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Chapter 424: Wang Fugui’s Intelligence

Genava clearly understood what Jiang Baimian had thought of. His slightly synthetic male voice sounded. “But we don’t have mutated creatures there.”

“Haha, this is only a guess. Make bold assumptions and verify them carefully.” Jiang Baimian didn’t continue the topic and instead asked Shang Jianyao, Long Yuehong, and Bai Chen, “Are we still exploring Wasteland Ruin 13 in a few days?”

“It’s too dangerous.” This time, Long Yuehong beat Shang Jianyao to it.

Bai Chen agreed to a certain extent. “That Wu Meng isn’t someone we can deal with now. Most of our strength is in high-tech products, and these items often can’t be separated from circuits and circuit boards. When we encounter Wu Meng, it’s equivalent to fighting him with our hands and feet tied.”

The Old Task Force only had one Awakened—Shang Jianyao—in the non-advanced technology domain.

Jiang Baimian deliberated and said, “From the looks of it, Wu Meng can’t leave the area where the Dao and Electrical Appliance Repairs radio station is.”

Shang Jianyao laughed. “It reminds me of DiMarco.”

DiMarco was ‘sealed’ in the Underground Ark and couldn’t leave.

“DiMarco doesn’t give off the feeling that he’s far stronger than Wu Meng.” Long Yuehong expressed his thoughts truthfully. “Besides, their area of expertise is also different.”

“That’s true.” Jiang Baimian nodded. She then said, “From the situation today, as long as we don’t approach the radio station or carry any electric appliances with us, we won’t be affected by Wu Meng. We just have to guard against his subordinates, his pet, and his electronic ‘puppets.’ These are things we can deal with.

“Yes, we can’t rule out the possibility that there are other powerful creatures in the city ruin. However, we probably won’t encounter them if we don’t venture too deep. After all, such creatures have territorial awareness. Wu Meng’s existence can intimidate them and prevent them from entering the corresponding area.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Shang Jianyao applauded Jiang Baimian’s analysis.

“I’m not done!” Jiang Baimian scolded in frustration. She paused and said, “Therefore, we have to change our target if we want to carry out a third exploration. We’re no longer searching for the ruin’s secret. Instead, we’re gathering supplies to pay off our debt. We can also find Ferrington along the way. It will naturally be best if we can discover some useful clues and capture the white wolf along the way. If not, we won’t force it. This way, we can avoid danger to the greatest extent.”

Long Yuehong recalled his previous experience and slowly said, “If it’s just to gather supplies, it doesn’t seem like there’s a problem if we don’t go too far...”

Only then did he realize that apart from the white wolf’s attack, they had been scaring themselves during the previous adventure. In fact, there was no danger.

“That’s right.” This time, Shang Jianyao actually agreed with Long Yuehong. He smiled and said, “If you really want to visit Wu Meng, you might have to get Teacher Du Heng or Xiaochong.”

At least you still are in the right state of mind... Long Yuehong muttered inwardly.

Upon seeing Bai Chen nod, Jiang Baimian smiled. “Then, it’s decided. Yes—before that, report today’s operation to the company and see what opinions the higher-ups can give.”

In the evening, not long after the Old Task Force finished sending the telegram, Wang Fugui came to visit them again.

“Not all of you are here?” Wang Fugui scanned the area and didn’t find Shang Jianyao and Long Yuehong.

Jiang Baimian smiled. “They went to the bathroom.”

With so many Ruin Hunters coming and going every day in the advance base camp, there were definitely enough public bathrooms built. However, they were lacking in cleaning and weren’t that hygienic.

Fortunately, the wilderness nomads from the surrounding settlements would come over to pick feces and fertilize the wastelands they developed in the mountains. At the same time, they would also take on the task of toilet cleaning issued by some relatively well-to-do hunters.

The bathrooms’ stench affected not only ordinary Ruin Hunters who used public bathrooms but also those who stayed in the hotel. Who could avoid the smell in such a small camp that was modified from an ancient castle?

In addition, in a place with poor public security and order, it was best to go to the public bathroom together unless one was confident in their strength. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to counterattack when you were squatting there and focusing on taking a dump when someone suddenly kicked open the partition, kicked you down, and mugged you.

