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Chapter 640

Chapter 640-Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 3

His voice was glacial as he glared furiously at the paled Dongfang Jun with undisguised disdain in his eyes.

Dongfang Jun was startled. He didn’t expect that his father would abandon him at such a critical moment. But he was even more fearful that Nangong Zi Lan would leave him as he tried to explain, “Zi Lan, please listen to me. I…”

He stepped a foot forward in wanting to grip onto Nangong Zi Lan’s hand while he said that, but he was blocked by Nangong Chen.

Sorrow filled Dongfang Jun’s eyes at this instant. But it was unknown whether it was real or just a pretence…

“Zi Lan, I really didn’t intent on deceiving you. You must believe me that I’m sincerely in

love with you. I’m just too afraid of losing you so I wanted to hide this matter. Please trust me that I will definitely become normal. Can you please give me a chance, alright?”

“Normal?” Nangong Chen chuckled coldly before continuing, “Dongfang Jun, are you really ignorant or feigning ignorance? How can you become normal from that state? Our Nangong family will certainly not allow Zi Lan to marry an eunuch. I advise you to kill that thought of yours.”

He protected Nangong Zi Lan behind him, not in the slightest letting Dongfang Jun to near her.

Donggang Jun didn’t reply him. He just raised his head to look at Nangong Zi Lan instead. With pleading eyes, he persuaded, “Zi Lan, you should believe that your elder brother Jun will definitely treat you well. Have you forgotten

forgotten that time where I didn’t mind risking my life to catch that white tiger cub for you to make you happy? Are you really leaving me due to some troubles between us? Can it be that I’m actually not important in your heart?”

In his eyes, Nangong Zi Lan was a kindhearted girl. She was also easy to be moved. She would definitely discard her enmity and leap into his embrace from what he said.

As for him, he just need to spread open his arms to prepare to catch her…

But he was terribly wrong this time.

It would have been better for him not to mention about that white tiger cub’s matter. Nangong Zi Lan’s delicate face became cold upon hearing that matter. She then said coldly, “Dongfang Jun,  you should know what you have done.

have done. I, Nangong Zi Lan, isn’t a foolish and ignorant girl. Stop trying to shove your lies down my throat! I don’t want to become a fool that bitterly loves a liar again!”


Dongfang Jun’s complexion turned pale with astonishment in his eyes.

‘Can it be that Nangong Zi Lan knows about that matter?


‘Impossible! I had done it so discreetly. How could Nangong Zi Lan know about that?’

Dongfang Jun gradually calmed down as he said pitifully, “Zi Lan, can it… can it be that you have some misunderstandings about me? I can swear to the heavens that I definitely didn’t do anything to let you down!”

Nangong Zi Lan chuckled upon hearing what he said. Her laugh wasn’t as lovely as before. It carried disappointments toward him instead.

“Dongfang Jun, you still want to lie to me at this me at this moment?” Nangong Zi Lan shook her head as a layer of mist gradually filled her eyes as she continued, “You had lied to a woman. And, now you want to lie to me under the disguise of loving me. If you didn’t do this, perhaps we can separate cleanly. But your actions already disgusted me. Dongfang Jun, what I hate the most in my life is to be deceived by your fakeness!”

Dongfang Jun’s stumbled a little as he couldn’t help retreating a couple of steps. He took in a deep breath as he gradually shut his eyes.

‘So she already knows everything…’

Dongfang Jun really couldn’t stand it. Victory was already in his sight, but it was completely ruined by Mu Ru Yue. That woman must definitely be doing it on purpose to avenge for Xiao Yue…

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