and sat close to her as he began to explain .

It was a conversation that made Cordelia smile like usual .

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