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Chapter 10: 10
The top scorer of Legend of Heroes 2 was Outboxer009, who ranked No . 1 in the server rankings .

However, the one who hunted the most in Legend of Heroes 2 was Yellow Storm, the No . 2 in the server rankings .

‘If you count the numbers of monsters you’ve hunted, Yellow Storm has twice as more than Outboxer’s . ’

She was the one who had experienced the most battles in Legend of Heroes 2 .

However, Cordelia had not experienced an actual battle .

‘Leisegang is not counted . ’

It couldn’t even move because of the seal, and frankly, at that time, Cordelia herself and Jude went crazy because of the level up .

Anyway, this was our first real battle .

Therefore, although Cordelia was more nervous than expected, she was able to carry out the battle with ease .

‘It’s so comfortable . ’

Varuna’s dungeon book was never easy .

Basically, there were goblin monsters in the early stages, but they weren’t ordinary .

Goblins with different attributes appeared in each room, and their levels was not low either .

In terms of Legend of Heroes 2, it was around level 10 or so .

Monsters that were almost twice the level of Jude and Cordelia appeared with different attributes and abilities, so it was not an exaggeration to say that the difficulty was in Nightmare Mode .

Nevertheless, Cordelia felt comfortable .

‘The hands and feet are so in sync . ’

I don’t want to admit it, but I did .

Furthermore, Outboxer009 was the most perfect support play ever experienced by Yellow Storm .

As soon as the black masked goblins with darkness attributes appeared – no, even before they appeared, Jude was already tearing up the magic circle of the light attribute to counter the darkness attribute .

When the goblins appeared, they began to feel heavy fatigue as soon as they stepped on the floor with light attributes, and Cordelia bombarded them with magic missiles before they could even approach them properly .

Of course, this wasn’t the only one .

Jude saw exactly what Cordelia needed .

If you run out of mana, mana potions came flying from behind, and if you needed a certain magic circle, Jude came close behind her back and gave the magic circle to her .

As a result, the nature of Jude and Cordelia’s hunt was quick and sophisticated at the same time as the surgery of a doctor and nurse who had been working hand and foot for many years .

But nevertheless .

The sound of ‘wrak’ had Cordelia broke out in anger .

“Hey! Don’t just eat the last hit!”

The average level of enemy monsters was 9 to 10 .

Nearly twice as many as Cordelia’s, it was almost impossible to knock it down in one shot, and the number of those scurrying to the brink of natural death was also considerable .

And every time those guys showed up, Jude put in a gruesomely perfect hit .

‘When did you also bring a bow and a hand axe!’

Moreover, his hit rate was significant .

Because of his Cheonmujiche, Jude was proficient in moving his body .


The goblin, who was hit in the chest by a hand axe, collapsed with a scream .

It was reeling from a magic missile from Cordelia .

When Jude seasons and Cordelia feeds shots, Jude finishes it up again .

T/N: For those who don’t get it, they use the word “eat” here, as they consider monsters as “food” (exp/experience points), so eating food meant getting/receiving exp . The seasons (seasoning) refer to Jude’s support, like he used a light magic circle to counter the enemy’s dark attribute . Cordelia feeding shots is her hitting magic missiles, and Jude finishes is him eating (dealing) the last hit (killing blow) .


Their breathing was sort of perfect, but why does it feel like it was not Jude but Cordelia herself who was playing support?

In any case, the experience itself was the structure in which the person who hit the last hit ate the most .

“Here he comes again!”

Jude, who pulled out the hand axe stuck in the goblin’s chest, shouted as he looked straight ahead .

The hobgoblin, which is about twice the size of the goblins that have appeared so far, came rushing and screaming .


Cordelia cried, pointing to the ground . The hobgoblin, who had been rushing recklessly, suddenly stepped on the slippery floor and fell in grand style, and once again, Jude shouted and ripped the magic circle .


An invisible rope tied the limbs of the fallen hobgoblin . Considering the strength of the hobgoblin, it wouldn’t last long, but it wasn’t a long time anyway .

Jude let out a short breath . As he grasped his axe and rushed forward, Cordelia quickly cast a spell instead of looking at such a Jude .


 (T/N: Eurassha (으랏샤) is a variation of eurachacha (으라차차), which is an onomatopoeic sound . It is a shout of energy when a person lifts or moves something heavy literally or figuratively (lifting yourself up when you’re feeling down) . In Jude’s case, it’s his body . )

Sources: 으라차차, HiNative


Jude did not lie to Cordelia .

Thanks to the Sun’s Necklace, his Gueumjulmaek was being treated, but he still had a weak body .

Even so, he still possessed minimal strength .

If so, it would have been enough to attack a place where even that minimal strength could strike a critical hit .


The hobgoblin screamed when an axe hit in between its crotch . The struggle was so severe that the magic was shattered at once .


Although he was the attacker, Jude who was rolling on the floor to avoid the kick of the hobgoblin, put his hands between his groin without realizing it .

And Cordelia completed her spell .


Unlike the non-attribute , was of the fire attribute .

For Cordelia who was still a 1-star wizard, it was a magic that required time in casting .


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The arrows of the flame fell again between the groin of the hobgoblin, and the fluctuating hobgoblin stretched out at one moment with a crackling sound .

It was a shock caused by a series of shocks .


Cordelia, wrapped in a ring of white light, collapsed with a wild breath, and Jude let out a breath of relief too .

“It’s the end of the monster waves . Now, only the boss room is left . ”

Hearing the words of Jude who was stretched out on the floor, Cordelia closed her eyes and wiped the sweat off her forehead .

