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Chapter 2: 2
“Young master?”


Maja and Cordelia’s escort, a knight, said almost simultaneously .

That’s because Jude and Cordelia looked at each other out of the blue and said strange things .

Why are they here?

‘Didn’t we come here to meet the visitor?’

‘Isn’t it because we came here to visit?’

At a time when Maja and the female knight were thinking rationally, Jude calmed his astonished self and thought of the girl in front of him . And like himself, Cordelia was full of emotions too, such as embarrassment, surprise, and so on .

‘What? Why is Yellow Storm here?’

The girl in front of him, Cordelia, was so beautiful that the word “great beauty” could be attached .

The 2nd place Yellow Storm had nothing to do with Jude’s own fiancée .

But it was strange .

When their eyes met with each other, the player named Yellow Storm came to his mind .

It was good to say that it was an absolute feeling .

Moreover, it was important that the opponent showed a similar reaction to him .

‘No way . ’

Is she really that Yellow Storm?

It was a dizzying story, but it wasn’t impossible .

In the first place, Outboxer009, who was Kang Jin-ho, also became Jude Bayer .

“Hmmm, uh, well . Excuse me for a moment . ”

“Uh… Me, me too . ”

When Jude mumbled first, Cordelia also mumbled .

However, the way he looked at her side was also unusual .

“First… Please sit down . ”

“Uh… yeah . ”

Once he sat down…

Maja and the female knight tilted their heads at the awkwardness of the two, but it was only for a short time .

Maja brought out the newly prepared tea, and Jude continued to exchange awkward glances with Cordelia .

‘Let’s test her . ’

He didn’t know if only he felt something, but he thought that she would have felt something similar too .

If the opponent really is Yellow Storm like he felt, it would seem like a catastrophe has come, but if it really is, he would likely understand .

“No, no . ”

Hi, Yellow Storm .

Jude’s voice trembled because he was embarrassed to say it out of his mouth .

But her reaction was good .

Cordelia flinched for a moment and her eyes opened widely .

“Ah…Aha . ”

Hi, Outboxer .

Cordelia also spoke quietly, and at the time when Maja and the female knight tilted their heads again, Jude drove a wedge in .

“Hey…you too?”

“Yeah…me too . ”

“Young master?”


Maja and the female knight’s face now had a rather serious look of concern .

Why are the two suddenly acting like that?

But Jude couldn’t care less about the reaction of those two .

‘Crazy! Are you really Yellow Storm?!’

When he spoke with his eyes, the other returned a similar answer .

Jude took a deep breath for now . He wanted to ask a lot of questions right away, like what happened and when did she became Cordelia, but there was Maja and the female knight here .

Therefore, Jude tried to turn around .

“Coop reset 9:00 3-9 . ”

One of the contents of Legend of Heroes 2 is the coop mode that resets every night at 12:00 – meaning it was reset at midnight .

9 o’clock refers to the 9 o’clock direction, and 3-9 meant 9 blocks down – that is, 18 meters below the entrance coordinates .

Therefore, the interpretation of Jude’s words was as follows .

‘Let’s meet at midnight in the corner of my garden . ’

Honestly, it would be difficult for a normal Legend of Heroes 2 player to understand what he meant, but it would have been understandable if it was the rotten water Yellow Storm .

And indeed, Cordelia nodded and said in a whisper .

“Roger that . ”

It was a radio term meaning “understood” and is one of the most distinctive phrases of Yellow Storm .

“Hmmm, I’m glad you’re healthy . It’s already late today, so I’ll see you next time . ”

“Hmmm, it was nice to meet you . I look forward to seeing you next time . ”

They couldn’t have a proper conversation here .

So, after deciding on when and where to meet, they quickly ended their meeting .

When Cordelia and Jude stood up after talking to each other, it was Maja and the female knight who were confused again .

“Eh, you’re going already?”


She was so surprised that Maja’s usual expressionless face was now full of surprise .

However, Jude and Cordelia had already reached an agreement and exchanged their greetings .

Jude laughed awkwardly and saw off Yellow Storm – no, Cordelia, who likewise walked out with an awkward smile and a quick walk .

“Young master? This is…”

“Well, that’s it . ”

What the hell is going on here?

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But one thing was certain .

The appearance of an ally who would be on his side and believe Jude’s words .

Looking at the entrance of the drawing room where Cordelia had left, Jude clenched his fist .


Jude Bayer’s father, Count Bayer, was out on a northern expedition with his successor, Gaël Bayer, who is the older brother of Jude .

It was a small-scale expedition, called the Northern Monster Subjugation, which was like an annual event, and the period from departure to return was one month .

In any case, the quiet part of the house was now even quieter . This is because most of the vassals here went on the expedition following his father and brother .

Having finished dinner alone in the room, Jude waited impatiently for midnight to come .

And finally, the deepest of night, midnight, came .

Jude sneaked out of his room and hurried to the garden .

It was still summer in terms of time, but the night air was cold as they were in the northern part of the country .

‘You’ll be able to find me, right?’

Standing under a big tree, the promised place, Jude looked up at the night sky with a worried face .

‘It’s a real Pleiades . ’

There were two moons in the sky .

Selene and Helene .

Twin goddesses illuminating the night sky .

