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Chapter 104

The explosion was over .

Dark Ghost’s self-destruction was stopped, and they no longer heard the pained screams of the wild god .

But not everything was over .

“Hey! Jude! Hey!”

Cordelia shouted as she struggled in Jude’s arms . Dark Ghost was gone, but the monsters that appeared with him were still present .

“Jude! Hey! Stand up!”

Cordelia’s last words were buried among the roars and shouts . Because the monsters and warriors had begun to fight again .

“Uhh…did you pass out?”

Cordelia herself had used up most of her power, and so did Jude . Moreover, since Jude was even drained of his mana, he no longer had enough energy to spare .

He was clearly not lying on his stomach, as he was lying on his back with Cordelia in his arms – to be exact, it was nearly impossible for him to have fainted given that he had enough strength to prevent Cordelia from getting out of his arms . But Cordelia immediately began to act instead of thinking deeply about it .

. ”


“Oh, you woke up . ”

“How could I not wake up?!”

As soon as Cordelia used , Jude groaned in pain and opened his eyes in a flash .

“I mean, did you use on a person who had already passed out from exhaustion?”

 My power is already at 0, yet you’re still taking more of it from me?

“Hey, you won’t die from it, you won’t . ”

“That’s still a problem, okay?”

“Anyway, I’m glad you woke up . First of all, let’s drain some more mana . ”

“What? Hey, sto-…uuuggghh . ”

Cordelia raised herself from Jude’s upper body and continued to use while sitting . She then placed on her chest the hand with the ring and activated the magic .

. ”

It was the defense magic in Count Chase’s ring .

Since Jude and Cordelia were close to each other, the shield became stronger . Cordelia then stretched her shoulders in relief .

“Huu, I didn’t have enough mana to use the shield magic . ”

She had used up all her mana in pushing Dark Ghost and dealing the last attack .

“It’s a good thing the battery is next to me . ”

Cordelia giggled and tapped Jude’s chest, while Jude looked up at Cordelia and had a sullen expression .

“You’re really a mean person . ”

“You’re the only one I’m mean to . ”

Cordelia giggled again before looking outside the shield .

Because they were near the center of the explosion, there were no monsters around them . But at less than 10 meters around the explosion’s center, the monsters and warriors were engaged in a fierce battle .

“We have to help . Do you have any potions?”

“I only have a stamina potion . ”

Their supply of potions had been cut off since they came to the wild lands .

The one he fed to Cordelia was the last mana potion .

“Umm, so you have a stamina potion?”

Cordelia grinned as she rummaged Jude’s waist pockets while Jude trembled .

“Hey, hey, no way… Isn’t this plan of yours demonic if you’re going to drain my mana after I’ve recovered from the stamina potion you’ll feed me?”

When Jude urgently spoke, Cordelia’s eyes became round and she clapped her hands loudly as she said .

“Oh my, there was such a way? You’re a genius . ”

“Ugh…your acting has improved . ”

Look at her pretending to be ignorant .

But why does that make her look pretty too?

It was when Jude was feeling skeptical about his own love blindness .

Cordelia moved her bottom from the top of Jude’s torso as she sat on the ground . She then said after finding the stamina potion and handing it over to Jude .

‘Isn’t it nice that it’s quiet around us?”

“I suppose so . ”

Because the two didn’t have enough strength left .

And the warriors of the wild lands were not weak .

Since they were the elites of each tribe, they were not overpowered by the monsters .

And two more people .

Among the various warriors, there were some who were particularly prominent .

“She fights well . ”

“Isn’t it? My sister is good at fighting, right?”

Cordelia boasted as she looked in the direction where Adelia was .

‘As expected of a combat wizard . ’

The Royal Guard Magic Corps was a group of fighting wizards like their name ‘corps’ suggests .

Adelia was one of the seven leaders of the Royal Guard Magic Corps, so her combat power was undoubtable .

‘If she could use wide-area magic, she would’ve cleared this place in no time . ’

Since this was a melee battle of enemies and allies, she couldn’t use wide-area magic .

But Adelia was definitely an experienced fighter .

Instead of simply using attack magic, she used magic that affected the entire battlefield by using a combination of fire and earth wall magic to divide the battlefield and isolate the monsters .

‘As expected of a leader . ’

She was someone who was capable of commanding an army and not just a mere corps .

“I think Red Wind will be all right . ”

Cordelia pointed to the very end of the battlefield . The Blade Song tribe were there, and among them was Sun Song who protected Red Wind .

“Gaël is strong too . ”

“He’s strong . ”

In the midst of their conversation, the situation on the battlefield was rapidly improving .

This was because Adelia and Gaël were actively fighting in the south and north sides respectively .

“Chivalry . ”

The magic of the knights .

Gaël strengthened himself with Chivalry and easily cut down the monsters across the battlefield .

Like a warrior from the Bayer family who aimed to become the ‘wind,’ his momentum was like a storm as his sword danced freely .

“Umm, I seriously think we can just rest . ”


Cordelia smiled and stretched out her hand to Jude . He grabbed her hand, raised his upper body, and sat down next to her .

And it was at that moment .

