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Chapter 5071: Reason For Destruction

The two immediately refused before Li Qiye could speak. They knew that once the conversation started, they wouldn’t be able to refuse. More importantly, they had their own mission and didn’t want further trouble.

Alas, Li Qiye never took no for an answer.

“I see, then maybe we should talk about the little dragon. What’s its name?” Li Qiye asked.

The two exchanged glances. This was the topic they wanted to avoid the most. Alas, the guy was here in person now so this was inevitable, not to mention the potential consequences.

The dark hand behind the curtains was now the lord of this epoch. Things only got harder for those who wish to oppose him.

“Cosmic Ancestral Dragon.” The golden dragon sighed and said.

“I congratulate you two on bringing back a life from the previous epoch, it is time for this remnant epoch to return to its original state.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“We do owe it to you for figuring out the essential mysteries in order for the child to be born here. This is the right path for remnant epochs.”

They certainly worked hard rebuilding the divine nest but there was still a long way to go before reaching their ultimate goal. However, the only reason why they even picked the right path in the first place was due to Li Qiye’s guidance.

“Just tell us what you want already.” The tiger became impatient.

“How far do you think you can go on this path? What more improvements and derivation can be done for this remnant epoch?” Li Qiye answered with a question.

“You don’t need to worry about it. We will try our best until it reaches the desired state.” The tiger said.

“And you?” Li Qiye smiled at the golden dragon.

“Do we have a choice at all when it comes down to this path?” The dragon smiled wryly.

“No, but also yes.” Li Qiye responded.

“Hmph.” The tiger became dissatisfied and said: “Dark Crow, don’t push us because we have a limit like everyone else.”

“Remember that I am no longer just the crow, and haven’t I shown myself to be rather reasonable and easy to deal with?” Li Qiye replied.

The tiger scowled again. They were already strong in the past and after reaching atavism, they were above the apex of this world now.

Alas, this wasn’t the time to fight because Li Qiye was the lord of this epoch. In fact, he was already frightening enough as the Dark Crow; they needed to heed his warnings then too.

“We’re listening if you have any advice, Young Noble.” Golden Dragon was wiser and more farsighted.

“How are you seeing this past epoch?” Li Qiye asked.

“We can’t pry since it was too long ago, not to mention its destroyed status. But in terms of bloodline, we have made it.” The dragon said after exchanging glances with the tiger.

“What will you call this epoch? Divine Beast or Demon Beast?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Of course Divine Beast! Divine beasts ruled the epoch, true dragons, phoenixes, gluttonous kings, and many more. They were both supreme and wise.” The tiger said.

“The last line applies to all the top beings in each epoch.” Li Qiye said.

The two agreed with this statement.

“Strong and wise, sure, no epoch managed to survive or left anything meaningful behind.” Li Qiye said.

“Even if they were destroyed, this epoch has a chance of rebirth as long as hope remains.” The tiger said.

“Hmm, I agree with that.” Li Qiye went on: “Do you know that there are two types of destruction, one inflicted by the villainous heaven and the other is being devoured.”

The two were stirred after hearing this.

“Please elaborate, Young Noble.” The dragon said.

“Since you toiled for eras to fix these fragmented lands, what do you think happened?” Li Qiye smiled.

They have certainly thought of this before and it weighed on them.

“Devourment.” The dragon admitted.

After checking the battlefields and taking care of the corpses, they had a good idea of what brought this epoch down.

This was horrifying because even with their current strength, they would have been powerless to stop it.

“Are you two strong enough to face the hunters?” Li Qiye finally asked the key question.

In reality, this fear has been buried deep in their mind. How many existences in the river of time have been able to stop the predators? This was certainly beyond their ability.

“As long as we have enough time, the ancestral dragon will be able to do it.” The tiger said.

This was the reason why they chose to stay here. With enough time for the dragon to mature, everything would change.

“So confident. How much time is needed for this plan? Will it actually work?” Li Qiye asked.

“I’m not quite sure.” The dragon contemplated for a while before answering: “This is unprecedented so we only have an estimate.

“Do you know what kind of predators you will be facing?” Li Qiye’s expression became serious.