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Chapter 64: 64
Terms used in this chapter:

Fighting (파이팅) – I forgot if I’ve already explained this, but might as well explain it again just in case . The word ‘Fighting’ is a Korean word of support, cheer or encouragement, much like English’s ‘go!’, ‘break a leg’, etc . It’s usually used in sports or when there’s a difficult challenge .

Just before Jude opened the sarcophagus, Cordelia unconsciously closed her eyes .

Because she thought that there was a strong possibility that the mummy or skeleton of Saint Galleon would appear inside the sarcophagus .

Even though she was being carried on Jude’s back, she still didn’t want to see something that was scary .

‘I’ll open my eyes based on Jude’s reaction . ’

At least after Jude screamed, she would be mentally prepared before she opened her eyes .

So Cordelia firmly closed her eyes and waited for Jude’s reaction .

“Oh . ”


It wasn’t a scream .

Cordelia plucked up her courage and slightly opened her eyes, and soon, she had the same reaction as Jude .


There was no mummy or skeleton inside the sarcophagus .

In the place where a body should have been laid originally, there was a set of white clothes decorated with gold thread, and on top of it was a pointed slate in the shape of a triangle .

There was also a spear .

“What, what is this? Wasn’t this a tomb?”

“Wait, I’ll check the slate . ”

“What does it say? Ah! I can read it too . ”

Some archaic words were engraved on it, and since Cordelia was a wizard, she could interpret archaic words to some extent .

“Uh…let me see . According to the contents of this slate…”

“It’s not a tomb . ”

This place was not Galleon’s tomb .

It made sense if one thought about it . Although Solari’s denomination had a strong influence on the entire continent in the past, it was unreasonable for the tomb of Saint Galleon to be in the land of the barbarians, as well as for it to be deep in the underground .

“I left a clue . Five of them . It will lead to my master . To the Holy Land that my master protected . ”

Cordelia intermittently read it out, and she suddenly hugged Jude’s neck tightly .

“Jude, Jude . Could this be real?”

“Yes, it’s real . ”

There were several quests in Legend of Heroes 2 that did not have a conclusion, and among those were some quests related to the Solari denomination .

Gallus, the most renowned champion of Solari, died in a fight against the Demon Prince Leisegang .

The Solari denomination held a splendid funeral for the sacred hero, but the location of the tomb was not announced to the world .

Gallus’ Tomb .

According to several pieces of information found on some of Legend of Heroes 2’s quests, the tomb of Gallus was located somewhere on this continent, and that place was where the most important secret of the Solari denomination was hidden .

“It’s a clue . If we collect them all, we can find out the location of Gallus’ tomb . ”

Jude lifted up the triangular slate and spoke, and Cordelia suddenly thought of the finished form of the slate .

“Pentagram . ”

The reason was simple .

Because there was already a quest in Legend of Heroes 2 where you could get similar slate pieces .

“There was also a clue on Paladin Berfa’s tomb . Perhaps each slate has a hint about the location of a different slate . ”

“Then, would it be possible to collect them all?”

“It would be possible . If we collect them all, the path to Gallus’ tomb will be opened . ”

“The Holy Land of Solari . ”

Their hearts were pounding . The Holy Land of the Solari denomination was something that had a great influence throughout the entire Legend of Heroes series . It was also referred to as the place where ‘the most important secret’ was hidden .

“Legend of Heroes will be turned upside down if they hear about it . ”

“Yeah, we’ll probably get 100,000 likes . ”

After the two imagined what would happen if they could brag about it back when it was a game, they shifted their gaze from the slate to the other stuff inside the sarcophagus .

Hundreds of years must have passed, but the cleanliness of the clothes and spear made it look as if they were brand new .

“It’s the denomination’s clothes . Is it the saint’s clothes?”

“I think so . Because Galleon was a Saint . ”

Jude quickly took out the clothes and unfolded it . It was a uniform that was likely to be worn by a martial artist . He didn’t know what its stats were right away as this was no longer a game, but he at least knew that the saint’s clothes increased the wearer’s agility and strength, and also helped in the circulation of inner Qi .

“It’s a goodbye to the rabbit set . ”

“Can’t you just wear the headband? If not, at least just the tail…”

Jude laughed as he ignored Cordelia’s words . He then packed up the clothes and looked at the spear .

“I know this . Isn’t this Solari’s Holy Lance?”

“Yes, a javelin . Though it’s a one-use item, its power is outstanding . ”

The Holy Lance itself wasn’t a one-time use item .

What made it a one-use only was the Ultimate skill of the Holy Spear called ‘Solari’s Punishment . ’

‘Because once it was used, the Holy Lance itself would burn and disappear . ’

But as he said earlier, its power itself was outstanding, so it was good to use it as a trump card item .

“Good, good . It’s a huge chain quest that no one has ever done . It smells like a jackpot . Let’s depart straight to Paladin Berfa’s tomb! I want to do it now . ”

Cordelia suddenly drooped her shoulders at the end of her words .

