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         [Name : Chun Yong-Ho (M)]    [Race : Half Human/Half Demon]    [Class : Demon]    [Attributes]    [Fire Level 1 / Darkness Level 0]    [Development Rate : 100/100]       [Strength Level 1 ★★ (2)]    [Stamina Level 1 ★★☆ (2.5)]    [Mana Level 2 ★★☆ (2.5)]    [Charm Level 0 ★★ (2)]    [Agility Level 0 ★☆ (1.5)]    [Skill Level 0 ★★☆ (2.5)]    [Seven Deadly Sins Greed]    After sitting on the throne, Yong-Ho looked at the Power of Evolution that he used on himself and then remained quiet. Catalina wasn’t the only one whose development rate was full. Yong-Ho was also in a situation where he could use this power.    When you think about it, it was obvious. After the first development till now, it was a short period, but he fought in many battles. He defeated the salamander that was guarding the armory and killed 10 of the Crazy Ants and Slimes. He of course fought against Orcs and even obtained their spirit, so it would be odd for his development rate not to be filled up.    ‘It did change.’    Yong-Ho focused on the list of development routes. Strength and stamina were automatically level one since he’s never developed them before and since mana was developed once, the level was now at two.   The stars represent the potential power of the Power of Evolution and he was able to see that it increased by a small amount.    ‘The reason why the level of strength and stamina increased is because my body became that much stronger. Then, did absorbing the spirit cause the mana to increase?’    Yong-Ho thought about Catalina. Before her first evolution, agility and courage were the only ones that had a level. After awakening as a demon, Yong-Ho’s body was getting stronger day by day. If his body continued getting stronger, then his strength and stamina level will most likely continue leveling up.    ‘The Power of Evolution can’t be developed through normal methods since it opens up potential power.’    Even if Yong-Ho didn’t evolve agility, if it was Catalina, her agility would’ve been at the level it is now someday. But, the development of a Hybrid was different. The Power of Evolution manifested the Succubus’s blood and the Dark Elf blood in a different way.    It was the same idea as Jon and Ron getting a horn.    Yong-Ho focused on himself again. To see which category he was going to evolve. He thought for a long time. When he saw that the level of strength and stamina increased to one, he had made up his mind.    ‘I’ll put it all into mana.’ Yong-Ho wasn’t in the situation where he could idly stand by and contemplate on it. If a fight broke out, he would have to use Aamon and stand on the front line.    If he chose to develop strength, stamina, or agility, then his close-combat skills will most likely improve as well. But, increasing his mana was more important. Currently, Yong-Ho’s combat style was delivering a fatal blow. Increasing the mana will double Aamon’s strength. In that case, it’ll strengthen that blow.     He also needed mana to evolve the spirits. Building new facilities within the dungeon and rebuilding the old path used up a lot of mana. That’s why he chose mana. Developing the other routes was a luxury.    Yong-Ho didn’t waste any time. As soon as he made his decision, he activated the Power of Evolution.    He felt both pleasure and pain. Yong-Ho roared in pain and joy. It broke the frame. It’s to expand the field. The capacity that held Yong-Ho’s mana changed. Yong-Ho’s spirit grew and a lot more mana was now contained within it.    He lost track of time again. The Spirit of the Dungeon was the one that notified him that the development process had ended.    “Sir, your maximum amount of mana has increased greatly!” “The dungeon’s daily production volume has increased from 80 to 120.” “Your mana recovery rate is 1.2 times faster than usual.” It’s just as the Spirit of the Dungeon said. Green flames rose out of his eyes and he closed them to feel it. His mana became stronger. He felt that his mana was a lot stronger when compared to the time he absorbed the Orc’s spirit.    Yong-Ho took a deep breath and when he opened his eyes, he activated the Power of Evolution once again. He didn’t use it on himself, but on Aamon, who was currently sitting on his lap.       [Name : Aamon (?)]    [Race : ???]    [Class : ??? (???)]    [Attribute]    [Fire ???Level / ??? ???Level]    [Development Rate : 5/100]       [??? ★★★★★★ (6)]    [??? ★★★★★★ (6)]    [??? ★★★★★☆ (5.5)]    There were still a lot of question marks.    ‘I got a lot stronger compared to when I first got it.’    Aamon stayed quiet ever since Yong-Ho first obtained him and as he looked down on it, he calmed his bitter feeling. If Aamon wanted someone stronger, then he could give it to him. Yong-Ho wasn’t satisfied in his current condition.    ‘But having a development rate of five is too low.’    During that time, Yong-Ho maximized his development rate twice. But all he could do was complain. On the other hand, it meant that Aamon was that strong of a demon.    After he was done thinking about himself and Aamon, Yong-Ho deactivated the Power of Evolution. He sat down on the throne and raised his head. He saw Catalina and Eligor.    “Huh?”    Yong-Ho gave a dumb reaction without knowing and fixed his posture. All the spirits in the dungeon were gathered around the throne.    “It’s been an hour and 10 minutes since you’ve sat on the throne, sir. The spirits have been on standby for about an hour.”    