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Chapter 29: 29
Terms used in this chapter:

Noona – Korean term on how younger boys address their older sister or a female older than them . Cordelia uses it to address herself as she is older than Lucas .

Trefalgar – This is a reference to Trafalgar, which is an actual place . I don’t know if the author misspelled Trafalgar, or if it was a deliberate misspelling, because many people get the spelling of the place wrong too .

The witch’s forest’s official name was Trefalgar Forest, a region belonging to a northern viscount, and is located in the northwest of Langesthei .

‘However, no one really manages it . ’

The forest was an important place beyond one’s imagination . It was a place where you could get firewood as well as food .

Therefore, most lords that have forests in their territory manage it by hiring forest rangers . However, half of Trefalgar Forest was no different from an abandoned forest .

‘Because monsters come out of the forest . ’

There was a clear difference between monsters and wild beasts, such as bears and wild boars, though they were all dangerous .

‘Enmity against humans . ’

Most monsters hated humans .

Rather than for any specific reason, it was simply just an instinctive hostility .

Moreover, most monsters were smarter than the wild beasts .

Even goblins, the epitome of the weak monsters that can be found anywhere on the continent, knew how to use their brains in a clever way, such as digging traps and launching surprise attacks with a group .

It’s okay to go to the outskirts of the Trefalgar Forest .

However, it’s dangerous to go deep into the place called the Witch’s Forest .

“Frankly, I don’t like it . ”

When he heard that we were going to pass through the witch’s forest, Sir Seornn, a handsome knight of Count Hræsvelgr, frowned .

Now in his early thirties, he was the strongest and highest-ranking knight among Lucas’ escorts, and had taken the role of leading the escorts from the three counts for their journey to Count Hræsvelgr’s territory .

If he objected, it would be impossible to go through the witch’s forest no matter how much Lucas wanted to .

Lucas was only Sir Seornn’s escort target and not his master, Count Hræsvelgr .

“But Sir Seornn…”

“Yes, I understand . If the Fairy Queen said we had to stop by, then there must be a good reason . ”

When Sir Seornn spoke with a bitter smile, Lucas’ restless face brightened up a little .

“Sir Seornn, then…”

“All right . Let’s go through it . However, there will be conditions . ”


“You shouldn’t be at the forefront . Basically, the young master should bear in mind that you are being escorted . Do you understand?”

“…I understand . ”

Lucas answered reluctantly, and Sir Seornn smiled and continued to talk while drawing his face a little closer .

“And there’s one more condition . ”

“One more?”

“Yes, please protect Count Chase’s esteemed daughter like a courageous and honorable knight . Ah, of course, you shouldn’t take the role of Mr . Jude Bayer too much . Do you understand?”

When Sir Seornn gave a little wink at the end, Lucas’ face brightened at once .

“Okay, I promise . ”

“I believe you, young master . ”

Sir Seornn patted Lucas’ shoulder as if treating him like a younger brother and straightened his lowered posture . On the other hand, Lucas turned around with a bright smile and hurriedly ran towards Jude and Cordelia who were standing at a distance .

“He looks so innocent while running . ”

Dame Thilion, a murky blonde-haired female knight and adjutant of Sir Seornn, spoke with a frown, and Sir Seornn replied with a bitter smile .

“He’s at that age . ”

“Well, I first killed someone when I was 15 years old . My first experience was younger . ”

“Why are you comparing based on misfortune? You are different from him . ”

As Sir Seornn, a former mercenary, looked back at Dame Thilion, she looked away and said .

“It’s because I’m worried . ”

“I know . You may talk tough, but you care about young master Lucas just as much as we do . ”

If Cordelia was the youngest and loved by everyone in Count Chase’s family, Lucas was the only child born to Count Hræsvelgr, who didn’t have a child for a long time since he got married . He was also a precious child born with a tremendous talent for the sword .

It was not an exaggeration to say that among the people of Hræsvelgr, there was no one who didn’t cherish and love Lucas .

“He’s finally making friends his age, isn’t that good?”

“What if it becomes a sticky love triangle?”

“Well, our young master is a little attractive . ”

Sir Seornn began to boast about their young master, but it was fine since there were only knights of Count Hræsvelgr gathered near them, who also shared similar thoughts with him .

Dame Thilion also nodded with a serious face and glanced at her beloved and innocent young master who was with Jude and Cordelia .


Since the short trip to Langesthei had turned into a journey towards the northernmost end of the Sälen Kingdom, there had been a considerable change in the composition of the escorts .

First of all, Maja, Jude’s exclusive maid, was not included in the party .

“I’d like to go with you if possible, but…”

“No, go back home, Maja . Your skin has already become rough, right?”

