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Chapter 42: 42
Some changes I made to the previous chapters:

Terms used in this chapter:

Minonyeon – Korean word that refers to an old man (60y/o and above) with a beautiful face/looks . Mainly refers to men, but sometimes used on women too .

“It’s thrilling, it’s always fresh, and being handsome is the best . ” – This is a famous quote/answer from Korean actor Jung Woo-sung when he was asked in an interview if he ever gets tired from being called handsome . I only found out about it when I was translating this chapter .

Most of the playable characters in Legend of Heroes 2 were composed of handsome men and beautiful women .

Even Keynes, the only elderly character, was a very dignified, charming, and beautiful old man (minonyeon) .

‘It sounds like a curse .  Minonyeon . ’

T/N: The Korean word for ‘beautiful old man’ is 미노년, which is read as ‘mi-no-nyeon . ’ Its pronunciation is similar to the curse word 미친년, read as ‘mi-chin-nyeon,’ which means ‘crazy b*tch . ’


Among these playable characters, there were the Four Great Kings of Beauty, which included the absolutely handsome boy, Jude, and the incomparably beautiful girl, Cordelia . There was also the main character, Maximilian, who was not only born with a beautiful face, but also with character, ability, talent, connections, and a golden spoon . And lastly was the transcendental beauty, Adelaide, who always wore a mask because it was impossible to embody her exceeding beauty with an illustration .

‘Lucas sort of feels like the minimum standard to enter that beautiful people category . ’

It could also be said that Lucas is the lower limit if one wanted to be invited by the fairies .

Although he was a manly, handsome, and attractive-looking man, he slightly didn’t conform to the fairies’ preferences .

Now then, two of the Four Great Kings of Beauty, whom the fairies couldn’t stop loving, were gathered here together, so it was natural that an enthusiastic response erupted among the fairies .

“He’s completely handsome . ”

“I don’t think I’ll get tired of looking at you all day . ”

“So pretty . Pretty . Her eyes are like jewels . ”

The breaths of the winter fairies surrounding Jude and Cordelia grew restless as they continued expressing their thoughts .

Unlike the fairies that Jude and Cordelia met before who played with them like they were dolls, the winter fairies seemed to have more interest in appreciating beauty .

‘This is seriously embarrassing . ’

Cordelia had lived her life being poured out words saying that she was the prettiest, but now that she was surrounded by dozens of fairies pouring out compliments, it seemed that her growing embarrassment could even pierce the sky .

“Look at how shy she is . ”

“Cute . ”

“I want to bite her . ”

Cordelia became more embarrassed from the admiration of the winter fairies, and she could only look at the ground while at her wit’s end .

But Jude was completely different .

“It’s thrilling, it’s always fresh, and being handsome is the best . ”


“Tell me this too, this too . ”

“Not theirs but mine! Read mine!”

The winter fairies were jumping around and waving large pieces of paper in their hands, which were the size of a business card for humans .

Each piece of paper was filled with lines that were cheesy and sweet, and the space and time seemed to shrink the moment the fairies heard Jude say the lines .

“Now, wait in line, line up . Okay, let’s read this one this time . ”

Jude answered leisurely and chose a piece of paper, and the fairies wildly screamed again .

“Kyaa! That’s it, that’s it!”

“He read that famous line perfectly . ”

‘What the hell is he doing?’

As Cordelia turned her head in curiosity, Jude saw Cordelia, and at that moment he wickedly smiled – no, he handsomely smiled .

‘Cordelia, help me . ’


‘What do you want? No, what do you want me to do here?’

‘Because I need someone who’ll play the opposite role . ’

‘Someone who’ll play the opposite role?’

‘Just stand still . ’

After their almost telepathic conversation, Jude approached Cordelia, who flinched for a moment and froze . And at the same time, dozens of winter fairies shut their mouths . It was to immerse themselves on what was about to happen .

‘Stay still . ’

Jude spoke with his eyes again as he slowly stretched out his hand and gently stroked Cordelia’s beautiful hair . He then brought his face closer to her .

‘Wh-what is this crazy b*stard doing!’