Five hours .

It was the time it took to get here .

Of course, we took a break from time to time . However, it was evident that this forced march was incredibly tiring .

‘Indeed, it’s Yellow Storm . ’

Jude, who sat down as he raised his upper body to soothe his breathing, looked at Cordelia and smiled .

Perhaps, if it was someone other than Cordelia who came along, I would not have come here in five hours .

‘No, I guess I didn’t have to plan at all . ’

Anyway, I’ve come here .

It was a virtual dungeon where you never die, so the experience was poor, but because of the level gap between monsters, the level of Jude himself reached 7 just before 8, and Cordelia was 8 .

‘It’s possible . ’

Jude, who counted the number of remaining magic circles, nodded .

We consumed less than expected against the enemies, so this much was enough to challenge the boss room .

“Cordelia, are you exhausted?”

In response to Jude’s question, Cordelia laid down instead of answering, so Jude decided to take a little more rest .

An hour later .

Jude and Cordelia, who recovered their physical strength and mana through their respective respite and meditation, stood side by side at the large black door, which is the entrance to the boss room .

T/N: Respite (운기조식, ungijosig, 運氣調息) is a term in fictional martial arts that refers to the act of generating energy and controlling the flow through breathing in the pores . It literally means moving (運) qi/energy (氣) to regulate (調) breathing (息) . In the game Mabinogi, respite is described as using your inner willpower to restore health and stamina .

Sources: 운기조식, Mabinogi World Wiki


“What’s going to come out?”

“Fury Wolf . ”

“It’s not a goblin?”

“Fury Wolf . Its movement is fast . You and I have to constantly move . ”

“What’s our plan of action?”

“I tie him up, you beat him . But…”


“You focus on evading until I give the signal . I have some preliminary work to do . Why?”

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When Jude asked, Cordelia narrowed her eyes once instead of answering immediately .

“Are you trying to do something weird?”

“What’s weird? The two of us are on the verge of catching them when we work together . ”

“Hmm, alright . If you insist . ”

The determined Cordelia relaxed lightly and then jabbed at Jude, who opened the door of the boss room .


The moment I opened the door, silence fell .

The atmosphere itself has changed .

A land covered with white cloth under a black sky .

In the middle of it stood a giant wolf .

With its green fur and clear yellow stripes, its eyes lit up yellow and it gave out a hot breath .

The distance is about 30 meters .

It was never close, but it wasn’t a safe distance either .

Jude had a side glance at Cordelia, and so did Cordelia . The two gradually distanced themselves from each other after they exchanged looks .

The Fury Wolf did not move hastily . With hot drooling, it alternately between Jude and Cordelia, and at some point, it bristled up its hair and gave strength to its limbs .

Right after .

When Cordelia exhaled .


The Fury Wolf kicked the ground . It rushed at Jude, and Jude, who had predicted it in advance, threw his body without delay and rolled on the floor .


Instead of answering, Cordelia tore up the magic circle that she had taken over during the break . The magic struck the Fury Wolf, and in the midst of it, Jude who stood up also ripped a magic circle . It was again .


The Fury Wolf roared . Cordelia’s was destroyed by the wolf’s roar, but Jude’s tied its body down .


Cordelia unfolds the magic again . It was between Jude and the Fury Wolf, and the wolf who released the binds by force, slipped on the floor .

Jude threw an axe towards the Fury Wolf . He tore up the magic circle without even looking at whether it hit or not .


It wasn’t a this time .

The first one was a that he had saved, and the second one was .

A pool of water generated in the air hit the Fury Wolf . Then a single bolt of lightning struck the wet wolf’s head .


The Fury wolf roared in pain .

But Cordelia felt a sense of incompatibility at that moment .

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She screamed and moved away at the same time . This is because the Fury Wolf rushed towards Cordelia . It was also faster than ever!

“Not yet!”

Jude stomped on the floor and tore another magic circle . Then again, a ray of lightning struck the Fury Wolf .

And Cordelia was convinced .

Jude wasn’t attacking the Fury Wolf now .

Rather, he was strengthening it!

“Crazy! Lightning attribute!”

To the Fury Wolf, the lightning attribute spell was nothing more than a nutritional supplement that strengthens it .

Nevertheless, Jude hit it with twice to strengthen it .

Why, what for!


At the time of Jude’s cry, the Fury Wolf roared into the sky . At the same time, a huge horn shot up between its forehead .


Lightning flashed along its horn .

And Cordelia understood .

In the first place, this was Jude’s goal .

Strengthening the Fury Wolf to bring out its hidden powers .

It was a hidden piece to get the B-rank skill book .

“F*ck! I knew something was weird!”

From the beginning, he had said that it was “safe” for a dungeon that gives a B-rank skill book!

Enhanced dungeon boss .

The horns that grew on its forehead was not the only change in the Fury Wolf . The size itself felt much bigger than before .

“Good! It was awakened properly!”

As Jude shouted in a jubilant voice, Cordelia immediately cursed .

“Crazy bastard! Can we catch that?!”

“We have to catch it! What? Can’t you catch it?”

“Evil bastard! Damn it, you bastard!”

In the midst of all this provocation!

Cordelia hurriedly swept her hair aside as she fixed a magic wand that looked like a baton .

Jude laughed hard as held a bunch of magic circles in his left hand and an axe in his right hand .

“It’s coming . ”

As Jude said that, the Fury Wolf rushed forward .

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