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Chapter 65: 65
Jude and Cordelia simultaneously opened their eyes, but they did not stand up right away . Because that action would have been too noticeable .

It was clearly a calculative judgement on Jude’s part, who considered the risk of exposure, and as for Cordelia, it was an instinctive action .


Once again, the cries messed up their heads . Cordelia was in pain as she tried to cover her ears, and Jude was not much different either .

‘It’s close! But it’s beyond the wall!’

They had not immediately heard the cry, as it seemed like it came from beyond the wall or something .

The cry that started once again did not stop .

Jude and Cordelia eventually gave up waiting for it to stop, so they began to move while frowning .

‘Over there . ’

Jude gestured with his eyes and hand before he quickly lowered his posture and began to cautiously move, and Cordelia nodded and followed after Jude .

The two almost crawled on the floor, and then they stuck close to the rock wall before poking their heads out to see what was going on down there .


It wasn’t just a howl .

To be exact, it was a scene where an evil power was making something scream in pain .

At a basin on the mountain .

There was a large crevice that run through the center of the relatively flat summit .

The crevice itself was wide and long, making it seem like there was a waterway on top of the summit .

Moreover, it was not an ordinary crevice .

A blue light flickered inside the crevice, and they also felt a powerful force there .

And there was a creature screaming right next to such a crevice .

It was a huge bear .

A pure white bear that looked to be five meters tall was howling and tied to some chains, and a purple aura surrounded the body of such a white bear .

‘Violent Avalanche . ’

It was the wild god that was mentioned by Great Storm .

Jude and Cordelia’s eyes met at that time, and the two nodded to each other .

It was clear to them that it was Violent Avalanche who was howling .

And as for those who made it cry in pain .

Near the center of the crack stood a gray-haired man with a pair of big horns on his head .

He wore a black robe and held a staff decorated with skulls . The man was reciting a spell on a large magic circle, while several barbarian warriors were spraying blood from a large barrel inside the crevice .


The blue light fluctuated every time the blood was sprayed around, and Violent Avalanche also let out terrible screams .

And the violet aura increased and began to swallow Violent Avalanche . Something wicked was also mixed in its painful howls .

“Aaaah! Aaaaaah!”

Cordelia held her breath after hearing those desperate cries, and quickly hid herself under the rock wall . Jude also lowered himself and met Cordelia’s gaze . Amidst Violent Avalanche’s screams, the two began to talk .

“Zarakul . ”

“Executive of the Devil’s Eye . ”

“He’s corrupting Violent Avalanche . ”

“That ceremony being held in the crevice . I’ve seen that before . ”

“Act 2, at the event that appeared at the last stage of the fight against the northern barbarians . ”

“Mineral vein? Dragon vein?”

“If we leave it as is, Violent Avalanche will be corrupted . ”

“We can’t defeat Zarakul . He’s a mid-ranking demonic human . We have no way of weakening him unlike the Tomb Guardian . ”

“But we have to stop it . ”

Their conversation stopped there for a moment . But it was really only for a short time .

“Do you remember the last stage of the event?”

“You don’t say…”

“That . ”

“You want to do it in reverse?”

“Let’s do it in reverse . ”

“Crazy b*stard . ”

Cordelia spat out a curse, but he could tell by looking at her eyes .

Cordelia also knew .

That it was the only way .

“What about the means?”

“Solari’s Holy Lance . ”

“You’re really crazy . ”

“So you don’t like it?”

“No, it’s good . ”

If they had to do it anyway, it’s better to thoroughly do it .

“But will that really be okay?”

“We can’t help it . We have to stop them . ”

It was at the moment that he spoke .

“Is there something that you can do? Then help! You have to stop them!”

They suddenly heard a third voice, and the two pointed a dagger and the Moonlight in the direction where they heard the voice .

“Bear cub?”

It was a real bear cub .

It was a white, small, and cute bear cub .

“C-cute . ”

Cordelia unconsciously said, and the bear cub then spoke with a look of urgency .

“I’m Violent Avalanche . That’s my main body over there, and this one here is my clone that I hurriedly split from my main body . ”

The two somehow had a rough idea of who the cub was . So instead of wasting time on unnecessary talk, Jude and Cordelia directly asked the cub .