But Jude didn’t stop . He drew his face closer to a distance she could feel his breath, and while looking straight at Cordelia’s blue eyes, he said .

“I can’t do that . Because I…”

‘What are you-!’


Jude’s eyes moistened, and Cordelia unconsciously gulped .

And so did the winter fairies .

Jude caressed Cordelia’s cheek . He spoke as if whispering and had a face that seemed to shed tears at any moment .

“Because I love you . ”


“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

The winter fairies wildly screamed and lost their minds .

It was a scene in the story “Romance of the Fairy Queen and the 9th Circle Archmage . ’ The Fairy Queen had destroyed the lifelong wish of the Archmage because of a decisive mistake, so she asked him to kill her . But the Archmage wailed, saying and begging that he couldn’t kill her because of love . And what Jude acted out were the lines that the Archmage had said to the Fairy Queen .

“Did you record it? Did you record it?”

“I even took a video!”

As the winter fairies went into a frenzy, Cordelia kicked Jude in the shin once .


“What is this crazy b*stard doing!”

‘My heart was pounding! No, not that…’

Cordelia kicked Jude a few more times to suppress her embarrassment and then took a deep breath . And the winter fairies worked hard to take another video, saying that it was good in its own way .

‘Haa…seriously . Was he an actor?’

The way he expressed emotions through his eyes was not normal .

When she thought about it, his acting intonation when he read the lines presented by the fairies were a little different each time .

‘What did you really do?’

As Cordelia was absorbed in questioning Jude’s real job, the winter fairies who were begging them to read their lines again, suddenly shut their mouths and fell silent .

It wasn’t because Jude’s new performance began .

“Open the way!”

Unlike the other fairies in mini dresses that were close to one-piece swimsuits, one fairy who was wearing armor and a helmet, shouted loudly, and the entire banquet hall became silent at once as if the fuss so far had been a lie .

‘Fairy Knight . ’

It was the strongest fairy that protected the Fairy Queen .

It was the only combat force that existed among the fairies who rarely went into battle .

“Jude Bayer and Cordelia Chase . The Queen is calling for the two of you . ”

At the fairy knight’s declaration, most of the fairies’ faces and shoulders drooped .

It was a declaration that the banquet was virtually over .

“Follow me . ”

As the fairy knight spoke with dignity and turned around, the winter fairies stepped aside and opened the way for Jude and Cordelia .

“It was fun . ”

“Thank you . ”

“Let’s play again later . ”

Jude responded with a smile to the fairies who only said a few words and sent Cordelia a look .

‘The real thing starts from now on . ’

The only one who could give the winter protection was the Fairy Queen, the head of the winter fairies .

However, Jude and Cordelia were aiming for more than that .

“This way . ”

As they walked following the guidance of the fairy knight, the trees lined up in a narrow line, creating a corridor-like space .

It was almost the same structure as the home of the fairies whom they had previously visited .

And after a few steps, the same thing happened again this time .

Their vision seemed to blur for a moment, and suddenly, Jude and Cordelia had arrived at the Queen’s room .

“I greet the Fairy Queen . ”

“I greet the Fairy Queen . ”

When Jude bowed while greeting her, Cordelia quickly followed suit and bowed while greeting her too .

“You are polite children . ”

On top of the icy throne sat the Fairy Queen in a white dress with a bluish glow .

If the Fairy Queen they met before had blonde hair, the Fairy Queen now had platinum hair close to silver . She also gave off a much colder impression perhaps because of the color of her dress .

‘But still, the Fairy Queen is a fairy . ’

Jude took a deep breath and straightened his posture, before looking straight at the Fairy Queen .

“You are handsome indeed . ”

The Fairy Queen showed a fairy-like reaction with a slight blush on her cheeks as she smiled . She turned to Cordelia for a moment, before returning her gaze to Jude .

She had seen the silver ring on the ring finger of Jude’s right hand, which Jude had deliberately lifted towards his chest .

“The Fairy Steps?”

‘As expected . ’

She recognized it .

Or more like, she had no choice but to recognize it .

The Fairy Steps was uncommon .

