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Chapter 1998: 1998

Su Yan smiled at the mention of Xiaomi . “She said she liked a yacht and she went to take a look . ”

His tone and smile could hardly hide his affection for the girl .

 Xuxu smiled and praised him . “President Su is really generous . ”

 She sighed and continued . “All women want to look for a husband who would allow her to buy anything she wants . Or a man who would swipe his card for her any time . ”

 She sounded as though she couldn’t buy anything she wanted and didn’t have a husband to swipe his card for her .

 Young Master Yan looked exceedingly angry when he heard that . “I built the resort for you and now you want a bridge to connect the islands . I’m entirely yours too . Is this not enough to satisfy you?”

 This stupid woman had deliberately provoked him .

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 “I’m just saying . Why are you taking it to heart?”

 Xuxu glanced at Yan Rusheng and she looked frustrated .

 Young Master Yan sneered . “You forget that I’m very petty . ”

 He rolled her eyes at Xuxu and strode towards them . He settled himself in between them .

 Although Su Yan was already attached, and they were passionately in love, he would still refuse to allow Xuxu to be close to Su Yan .

 He remembered that this guy had a crush on her before .

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 Xuxu was speechless and she rolled her eyes . “Work comes first . ”

 Then she suddenly hugged him and snuggled against his chest .

 Ignoring the surprised look on Yan Rusheng’s face, she glanced at Su Yan . “Both of you have decided not to hold a wedding? Does it mean we can save some money?”

 Su Yan chuckled . “You can decide . ”

 “Sure . ” Xuxu nodded as she suggested, “We should give you all of Flourish & Prosper . ”

 She sounded half-serious and half-joking .

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 Su Yan waved his hands to reject her . “No way! If I take over, both of you can just sit back and relax?”

 He glanced at Yan Rusheng as he spoke, “I have already helped out for the past few years . It’s time for me to take a trip around the world . There are so many places I need to explore and there are beautiful sceneries waiting for me . ”

 His passion for photography had never died down . He had been looking forward to traveling around the world to continue his passion .

 “How I envy you . Sounds so wonderful . ” Xuxu gazed at Su Yan, looking wistful . Unconsciously, she tightened her arms around Yan Rusheng .

But she envied herself more, for she had gotten the entire world .

 In the end, everyone got what they wanted, along with additional surprises .

 Ming Ansheng had a new little lover and he was happily taking care of his princesses .

 Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang were expecting their child . But they were still debating whether it was still considered Zhou Shuang’s second pregnancy .

Zhou Shuang’s status in the family had elevated and Young Master Lu was just like her personal assistant . He took such good care of her and was at her beck and call .

 But it was both a happy and tormenting period for him as bedroom affairs were banned .

 Young Master Jiang was going to be a father soon and there would be a new successor for the expanding Jiang empire .

As for Young Master Su, he was off to achieve his dreams .

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