After all, the two were now in the middle of investigating Violent Avalanche’s incident, which was the first step towards stopping the barbarians’ invasion .

Jude spoke as he soothed Cordelia on his back as if she was a baby .

“Well, the clues are all over the continent, so we can’t do it right away . Moreover, the triangular slate that was found in Legend of Heroes 2 was in the Argon Empire, right?”

“That’s true . It’s a shame though . ”

Cordelia let out a sigh before asking Jude again .

“Then Jude, are we going to investigate Violent Avalanche’s incident right now?”

“Well…if I had to say it, I think it would be better for us to take a day’s rest first . We’re both exhausted . ”

In fact, Cordelia was more of a problem than Jude himself . After all, her mana was severely depleted .

“Huu…my mana’s depleted, my mana…”

“The monster can’t even come in here because of Solari’s power, so let’s take a rest and leave tomorrow morning . ”

“Yes, Daddy . Please give me something delicious . ”

“My princess, this evening’s meal is jerky boiled in hot water . ”

“Hey, how the f*ck is that good?”

Jude cheerfully laughed at Cordelia’s response, and then turned his gaze as he looked for a place to sleep .


The next morning .

The two left the cave early and headed straight to Violent Avalanche’s sanctuary .

As Great Storm had said, the energy of nature was twisted, but a sanctuary was still a sanctuary, since after they entered a certain area, the blizzard completely disappeared, making it easier to proceed .

But it was also at that moment .

Jude and Cordelia raised their heads and then frowned .

“We have to climb up this mountain?”

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Violent Avalanche lived on top of a rough and rocky mountain .

It seemed like a hundred meters high at first glance, but the path leading up to the top looked incredibly tough and difficult to climb .

“Won’t the Devil’s Eye or Angry Bull tribesmen ambush us in the middle?”

“It’s highly likely since the warriors of the Great Storm tribe haven’t returned . ”

It was a rough and rugged rocky mountain .

The demon followers and barbarians would be waiting in ambush while hidden among the cracks and crevices of the mountain .

Cordelia quietly stared at the mountain before she looked at Jude and said .

“It’s not always good to do hard physical work . ”

“We’ll eventually get there if we do it step by step, but we also have to consider efficiency . ”

It would be too exhausting if they climbed that rugged mountain while preparing to be ambushed .

Therefore, Jude and Cordelia decided to use a trick since they were both exemplary rotten waters .

“You’re saying that all we had to do is just get to the top . ”

“Yes, the route is not fixed . ”

In fact, the two had already discussed this to some extent last night .

Because of that, it made it easier to implement Plan B .

“Let’s carry out Plan Unicorn . ”

“Yes, Madam . ”

Jude immediately answered as he attached several magic circles to the wooden board he was carrying on his back and then activated it .

What he used was the basic magic .

Jude pressed on the wooden board several times as it floated up to the waist level . Afterwards, he did a thumbs-up to Cordelia, and then covered the board with a leather blanket on top .

“The power itself is weak, but it would last for a long time . It would be enough since the duration of the multiple magic circles would be stacked . ”

Cordelia nodded and then took out the Wind’s Wing Arrow and attached it under the wooden board . It would be the engine, as well as the steering wheel of their improvised vehicle .

“In front? Or behind?”

“Behind . ”

If she sat on the back, she could lean forward on Jude’s back . It was a conclusion she made when she considered efficiency .

“Then Madam, your servant will ride in front of you . ”

“Okay . ”

Jude sat on the wooden board, and Cordelia took a seat behind him as she grabbed on the blanket .

“Let’s go . ”

And they began floating up .

The wooden board carrying the two slowly rose to the top .


Jude’s prediction was not wrong .

A dozen warriors of the Angry Bull tribe were waiting in ambush in the middle of Violent Avalanche’s rocky mountain .

All of them had abnormally swollen muscles and red glaring eyes, which was the result of the corruption of the entire tribe as servants of the devil who were under the influence of Belial, the overlord of corruption .

“The Great Storm tribe sent an investigation team again . Don’t let your guard down because they would certainly show up sometime today . ”

Each of the barbarian warriors nodded their heads at the words of Fierce Bull, a warrior of the Angry Bull tribe and was now a demonic human of the Devil’s Eye .

The investigation team of the Great Storm tribe .

They’ve already killed two teams, but the Great Storm tribe did not give up and sent a third one .

‘They’ll be here soon . ’

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At the top of the rocky mountain, Zarakul, an executive of the Devil’s Eye, was currently working on some kind of work .

Once his work was done, they could begin a direct attack on the Great Storm tribe .

“Come as much as you want . No matter how many times you come here, you’ll all be slaughtered . ”

Fierce Bull looked down the mountain while he stroked the blade of his beloved large axe . Each of the barbarian warriors also smiled wickedly . Because they’ve been told that a very beautiful girl was also included in the investigation team .

“Hurry up, hurry up…”

They’ve been waiting from morning until now .

