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Published at 18th of November 2020 07:25:56 PM

Chapter 47: 47
Apparently, the series ended yesterday at 360 episodes, but the author said that they’ll continue to post extras/side stories for the series .

The point-of-view of this chapter was a bit confusing, so I italicized Farragut’s thoughts to make it more understandable . And I kind of made up Sisioth’s true name, from what little I could understand from the Hangul…

Jude Bayer .

The second son of Count Bayer .

He was the anguish of Count Bayer and was born into a famous family of warriors, but due to his chronic illness, he was unable to properly learn martial arts for the seventeen years of his life .

These were the facts that the Devil’s Hand knew about Jude, and there was nothing wrong about these facts .

That was why Farragut was unable to comprehend the current situation even more .


A gale rose just before his fist struck .

A gust of wind took Cordelia away .

A footwork skill .

A flurry that rose high and was by no means ordinary .

And Jude Bayer had used it .

He was the anguish of Count Bayer, the fiancé of Cordelia, and someone who was sick all the time and could not learn martial arts because of his chronic illness…yet he become a gale and was able to save her .

‘Did he hide his skills?’

Had he been hiding the fact that he could use martial arts?

For what reason?

What the hell would he gain from that?

Generally speaking, there was only one possible reason .

He had recently learned martial arts .

He began to train in martial arts after he became fit enough to travel .

‘It doesn’t make sense . ’

If I think about it, it was a couple of months at best .

Are you saying that it is possible for a martial arts amateur to reach that level in just a couple of months?

At the time when Farragut had fallen into confusion, Jude and Cordelia looked at each other instead of the demonic human who had lost his senses .

It was impossible to properly see in the pitch-dark darkness, but nevertheless, the two could discern each other’s faces clearly .

“For now . ”

“For now?”

“Close your eyes . ”

At Jude’s words, Cordelia blinked her eyes .

She wondered what his words meant .

Normally, she would have understood it with her eyes, but it was so dark that understanding it was currently impossible .

‘N-no way?’

If she closed her eyes while she was hugging him…

‘That isn’t true, right? We’re in the middle of a fight, right? That’s just ridiculous, right?’

Cordelia’s face turned light red as she tackled that in her mind, and she tried hard to keep calm before closing her eyes .

And it was at that moment .

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sharp high-pitched sounds rang one after another, and the darkness of the room disappeared at once . The light pouring down from the ceiling was so bright that they lost their sight for a moment .

“Ah! My eyes!”

However, it was only Farragut who yelled and groaned .

Cordelia had soon closed her eyes, and Jude was also prepared in advance because he had turned on the lights through the operation of a remote control .


Farragut shouted angrily and wildly swung his fist randomly .

Rather than an attack, it was a struggle to block Jude from approaching him .

Instead of rushing to such a Farragut, Jude corrected his position of carrying Cordelia in the so-called princess hug, as he carefully observed him .

And only then did Cordelia, who opened her eyes, said in a small voice .

“Put me down . ”

“Not yet . ”

He couldn’t because Cordelia was exhausted .

He had not yet figured out what Farragut could still afford to do .



At the same time he shouted, Farragut struck the ground and rushed like an angry bull .

He rushed in a straight line .

Cordelia instinctively crouched while Jude hugged her more tightly as he kicked the ground as well .

Twenty-Four Gale Steps .

The wind blew .

A tiny but powerful whirlwind rose at the same time, and Jude became like the wind .


Farragut’s huge fist punched the innocent floor .

Jude carried Cordelia while he run from Farragut for a long time, stopping almost 10 meters away each time as he watched Farragut .

Widen their distance to each other .

Instead of moving efficiently by dodging enemy attacks with little movements, Jude maintained more than a certain distance from Farragut, even if it was somewhat wasteful .

There were two reasons .

One was to ensure the safety of Cordelia, and the other was…

“You little rat!”

Farragut lunged at him again . And Jude became a gale again .

And several attacks later…

Jude had evaded all of it . Or rather, the expression “ran away” was more appropriate .

He kept a considerable distance as if they played tag .

And at some point .

“I’ll put you down . ”

Jude said to Cordelia, and she blinked her eyes . Cordelia was neatly curled up in Jude’s arms so as not to fall, and Jude added in a whisper .

“I think it’ll work now . ”

Jude had observed him enough .

He had entered the pattern in his head .

Even Cordelia couldn’t immediately understand what Jude was talking about now . But still, she somehow felt relieved .

Because the current Jude was reliable .

