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Chapter 17: 17
The original event was like this .

The beautiful song of Cordelia softly spread across the tranquil valley .

The small animals that went down the valley to quench their throats tilted their ears to the clear voice and fine tunes, and even the fairy people that lived nearby started to react .

The gathered fairies in twos and threes were first surprised by Cordelia’s songs, and second, they were surprised by the dazzling appearance of Cordelia, who boasted a goddess-like beauty under the fantasy moonlight .

And among them, one opened their mouth and spoke .

‘Let’s invite her to the Queen’s night banquet . ’

‘The Queen will be happy, too . ’

‘We can’t be the only ones to hear it . It’s such a beautiful song . ’

Although Cordelia was briefly embarrassed by the appearance of the fairies, she soon had the intention to accept the invitation of the cute and lovely fairies .


‘I wonder if it could lead to that . ’

Jude, who was watching the situation while hiding in the bushes, looked at the valley with a terrible face .

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star .

Yeah, well, the song from the original event was about stars .

The present situation was similar to the original event because both songs were about stars and had a person singing . But unlike the original where it sounded beautiful and mysterious, instead, it sounded cute and lovely, so it was still nice to hear .

‘Huh…my taste has gone bad . ’

Yellow Storm is cute and lovely .

Shaking his head to regain his senses, Jude’s anxious eyes stared further away .

And at some point .

When she had sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in full three times, Cordelia, who was soaked up to her shoulders, shivered in the water’s coldness .

‘It’s here . ’

Small lumps of light began to appear .

At first glance, it could have been mistaken for a firefly, but the light was too bright and beautiful .

Jude sent a sign out of the bush, and Cordelia nodded after seeing Jude’s sign .

In fact, she had already noticed .

“In the western sky~ In the eastern sky~ Twinkle twinkle little star~”

Cordelia sang and slowly raised her body which had been deeply immersed in the water . She was still wrapped in a towel, but when she rose from the water, she felt a chill and shivered unconsciously .

But this wasn’t the time to be coughing here .

Cordelia committed to singing with a little more emotion under the beautiful moonlight .

“She looks beautiful~”

The lumps of light approached .

Blue light, yellow light, green light .

They were slightly larger than the palm, but the fairies were almost no different in appearance from adult women except for the butterfly wings on their backs .

They numbered five in total .

The fairies, who came to Cordelia’s side, flocked to each other and raised their voices a bit loudly .

“It’s a cute song . ”

“Why is she wearing a towel while taking a bath? How do you take a bath like that?”

“I don’t know, rather, her voice is beautiful . ”

“She has a pretty face too . ”

“It’s thrilling, it’s always fresh, and being pretty is the best . ”

All the other fairies nodded their heads as if they agreed to the last fairy’s words .

‘It’s the same as in the game . ’

The world’s best-looking race is probably a fairy .

Either way, they approached Cordelia, who was pretty and a good singer, without hesitation .

Rather, it was Cordelia who was surprised .

‘Cu-cute . ’

As the fairies were small like the palms of her hands and they moved in front of her eyes, Yellow Storm couldn’t help but feel her girl’s heart was stimulated .

“Who are you?”

“What is your name?”

“Would you like to play with us?”

“The queen’s night entertainment will begin . ”

“The queen likes pretty girls . ”

Cordelia grinned at the fairy’s suggestion, and Jude, who was hiding and listening, let out a sigh of relief .

I was worried because the song was different, but it seemed to have gone smoothly .

‘Maybe Cordelia’s appearance is a fact more important than just singing?’

If you listened carefully to what they just said, they’re inviting you only because you were pretty .

Anyway, the process changed a bit, but things started to go according to the original event . Because of this, Jude erased his idle thoughts and set his eyes somewhere than Cordelia and the fairies .

The next sequence in the original event .

Cordelia hesitated for a moment, but eventually decided to accept the fairies’ invitation .

But right after that…


A beast’s roar burst .

The roar was close to that of a wolf’s, but it wasn’t a wolf .

