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Chapter 16: 16
A night when the very bright moon hid the stars .

Sitting under the dark blue night sky, with her angel-like beautiful face, Cordelia spoke .

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck . ”

“The use of abusive language is subject to sanctions . ”

“What is this crazy bastard saying?”

“Yes, this is an exclamation, not a curse . Anyway, decide quickly . ”

Cordelia wasn’t the only one sitting under the fantastic moonlight .

Deep in the mountains .

The two were facing each other at the place where the sound of the valley river’s ripples were heard .

Cordelia, who was almost about to cry, said as her shoulders drooped .

“Hey, do we really have to do this?”

“You have to do it . You have to . ”

Cordelia’s main scenario was harsh from the start .

In order to completely defend and not just hinder the Devil’s Hand’s attack on the social gathering, a holy relic, which possesses power that is incompatible with the demons, is needed – the sacred rod, Moonlight .

“Yellow Storm . ”

“Why . ”

When Yellow Storm answered lifelessly, Jude coughed once and took a step . He placed his hands over Yellow Storm’s shoulders and said with a serious face and voice .

“Only you can do it . Only you can do this . ”

“…even if you say it nicely, your nature remains the same . ”

“Err, if you don’t like it, you can stop . Is this my event? It’s your event . ”

The event to get the sacred rod was for Cordelia only .

“F*ck, I really hate the game crew . ”

It was Cordelia who spit out curses again, but she seemed to have given up resisting because she was in low spirits .

Jude let out a sigh full of various emotions and then tapped Cordelia’s shoulders again .

“If you’re going to do it, let’s get ready . We don’t have time . We have to do our best, but we can’t miss the event because we missed the timing, right?

“Haa…I’d rather die than suffer . Yes, I’ll do it . I’ll do it very perfectly . ”

Jude, who smiled and gave a thumbs up, took a step back and looked at the night sky again .

It was the incident on the road to Langesthei two days ago that started all of this .


A day after leaving Count Bayer .

Their travel schedule was generous in the first place, so the party was not in a hurry .

We advanced slowly to let the horses rest, but when we stopped somewhere and rested, Maja and Dahlia went out of the carriage and took a break .

It was to get out of the stuffy carriage and breathe some fresh air, but rather, it was to give both Jude and Cordelia some alone time .

“How should I say, we’re very considerate?”

“They’re a really good couple . Doesn’t it make you want to cheer for them?”

At Dahlia’s self-praise, Maja replied with a smile .

The hearts of the two were the same .

In the first place, the promise to come out and make time for the two whenever the carriage stopped was not something discussed in advance .

It naturally happened because of the consideration of the maid and escort who really thought of their masters .

Sitting in the shade of a tree, Dahlia, who took the offered teacup from Maja, continued while laughing ‘Ufufu’ .

“Originally, they were a good-looking man and woman who got along well, but…their relationship has suddenly improved since last month?”

“Yes, especially at the daytime runaway…no, after they’ve had their time alone together . ”

“Ha, I’m only telling you this…but just before, the young lady was feeling a little hurt . So, I was really worried, but I guess it was a good thing now because it could’ve been worse in the future . ”

“Oh my goodness, the young lady too?”

When Maja blinked as if she was surprised, Dahlia spoke along with an ‘Aha!’ exclamation .

“Come to think of it, even the young master at that time was feeling troubled too?”

“Yes, a little…”

In fact, Maja was just talking nonsense and making a fuss, but even so, Dahlia is an escort to his fiancée – no, rather, it wasn’t something to reveal because she was a person in that position .

And it was the same with Dahlia .

When Cordelia was feeling hurt a month ago, she did a lot of nonsensical stuff as well as spilling a storm of curses that surprised all those who were listening .

‘What it was really back then…’

A pretty lady that looked like a doll was pouring out such vulgar curses out of her mouth .

Indeed, it was a sight I would never want to see again .

“But it worked out really well . The young master’s body is getting better, and they’re going to the social gathering together . ”

“You’re right . ”

After looking at each other, the laughing maid and escort gazed at the carriage again .

What are the two people inside talking about?

Is it my imagination that the two were smiling cutely and exchanging sweet words of love?