[…Guardians . ]

A low voice talked to Jude and Cordelia in their minds .

The voice was somewhat garbled, but the two showed no repulsion to it . Because they were able to guess whose voice it was .

[I am…Dark Ghost…]

The only wild god who was forced to die by the Devil’s Eye .

His soul regained its freedom after losing his body, but his contaminated soul was not washed clean .

[Soon…I will disappear…so I…wanted to…say goodbye…]

Cordelia had a gloomy expression as she heard the voice that became broken little by little .

She had met him for the first time today and didn’t even got to talk with him much, but she was heartbroken by what happened to Dark Ghost .

[Thank you…for stopping me . Thanks to you…I could not harm…them . ]

Violent Avalanche and Gentle Snow Breeze .

And the children of the wild lands .

[Farewell…Guardians… This is my…last…reward for you…]

A piece of memory came into the minds of Jude and Cordelia .

It was a fraction of the things Dark Ghost had seen, heard, and felt, and also information about the last thing he could leave for Jude and Cordelia .


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Dark Ghost’s voice completely disappeared . Cordelia turned her tearful face away, and Jude could see the sobbing Gentle Snow Breeze and Violent Avalanche wiping away his tears .

Perhaps he delivered his farewells to the two wild gods too .


Jude paid a silent tribute for Dark Ghost, and Cordelia brought her two hands together in prayer .

They grieved for Dark Ghost .

The battle was over .

Since the recovery of the casualties was a priority, each tribe focused on cleaning up the battlefield instead of talking about the Karaval .

And the next morning .

A memorial service was held for Dark Ghost and the deceased, under the supervision of Gentle Snow Breeze .

Violent Avalanche lit a great fire and cremated them . Gentle Snow Breeze created a wind and blew their ashes and souls up high into the sky .

“Those evil western demons . ”

Gentle Snow Breeze was usually meek, but she was clearly angry at the present moment .

She sharply looked at the western direction before she turned her gaze to Red Gale and Nine Blades .

It was to talk about the Karaval .

The first to open his mouth was Nine Blades .

“O wild gods who look over the wild lands, I have something to say if you will permit it . ”

When Nine Blades politely spoke, Gentle Snow Breeze and Violent Avalanche nodded and allowed him to speak .

Having knelt down to show his respect, Nine Blades stood up from his spot and then headed to the center as he looked at everyone .

He then shouted out loud .

“Karaval couldn’t proceed normally because of an unexpected incident! But you all know about it! The rules of Karaval!”

Red Gale frowned while Violent Avalanche and Gentle Snow Breeze had awkward expressions .

Because they also knew the rules of Karaval .

“Karaval ends when either side declares defeat or become unable to fight . In other words! The last one standing is the winner of Karaval!”

The words that Nine Blades wanted to say .

The argument that he wanted to make .

“You must have seen it too! That it was Sun Song who stood until the end yesterday!”

Red Wind fell . She couldn’t stand up .

On the other hand, Sun Song stood until the end of the battle as he protected the injured Red Wind .

“Th-th-that shit- mmf, mmf!”

Jude covered the angry Cordelia’s mouth as his eyes narrowed . He restrained the struggling Cordelia and waited on what would happen next .

‘I don’t have a good feeling like Cordelia . ’

It was unlikely that it would end like this .

Sun Song might not be like Nine Blades, but he had yet to speak .

“Mmf, mmf!”

Jude stopped Cordelia from struggling by hugging her tightly as he looked at Sun Song .

Sun Song stood up with a stiff face and began walking forward . He thumped on the ground and caused a loud noise .


Everyone was startled and looked back at the sound’s epicenter, and Sun Song met their eyes with a calm face .

Nine Blades also saw Sun Song . Instead of saying something, he just walked away as if opening the path, and Sun Song continued to walk . After passing Nine Blades, he stood in front of Red Wind who was standing next to Red Gale .


Cordelia suddenly became quiet as she wondered what he was doing, while Jude quickly understood it .

“I see, perhaps that’s it . ”

It was a little cheesy but pleasing development .

This was a possible development since Sun Song was a true warrior with the spirit of a warrior, and not a corrupted demonic human like in the game .

“Those are the rules of Karaval . But there’s an absolute rule in Karaval . ”

He deliberately talked about the rule of Karaval .

Karaval’s absolute rule .

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Only the two warriors who fought in Karaval would decide the winner and loser .

“I lost . ”

Sun Song plainly spoke .

No one else knew, but he knew .

Red Wind saved him . He owed his life to her .

“It’s your victory, Red Wind . ”

Sun Song grinned as he declared it with his hand on his chest, and Red Wind had a faint smile .

She knew it too, because she had crossed swords with him .

The fact that Sun Song was a true warrior .

“Wouldn’t you be scolded by your father?”

Red Wind asked a little mischievously, but Sun Song just shrugged his shoulders .

“It’s all right . It’s better than being a shameless human who forsakes his benefactor . And I was already scolded a lot yesterday . So I won’t get any more scolding . ”

Red Wind smiled again at Sun Song’s strange answer .