Wang Fugui nodded indiscernibly and said to the two women, “The few of us discussed and want to go to Wasteland Ruin 13 again. What about you?”

“You still want to go?” Jiang Baimian asked deliberately.

Bai Chen cooperatively sighed with emotion. “Such a dangerous place.”

Wang Fugui smiled. “After we returned and calmed down, we thought about it carefully and realized that it wasn’t that dangerous most of the time. Apart from the white wolf, we didn’t encounter any real attacks. Everyone gained a lot today. If we don’t go again, we will be letting down such a good opportunity.”

“Humans die for wealth, and birds die for food.” Jiang Baimian teased Wang Fugui with the same words he had previously said. She then said, “We’re also prepared to go again, and we are also changing targets.”

She roughly recounted the previous team discussion.

Wang Fugui nodded in admiration. “Such a plan is the safest. How about we settle on the day after tomorrow then? It will be more troublesome if we delay.”

“Why?” Jiang Baimian acutely sensed the meaning behind Wang Fugui’s words.

Wang Fugui looked back at the castle’s main building. “I received news that the garrison here reported the white wolf’s latest situation to the higher-ups. First City plans on sending an elite team to deal with this dangerous creature to prevent any major damage. On the surface, it seems like the noble who commissioned the white wolf mission can’t wait any longer and plans on using his connections in the army to achieve his goal. In fact, I think they are beginning to think that there might be a considerable secret behind the white wolf.”

“Elite team...” Jiang Baimian thoughtfully repeated this short phrase.

Wang Fugui smiled and said, “The elite team in First City’s army won’t be weaker than you. They are also skilled in different areas. For example, there’s an exoskeleton armor section—there are about 12 people and at least six sets of equipment. For example, an Awakened team consisting of four to six people. Heh heh, they are all selected based on the situation, and their abilities can complement each other effectively. Therefore, their teamwork remains formidable even though there are no experts at the Mind Corridor level.”

“Is that so...” Jiang Baimian actually knew a little about this.

Wang Fugui continued, “It’s not a secret in the camp that you have military exoskeletons. I’m afraid that those self-important fellows will target you in a bid to make a windfall. Therefore, completing the exploration as soon as possible and leaving this place in advance is the best choice.”

“Alright, it’s settled—the day after tomorrow.” Jiang Baimian didn’t believe that strength could crush the locals, especially when the locals were strong themselves.

Upon seeing Wang Fugui turn to leave, Bai Chen suddenly asked, “Do you know who the noble that posted the white wolf mission is?”

“I think it’s...” Wang Fugui recalled and said, “Consul Beulis’s son. ”

“Oh, him.” Jiang Baimian recalled Asus’s face.

Bai Chen didn’t ask any further.

Late at night.

After waking up, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen replaced Shang Jianyao and Jiang Baimian and began night duty.

Shang Jianyao entered the jeep’s backseat, lay down, and quickly fell asleep. Amidst the haziness, he suddenly saw a meaty paw slap the window.

The paw’s flesh was skinless and hairless, but it was bloody.

Shang Jianyao sat up and opened the car door. In front of him was the Slumber Cat with a scorpion tail and a bone spike growing out of its shoulder.

“Meow.” Slumber Cat—whose blood-red muscles were exposed—actually let out a soft meow. It then turned around, raised its tail, and walked to the corner of the street ahead.

Shang Jianyao laughed. “Xiaochong asked you to bring me to him?”

The Slumber Cat replied with a meow.

After turning left at the intersection, Shang Jianyao saw a familiar street.

This was a place near the Golden Apple Zone in the Red Wolf Zone. The Old Task Force had once been here, but they didn’t spend time there.

Shang Jianyao followed the Slumber Cat through the streets and alleys and quickly arrived in front of a short building by the street. He then walked to the fifth floor and realized that a door on his right was ajar.

The Slumber Cat burrowed in.

“Xiaochong!” Shang Jianyao excitedly pushed open the door and shouted.

Behind the door, a child in yellow clothes was sitting there, playing a game. He turned his head—it was the seven-year-old, black-haired boy, Xiaochong.

Shang Jianyao woke up with a start. He opened his eyes and sat up.

Joy quickly surfaced on his face as he muttered to himself, “Xiaochong got Nightmare Horse to tell me his current residence in such a manner?”

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