“Hey, be humane and ‘pay’ properly?”

“Eh, your father gave me this, who do I have to ‘pay’?”

T/N: ‘pay’ – they’re talking about the paying system “n빵” that I explained in the previous chapter .


“It’s the money my father gave me to buy me something delicious . ”

“Yes, I’ll properly budget it and buy you something delicious . ”

Both Cordelia and Jude, who had an unsatisfactory conversation about the stuffed money bag that Count Chase gave before the trip, did some stretching exercises .

The magical carriage boasted of a comfortable ride even though it was running on the road, but because they were stuck inside, they were feeling frustrated .

‘But it’s better than playing the fiancée role in front of everyone . ’

Even though it was a bit frustrating, it was much easier and better to be alone together like this .

“Anyway…let’s have a productive conversation now . ”

“What? Like the future schedule?”

“Yes, schedule . Especially…what’s really going to happen in the future…about that . ”

A month after awakening the memories of Outboxer009 .

Jude has already confirmed several times that this world is almost the same as Legend of Heroes 2 .

However, only the elements that make up the world have been confirmed so far .

Those that just exist, such as people, terrain, history, and objects .

‘Will the story itself proceed just like the Legend of Heroes 2?’

Of course, it would’ve been like the beginning if it were to proceed .

If Jude and Cordelia intervene in this and that, the story itself would change due to the butterfly effect .

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But even so, “what’s going to happen” had a great meaning .

“First of all, our departure date is almost the same as that of Cordelia in the original . ”

“If it goes exactly the same as the game…”

“The bridge at the front of the road we’re going on now has collapsed, and the road is blocked . ”

In the original work, there were two options .

Take a detour by using the mountain path or go south to get a boat for the river .

In Cordelia’s main scenario, it was the first multiple choice options a player encounter .

And most of those who were stagnant water chose the detour route here .

“That’s the only way to get the hidden event . ”

“Ugh . ”

At the time Jude spoke, Cordelia had an unwilling expression .

It was because of the contents of the hidden event .

But it was then .

“Young master, there’s an issue I have to report . Would you mind for a moment?”

A young knight’s voice came from outside the carriage .

It was a knight named “Jun,” whom Count Bayer assigned as an escort for the trip, and he had made quite a brilliant contribution to the expedition despite it being his first campaign .

“Yes, I don’t mind . ”

“Excuse me for a moment . ”

When Jude responded, Jun opened the carriage door .

For a moment, he glanced at Jude and Cordelia sitting face to face, before looking back at Jude and continuing his words .

“There were some people coming back from the road ahead, so I asked them, and they said that the bridge has collapsed, and that the road is blocked . It couldn’t be helped, but I think we should take a detour . ”

‘As expected . ’

Something happened .

Jude glanced back at Cordelia, who frowned and nodded her head .

“All right . Then are we going to take the mountain road?”

“Yes, Mr . Bayer is knowledgeable of the nearby geography . ”

“Because it was my first trip, I did some studying in advance . ”

“Ah…indeed . Yes, we’re going to take the mountain road as young master had said . I’m afraid the schedule will be delayed by a day or so…but I think it’s the best we can do right now . ”

“Let’s do that . There’s plenty of time in the original schedule, so we can afford not to hurry . ”

“Thank you for understanding . ”

When Jude appeared as decent and kind, Jun’s face, which was quite stiff at first, was loosened .

He seemed to like Jude more now .

“I look forward to working with you, then . ”

“Okay . Although the road we’ll use is off our itinerary, we won’t have any problems with the safety of the two of you . ”

Jun, who declared proudly as a knight, bowed again to Jude and Cordelia and closed the carriage door .

And immediately after .

Jude said to Cordelia .

“It happened . ”

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As in the game, the road was blocked, and a detour was taken .

The significant of this event was quite great, and in local terms, the basic conditions for beginning the hidden event were in place .

Cordelia stretched her shoulders and said .

“Hey, by the way . ”

“Yeah . ”

“In the game, the event automatically occurs when you go to the mountain road and head to a certain area, right?”

“It will occur . ”

“But even if we head to a certain area, the event won’t occur automatically here, right?”