Moreover, the Fairy Steps that Jude was wearing now belonged to the ‘Fall Fairies . ’

‘Fairies have classifications too . ’

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter .

The fairies symbolized the four seasons .

Broadly speaking, they were all the same fairies, but there were some differences, just like how humans classified each other by race and country .

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The fairies that Jude and Cordelia met before were fall fairies, and the winter fairies, or to be more exact, the Winter Fairy Queen, held their existence to be of a considerable significance .

“Did Lorelei give you this?”

The Fall Fairy Queen had said that she liked a handsome man more than a pretty woman .

“Yes . She gave this to thank us for participating well in the banquet . ”

He had received it as a reward for defeating the Bicorn, but Jude deliberately hid that fact .

‘Because we didn’t do anything special here, except for playing . ’

Of course, they didn’t forget to mention the Moonlight either .

“This sacred rod was also given by Lorelei . ”

When Jude softly spoke and gestured to Cordelia, she quickly lifted the Moonlight that she had taken out beforehand .


“She definitely said that it was her hospitality for the guests…and we thought that it was too much of an item to give, but nonetheless, we were grateful . ”

When Gerd, the Winter Fairy Queen, heard Jude’s answer, her expression became complicated .

She thought that she should at least do what Lorelei did .

Otherwise, she felt like she had somehow lost to Lorelei .

‘A fairy is a fairy after all . ’

They were a race that were written as cute, lovely, and mischievous, and can be easily read like a child .

“Ummm…ummmmmm . ”

The Fairy Queen Gerd groaned for a moment, before clenching her fists as if she had reached a decision .

“The Winter Fairies cannot fall behind the Fall Fairies . ”

“You’re absolutely right . Seeing it in person like this…really…ah, no . It wouldn’t be polite to Lorelei or to Gerd either . ”

Gerd’s blue eyes were filled with various emotions when Jude purposely spoke .

“What’s wrong? What were you trying to say?”

“That is…”

“That is?”

“Because you look to be more beautiful than Lorelei… I’m sure that your heart is more beautiful too . ”

At Jude’s blatant lines, Cordelia quickly lowered her head to conceal her expression .

‘Why is he not embarrassed?! I mean…his hidden intentions are just too visible!’

But Jude’s words were effective .

The Fairy Queen was also a fairy after all . His straight-forward compliments made her cheeks blush slightly, and then she smiled .

“That’s right, isn’t it? I’m a bit prettier than my sister Lorelei, right? Hehehe . ”

Gerd’s hands fluttered in her happiness, but she soon straightened her face and cleared her throat as she said .

“Ahem, ahem . I have seen you please my children . So I will give you a reward like Lorelei . ”

“Thank you very much . ”

“Thank you . ”

Jude and Cordelia quickly expressed their gratitude at her courtesy, and the pleased Gerd clapped her hands .

“Bring the Fairy’s Bonds . ”

At that moment, Jude and Cordelia looked at each other, and the two had the same thoughts .


‘For real?!’

They both exclaimed .

The Fairy’s Bonds was a valuable item .

It wasn’t an item on the level of an S-rank item . And it was unlike the Fairy Steps which had a direct effect on its user .

However, if one considered its prospects, it was actually one of the ‘end-stage’ top three items that could be obtained from the fairies .

‘It’s a bracelet that can hold the protections of the fairies from the four seasons . ’

Originally, the protection given by the fairies did not last for a long time .

It was like a disposable sticker tattoo .

However, the situation changed if the protection was placed on the Fairy’s Bonds .

Not only has the effect of the protection became much stronger, but the duration and number of times that it can be used have also significantly increased .

‘But the real deal is once you’ve collected all the protections . ’

By obtaining all the protections of the fairies from the four seasons, a special protection called the ‘Great Protection of the Four Seasons,’ could be activated . And if one combined all the protections of the fairies from the four seasons into one protection, the ‘Fairy King’s Protection,’ one of the strongest protections in Legend of Heroes 2, would be created .

‘It’s a total scam if you collect everything . ’

The effect of just the Great Protection of the Four Seasons was so powerful .

