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Chapter 4971: Missing People

Back at the academy, Princess Ming Shi and the others anxiously awaited Li Qiye’s return.

Fortunately, they didn’t need to wait long before he was back.

“You scared us, we were about to go look for you.” Ming Shi heaved a sigh of relief while patting her chest.

“What’s there to worry about, who can kill me?” Li Qiye smiled.

The group thought about it and agreed with him. He had just killed five dragon lords without facing any resistance.

Even if he found himself in trouble, they wouldn’t have been able to help in the slightest. A worthy foe would be far beyond their reach.

“Where’s the rooster?” Li Qiye looked around and smiled, looking for Goldcrest Young Noble.

“He ran away.” Ming Shi chuckled and said: “Judging by his shady appearance, he probably is up to no good and doesn’t want us to know.”

“I believe his sect is calling him back.” Jian Yunyun said.

Goldcrest initially stuck around for Li Qiye. However, something came up and he left in a hurry. The group didn’t wish to pry.

“Young Friend…” The schoolmaster was also present. He walked forward and bowed with a wry smile: “Ahem, Young Noble, may I ask you a question?”

He has been waiting as well in order to ask about Li Qiye’s experience.

“There’s something you wish to know?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Young Noble, what was your experience up there? Ah, of course, it’s okay if you don’t wish to speak.” He was truly curious about the supreme existence of the academy.

Only a selected few had seen this being and he was not qualified despite being the schoolmaster.

“Not much, just went to take a look.” Li Qiye said.

“Spill it already, what did you get up there, where’s the treasure, take it out so that we can take a look too.” Ming Shi insisted.

“What treasure? I could have gotten anything I wanted, no need to go up there for that.” Li Qiye shook his head.

She paused for a moment and realized that this was indeed the truth. What treasure was more valuable than the dao controller? The divine mountain had enough treasures to satisfy him if that was his goal in the first place.

“The schoolmaster brought up the supreme existence.” Jian Yunyun said.

“Right, right, did you see anyone?” The schoolmaster became anxious.

“Yes, we chatted for a bit.” Li Qiye smiled.

“...” The schoolmaster was left speechless. They actually chatted? This supreme existence made Celestial Court back off even after losing their emperors. Not to mention juniors, even ancient ancestors of the academy would need to perform a full kowtow if they were ever lucky enough to be granted an audience. Now, Li Qiye made it seem that he was talking to a friend or a random passerby.

“Who did you meet? Did they have three heads and six arms? Must be as tall as the sky, right?” Ming Shi’s bright eyes brimmed with curiosity.

“No, very gorgeous.” Li Qiye responded.

“So it’s a beauty.” Jian Yunyun said.

“More beautiful than anyone in the world.” Li Qiye added.

She was surprised to hear such high praises from Li Qiye. He was very stingy with his evaluations before.

“I see…” Jian Yunyun couldn’t possibly imagine a beauty of this level. She was gorgeous herself but couldn’t be described as such.

“I want to see her in person.” Ming Shi said with awe.

The schoolmaster was emotional as well. This revealed to them that the supreme existence was a woman.

“Anything else?” The schoolmaster asked.

“No.” Li Qiye said, clearly not wanting to dwell on this matter.

The schoolmaster became disappointed but didn’t push the issue.

“Young Noble, will you stay at the academy?” Jian Yunyun asked.

“I have to return to Untethered, you should just come with me. It’s a great place.” Ming Shi suggested, wanting to be around Li Qiye.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and then asked Jian Yunyun: “Did you meet whoever you were looking for?”

“Yes, it was the schoolmaster. He saw the key and answered my questions.” Yunyun said.

“I know very little about it.” The schoolmaster said: “Divine Empress Dowager did come to the academy to see Sword Lord Zhuo Yijian, I was there to greet her.”

Li Qiye had heard about this sword lord before.

“However, she came too late. He left a while ago and didn’t return.” The schoolmaster continued.

“Went missing.” Li Qiye commented.

“Yes.” The schoolmaster nodded: “If he is alive and wishes to hide, he would still report this to the academy. After all, he is serving as the school guardian and has responsibilities to uphold. As far as I know, he’s not the only one missing. Divine Empress Dowager and Phenomena Conqueror are gone too.”

“Anyone else?” Li Qiye asked.

“Void Saint Child.” The schoolmaster revealed everything.

“He’s a brilliant genius, another to become a conqueror at a young age.” Ming Shi became startled.

“Yes, he is from the same generation as me, my senior brother. He left though to join Immortal Platform later on.” The schoolmaster said.

“I heard that he had six fruits and left for the upper continents.” Ming Shi said.

“Senior Brother did have six fruits. I told him to ascend but I don’t know if he did. We lost contact.” The schoolmaster said: “I asked Immortal Platform later for information but they lost contact with him too.”

He then stared at Jian Yunyun: “It wasn’t until you came that I’m certain that these missing cases are related somehow. We have a great relationship so if he were to ascend, he would have told me first.”

“These are some amazing cultivators, what the heck happened? Who could actually capture them?” Ming Shi murmured.

The group exchanged glances after hearing this.