“Young master, that’s…”

At Jude’s will, Maja eventually lost her stubbornness and returned to Count Bayer’s territory with Gaël .

‘Because it’s too dangerous . ’

It wasn’t just the witch’s forest .

If they plan to follow the main story’s flow, it was not an exaggeration to say that the party’s future lies on a path of thorns .

It was unreasonable for Maja, who was not a knight, to be with them .

‘Should I call the rest as numerical reinforcements?’

There are three knights from Count Bayer, and one squire who’ll do the chores .

There are three knights from Count Chase, which included Dahlia .

There are five knights from Count Hræsvelgr, and two squires .

An ordinary knight can be compared to ten infantrymen, so in terms of combat power, a powerful convoy of more than a hundred infantrymen was formed .

“I plan to use the carriage until we get near the northern territory, and then walk on foot from the Trefalgar Forest . The carriages will be sent separately to the northern territory . ”

“After completing our adventure, we should give our greetings to the northern viscount . ”

“Yes, I stopped by on my way to Langesthei, and he was a kind and nice man . ”

No northern lord would stay still if a child from the 12 northern families passed by their territory .

The children of the 12 families also had to meet the lord in order to be polite, except for times when they had some pressing and urgent matters .

‘You explicitly emphasize the word adventure . ’

Cordelia stared at Jude suspiciously, while Jude responded to Lucas who was explaining their schedule with a bright face .

Should I say that my suspicion about Outboxer009’s job is getting deeper day by day?

‘Well, I’m an accomplice now . ’

Cordelia’s lips pouted, and soon she smiled and began supporting Jude .

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“It’s a little scary that monsters will come out… but it’s reassuring when I think that Mr . Jude Bayer and Lord Lucas is here . ”

“Hahaha, don’t worry . I won’t let them touch even a single fingertip of Lady Cordelia . ”

‘Huh…have you not seen Cordelia fighting Minos back then?’

Cordelia was capable even if she had only supported them from the rear back then .

After swallowing the few questions he had in his mind, Jude took a deep breath and started talking about what was necessary .

“Lord Lucas, it’s very important to have information before going on an adventure . We have to figure out in advance where we are going, what kind of place, what enemies will come out, and what are their strengths and weaknesses . ”

Jude had very much felt responsible for Lucas because he had tricked him .

Even though Lucas was a sword genius, he was still a young and innocent sixteen-year-old boy .

“Well, that’s what I learned . ”

It was another similar phrase that appeared in Biltwein the Hero .

Jude looked back at Cordelia and continued his words .

“In the witch’s forest, a poor witch’s soul is sealed . An evil being is suppressing the witch’s soul . The Fairy Queen said she wished to set the witch free . ”

“Such a secret story…”

Like a story that would only appear in hero novels, Lucas naturally admired it as he completely got sucked in by Jude’s story .

And that story now was becoming true .

While listening to Jude’s story, Cordelia briefly recalled Cordelia’s main story .

‘After she was obviously kidnapped and managed to run away…’

Cordelia desperately escaped through a gap that the Devil’s Hand’s guard had neglected, and she wanders through the Trefalgar Forest .

Cordelia was not only chased by the Devil’s Hand’s pursuers, but also by the monsters living in the forest . She had frequent brushes with death, and when her mind and body finally reached their limits, she heard the witch’s voice .

‘The evil being was surely Asmodeus’ subordinate, right?’

Asmodeus was the monarch of lust and one of the five great demons in hell .

As one of the enemies in the entire Legend of Heroes series, he was one of the greatest demons that could only be dealt with in Legend of Heroes 3 .

In any case, the summary was as follows .

The witch’s soul is sealed, and Asmodeus’ subordinate, a white-eyed demonic monster, is guarding the seal .

‘With the guidance of the witch’s soul, the seal is released . The liberated witch’s soul defeats the monster, and Cordelia gets the witch’s power from the witch’s soul afterwards . ’

Although she wasn’t as good as Jude in remembering all the story’s lines, Cordelia still had an accurate understanding of the game’s story .

‘But I still have to be careful . ’

Well, the battle with monsters was inevitable, and as this was not a game but reality, so it was possible that other variables could appear .

Cordelia raised her head as she listened to Jude’s story . She clenched her fist when she saw Lucas .

‘Noona will protect you . ’

Like Jude, Cordelia also felt responsible for Lucas .

“I’m really looking forward to it . ”

Lucas smiled naively, and Jude and Cordelia looked at each other . The two exchanged glances of guilt and responsibility .


The journey to Trefalgar Forest was smooth, and not much changed after entering the witch’s forest .

“Uh, it’s a little different from what I imagined . ”

When Lucas spoke quietly, Jude and Cordelia exchanged bitter smiles .

The current situation was different from the thrilling adventure that Lucas imagined .

