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Chapter 4618: Stonedragon Whip

“Boom!” The fire dragon flew out from the pit, still looking full of vim and vigor. The smash didn’t do significant damage.

“Raa!” It looked furious and spat out flames, clearly feeling humiliated after being pulled to the ground.

“Clank!” Voidburn Godchild’s seven halos became blindingly bright and their runes became activated. They looked like seven suns floating upward.

The runes connected together to form divine chains as large as mountain ranges that circle around the seven halos. The runic chains exuded scorching flames and let out dragon roars. It seemed as if each halo now had one fire dragon protecting it.

The draconic aura made it seem as if thousands of dragons were about to fly out. This astounded the spectators since it could reduce weaker cultivators to ashes.

“Hmm, he lives up to his fame.” One genius from another sect praised.

Though the guy was arrogant and unreasonable, he did have the strength to back it up.

“Draconic Sky Watchers!” Voidburn’s hands formed a mudra. He resembled a fire god at this point, pulsing with flames from top to bottom.

A supreme formation appeared above the fire dragons and released an unstoppable inferno onto the world.

“This move is rather strong.” The majority of the spectators didn’t expect this.

“Boom!” The main fire dragon grew larger at an incredible rate.

“Activate!” Jian Ming reacted by channeling his own power. More runes came out of the ground and entered the puppet. It started growing larger and larger.

“This is a size competition?” Spectators exchanged glances since the two entities were crowding up the sky.

“You’re finished!” Voidburn roared and commanded the fire dragon.

The creature’s front claws slashed at the puppet’s head. It was as if five sharp mountain ranges were crashing down. This made people worry for Golden Gate.

The claw pushed the puppet’s head downward and caused a violent quake. Its lower half was pushed into the ground.

People then heard a creaking noise as if its head was about to be crushed by the claws.

“Go!” Jian Ming channeled more power and increased the puppet’s growth. It became as large as the dragon and grabbed the claws pushing down on its head.

“Rumble!” The fight became even and the two creatures didn’t hold back. Large chasms appeared on the ground.

A while ago, many believed that Jian Ming was clearly inferior. Now, it appeared that they have misjudged his ability.

“This is a top technique from the Fire Dragon Mantra yet it is still being stopped. The brat is quite capable.” An elder concluded.

Voidburn thought that this move would be enough to eradicate the puppet. Alas, this didn’t work so he took out a long whip.

The appearance of the whip boiled the heaven and earth. It was abnormally large and crimson - made by tendons twisted together.

“Stonedragon Whip!” A high elder recognized the weapon.

“A weapon left behind by Skyfire True Dragon.” Many big shots recognized its origin.

Rumor has it that this progenitor entered an area ravaged by volcanoes and killed an adult stonedragon. He used its tendons and the flames at the heart of a volcano to create this draconic whip.

He whipped it forward and struck the fire dragon. The two suddenly became one. The dragon made of fire seemed to gain a physical body afterward.

This was no longer a dragon created by merit law but rather, an entity with a draconic bloodline - a divine beast.

“Raa!” Its power erupted, capable of flipping mountains over and filling up oceans.

The sudden boost of power was too much for the puppet. Its head was immediately crushed and the rest of the body was reduced to pieces. This made Jian Ming stagger backward and vomit blood.

“Brat!” The daoist shouted.

“Are you alright?” Ye Tingrong worried and asked.

“I’m fine, still alive.” He wiped the blood off his lips.

“Fire Dragon Mantra and that whip are a perfect combination. Few youths can stop it.” An ancestor concluded.

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