She really thought that it would work if Jude had said so .

Before Cordelia could even answer, Jude carefully put her down on the floor .

Farragut saw them both .

He clenched his fist again and kicked the ground .

Cordelia looked at Jude .

Jude smiled at such Cordelia .

It was a reversal .

Jude turned around and used the Twenty-Four Gale Steps again .

But he didn’t run away this time . He headed straight for Farragut .

And Farragut’s attack came to naught .


The attack of Farragut itself was perfect .

A straight punch loaded with superhuman strength .

A simple but very quick powerful attack .

But Jude diverted it .

With a little bit interference, he made the attack’s direction deviate as if he knew how the attack would stretch out .

And it continued .

Jude received all of Farragut’s attacks .

Not only did he evade and divert it, but he even stopped some of the attacks from even starting .

How did he do it?

It was a little different from Cordelia’s sense .

Cordelia instinctively sensed what kind of attack would come and immediately responded accordingly .

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She used her intuition on Farragut .

Jude was different .

He didn’t rely on intuition like Cordelia .

‘He anticipated it . ’

There were clear limitations on the movements that humans with limbs could perform .

Their individual habits also added to it .

So a pattern was inevitably created .

Moreover, Farragut was in a state of extreme exhaustion . Due to his injuries and fatigue, his attacks were simpler than usual .

Therefore, Jude could anticipate the next attack .

Farragut’s next movement was caught and blocked in advance, as if he had run a simulation beforehand .

It was something ridiculous .

It seemed plausible, but it was extremely difficult to implement it in reality .

But it was possible for Jude .

Due to his Cheonmujiche and the opening and understanding of the 2nd door in the Ninth Heaven’s Nine Doors, he made it possible .

As a matter of fact, his excellent intelligence had gotten better .

His computational power greatly increased .

And Cordelia thought, while looking at such a Jude .

‘Cheonmujiche is too much of a cheat . ’

If Jude had heard of her thoughts, he would have shouted that her intuition to reach a result at once without any calculations was a cheat itself . He would also have appealed that his current actions were a result of calculating all possibilities…or that’s what Cordelia had thought so .

And Farragut further burst into anger .


From Cordelia to Jude .

Who the hell are these bastards?

Why do these bastards with pretty and handsome faces even have battle talents that could pierce the sky?

Farragut could tell because he directly fought them .

Jude was also a monster .

Like Cordelia, he was fearful of what Jude would be when he grew up .

‘I must kill him now . ’

Fortunately, he was not a complete monster yet .

There was still a side that he could stab .

Farragut gradually regained his composure .

Little by little, he elaborately attacked from the front, forcing Jude to tenaciously block it as he aimed at vital spots such as the neck and solar plexus .

Farragut made Jude focus his attention on him .

He had Jude pay attention to the defense of his vital spots like the solar plexus .

He made Jude forget about Cordelia and become fully aware of him .

Because if Jude had done so, an opportunity would be created!


Jude looked at Cordelia at that perfect moment .

At the same time, Farragut also recalled the existence of Cordelia .

It was for a moment, but the two simultaneously turned their eyes to Cordelia .

And Cordelia’s eyes blinked in front of the two .


‘Why me? Is there something on me?’

At her lightly dazed and innocent look, Jude frowned while Farragut manically laughed .

“How careless!”

Did you think your fiancée would be ready for a fatal blow if you turned your attention?

Yes, I admit your talents .

You are monsters .

You are geniuses .

But you’re still young .

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You lack experience .

You’re not yet there!

Farragut loaded all his remaining mana into his fist . He drew his fist in an attempt to kill the flustered Jude .

And at that moment .

When Farragut had truly and completely erased Cordelia from his head…

“It’s fake, you idiots . ”

In a quick whisper, Cordelia stretched out her hand hidden behind her back .

In order to deceive the enemy, she had to deceive her ally too .


It was the witch’s spell with a very simple name .

But it was powerful .

She had secretly prepared it during the deadlock between Jude and Farragut, and so, the spell flew like an arrow and penetrated Farragut’s back .


Farragut screamed at the horrible pain .

And Jude also moved .

As he displaced Farragut’s fist, he poured out a series of attacks as swift as an arrow .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He repeatedly struck Farragut’s whole body with Lightning Punch and Lightning Strike Fist . Seeing the staggering man after being hit in the chin, Jude drew his fist again . This time, it was the turn of the God’s Fist .

The Holy Cross Punch .

He struck Farragut’s solar plexus . At the same time, Cordelia controlled the embedded on him and then clenched her fist .