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‘There are eleven knights . ’

If you include the squires, it becomes 14 .

Whether it was a wild beast or monster, they at least possessed basic intelligence .

Fourteen armed personnel were moving forward with a threatening atmosphere, so only a few ones were dumb and reckless enough to attack first .

Very often, unlucky and stupid ones like the forest goblin appeared, but they were cut down instantly .

‘It’s peaceful . ’

In the original Cordelia’s story, the forest was like hell .

Everything was hard for Cordelia, who was injured and exhausted from running away .

Even a single goblin could threaten her life, so she was extremely nervous that a small sound or a glimpse of a shadow could make her heart jump .

But now .


Jude was surprised at the appearance of Cordelia who was clenching and opening her fists . So he whispered to her ear .

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”

Cordelia frowned at Jude’s question and whispered back .

“Something, something is missing . ”

It was a vague explanation, but Jude understood it .

‘You’re frustrated . ’

It must be painful for a hunting king to come to the hunting ground and watch other people hunt .

‘Well, this is unexpected, but she’s not normal either . ’

“What, what were you thinking? Did you think I’m weird?”

“No, not really . Stay still like that . ”


“Stay still . ”

When Cordelia tilted her head in confusion and stopped walking, Jude loosened the cord from his waist, wound it around her waist, and held the end firmly .

“What are you doing?”

“If you suddenly run and leave, I can catch you . You’re not allowed to bite anyone . ”

“Shall I bite you first?”

It was when Cordelia growled like a dog .

“Mr . Jude Bayer? What’s going on? Why is Lady Cordelia’s waist…”

“The fog is getting thicker . When the view is blocked, there is a risk of us being scattered, so we used this to connect each other . If it’s fine with Lord Lucas, will you like to join us as well?”

“Oh…I see . Yes, I’ll tie it up too . ”

Lucas nodded and approached Jude, who quickly tied the cord to his waist and handed the remaining cord to Lucas .

Cordelia thought while looking at them .

‘It had an authentic reason?’

I thought of the reason for tying the cord .

I think I’ve head stories that when people climb places like snowy mountains, they use cords to tie themselves and stay connected with each other .

Cordelia was alone in the original, but not now .

‘The fog is thick . ’

The fog that had been up to my ankles at first had now suddenly rose to my waist .

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When the fog finally came at the top of my head…

“Wait . ”

When Jude, who was in the middle, suddenly stopped, and not only Lucas, who was in the lead, but also Cordelia, had no choice but to stop .

Cordelia, whose mind was wandering while walking behind them, hit her forehead on Jude’s back . She then asked while touching her forehead .


“The soil has changed . ”


Instead of answering, Jude turned the soil and showed it to them . He sat down, rubbed the soil, and explained to Lucas and Cordelia, who came close to him .

“The soil had changed . The smell, particle size, and the composition are different from the soil of Trefalgar Forest . ”

At Jude’s sudden words, Lucas blinked, and Cordelia sat down too and touched the soil, but she couldn’t tell the difference .

She didn’t even know what the soil of the Trefalgar Forest was like in the first place .

“Dahlia! Jun!”

Jude suddenly shouted loudly, but no one answered back .

Lucas flinched and also called the names of Seornn and Thilion, but it was the same too .

Cordelia realized at that moment .

‘I was too relaxed . ’

I didn’t even think of the escorts until Jude cried out .

They had just walked without thinking, even though they lost sight of their escorts .

‘Barrier . ’

It was an independent space like the Dungeon Book .

The story fell into place .

The knights that suddenly disappeared .

A completely different soil composition .

If they hadn’t tied each other with a cord, not only Lucas, but Jude and Cordelia would also have been scattered .

Cordelia quickly turned to Jude, and he nodded .

‘This is certainly a barrier . ’

It was the same as the original, but also different .

In the original, Cordelia wandered through the forest alone, so she didn’t even notice the existence of a barrier .

But it wasn’t for the party . Several people were heading straight towards the target without wandering through the forest .

That was what made the difference .

And perhaps, it was a change due to the butterfly effect that occurred as a result of stopping the Devil’s Hand’s attack .

“Mr . Bayer? Lady Cordelia?”

When Lucas asked with a tense face, Jude took a deep breath and stood up .

He told Lucas and everyone to untie the cords that were tied to their waists, as they had already entered the barrier .

“Lord Lucas . ”

“Yes, Mr . Bayer . ”

“It seems like…a real adventure has started . ”

A real adventure where they had no idea of the outcome and process .

Tension, anxiety, indescribable joy and anticipation spread simultaneously on Lucas’ face, and Jude and Cordelia looked back at each other .

Amidst their concerns and responsibilities, they were prepared to fight .

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