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Chapter 3705: Destruction

Thousands of crossbows targeted Li Qiye, making the spectators wonder if the armor was good enough to withstand an onslaught at the sovereign level.

“Can the armor handle this?” One youth quietly asked.

“Yes.” For some reason, the majority had absolute confidence in Li Qiye: “Li Qiye will be just fine. I’m sure that a sovereign-level attack can’t touch this armor. This arrow formation is far from being sufficient.”

Others nodded in agreement. Most were only interested to see how the armor would fare, especially the big shots who were interested in purchasing it.

This was the best time to show their purchasing intent to Wish Ward before more competition could come.

“Fire!” The Grand Chancellor ordered after all the strings were pulled back to the limit.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The ocean of thick arrows blotted out the sky while flying straight for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” The world seemingly spun as the arrows struck him. The destruction was mighty. Pits appeared beneath while mud and debris splashed everywhere.

The crowd took a deep breath, thinking that the flesh had no chance of withstanding the arrows. Each was capable of penetrating a mountain.

Once the dust settled, Li Qiye appeared again. His surroundings were devastated but the ground directly beneath was perfectly fine. Thus, he was standing on a large pillar in the middle of a crater.

“Not a single injury despite no attempt to dodge. It’s completely nullified.” Someone assessed.

Li Qiye didn’t move an inch after withstanding the barrage directly.

“Unbelievable, this armor is insane.” The big shots palpitated with desire, ready to pay any price if Wish Ward wanted to sell

They thought that an offense of this level would at least send Li Qiye flying. However, he didn’t stagger backward at all thanks to the armor.

“My turn.” Li Qiye smiled. Certain plates on his armor started shooting out red rays.

The rays didn’t immediately pierce through the disciples on the platforms. The moment they made contact, explosions detonated. Anything near the platforms was destroyed; not even the remains of the disciples could be seen. The ground dried up from the heat.

“So brutal.” One spectator stated.

“Ordinary cultivators can’t take down those sovereign-level platforms. There’s nothing left of them now.” Another gasped.

Remember, the platforms had sovereign-level chaos stones engraved on them, allowing them to be sturdy enough to fire off the arrows.

Breaking them wasn’t easy but the red rays had no problem annihilating them.

“No one knows how to fight?” Li Qiye moved on, looking quite bored.

The crowd exchanged glances. Li Qiye was unstoppable even in the mansion of the Grand Chancellor.

The members of the Zhang found these words unbearable. It felt as if they have just been slapped.

The Zhang has dominated for too long. Being the underdog was entirely new to them. It was shameful to have their residence destroyed by a youth.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant!” Finally, a man wearing a long robe appeared in the sky and looked down at Li Qiye.

“The Grand Chancellor!” A spectator shouted.

The other party has finally shown up. He had no choice but to do so given the circumstances. They had two options - flee or fight.

He didn’t come alone. Behind him were three gray-haired old men. Their vitality and energy were still plentiful despite their old age. Clouds and winds gathered around them.

“The three high elders of the Zhang faction in charge of protecting the capital.” Another said.

“I see, the Zhang has no choice but to fight.” One more concluded.

This clan’s actual foundation and ancestral ground were in another location. Nonetheless, the capital was the center of power and authority. Thus, they had high elders as well guarding the mansion.

Normally, these high elders wouldn’t show up since the Grand Chancellor could take care of anything until now. They had to stop Li Qiye or he would really destroy the entire place.

“The real battle begins now.” The spectators became excited again. One side was about to go down.

“I’ve always been arrogant, you’ve found out just now?” Li Qiye chuckled.

The Grand Chancellor’s expression was ugly. The plan in burying Yang Ling and her father today was a test towards Vajra. Alas, Li Qiye ruined their plan. They didn’t expect this development at all.

They thought that they could easily subdue the junior so they only focused on dealing with Vajra. For example, if the ancestors of Vajra didn’t respond, they would make the third prince the next heir instead.

Alas, this plan of the rare alliance had no chance of materializing since Li Qiye crushed it at the very start.

“Junior, it’s not too late to run. Our clan has always been merciful and will forgive you for the transgression today.” One of the elders said.

His words were strong and cool. However, everyone could tell that they were indirectly accepting defeat.

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