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Chapter 107: Kneel, Mouth Open and Bite
The Zombie King remained still for a long time. Apparently, he was shocked because he knew that he might not have survived if the lightning had hit him. Even if he survived, he would be badly hurt, and his power gained through ages of cultivation would all be gone.

Fatty looked at the Zombie King and then the ash besides him. His face blushed with anger. He had worked so hard for so long and consumed precious tools he had exchanged, only to kill a zombie servant of little importance?

And the Zombie King was just shocked?

Su Bai moved closer to him. "Fatty, can you give it a second shot?"

"Impossible! It’s not a hand-job!" Fatty looked upset.

"Then you hold him up, I’ll go get Lam." Su Bai said.

"Why me? Why not you hold him up?" Fatty asked.

"You’re the professional."

"I’m exhausted! At least you’ve got strength." Fatty felt wronged.

The Zombie King had finally come to his senses and immediately leapt over. Apparently, after the fear was gone, his mind was filled with enormous wrath— he was almost killed by a nobody!

Fatty lifted the peach wood sword and was trying to rush forward, but after a few steps he felt weak at knees and had to kneel down. Su Bai looked at him and realized that Fatty would be killed immediately once he was gone, and wouldn’t buy him much time. Therefore, he made up his mind, turned into a vampire and rushed forward. Before the Zombie King could attack Fatty, Su Bai came at him and stabbed him with the dagger.

The Zombie King was confident about his defence. Seeing Su Bai attack with only a dagger that had no shred of Taoist power, the Zombie King didn’t worry at all. As a zombie who had attacked the Zombie King, Su Bai clearly knew how strong his defense was.

All of a sudden, his evil energy turned into a gale and hit Su Bai. Immediately, ten open wounds were cut on Su Bai’s chest, and his skin was almost torn apart. Even as a vampire Su Bai had never been hurt so badly, he felt as if his soul was trembling, which meant even his vampire blood might not be able to stand such a terrible damage.

However, his dagger easily went through the Zombie King’s evil energy defense, even cut through his body like cutting into a piece of tofu.

Next, Su Bai was kneeling in front of the Zombie King, dripping in blood. His skin was as pale as paper, which suggested that even his vampire blood was at the verge of collapse, and even his vampire ability wouldn’t be able to lengthen his life.

But Su Bai’s right hand was still holding that dagger. And the tip of the dagger was inside the Zombie King’s chest.

The Zombie King was standing still.

Perhaps Su Bai hadn’t realized yet what a powerful weapon he had gotten from the great fox demon’s bed. It was used for sharpening the great fox demon’s teeth, how could it be ordinary?

It even carried strong demon energy because it had been sharpening the fox teeth for ages. Demon energy and evil energy were totally different; just now, when Su Bai took the risk and stabbed the Zombie King with the incisive dagger, the demon energy broke out with the stimulation of the massive evil energy of the Zombie King. Therefore, two energies were tangled and fighting against each other inside his body.

The Zombie King felt as if his body was a power keg, or a balloon, and was going to explode. Therefore, he didn’t dare to move at all and he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

But Su Bai wouldn’t do anything even if he knew what a difficult situation the Zombie King was in. Su Bai was almost unconscious; he was only one step away from death.

Fatty, who had kneeled down after only a few steps, looked up and immediately jumped up. That was to say, to some extent, he was just acting. Fatty was indeed exhausted for another lightning.

In fact, without that tool, he had no medium to draw lightning. But he was not that weak. Apparently, he was planning to run away. Failing MT 1 would cost 300 story points, but that wouldn’t be a problem since he had enough story points. His priority should always be to survive!

But right now, it would be foolish to run away. Fatty made up his mind, bit the tip of his tongue and spit blood onto the sword. After incanting for a while, the sword shone with blood light.

"Meet my sword!"

Fatty rushed towards the Zombie King again.

The Zombie King groaned. He didn’t dare to call the other zombies to attack Su Bai, because he was afraid that the dagger would move when Su Bai was caught, breaking the balance inside his body, but surely those zombies could handle Fatty.

But Fatty was smart and well-experienced. The lightning had hit the wrong zombie but it was not all Fatty’s fault. He was not capable enough, and the lightning drawn by another object as a medium was hard to control; he had tried his best to control it and hit the right direction instead of another house.

Therefore, he didn’t even bother looking at those zombies, just threw the shiny sword towards the Zombie King.

The Zombie King glared and tried to block it with his evil energy. But as soon as he aroused his evil energy, he felt as if he was boiling from inside, which led to a failure of using his own power. The sword hit his forehead. The Zombie King felt dizzy and instantly lost control of the two energies in his body. Immediately, they slipped free and started fighting against each other like two wild kids.

The key reason for such a fight was that the Zombie King couldn’t digest the demon energy, and the demon energy was much weaker than his evil energy. He couldn’t find a balance.

Soon, the Zombie King was on fire. Black and green flames were spreading all over his body. The Zombie King opened his mouth and growled. It was a terrible torture to him, and he was aware that he couldn’t hold much longer.

Even when Su Bai was dying, he was still holding tight to that dagger; the flame burnt along the dagger and caught onto Su Bai. Feeling a pain in his soul, Su Bai raised his head and screamed.

Or it could be described as a last glory[1]. Even the Zombie King couldn’t last long in such flames, let alone Su Bai who was dying.

The flames did not only burn their bodies but also their souls. In such terrible flames, their souls were crossed, and they were reading memory pieces in each other’s minds.

Su Bai saw a body buried in a general’s grave. A group of grave robbers opened his coffin, and he became a zombie. He killed all the grave robbers and became extremely thirsty of blood. He left the grave, went out hunting for human blood. Then he was hurt by Lam Ching-Ying who looked pretty young at that time, but he managed to escape and went back to his grave.

The Zombie King saw Su Bai get caught by the blood leech. He was drained while trapped in fantasy, but at last, his ptomaine broke out and became the zombie blood.

As for how Su Bai gained his vampire blood, or how he balanced both bloods, the Zombie King didn’t see, even though he had looked for it.

Because he wasn’t allowed to see that.

The Dreadful Radio wouldn’t let him.

If he had seen it, he would no longer be a zombie looking for vengeance in this story world.

Not every NPC in the story worlds was qualified to know what a world he or she was in, like that connivence store owner in the last story Su Bai had gone through, who was brave enough to fight against the Dreadful Radio. Of course, he failed at last, and his rebellion was used in the game to make it more interesting. But in the end, he still managed to let Su Bai and Sofia leave easily.

Because they had shown respect to him, and that was all he wanted.

Even though he lost the fight against the Dreadful Radio, he could make his own decision about this detail. The Dreadful Radio wanted an interesting story? Then I would give this story a great beginning but a weak ending, and you would never have what you wanted.

The Zombie King couldn’t find the reason why Su Bai had two different bloods, and his time was running out. He had to grab Su Bai’s neck with both hands:

"Come, bite me, take my original evil energy!"

The Zombie King was planning to let Su Bai take in his original evil energy in order to reduce the evil energy in his body, then he would be able to balance it with the demon energy and expel the latter. As for the original evil energy that was consumed by Su Bai, it wouldn’t matter because he would eat Su Bai afterwards.

He would still have everything.

[1] last glory: It refers to the last radiance of the setting sun, but most commonly used as a metaphor that a person will temporarily recover from illness just before death, or things flourish for a short time before disappearing.

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