Those who received the Great Protection of the Four Seasons could not only freely use the power of the fairies of the four seasons but were also recognized by the world as one of the fairies and enjoyed various privileges .

‘It’s a bit of a problem that it’s just a silver bracelet if it doesn’t have any protections, so I guess, we’ll just have to collect it all . ’

Rather, the question was whether it was Jude or Cordelia who would get the Fairy’s Bonds .

It was a very useful item for either of them .

But fortunately, Gerd eliminated those concerns .

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“The two of you get along well with each other like a couple . So it would be nice if you wore something together . ”

What she revealed then was a couple bracelet .

Looking down at the pair of beautifully crafted silver bracelets, Jude and Cordelia brightly smiled as if a flower bloomed on their faces .

“Hahaha . ”

“Hohoho . ”

Because their happiness was truly pure .

At the sight of the two, Gerd proudly raised her chin and carefully asked as if she was talking to herself .

“Lorelei can’t keep up with me, right?”

“Of course . ”

“We really appreciate it . ”

At that moment, Jude and Cordelia resumed their pretensions and answered .

Gerd then said after feeling better .

“I’m going to give you the winter protection, so hold out your arm with the bracelet . ”

Jude and Cordelia immediately followed her instruction .

The winter protection granted by the Winter Fairy Queen .

Thanks to the protection being incorporated into the Fairy’s Bonds, the two had felt that they had gained a resistance to the cold .

“Well then, tell us more of your stories . How did you come all the way here to this distant place?”

Just like the Fall Fairy Queen, the Winter Fairy Queen was also strongly curious about the outsiders .

Jude replied that they were on the way to Frost Anvil because of the Sunflower .

“Ah…I see . I hope that you find the Sunflower . So that you can carry your fiancée, be hit by her…wait, what did you say?”

“Cross over the wall . ”

“Yes, that’s it . Cheer up, pretty child . Your beloved will definitely get the Sunflower and then take care of you . ”

“Uh…yes . I…look forward to it . Hoho . ”

Cordelia was skeptical about Jude’s statement, but she still answered with a smile to the Fairy Queen .

“Hmm…that’s it . If you’re going to Frost Anvil, I think I can give you a little more help . ”

Gerd nodded her head once as if she had made up her mind, and then said to the fairy knight who was also listening to their conversation .

“Ada, go and bring the Fairy Feathers . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

As the fairy knight politely bowed and left, Gerd looked back at Jude and Cordelia and said .

“Do you know about the Fairy Feathers?”

‘Yes, of course I do . ’

However, unlike his innermost thoughts, Jude showed an ignorant expression, so Gerd explained with a smile .

“The Fairy Feathers are a mysterious item that allows you to traverse space . It’ll let you get to Frost Anvil at once . ”

“Wow, really?”

Gerd nodded as Cordelia chipped in their conversation .

“It’s true . The ancient dwarves, who built Frost Anvil, and us, winter fairies, were once very close . The ancient dwarves gave us the magic coordinates so that we could get into Frost Anvil at once to play with them anytime . ”

In fact, the ancient dwarves gave it to control the fairies whom they didn’t know when and where the fairies would suddenly pop out, because it was the easiest way to satisfy both the dwarves, who were annoyed at the fairies suddenly appearing, and the fairies, who wanted to just play .

Jude decided to keep that truth in his mind rather than uselessly pointing it out to the fairies .

However, there was a problem .

“Your Majesty, there is only one feather left . ”

At the fairy knight’s words, Gerd slightly frowned .

The feathers of the Fairy Feathers were one-use items, and only one person could use one feather .

“Umm…well, it should still be okay . Just use that trick . ”

“That trick?”

Cordelia curiously asked . One feather per person was needed, so she wondered what trick the Fairy Queen was talking about .

“It’s simple . The two of you should tightly hug each other and then use it . ”


“Then the two of you will be able to move together . ”

Gerd smiled as she thought that it was a really easy solution . Cordelia turned to Jude and he said .

“Umm…well, it can’t be helped . ”

“Why do you have a wicked smile then?”