Red Gale looked at Nine Blades, who snorted but had the corners of his mouth slightly rising . Because Nine Blades was also a warrior who knew of honor .

“You are the winner of Karaval . I have declared my defeat, so declare your victory . ”

It was the most ideal end of Karaval .

The winner and loser acknowledged each other and declare the end of Karaval together .

Red Wind nodded . After placing her fist on her chest, she declared in a loud voice .

“I accept the declaration of the true warrior Sun Song . The winner of this Karaval is me, Red Wind!”

Cheers erupted at her confident declaration .

Violent Avalanche and Gentle Snow Breeze happily smiled at both the declaration of the end of Karaval and the official winner being Red Wind .

“Mmmmmff . ”

“Yes, it came out all right . ”

“Mmmmf . ”

“Okay . ”

Jude just happily smiled when he saw Cordelia’s eyes telling him to let go of her now .

‘From this moment on . ’

Now that the Karaval was over, the Eastern Alliance would be established .

The east and west would be confronting each other head-to-head .

It was the beginning of a war that would affect the wild lands and even the Sälen Kingdom and the entire Pleiades .

“Mmmf, mmmf . ”

“Yes, you did well . ”


She meant something else . Therefore, Jude hurriedly turned his gaze towards Red Wind and Sun Song, and he soon understood why Cordelia was trying to scream .

“No way . ”

“Mmf, mmf . ”

It couldn’t be that one .

Jude removed his hand that was blocking Cordelia’s mouth and he was able to see it .

Sun Song thumped on the ground once again .

After gathering everyone’s attention with the loud sound, he bowed in front of Red Wind .

His face was stiff in a different meaning than before, and he cleared his throat . After swallowing his saliva, he said in a tense voice .

“Red Wind, a true warrior, I will convey my true heart to you . Please marry me . ”

It was really that one .

And he had clearly declared it .

“N-no, no matter how cliché that was, wasn’t that too much?”

The second declaration of Sun Song caused a lot of shock .

It was from the Blade Song and Great Storm tribes .

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Because they were two tribes who inherited the blood of the ancient orc and ancient elves .

Moreover, the two were the eldest son and eldest daughter of the chieftains .

“It seemed to be an arbitrary decision, right?”

Gaël nodded when Jude spoke to everyone .

“Perhaps . The Blade Song tribe was also greatly surprised . ”

In fact, it was not an exaggeration to say that everyone except Sun Song was surprised .

“What about Red Wind?”

Jude asked and Cordelia grumbled at the cliché development .

“She was very embarrassed . But she was sort of… she was a little happy . ”

“Eh…seriously? Red Wind likes Sun Song…?”

“No, rather than that, she enjoyed the fact that she was proposed to, I think? She’s still a child, after all . ”

At Cordelia’s words, everyone including Jude, narrowed their eyes in an instant .

They reacted like that, since Red Wind and Cordelia were only one year apart in age .

“Why, why, why? Did I say something wrong?”

Cordelia had spoken quite shamelessly, but her face had now turned red from embarrassment .

“I apologize for this, Lord Gaël . She is still a child…”

“It’s all right . It’s a bit of a rude remark but…Lady Cordelia is really cute . ”

As Adelia and Gaël talked warmly, Cordelia’s face turned red, while Jude had to bite his lips in order to hold back his laughter .

“Anyway . ”

Jude opened his mouth again for Cordelia and said with a shrug of his shoulders .

“Sun Song and Red Wind exchanging feelings…realistically, their union would be difficult . ”

Sun Song and Red Wind did not belong to a single warrior tribe .

They were also the next chieftains who would lead their tribes someday .

“It would be difficult unless the two tribes are united into one . ”

It was as Gaël said .

The union of the two was impossible even for political reasons .

“I’m sure Sun Song would have known that too…but perhaps, he just wanted to convey his feelings?”

“It’s likely that . ”

As Adelia and Gaël exchanged another warmhearted conversation, Cordelia mumbled under her breath .

“No, even if it’s possible, I won’t allow it . ”

Marriage between Sun Song and Red Wind . Even if Red Gale allowed it, Cordelia herself couldn’t allow it .

She was not fine with it .

However, Gaël and Adelia were not interested in Cordelia’s thoughts .

In fact, they weren’t much interested in Red Wind and Sun Song .

“I’m glad there’s Edward . ”

Gaël suddenly said in passing, and Adelia blinked her eyes . She then turned her head to the side as if to hide her burning red cheeks .

Gaël and Adelia were also the eldest son and eldest daughter .

But Count Chase had an eldest son named Edward Chase who would succeed his Count title .

“Ahem, ahem . R-right . I’m glad I have an older brother . ”

Adelia spoke very quietly, and Gaël smiled happily .

And Jude and Cordelia watched the other two .

Violent Avalanche who was squatting in the corner again, said as he looked at Jude and Cordelia .

“You know how I usually feel now, right?”

Why am I like a third party in this again?

And why in the world did you call for me again this time?

The grumbling Violent Avalanche stood up from his seat, looked at the two couples, clicked his tongue and then left .

And the next morning .

The Eastern Alliance, headed by the Great Storm tribe, was finally established .

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