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Chapter 790: A pack of wild wolves

"Ah Ning, sorry.  It was my fault for falling to the enemy's plan of drawing the tiger from the mountain that almost caused you to lose your life!"  Na Mu Cuo suddenly trembled as he felt a wave of deep fear.

If he hadn't noticed it in time and rushed back, she would have turned into a ghost under the black clothed man's blade.

Chen Ning pulled her hand back from his grip and moved two steps back, looking at him with a calm expression.

"Your highness, you don't need to apologize to me.  This was the condition I promised you. You deliberately had me play along with you, isn't it just to attract these people out?  But I never thought I would become their target. Do they want to kill you or me?"

Going from life to death and back to life from death filled her heart with anger.

"Ah Ning, don't be angry, I really didn't expect this to happen.  I never thought that they would suddenly change their target, they…..actually were here to kill me, but I don't understand they even wanted to deal with you.  It was my fault for implicating you!"

His eyes were filled with remorse.  If he knew this would happen earlier, he wouldn't have involved her in this matter no matter what.

"Your highness, since I have risked my life for you, you should at least tell me the reason.  You wouldn't want me to die without knowing why, right" Chen Ning softly said.

Na Mu Cuo awkwardly looked at her and hesitated for a second before saying, "Ah Ning, I really didn't expect that an assassin would come, I thought the one who came was Chu Shao Yang.  I thought that he definitely was not willing to let you leave with me, so I wanted to draw him out and then….."

He wanted to draw out a leopard, but never thought he would attract a pack of wild wolves, almost causing her to lose her life!

"Oh?  But Chu Shao Yang never came, what came was a group of organized murderers.  Your highness, it should be the first time these assassins appeared, right? Your highness, can you tell me everything about what origins they have?"  Chen Ning curled her lips and revealed that she saw through everything.

"Yi, why did you already guess everything!"  Na Mu Cuo looked at her with admiration and astonishment.

"Alright, I'll tell you.  Have you ever heard of the Purple Heaven Pavilion?"

"Purple Heaven Pavilion?"  Chen Ning knit her brows. This was her first time hearing these three words, but it sounded like the name of a martial arts gang from a martial arts novel, "Is this the organization behind the mysterious assassins?"

"Yes, the Purple Heaven Pavilion is the most mysterious assassination group in Jianghu.  They have only risen recently in Jianghu, but they developed very quickly. It's said that the Purple Heaven Pavilion have many assassins with powerful martial arts.  They take people's money and help people deal disaster. As long as one has money, there is nothing they can't do. If my guesses aren't wrong, this group of assassins should be sent by the Purple Heaven Pavilion.  If it wasn't for you noticing the purple cloud pattern on their boots, I really couldn't guess their origins."

Na Mu Cuo said this and firmly tightened his fist, "You are right, when I was on the road to West Chu, I encountered two assassination attempts from them, but they did not succeed.  I came to take care of the West Chu matter on my royal father's orders, but this is a top secret and there aren't many people in East Qin that know of this. My trip here was very secret, but these assassins still found me.  Moreover, the people they sent had better techniques each time and this time they were completely defeated. The next time, they might send people with even stronger martial arts, but this prince is not afraid. I will make one die if they send one and two die if they send two!"

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