The Dark Blade exploded inside Farragut . Not only did it tear apart his internal organs, but it even hit his spirit stone .

“Kuaaah! Aaaah!!!”

The Holy Cross Punch blew away Farragut to the opposite side as he ended up hitting the wall . He then collapsed to the floor, suffering from the attack’s damage as he vomited blood afterwards .

It was too much for him . The cracks that began from Farragut’s solar plexus spread out to his whole body, and the tips of his limbs gradually became dust and disappeared .


He couldn’t believe he was beaten by mere teenage rookies .

He couldn’t believe that even though he was a low-ranking demonic human, he was completely defeated .

But it was only for a short while .

Farragut soon acknowledged his death . And once again, he burst into manic laughter .


He was dying .

Now that the spirit stone was broken, there was no room for him to survive .

But he wasn’t alone .

Cordelia and Jude would soon follow him in the end .

“You will die in despair and fear . ”

Sisioth held his ground in front of the only exit, the Great Gate .

The unsealed demon was waiting for them .

“The demon of the blade…you…”

And at that moment…

When they heard Farragut, Jude and Cordelia exchanged glances and spoke in unison .

“If it’s the demon of the blade, is it Sisioth?”

“Is that so? It’s enough for us if he’s on the level of a low-ranking demonic human . ”

“If it’s Sisioth, it’s wind attribute, right?”

“Yes, he’s a demon that specializes in melee combat and transforms both his arms into blades . ”

Although Farragut was in the midst of dying, he unknowingly had a stunned expression .


Did I ever mention Sisioth’s name?

“Seeing that you didn’t come together, did you release the seal?”

“Release the seal? Oh, right . He was sealed, right?”

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“If he’s unsealed, he must have gone mad . ”

What? Why do you know?

How do you know the seal, and how do you know about the unsealed status too?

“It looks correct from his facial expression . ”

“Uh…if it’s Sisioth, we won’t be able to win with our current level, right?”

“Normally but…if we reseal him, the chances of winning will increase . ”

“You need to know its real name to seal it . ”

“Yes, we need its real name . ”

Farragut felt like his emotions disappeared, but he soon carelessly laughed again .

Yes, one way or another, it doesn’t change that Jude and Cordelia would die .

But he was wrong .

Typing in the air, Cordelia asked in a cheerful voice .

“JudeWiki, what’s the real name of Sisioth then?”

“Juncathergo Sisiono Zirvanston . ”

Because he was one of the few demons whose real name was revealed in the game .

In response to Jude’s answer, Cordelia looked back at Farragut to confirm, and Farragut answered Cordelia’s question with a look as if he was possessed by a ghost .

“Looks like it’s right . ”

“Of course it is . ”

“I’ve thought about it before, but you’re a bit like an uncle, you know?”

Farragut was unable to comprehend the current situation .

What’s going on?

How do they exactly know Sisioth’s real name?

“You know the sealing ceremony, right?”

“I know . ”

Why would you know that?

But that was it .

A crack spread all over Farragut’s dying body, and Farragut left the world bearing a face full of questions .

Shaaaaaaa… .

As Farragut’s body turned into dust and scattered, several rings of light appeared around the bodies of Jude and Cordelia .

Three for Jude, and four for Cordelia .

In an instant, a bright smile spread over Cordelia’s face .

“Last hit! I struck the killing blow!”

“Are you happy?”

“I’m happy . ”

Cordelia answered with a giggle, before feebly collapsing like that .

Because she really didn’t have the strength to spare in standing now .

“Haa…my strength is gone . ”

“What, did you faint? Should I give you artificial respiration?”

“Why would you give me artificial respiration, you crazy bastard . I’m still breathing, okay?”

At the laid down and panting Cordelia’s response, Jude smiled and approached her .

“Make a choice . ”


“Should I give you a piggyback, or just carry you in my arms?”


“I mean, we have to go back for now . We must also take measures against Sisioth . And now that I’m telling you, I haven’t completely absorbed the Sunflower yet, okay?”

It was the truth . He had succeeded in opening the second door thanks to the Sunflower’s energy, but he had not yet absorbed all of the extreme Yang energy .

“Is that okay?”

“Well…the energy inside my body isn’t going anywhere, so I can absorb it again later . And it can’t be helped, right? Because our princess was in a dangerous situation . ”

“Sob, sob, dad is the best . ”

“So what’s your choice?”

Jude asked once again, and Cordelia gave an answer after a little hesitation .

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