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Chapter 579: 579
579 Visiting the Heavenly Swan Sec

"Did you hear about the Heaven Transcendence Pill? It's just like the Earth Advancement Pills but even better, allowing people in the Earth Spirit Realm to enter the Heavenly Spirit Realm with a high success rate!"

"Of course, I have heard about it! With everybody and their grandmother talking about it, there's not a single person who hasn't heard about it by now!"

"Because of this Heaven Transcendence Pill, the entire Cultivation World is in a turmoil, much more so than when the Earth Advancement Pill was announced . "

"That's only obvious . Do you have any idea how many Cultivators have reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm that is still alive? Around ten people! However, with the Heaven Transcendence Pill, that number will definitely double, if not triple or more!"

"Even if you say that, how does one even obtain a Heaven Transcendence Pill? I heard that only the Fang Family's Matriarch managed to obtain one, and she had to pay a massive bill of 30 million spirit stones for it . "

"Nobody knows, but there are people trying to contact Senior Xiao's disciples regarding the pills . "

"Who were those three disciples, again?"

"If I recall correctly, Sect Leader of the Heavenly Swan Sect, Senior Zeng's old disciple, and the youngest daughter of the Cai Family . "

"What? All three of them are beautiful women? This Senior Xiao is incredibly lucky . If I had such beautiful disciples, I would do most of our lectures in bed!"

"Does anyone know what this Senior Xiao looks like? Hopefully, he's some ugly old man, hence why he needed to disguise himself . "

"Who cares if he's ugly or not? With his current reputation, even the most beautiful women would not hesitate to give their bodies to him . "

"Damn it! If only I was born in his shoes! Lucky bastard!"

Whilst the entire world talked about Senior Xiao and his three disciples, Su Yang was making his way towards the Heavenly Swan Sect .

And when he reached the front of the Sect, all he could see was a massive crowd standing outside the Heavenly Swan Sect, looking like a sea of people .

However, he was not interested in why these people were there, so he flew towards the Heavenly Swan Sect before everyone there .

"Look over there! There's an expert approaching us!"

Someone in the crowd warned everybody when he noticed Su Yang's approaching figure .

"Black alchemy robes and a mask… Could that be Senior Xiao, the Alchemy Master?!"

When they realized who he was, they immediately made way for him despite being on the ground .

Su Yang descended from the sky and calmly walked the path made by the crowd .

"The Heavenly Swan Sect humbly greets Senior Xiao," bowed the Sect Elder who had been dealing with the crowd just now .

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"Is Bai Lihua available?" he asked .

"The Sect Leader is currently waiting for you inside . "

Su Yang nodded . "Let me see her . "

The Sect Elder then opened the gates to allow Su Yang inside whilst the others watched .

Once Su Yang entered the Sect, the Sect Elder spoke to the crowd outside, "Now you understand why the Sect Leader is not willing to see any guests right now . If you wish to speak with our Sect Leader, you should come back at a later date . "

The crowd of people did not utter a single word afterward, and they all began leaving shortly later .

Meanwhile, inside the Heavenly Swan Sect, Su Yang was greeted by over a thousand disciples the moment he passed through the gates, and every single one of them was female disciples .

A nostalgic smile appeared behind his mask as he recalled a similar situation that had happened before .

The Heavenly Swan Sect is as its name suggests, with every disciple in the Sect as beautiful as a heavenly swan .

"Welcome to my Heavenly Swan Sect, Master . " Bai Lihua appeared a few moments later with a bright smile .

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Ever since she became his disciple, her reputation along with the Sect's status has skyrocketed with almost every influential family knocking at their doors .

"You didn't have to send so many disciples just to greet me . I'm sure they have better things to do . " Su Yang said .

"That's not right, Master . I didn't ask these disciples to greet you . They wanted to greet you on their own accord . " Bai Lihua said to him .

"Is that so? To have so many beautiful young ladies greeting me at once, I feel like the luckiest man in the world at this moment . " Su Yang spoke in a joking tone .

"Please, follow me, Master . I have prepared for you the best living quarters we have available in the Sect . "

"You shouldn't have . I won't be staying here for long, after all . "

"That's fine, since I made it your living quarters permanently, so it will always be available for you whenever you decide to visit the Sect . "

Su Yang followed Bai Lihua a few moments later .

"What do you girls think about this Senior Xiao? Do you think he's actually a handsome man, contrary to the rumors of him being of some ugly old man?" One of the disciples asked after they left .

"It's hard to tell just by his body figure…"

"I wish I could see what's behind that mask . "

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Meanwhile, Bai Lihua brought Su Yang back to her own living quarters .

"Let me introduce you to my own disciple, Su Yin . " Bai Lihua said .

"Greet Senior Xiao, Su Yin . "

" . . . "

However, Su Yin silently stood there with a weird expression, seemingly in deep thoughts .

Although she has never seen this man before, there was something familiar about him .

And then she realized why, and she asked him, "Why do you smell like my Brother?"

" . . . "

Bai Lihua's eyes widened with shock after hearing Su Yin's words, and she turned to look at Su Yang .

"Hahaha!" Even Su Yang couldn't help but burst out laughing . Although he'd disguised his voice and figure, he did not do anything to his smell . However, he truly did not expect Su Yin to sniff out his real identity . Either Su Yin also has talent in Alchemy, or she's simply that obsessed with Su Yang .

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