“No, it’s not? I wanted to use one feather per person too, okay?”

As he whispered in a small voice, Gerda happily looked at them before turning to the fairy knight and saying .

“Tell the children to gather . We’ll be sending off our guests . ”

“Yes, Your Majesty . ”

Shortly after the fairy knight answered, the space seemed to fluctuate, and Jude and Cordelia suddenly found themselves standing in the center of the banquet hall, surrounded by dozens of fairies .

“Hug, hug . ”

“Free hugs?”

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“Bear hug . ”

“Who’s that crazy kid saying ‘hug, hug?’ It should be love hug . ”

The winter fairies chattered among themselves and some even resolutely lifted their video recording equipment . Gerda then said with a smile .

“Human children, I wish that you’ll get what you want from Frost Anvil . Be happy . ”


“Live well!”

‘What does a teleport to Frost Anvil have to do with being happy?’

Cordelia’s face turned miserable in the midst of the continuous support from the winter fairies, and she said to Jude .

“Let’s go quickly . ”

“Okay . ”

Jude was starting to feel embarrassed too .

“Me? Or you?”

“Me . ”

Cordelia immediately understood what he meant . She took a deep breath before crossing her arms in an X-shape in front of her chest and standing straight . Afterwards, Jude very awkwardly hugged Cordelia .


“Kiss! Kiss!”


He couldn’t bear it any longer .

Jude urgently activated the Fairy Feather and the two crossed through the space .


Frost Anvil was one of the seven cities of the great kingdom founded by the ancient dwarves .

“Huuhh… . huuhh…”

The two safely arrived inside a dim room, and they spent some time roughly breathing before raising their heads and looking at each other .

“Fairies . ”

After the fallen two sighed and then took a deep breath, they quickly began moving .

Cordelia lit up the darkness with a magic light and Jude took out the Frost Anvil map he had drawn in advance .

“Frost Anvil?”

“It looks like we’re inside . Cordelia, can you shine the light over there?”


“Yes, there . ”

When she shone the light to the spot indicated by Jude, there were some large characters inscribed on the wall .

“It’s the ancient dwarf text .  JuGgle Translator, what does it say?”

“JuGgle Translator?”

“Do you prefer the GooDe Translator?”

T/N: If you don’t get it, Jude combined with Google will result in either ‘JuGgle’ or ‘GooDe . ’


“…JuGgle is better . Anyway, just wait . Let me ‘search’ my memories first . ”

“You sound like a pervert when you say ‘grope . ’”

“…let me ‘check’ my memories then . ”

T/N: It’s a pun . 더듬다 (deodeumtta) can both mean ‘to search’ and ‘to grope . ’ When Cordelia pointed it out, Jude used another word for ‘search,’ which is 살펴보다 (salpyeodboda), meaning ‘to search’ or ‘to check . ’


Jude quickly corrected his words and closed his eyes as he opened his Memory Palace .

Even if Jude’s memory was superior, it was impossible for him to remember everything right away .

After a few minutes, Jude interpreted the ancient dwarf text based on his memories .

“Frost Anvil . 1st floor . Lobby . ”

“Oh, we’re really inside . ”

“I think it’s the room right next to the entrance . What a huge relief . Because it’s not easy to pass through the entrance . ”

Frost Anvil was an underground city built by the ancient dwarves .

There was only one entrance called the ‘Great Gate . ’ The entrance itself was large and solid, but it was not an easy place to pass through because various monsters gathered near it .

‘It’s good to be lucky . ’

Thanks to the winter fairies, they easily broke through one of the obstacles to this place .

“It’s cold even though the winter protection is activated . ”

“Because this place is completely no different from a freezer . Zip up your collar and let’s start right away . We’ll take a break once we’ve moved to the lounge on the 1st floor . ”

The full-scale exploration activities started from the underground’s 2nd floor onwards, which were infested with monsters, traps, and so on .

Cordelia nodded at Jude’s suggestion and increased the brightness of the magic light a little . The two then began walking together .

And at that same time, in a completely different place .

The executives of the Devil’s Hand gathered together .

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