It seemed like the trance state he was in during the development process was a lot longer than he expected. Yong-Ho released a soft cough to hide his embarrassment. Then Eligor, who was standing in front of the throne, spoke as if he was moved.    “Ohhh, sir.”    His eyes were filled with tears and looked like they were going to roll down at any moment. On top of that, the way the other spirits were looking at him was quite spirited. The Goblin Rangers’ shining eyes were filled with envy and respect. The Kobold looked like they were ready to praise him, the Treant and the salamander expressed their admiration through small movements.    It was an obvious reaction since they saw how his mana grew through the Power of Evolution.    The way the spirits looked at him was burdening, so Yong-Ho coughed again and rolled his eyes. But after seeing Skull’s blank expression, he felt an odd calmness. Yong-Ho looked back at the spirits. Catalina was standing between Skull and Eligor and was looking at Yong-Ho with a flushed expression. As expected, her two long ears were fluttering like wings. On top of that, her tail was wagging like windshield wipers, which resembled a dog.    ‘Wait.’ “A tail?!”    He yelled out what was on his mind. When Yong-Ho quickly got up from his seat, Catalina looked at him with a shocked look and started blinking her eyes. She bit her lips and managed to speak.    “Wh-when I woke up, a tail appeared.”    A tail was one of the physical characteristics a typical demon had and it was shaped like a sharp trident. Yong-Ho looked at the black, glossy tail and asked Eligor instead of Catalina.    “Does a Succubus have a tail?” “They do. High-ranked ones have wings as well.”    When Eligor answered right away, Yong-Ho looked at Catalina again. Catalina quickly waved her hand and answered.    “I don’t have wings. Just a tail.”    The development of a Hybrid. Before, Catalina was more of a Dark Elf than a Succubus. However, through the development to a Hybrid, the blood of the Succubus that was asleep awoke. Her new tail was proof of that.    “Are you okay? You’re not hurt or feel anything weird?”    Yong-Ho asked with a serious face. Catalina answered while smiling brightly. “No, sir. Actually, I feel pretty refreshed. It’s like I’ve been reborn. I think my mana has gotten stronger as well.” It didn’t look like she was lying since her ears and tail were moving around energetically. Yong-Ho released a sigh of relief. Instead of looking at the soldier that couldn’t really lie, he looked at the other spirits.    “I’m sorry for making you wait so long. Let’s get down to business.”    Yong-Ho started talking. It was about his plans on how to acquire the mine.         &    As usual, Yong-Ho didn’t say much and went straight to the point and started the next task. It was promoting the spirit’s development. Since most of the spirits in the House of Mammon were low-ranked spirits, it didn’t take them long to fill their development rate.    Yong-Ho first evolved the Kobold’s agility. Like when he evolved Yon’s agility, their arms and legs became longer, but they didn’t get a horn like the Goblins.     Kobold’s eyes widened because of how long their arms and legs became and his target was Jon and Ron. Yong-Ho promoted Jon and Ron to Hobgoblins.    After becoming a Hobgoblin, Jon and Ron’s outer appearance changed a lot. They became a lot taller and the muscles in their bodies became larger and firmer. Their hazy eyes were now sparkling. The other spirits still lacked in their development rate. And Eligor was among them. Other than going on hunts, he had no experience in actual battles, so it was taking him a lot longer to fill his development rate. But it was a relief that he was able to fill it by working on the dungeon and doing other miscellaneous work.    After completing their development, Yong-Ho commanded to Eligor that he was going to take the spirits to the armory. It was to prepare for the next task. And about 30 minutes later. Eligor brought the spirits with him and looked at Yong-Ho with a worried expression. “You’ve continuously used the Power of Evolution. Will you be okay?” “We don’t have that much time.”    Yong-Ho smirked and looked at the weapons that were placed on top of the dungeon shop’s cognitive magic circle.  After reclaiming the armory, they couldn’t use a majority of the weapons, so it was disappointing, but they didn’t have a choice. They were short on money.    “Even if we fail on taking back the mine, we’ll be able to stack up a good amount of the development rate. Eligor, I want you to continue working on the dungeon, in case of an emergency.”    Eligor displayed a warm smile after hearing Yong-Ho’s request.    “It’s a good plan, sir.” “There’s a lot of spaces in the House of Mammon. Might as well put them to good use.”    yong-Ho smiled and Eligor nodded his head.   He wasn’t going to insult the previous owners at all. But Eligor was about to confirm. Yong-Ho was different from them. Even in situations where many would’ve given up, Yong-Ho didn’t lose his smile. Instead of giving up and being frustrated by it, he found ways to resolve it.    “I’ll be back. Start on the construction.” “As you wish, sir.”    Eligor, along with the other spirits, showed their respect. Yong-Ho closed his eyes without any delay.     He connected to the dungeon shop’s Virtual Space.   End.

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