“Of course it won’t occur . ”

Legend of Heroes 2 was a game with a very high degree of freedom, but it was still a ‘story RPG . ’

In other words, when certain events occurred, the characters were supposed to take certain actions that were out of the player’s control .

But in reality, the story was different .

There was no way for him to suddenly move his body spontaneously and recite a set line just because he went to a certain area .

‘If that exists, it’s a problem . ’

In any case, the important thing was to trigger the event .

If so, what should we do .

How can I trigger an event in the game and get the same rewards?

It was actually a simple story .

Both Jude and Cordelia already knew the answer .

“You have to recreate the event . ”

As we saw in Legend of Heroes 2, they perform certain actions in certain places .

As if, like a play .

“Please do a good acting, Yellow Storm . ”

Jude winked and Cordelia raised up her middle finger .

And two days later .

The time of promise finally arrived .


“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck . ”

“The use of abusive language…”

“Fahk, fahk, fahk . ”

“Ok, I give up . It would be good if you could focus on acting because you’ve relaxed your mind by cursing . ”

Near a valley where you can pass by the mountain route .

Jude, who had kept his back on the cursing Cordelia, had opened a watch he received from Gaël and counted the remaining time left .

‘It’s midnight when the event starts . ’

Dahlia’s bedtime was from 11 pm to 1 am, and in these two hours, only Jude and Cordelia were here .

It was the only time possible .

Maja was a maid in the first place so she was out of the night vigil, and if we ask the other knights to give us time alone, it would not have worked .

‘The current time is 11:50 . ’

There were only 10 minutes left until the event was started .

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“Are you ready?”

“W-wait! If you look back, I’ll kill you . ”

“You’re all dressed up anyway . ”

“F*ck . All right, you can turn around now . ”

When Cordelia gave her permission, Jude turned around and unconsciously let out his admiration .

“Wow . ”

To be honest, I was surprised .

I’ve known before that she was pretty, but should I say that I realized it again?

Before Jude’s eyes, Cordelia, wearing only a large towel, stood barefoot with her hair untied .

‘Of course she’s wearing clothes under the towel . ’

Anyway, what should I say?

Standing with her hair down under the fantastic moonlight, Cordelia was so beautiful that it was such a mysterious sight .

“If you laugh, I’ll kill you . I’ll kill you if you turn your eyes around . If you even keep looking at me, I’ll kill you . ”

Of course, if she hadn’t opened her mouth .

“Hey, where the hell do you want me to look then?”

“I don’t know…anyway, I’ll start now, so hide well . Okay?”

“I understand, ma’am . ”

Finally, the two, who exchanged glances, took a deep breath and moved to their respective designated positions .

This was the beginning of the event .

After using the mountain path, Cordelia finds a valley with a river during her journey, and bathes in the river to wash off the sweat around midnight, away from people’s eyes .

‘Should I call it…the service event?’

Actually, there was a similar event for Jude too .

Either way, Cordelia, who was taking a bath, sings against the beauty of the moonlight…

“Aah, the water’s f*cking cold . Are you crazy? Why would I even go into the valley river in the middle of autumn, not in the summer?”

Cordelia, who dipped her feet slightly in the water, shuddered, and Jude, who hid in the bushes, sent the sign in a miserable mood .

It was a sign to roughly begin to sing .

“Ha, really . Cordelia’s totally crazy . ”

Cordelia, who was criticizing her game character, shuddered in the water and opened her lips as she looked at the moon .

In fact, at this point I could understand why Cordelia was singing .

When I went into the wide valley river alone in the darkness of night, I knew Jude was looking at me, but I was scared .

How should I say it…it feels like something’s about to pop out of the water?

If I didn’t sing, I couldn’t withstand it .

“Twinkle little star~ Shining beautifully~”

When Cordelia began to sing timidly, Jude sent a sign again .

It was a sign to sing the original song, but Yellow Storm was not Outboxer009 . How am I supposed to memorize a song that briefly played in the event?

‘It’s roughly the same as a song about stars, so it should work . ’

How long has it been since I continued to sing with that thought?

Beyond that, under the fantasy moonlight .

There were those who responded to the song .

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