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Chapter Thirty-Four: The Fang Family

What to do when he was in trouble? Naturally it was to have his old mother send in a card to the palace to meet the Empress. She had to think of a way to smooth this affair over. Otherwise, when the matter became known, it would not be so easy to deal with.

The Empress' paternal family was the Fang Family. It was not a very prestigious family in Jing, but it gradually stood out after she entered the Eastern Palace as the Crown Princess. However, in front of the old families, they still lacked the foundations.

Fang Taitai looked at her grandly dressed daughter and managed to narrate what had happened on the street. She also emphasized that Xian Junwang Fei had been wounded on the forehead.

Lin shi felt uncomfortable at being stared at by the Empress. However, the other had a noble status and she could not do any disrespectful actions. Husband didn't even listen to her mother-in-law, how could he listen to her urgings? Even if the Empress blamed her, she could  not do a thing.

The Empress sighed helplessly. The matter was not that Xian Junwang Fei's forehead had been wounded but that her younger brother had let a horse go free in Jing and injured a member of the Imperial Family. This matter was not a major matter, but it was not a minor one. Xian Junwang Fu had great prestige in recent years, and Yi'an Marquis Fu was a prestigious family that had been passed on for several generations. If this matter was investigated to the bottom, the Fang Family would not come out well.

Fang Taitai saw her daughter's tone had softened and knew that she would help. She said with a smile, "You are the Empress. Xian Junwang Fu would not make this matter a public one based on your face."

"Niangniang." The palace maid saw her expression was tired and presented a cup of ginseng tea. Someone else came up to gently massage her temples.

The palace servants heard this, they went down to prepare according to the Empress' orders. However, when they thought of Xian Junwang Fei's beautiful face, they felt it would be such a pity if her face was really disfigured.


When Yan Jin Qiu hurried in from the outside, two Grand Doctors were already in the fu. When he walked into the inner compound, he saw the Grand Doctor was taking Hua Xi Wan's pulse. The blood at her temple had been wiped clean, but a large area of her forehead was swollen and horrifying to see.

Hua Xi Wan smiled and said, "It's all right. The Grand Doctor has already put medicine on it, it just looks scary."

The servants instantly knelt down in the room. They were frightened by Junwang Ye's words so much they did not dare to breathe.

Yan Jin Qiu wanted to laugh at her words but felt helpless. Seeing such a swollen part on her forehead, his heart softened. "All right, since Junwang Fei cares for you, you can stand up."

After the Grand Doctor finished taking the pulse, he stood and bowed towards Yan Jin Qiu. "Junwang Ye, Junwang Fei's wounds are not light. She will need to eat less of spicy food in the next while, and need to notice if she has any drowsiness or nausea. This lowly official has prescribed a medicine to calm the mind and replenish blood. Please have the servants of the fu prepare the medicine according to this prescription and use three bowls of water to boil one bowl. After drinking this, if there are no symptoms, then drink two more bowls."

"The head of a person is the most complex part. This lowly official does not dare to speak rashly, but based on Junwang Fei's complexion seen here, there should not be any serious consequences. But it is best to have bed rest for a few days, and avoid any movement." The Grand Doctor saw Xian Junwang was extremely interested in Junwang Fei's wounds, so he spoke of some more things to pay attention to before he left the Junwang Fu with his Grand Hospital's apprentice.

Did his words mean he was planning on settling debts with the Empress' younger brother?

"They will definitely take care of this matter." Yan Jin Qiu did not tell Hua Xi Wan that he even knew she had a servant give the young official of the Guard Office a pouch for him to give to a wounded child. He helped her adjust the blanket and said in a gentle voice, "Rest now. I will have the kitchen prepare food to help you replenish blood and focus your mind."

After Hua Xi Wan fell into a deep sleep, Yan Jin Qiu ordered Bai Xia and the others to take good care of her before he stood and walked out of the room. Just as he got out, he heard Mu Tong report that Imperial Brother-in-Law Fang had come with gifts to ask for forgiveness.

Mu Tong's heart shook. He ushered Yan Jin Qiu to the main hall and then stood in the corner.

"Imperial Brother-in-Law is too polite." Yan Jin Qiu raised a teacup and slowly took a sip. He blew the steam rising from the surface and then glanced at Fang Cheng De. "It is that wife is unlucky and chose the street that Imperial Brother-in-Law's horse raced along."

"Even though half a bowl of blood was spilled, she managed to keep her life." Yan Jin Qiu put the teacup on the table and said to Fang Cheng De with cold eyes, "This one is worried for Wife and will leave first. Imperial Brother-in-Law, stay at your leisure."

After cursing, Fang Cheng De felt much better. He turned and got onto the carriage, deciding that he would never come to this stupid place again.

Mu Tong spat from where he stood at the gates. He said to the gatekeeper, "Watch the gate carefully, don't let animals sneak in. If it alarms Junwang Ye and Junwang Fei, be careful of a beating."
This was just the younger brother of the Empress, and he really thought he was someone. This was very humorous.

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