“What are they doing?”

“They’re polluting the dragon vein! They intend to pollute all the dragon veins throughout the entire wild land, thereby depriving us wild gods of our power and corrupting the wild land itself!”

“Dragon vein?”

“It’s a huge circular path of energy that was created by the wild gods . They are trying to contaminate that circular path . The power of the wild gods comes from the land, so if the dragon vein is polluted, the wild gods will also be polluted . The proof is my main body that they are trying to corrupt now . ”

Violent Avalanche rapidly spoke as he panted, and Jude and Cordelia looked at each other again .

“Dragon vein . ”

“There was a similar word that came out at that time too . ”

At that time in Legend of Heroes 2, the wild land had already been corrupted and the pollution was already over, so what the players saw was only the flow of an evil energy that could no longer be called a dragon vein . However, the two could understand what the cub was talking about .

“It must be stopped! It must be stopped at all costs! Although the dragon vein is vast, they are not active in my mountain only . If they pollute several sanctuary areas, the dragon vein will eventually be polluted . ”

“Are they spraying something like wastewater on the river?”

Cordelia briefly summarized it, and Jude nodded his head .

“Violent Avalanche, we are the ones who came here after receiving a request from Great Storm . ”

“Oh! Great Storm! That brat!”

“We’ll pretend that we didn’t hear you . Moving on, we have to stop them, but the two of us are not strong enough to do so . ”

“Kuuu…I understand . That horned man is really strong . He used a lot of strange spells to seal my strength . ”

Since Zarakul was a mid-ranking demonic human, he was an overwhelming opponent for a wild god who was not worshipped because it didn’t have a tribe that it took care of .

“But we still have to stop him . ”

“Yes, you are right . If this continues, I will also be corrupted and become their puppet . ”

As Violent Avalanche was speaking so far, the screams of its main body was heard, so it begged Jude and Cordelia while its teeth chattered .

“You can do anything . I’ll even throw my life away if you can stop them . So please stop them! Please!”

The cub said it with a mind that was already grasping at straws .

But at its words of ‘you can do anything,’ Jude and Cordelia’s eyes suddenly began to shine .

“Are you saying that you’ll let us do anything?”

“Can you do something then?”

At the same time that Violent Avalanche heard his question, it felt something like an ominous chill, but it immediately nodded .

“As a wild god, I’ll allow it! You can do anything to stop them!”

“Okay, the landlord has given us its permission . ”

“I feel less uncomfortable now . ”

Jude and Cordelia exchanged a mysterious conversation with eye gestures and short words that only they could understand, and at that moment, their strategy meeting was finished .

“I’ll say it again, but you’re crazy . ”

“Do you hate it then if you said it again?”

“No, it’s good . ”

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Cordelia grinned as she bumped her fist on Jude’s chest and said .

“Good luck . Don’t get hurt . ”

“You too . ”

Jude likewise grinned before taking a deep breath . After he mentally prepared himself, he kicked off the ground .


First of all, he shouted loudly to gain their attention .

Even while Violent Avalanche was howling, Jude’s cry was loud enough for them to notice his presence .

“Who the hell are you!”

Zarakul shouted some stereotypical lines as he turned to Jude, and the barbarian warriors quickly reacted too .

They tossed the large barrel and grabbed their weapons .

Jude was satisfied with their reaction . As he landed on the ground while covered in sacred battle aura, he used the Twenty-Four Gale Steps .


He deliberately shouted . At the same time, the whirlwinds he created were more than usual, thereby capturing the enemies’ gazes .

“Fierce Bull, you moron! Don’t let him interrupt the ceremony!”

After hurling an insult to Fierce Bull, Zarakul made a rough gesture, and the barbarian warriors rushed towards Jude .

Their number was eight .

They weren’t just big, as all of them were also well-trained warriors .

The strength of each and every one of them was comparable to the knight Jun, who was with Jude in Langesthei .

However, Jude focused on Zarakul instead of the barbarian warriors .

All that Jude had to do was to draw the attention of not only the barbarian warriors, but also of Zarakul .