Bicorn .

Also called a corrupted unicorn, it is a lascivious monster in the form of a horse with two horns .

The appearance was on schedule . But not everything was the same as the original .


As he jumped up from the bushes, Jude shouted . He had no choice but to do so . He ran towards Cordelia and shouted again .

“Get out of the water!”

The roar of the Bicorn resounded .

But there was nothing at the spot where the Bicorn appeared in the original event .

I looked around in a hurry, but it was the same .

What it meant .

It showed up, but the Bicorn didn’t know where it was .

There was something that came to my mind at the moment .

It was intuition .

That’s why Jude yelled to Cordelia to get out of the water .


The moonlight reflected on the water’s surface was broken . The Bicorn spurted right on the water and rushed towards Cordelia .


Jude kicked the ground . And at the same time, the Bicorn with purple hair and a red mane rammed Cordelia with its head .

It was a sudden collision .

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The fairies shrieked and scattered, and Cordelia soars upwards instead of being bounced off, and was thrown straight over the Bicorn’s back .

It was telekinesis, one of the specialties of the Bicorn .


As soon as it captured Cordelia, it laughed pleasantly and burst out of the water, trying to leave as its eyes scattered a red glare .

But Cordelia did not tolerate it .


Cordelia twisted her body . She struggled fearlessly on the Bicorn’s back and threw herself into the water, away from the telekinesis .

At the moment the water splashed hard with a thud, Cordelia, who fell plop into the water, rose up and floundered .

The Bicorn saw such Cordelia .

The fairies screamed, and Jude sprinted towards Cordelia and the Bicorn .

And Cordelia yelled .


It was an urgent cry . Shouting without a chance to add ‘-boxer’, she hurriedly took off the towel she was wearing .

Red leotard .

There was nothing to be embarrassed about because it’s actually a one-piece swimsuit .

Cordelia spread out the towel .

The fairies looked at the towel reflexively, and so did the Bicorn .

But Jude didn’t .

The moment Cordelia had cried out, Jude understood .

Because he figured out why Cordelia was calling him and what she was asking him for!


Inside the towel was a large drawn magic circle .

A 1-star magic that only illuminates light at best .

However, the magic circle was not drawn for no reason .

Several formulas amplified the magic .

The mana that Cordelia poured covered the whole place with a pure and intense light .



The fairies and Bicorn who were exposed to the vast amount of light closed their eyes and groaned .

It was just a moment, but it was completely blinding .

And it was the same for Cordelia, who kept her eyes open to focus the light on the Bicorn .

But only one person .

Jude didn’t close his eyes when Cordelia shouted . At the moment when the fairies’ scream was cut off, Jude took off from the ground .


Thirty-Six World Steps .

The footwork skill using inner Qi accelerated Jude . The distance between Jude and the Bicorn was quickly reduced .

The Bicorn opened its eyes .

But it still couldn’t see properly . Jude rushed at the monster and swallowed his breath . For a moment, he cut off his breath and gave strength to his clenched fist .

‘Slaughter . ’

It doesn’t stop at driving it away .

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Now that he’s come this far, he has to take him down .

Jude did not pull out the ceremonial sword from his waist . He used the Sun’s Necklace to give strength to his hands that were wrapped around like a knuckle .


Jude’s fist hit precisely in the middle of the Bicorn’s forehead . It let out a shriek, but it was not yet over . Using the Thirty-Six World Steps, Jude poured a series of attacks on the Bicorn’s head .

‘Lightning Punch!’

One of the mugong taught by his father in that three days .

It was seven consecutive strikes made up of the first four hyper-punches and a later three hyper-punches, which meant seven quick punches in the span of one lightning strike .

T/N: I’ll be honest…I have little idea what those “first four hyper-punches” or “later three hyper-punches” are . They were written in the chapter as 선사초 and 후삼초, and my best guess is those are some kind of punches .

The original text was this: 한 번 번개가 칠 사이에 일곱 번의 주먹을 꽂아 넣는다는 쾌권으로, 선사초와 후삼초의 칠연격으로구성되어 있었다 .