There was a bit of anxiousness in the fierce eyes of Fierce Bull as he looked at the only path leading to the summit .

However, after an hour, and after two hours, the investigation team had yet to show up .

The reason was simple .

Because Jude and Cordelia were already in a higher place than Fierce Bull .


“Haa…haa! T-this is hard . ”

The two had risen at about ¾ of the mountain .

Cordelia had temporarily parked the wooden board on a considerably flat place as she panted and said while bathed in her own sweat .

“Fu-f*ck…isn’t this more tiring?”

The magic circles didn’t require much mana, but the problem was its duration .

Even if the Wind’s Wing Arrow flew slowly, it took a lot of mana to keep it running .

As he watched Cordelia lying down while panting, Jude calmly spoke .

“Well…I think this is a lot more comfortable . ”

“Of course it is, you evil b*stard!”

All that Jude do was to just sit down .

“Whoa, whoa, please calm down, my princess . ”

“Haa…haa…you’re not really a princess maker…you only make your daughter suffer . ”

“Just hang in there a bit because we’re almost there .  Fighting?”

Cordelia raised her middle finger in response to Jude’s encouragement, and she took a few deep breaths before she climbed back onto the wooden board .

“Let’s go . ”

“Are we starting again now?”

“Let’s finish all the hard work at once . ”

Cordelia moderately answered, and she beckoned to him as she found it difficult to say more, so Jude sat down on his seat again .

And just when they were about to start again…

“Jude, Jude . ”

“Yes, Madam . ”

It was shortly after Jude replied . Cordelia suddenly hugged Jude tightly around his waist and said pressed her whole body on him .

“I wasn’t going to go this far, but I think we should share the pain . ”

What are you talking about? Share the pain?

But Jude could no longer ask that . Because he found the answer through his body .

“Ugh . ”


At that moment, Jude flinched as Cordelia began to grope Jude’s body with her two hands .

It was , one of the witch’s spells .

Although she was still not good at using it in practice, she could use it as much as she could if her opponent did not resist .

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“Oooh…good, good . You were boasting about it being pure energy, but to think it was this clear?”

The pure energy was created from the meeting of the extreme Yin and Yang energies .

The more she fumbled over Jude’s body, the more Cordelia’s face brightened . Conversely, Jude’s face turned dark .

“Hey, hey…I have Gueumjul-“

“Why are you still trying to use your Gueumjulmaek excuse? Ugh! Can’t you just stay still!”

The excited Cordelia giggled and groped Jude’s body even harder, or rather, she continued using .

But after a while, Cordelia’s face soon turned dark too . It was because the Wind’s Wing Arrow had begun to seriously drain her mana again .

“Ugh . ”


It was a system of Jude having his mana being taken by Cordelia, and Cordelia having her mana being taken by the Wind’s Wing Arrow too .

Jude and Cordelia became a crazy couple that were exhausted together .

“This…this isn’t right . ”

“Almost…at…the top…”

And finally, they were near the summit .

Jude and Cordelia fell down from the wooden board, naturally rolled down on the bare ground, and were then buried in a heap of snow .


“Ha, ugh…huu…huu…”

What the hell was Plan B for again?

“Haa…ugh…w-wake up . If we stay like this, we’ll catch a cold . ”

Thanks to the Winter Protection, they didn’t feel much cold, but if they continued to be buried in the snow while covered in sweat, they were bound to get sick somehow .

Despite his energy-drained condition, Jude got up like a zombie and then approached Cordelia, whom he pulled up by his hand as she raised herself up .

“But we’re here . ”

“We are here . ”

Somehow they had reached the summit .

They were confused and didn’t understand much about it while they were in the midst of going up, but now that they’ve come to their senses and reached the summit, they clearly felt the energy of nature .

“Let’s start our investigation after we’re recovered our stamina around here for now . ”

Jude spoke in a low voice as he dug up the snow and gathered it in lumps to make a resting place, while Cordelia drank about half of the mana potion and gave the remaining half to Jude .

“Here, you too . ”

“Thank you . ”

Although inner Qi and mana were different, its origin itself was the same, so the mana potion wasn’t ineffective to Jude .

After Jude swallowed the blue liquid that was as cold as ice water, he sat down next to Cordelia and spread the blanket wide to cover himself and Cordelia together .

“ . ”

They only had a few magic circles left, but now was not the time to cut back on using them .

When Jude tore the magic circle, warm heat rose inside the blanket as it warmed the bodies of Jude and Cordelia .

“I’m sleepy…”

Cordelia leaned over Jude and slowly closed her eyes, and Jude was not much different either .

‘It will be fine since there’s the magic circle . ’

There was also the Winter Protection .

Jude tightly hugged Cordelia and closed his eyes too .

And after one hour, and then two hours…

When Fierce Bull’s group who were waiting in the middle of the mountain couldn’t wait any longer, they began to go down the mountain .

A sharp and malicious cry then woke up Jude and Cordelia .

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