‘Believe, believe! Twenty-Four Gale Steps!’


Jude roughly kicked the ground . He ran head-on to the barbarian warriors as he rushed through the whirlwind .

But his purpose was neither offense nor defense .

At the gap between the barbarian warriors .

He penetrated through that gap . And passed by them like the real wind!




The surrounding air was shaken .

Jude’s rush was as smooth and as swift as an arrow, and he passed through the barbarian warriors at once .


Zarakul responded . He attempted to attack the rushing Jude by swinging the cane he was holding .

And Jude once again broke Zarakul’s thoughts .


It wasn’t an attack, but the sound of his kick on the ground .

Instead of charging towards Zarakul, Jude hastily turned his body towards Violent Avalanche, and Zarakul widely opened his eyes .

Because he realized Jude’s purpose was Violent Avalanche .

“I will not let you!”

Zarakul spurred on the ground and rushed towards Jude . His momentum was terrifying, as he was a mid-ranking demonic human .

At that moment, Jude popped the pouch he was carrying in his arms . A terrible smell spread throughout the place as it got carried by Jude’s whirlwinds .


No matter how powerful a demonic human or even the trained warriors, they were helpless against their sense of smell .

Zarakul and his subordinates’ movements were immediately blocked by the odor bomb that Jude had also used on the Fury Wolf back then in the Dungeon Book .


Jude kicked the ground again . He then ran back to the direction where he came from, and the struggling Zarakul roared in anger as he summoned a strong wind that swept the surrounding area . As soon as the stench was cleared, he rushed again towards Jude .

“You slippery b*stard!”

The barbarian warriors also turned to Jude .

And Violent Avalanche was watching the entire spectacle through a gap between the rocks, before he repeatedly stamped its feet .

“What are you doing! Why!”

Jude’s plan to awaken its main body failed .

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Jude’s movements were amazing, but that was not enough to defeat Zarakul and his subordinates .

Violent Avalanche was in tears as it turned its gaze to the side and shouted .

“Hey! You said you’ll do any…thing?”

The cub’s voice weakened at the end . Because Cordelia, who was with it just then, had disappeared .

“N-no way?”

Did she run away? Did she abandon her lover too?

It wasn’t . At the time when Violent Avalanche was surprised and everyone’s eyes were on Jude, Cordelia was also running .

“It’s a feint!”

As soon as Cordelia reached the magic circle that was created for the ceremony, Zarakul quickly shouted . He hurriedly turned towards Cordelia .

“Don’t stop my ceremony!”

They tried to draw the enemies’ attention and then destroy the magic circle .

It was a reasonable deduction, but it was not the correct answer . Because what the two rotten waters had thought of was more than that .


Cordelia used the Witch Transformation and threw her body towards the magic circle . She poured the witch’s mana into the Solari’s Holy Lance that she held in one hand and stared at only one point .

It was at the land where the magic circle was, and not the magic circle itself .

She stared at where the dragon vein was being polluted .

At the crack in the crevice!

“No way?!”


It was not only Zarakul who cried, but Violent Avalanche too .

Because of what Jude and Cordelia were trying to do .

In the last stage of Act 2’s event, the desperate Zarakul tried to die with the player together .

He flooded the dragon vein with a strong power .

As a result, it caused a huge earthquake and destroyed the surrounding area .

It was a dragon vein .

And this was a mountain .

What would happen if a dragon vein was filled to the brim with power?



But it was too late .

Cordelia raised Solari’s Holy Lance as she filled it with the witch’s magic before she shouted with an enraptured smile .

“Art is an explosion! F*ck bang!”

T/N: 쾅 (Kwang) can mean ‘bang’ and ‘boom’ in Korean . I wanted to use ‘boom’ because it was more of an explosion’s sound, but ‘bang’ seemed to be intentional on the author’s part . Intentional, as in, its lewd connotation in English when you combine the f-word with bang . I’ll continue using ‘f*ck bang!’ instead of ‘f*ck boom!’ unless you guys/gals disagree .

She then threw the Holy Lance towards the dragon vein .