Jude’s fist continuously struck the Bicorn’s forehead and cheeks . If it was an ordinary punch, it wouldn’t even damage the Bicorn, who can compete with the bear with its strength, so what Jude used was mugong powered by his inner Qi .

Moreover, the sacred power of the Sun’s Necklace did not tolerate the existence of the Bicorn belonging to the demons .


All seven consecutive strikes hit, but it was, after all, a Bicorn . It stumbled for a moment before it shook its head and tried to hit Jude .

It was quick and powerful .

But at the same time, it was the attack Jude had been waiting for .


The Bicorn’s horns struck the air . Jude, who gained distance by using the Thirty-Six World Steps, was satisfied .

It wasn’t because I was proud of myself for just evading the attack .

Because I’ve done my job .

I’ve made enough time .

A short time .

Jude exhaled . He smiled at the voice he looked forward to .


Cordelia .

The dashing red magic missile burned through the darkness . As it burned its way forward, it exploded at the same time it hit the head of the Bicorn!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a roar . In the aftermath of the explosion, not only the surrounding air but also the surface of the water were shaken, and the fairies screamed .

But instead of letting out an exclamation, Jude and Cordelia immediately prepared for the next step .

Because neither side experienced a level-up effect .

It was very likely that it was still alive!


Cordelia continuously chanted spells . She, who stalled the Bicorn’s feet and made it fall, clenched her teeth instead of preparing for the next magic .

She had a headache . It was unreasonable to chant magic continuously in the aftermath of using the fire missile .

The Bicorn did not miss the gap when Cordelia staggered . With a burning tumultuous glow in its eyes between its burnt and messed up head, it rushed towards Cordelia .

‘As planned . ’

It was true that she had a headache .

It was no lie that it was too much to chant magic continuously .

However, chanting magic wasn’t the only thing that she could do .


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Cordelia shouted as she stretched out the magic stone .

The magic stone was made by Count Chase himself and contained the magic of .

It was originally given to her to use if Jude does some bullshit, and the magic stone boasted a very powerful and sturdy ability as it contained her father’s heart .


The Bicorn that was tied by the translucent golden string, fell into the water and struggled to regain its footing .

“Ugh . ”

Cordelia was not entirely unharmed either .

She was already staggering, and the splash of water caused by the Bicorn when it struggled and kicked made her fall down .

But now she was in battle .

Yellow Storm’s head did not stop for a moment .

‘About 10 seconds . ’

The time when the can withstand the Bicorn’s struggle .

‘About 15 seconds . ’

The time needed for Cordelia to use the spell again .

It was enough .

Time was not running out .

‘Right? Outboxer009 . ’

One of the two things passed down by Count Bayer .

Something I already heard in the carriage .

That’s why I was looking forward to this moment .

Outboxer did not disappoint Yellow Storm’s expectations .

When Cordelia caught the Bicorn’s attention, he was already in preparation .

‘I learned two things . ’

Count Bayer properly recognized Jude’s talent .

At the same time, he also did not make a mistake of overlooking Jude’s physical condition because he was blinded by Jude’s talent .

Therefore, he taught only two things for three days .

‘Continuous strikes for normal use . ’

Lightning Punch .

It was a good technique . The power was not weak either, because a successful strike lets you pour seven consecutive punches in the blink of an eye .

But in the end, it was just a normal attack skill .

‘One shot for the killing hit . ’

In fact, it wasn’t the right skill for the current Jude .

The preparation time for using one shot took too long .

Moreover, during the preparation time to concentrate the power, he had to be virtually defenseless .

But that’s why it was so powerful .

Lightning Punch could not even compare to it in terms of power .

Cordelia flopped down into the water and looked at Jude .

She smiled at the golden flash of light centered on Jude’s fist .

‘Lightning Strike Fist . ’

Lightning burst from his fist .

Jude advanced forward .

A lightning bolt dropped over the Bicorn’s head .

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