In fact, the two moons were even more beautiful and mysterious looking than when they were seen through the monitor screen .

“Hey . ”

It was at that moment . With a very small voice that came out of nowhere, Jude became alert and looked up the wall, and identified the owner of the voice .

The owner of the voice was a red-haired girl wearing a hard-pressed brown hood reminiscent of monk’s robes .

“Yellow Storm . ”

“Outboxer009 . ”

Speaking quietly, the same little voice came back .

And, whoosh…

Cordelia crossed over the wall using magic and looked at Jude with a face full of mixed feelings .


“Yes, really . ”

They just confirmed each other’s nicknames .

“It’s really something . ”


“I’m madly pleased to see you . ”

At Cordelia’s words, Jude nodded . It was the same with himself .

He thought that he had fallen alone in a completely different world, but he knew a face – no, he was glad to see another person like him .

“Since when?”

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“Two days ago . What about you?”

“Two days ago, too . ”

“It happened suddenly when you opened your eyes?”

“Yeah . ”

Jude and Cordelia squatted under the tree then and looked at each other with saying anything first .

It was Cordelia who first opened her mouth .

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be a guy? How did you get a girl to go over the wall of a man’s house?”

“What is this sexism all of a sudden? And don’t you know Jude? Jude Bayer . Gueumjulmaek . How am I supposed to cross the wall?”

Come to think of it, it wasn’t just that .

“And since when did you become a woman?”

“From birth . ”


“From birth, you crazy guy . ”

At Cordelia’s confession, Jude rubbed his eyes and soon spoke in an embarrassed voice .

“Yellow Storm was a woman?”

“Then were you a man?”

“I was a man . ”

“I was a woman . ”

“Yes, yes . ”

Then again, they’ve known each other for five years, but they’ve never talked with each other in the common voice chat . When they met in the game, they met as game characters, so there was nothing for them to recognize about the other’s real sex .

“That’s not what really matters now . ”

When Jude spoke, Cordelia nodded, though she frowned a little .

What mattered was that Outboxer009 became Jude, and Yellow Storm became Cordelia, and that this world was the world of Legend of Heroes 2 .

Jude decided to try to lay the basics first .

“So do you? I mean…rather than feeling that I’m inside the game, it was more like my past life was ‘Outboxer . ’ So…it seems to be the same for you too, ‘Yellow Storm . ’”

“Me too . I feel the same . ”

At first glance, there may be little difference, but in fact, there was a decisive difference between the two .

Whether or not they could return .

If you were really reincarnated in Pleiades, the world of Legend of Heroes 2, ‘Log Out’ would not exist . You were reincarnated in the first place, so where are you going to go?

But neither Jude nor Cordelia thought deeply about it . Though they felt strongly about the fact that they were both Jude and Cordelia now, there were also more important issues that they had to resolve .

““The Great Summons . ””

An event where the angels and demons come down in earnest .

At first, he only thought about being strong enough to survive in a time of great tribulation, but that was not enough .

They had to stop the Great Summons itself, which would bring destruction to this world .

Of course, it was a vague story .

The advent of angels and demons was indeed the fate of the world of Pleiades .

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No matter how much of a rotten water he was, it was too much for him to do it all alone .

But if he’s not alone .

If it was also with those who ranked as the 1st and 2nd places in the server rankings together .

“I like our picks . ”

Jude Bayer and Cordelia Chase .

Both were non-mainstream characters that were far from weak ones, but the picks that she spoke about weren’t just about character performance .

Cordelia said with a bitter smile .

“Perfect for sharing . ”

“Bingo . ”

Jude was a warrior, and Cordelia was a wizard .

As with all goods in the world, there was a limit to the number of various gifts and items that existed in Pleiades .

If Jude and Cordelia were characters who walked the same path, they would inevitably interfere with each other’s growth .

But they were both warrior and wizard, so they could share the goods of the Pleiades with each other .

“I never thought I’d have a party here that I haven’t had in five years . ”

“I know, this world is so weird . ”

It’s ridiculous to be reincarnated in the world of games, but he couldn’t believe he reincarnated with the forever 2nd place girl . Moreover, they were also engaged .

“Anyway, I’d like to ask you to cooperate on this . ”

“What cooperation?”

“We’re going to have to treat my Gueumjulmaek . ”

“Doesn’t it automatically heal with an event?”

Indeed, it was true .

In the game, after starting as Jude Bayer and somehow spending half a year, an event was supposed to take place where Count Chase would send to Count Bayer the cure of Gueumjulmaek .

In other words, it meant that if he just waited calmly, he could completely cure the Gueumjulmaek .

But at Cordelia’s question, Jude said, kicking his tongue .

“That’s why you’re still second place even in a thousand years . ”


“Hey, be honest . You’ve never played Jude, have you?”

“No? I’ve tried? I know it gets cured because I’ve played him . ”

“But do you agree to that? To just wait for half a year to get treated?”

There are 6 months in half a year, 180 days in 6 months, and 4320 hours in 180 days .

It was a such a waste of a long time .

Cordelia frowned back at Jude’s point .

“Then what will you do?”

“I need to treat it before that . Using all kinds of tricks . ”

In a way that only they who have climbed over the stagnant water and reached the stage of the rotten water can do .

“Come closer . ” Jude, who beckoned to Cordelia, began to talk .

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