She chanted the spell and invoked Solari’s power in the Holy Spear!


It burst .

It exploded .

The ground shook, and Zarakul’s face turned deathly pale . Violet Avalanche also collapsed onto the floor .

And the dragon vein was completely filled with power . The blue light fluctuated greatly without stopping and began to shoot up to the sky .

Dozens to hundreds of small cracks spread throughout the crevice . The whole rocky mountain shook like crazy .

“Crazy b*tch!”

That was it .

Zarakul could no longer see Cordelia . Because the rocky mountain began to collapse .



“My mountain! My mountain!”

The last cry belonged to Violent Avalanche . While everyone was focused on Cordelia, Jude ran like crazy and suddenly appeared on Violent Avalanche’s side as he grabbed the back of its neck . As if he was lifting a kitten, he lifted the clone of Violent Avalanche and climbed onto the wooden board .


The rocky mountain fell apart and collapsed while Violent Avalanche was screaming .

Fierce Bull’s group who was in the middle could not escape from the sudden disaster . They couldn’t do anything as the whole rocky mountain collapsed from the summit to the middle part .

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The screams of the barbarian warriors were buried in the roaring sounds .

The pollutants they used for the dragon vein were also destroyed from the explosion of the runaway dragon vein .

Craaaash, ruuuumble, craaaaash .

The rocky mountain that was hundreds of meters in height was collapsing .

Many things disappeared in that endless roar .

The magic circle for the ceremony, the contaminated blood, Zarakul, the barbarian warriors, and even the main body of Violent Avalanche!

“Aaah, aaaaaah… . ”

As Violent Avalanche let out a devastated voice, Jude stretched out his hand to the dense cloud of dust that rose up . And there was someone who held his hand .

“Cough, cough . Fine dust is bad . ”

At the moment of explosion, Cordelia had soared up to the sky with magic .

Covered in dirt, Cordelia coughed and said that, as Jude helped her sit on the wooden board . She then smiled .

“F*ck bang . ”

“Because art is an explosion . ”

“Good job, Cordelia . ”

“Praise me more and more . ”

As usual, the two exchanged words that only they knew and then refreshingly smiled at each other, while Violent Avalanche shuddered in various ways at the sight of the two exchanging smiles after the atrocity of toppling down the mountain .

And rings of pure white light rose around the bodies of Jude and Cordelia .

“Two rings?”

“Two rings . ”

There were two rings of light .

One was because of the unexpectedly many people who were lying in wait to ambush them on the mountain .

The second was because of those in the middle of the crevice .


A terrifying roar of anger burst out beneath their feet .

Jude and Cordelia looked down, and Violent Avalanche widely opened its eyes .

Zarakul stood up as he pushed aside the big rocks . He was already in his demonized form, and he stood tall at 3 meters and had abnormally developed muscles that reminded them of a monster than a human .

“This, this…fiendish b*stards! What the hell did you do!”

I can’t believe that you broke down the entire mountain!

Violent Avalanche secretly agreed to Zarakul’s pent-up cry that he let out, but Jude and Cordelia did not care about it .

Rather, they were thinking like demons .

“Doesn’t he look normal?”

“He was hurt a lot . ”

“One of his horns is broken . ”

“His mana got twisted when he quickly turned into his demonized form in order to survive at the moment the mountain collapsed . ”

“His injuries are severe . ”

“His whole body is covered in blood . ”

It was an indifferent analysis .

His power was halved, or rather, the current Zarakul’s power reduced by more than half .

“Should we beat him up when he’s all beat up?”

“Whether he can no longer use his powers, weak, defenseless, or took hold of a weakness or hostage, we’ll still do it . ”

“Wow, you’re like a real devil . ”

“Do you hate it then?”

“I love it . It’s my style . ”

Jude and Cordelia looked at each other again and laughed, before they put down Violent Avalanche on the wooden board and used magic to land gently in front of Zarakul .

“Let’s start the boss fight now . ”

“The boss fight starts at Phase 3 . ”


It was when Zarakul and Violent Avalanche were bewildered together .

Jude and Cordelia didn’t spoke anymore .

The two forcibly began the boss fight .

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