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Chapter 3757: Trust

Sealing the six senses and the grand dao meant becoming a cripple with tied hands and legs.

Against someone as powerful as Liu Huaishi, other geniuses would use their strongest defense and weapon. That’s the only way to survive the whip.

Now, Li Qiye told Chi Xiaoyue to abandon everything including her awareness and her dao. This was nothing short of wanting to watch her die.

She wouldn’t be able to stop one attack. Just one gentle lash would finish the task.

The spectators nearly exploded and launched a verbal onslaught.

“Senior Sister Xiaoyue, don’t listen to him, it’ll be the end of you!” One student bellowed.

“Are you sure he’s trying to defeat Liu Huaishi and not kill Miss Xiaoyue?” One genius said.

“He’s a traitor by trying to do this. We can’t let him get away with it!” One more furiously shouted.

From their perspective, they could only see Li Qiye trying to kill her by giving her a ridiculous order.

Nonetheless, she still followed his guidance - fully sealing her senses and grand dao. This showed how much confidence she had in him.

She was completely defenseless at this point with openings everywhere. Any regular cultivator might be able to kill her now.

“How risky…” One spectator was shocked. No one would let someone else take control of their life, especially not in this ridiculous manner.

Liu Huaishi stared in astonishment as well. His opponent was helpless without a weapon. Just one lash would instantly take her down.

He became surprised at her trust in Li Qiye. He would absolutely never do something like this.

“Are you ready, Miss Xiaoyue? We can start once you are.” He didn’t immediately attack. It wasn’t his style to attack a defenseless combatant, let alone doing it in a sneaky manner.

“Yes.” Xiaoyue calmly said.

This made him hesitate even more. She looked completely confident and unafraid of his attack. Did Li Qiye really have something up his sleeve?

Huaishi became cautious and began ordering his whip to inch closer to her, testing the water.

She still didn’t move at all as if she didn’t sense the incoming whip.

People started sweating for her as the whip drew closer.

“Is this a thing?” One spectator said as the whip looked like a spirit snake trying to scout the situation and ready to deliver the fatal bite.

The fight hasn’t started but anxiety still overwhelmed the spectators. It looked like a match between a venomous serpent and a helpless rabbit.

“Excuse me then.” Liu Huaishi didn’t get anything from the scout so he decided to make his move.

In his mind, her dao lord weapon and merit law weren’t enough to stop his Force Devourer. There was no way she could do anything now.

“Clank!” The whip changed its movement and resembled a true dragon, lashing through the air to hit Xiaoyue.

He activated Force Devourer also. This turned the dragon-like whip into another legendary creature capable of absorbing all offenses. Even the slightest use of force would still be absorbed.

Chi Xiaoyue still remained unmoving as the whip came down.

“Shit!” One spectator turned pale.

“Sister, from above!” A Duality student screamed.

The members of the holy ground thought that she was finished.

“It’s all Li Qiye’s fault!” Another turned their anger towards Li Qiye.

“He needs to pay for this!” Others chimed in.

In this crucial moment, Li Qiye’s voice seemingly echoed in her mind: “Dao with the heart, hand with the law.”

Others wouldn’t be able to grasp this in a split second. However, Chi Xiaoyue was different under her sealed state. Her mind was utterly empty so it became clear to her - even the movement of the whip and the changes of Force Devourer.

The imperceptible mistakes and flaws prior could finally be spotted. She finally made her move - gently closing her palm with the same force as one would when tying their hair.

This action had no offensive or murderous intent. Nonetheless, it contained a profundity not privy to the spectators.

The next thing that happened was a loud bang and Liu Huaishi was blown away by his own whip. It nearly struck his head.

He suffered a backlash from his own Force Devourer. It didn’t stop Chi Xiaoyue’s retaliation but rather, it devoured his own merit law. Nonetheless, he reacted fast enough to prevent his head from being split open by the whip.

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