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The Golden Roc wings had a golden current flowing around them, cutting through the snow in the sky. A majestic martial arts aura surrounded Ye Futian, causing the force to be unable to suppress him.

Everyone could feel clearly how strong Ye Futian was. However, at that moment, Ximen Hanjiang stepped forward. With just one step, the snow in the sky appeared to emit an icy glow. The falling snowflakes became as sharp as knives and turned into razor-sharp sword will, descending upon Ye Futian's body like silver rays of light. An even more horrifying storm rushed towards Ye Futian's body, each snowflake turning into a killing blade that was utterly cold, attempting to drown his body within the storm.

Ye Futian's Golden Roc Body became even more dazzling and his wings suddenly shook, cutting through the air and colliding with the killing blades. As he took a step forward, the polearm in his arm struck out. A single strike had the might to match the heavens and the air vibrated violently, shattering the countless blades.

Hummm. Ximen Hanjiang continued to move forward, an even stronger Will being released from him. Ye Futian felt that it was hard to even move, but his movements did not stop and he continued to wave the polearm. The second strike swept through the air and an imposing force tore through the air towards Ximen Hanjiang. Ximen Hanjiang looked at the strong attack technique, then covered it with ice. The sword in his hand swung forward, splitting the icy area into two and Ye Futian's attack with it.

At that moment, Ye Futian's body became exceedingly brilliant and the third and fourth rod strikes continued to thrust downwards. The strikes were of the highest caliber and the surrounding area was crushed. Ximen Hanjiang could feel the force, and his body transformed into a ray of light, disappearing in the air. He actually weaved and bobbed through the array of rod strikes because he could affect the flow of Spiritual Qi in the air, thereby affecting the speed of the other party's strikes and find its weakest points.

Releasing his Life Spirit, Ximen Hanjiang came closer to Ye Futian. Similarly, the Golden Roc wings flapped and Ye Futian got closer to him. The both of them appeared to have absolute confidence in their abilities.

When Ye Futian's fifth rod strike struck down, Ximen Hanjiang's Life Spirit projected an image, and the entire area turned into an ice world, affecting Ye Futian's every move. Ximen Hanjiang continued to not dodge, facing Ye Futian's strike head-on. The entire sky of rumbling shadows were all coated by a layer of ice, and Ximen Hanjiang's body appeared like a ray of light in front of one of the rod shadows and passed through it, swinging his sword towards Ye Futian's throat.

At that moment, Ye Futian felt as though his entire body was about to stop moving. Not only did Ximen Hanjiang have the power of frost and exceptional swordsmanship, but he also had the ability to move at light speed. His sword did not have any specialty, but it was able to find the enemy's weakest point to pierce under his frost intent. His battles were often decided in one slash. Coupled with his ice power, this made him exceptionally terrifying.

As he saw Ximen Hanjiang's ice-cold frost blade reaching, Ye Futian emotionlessly looked at him and said, "Sky Freezing Technique." The spell cast and the air appeared to have frozen. Ximen Hanjiang could feel the area around him solidifying. Not only that, but there was a horrifying martial arts Will that was applying its pressure in the surrounding area. He released countless sword wills, attempting to cut through everything, but at that moment, the Roc wings sliced the ice world apart and an immeasurable gravity crushed down upon him. At that moment, Ximen Hanjiang felt as though the weight of the entire world was crashing down with Ye Futian's rod strike.

Ximen Hanjiang broke through Ye Futian's spell, but he could feel that his ice will was unable to stop the rod's power as their surroundings were grounded to powder. He could actually feel a semblance of Sage Plane power within. At that moment, Ximen Hanjiang understood that Ye Futian's rod technique had already reached that level; the same level as him.

As his sword slashed out, brilliant sword rays flooded the heavens. However, under the rod strike, they were all shattered. The crowd then heard a dull thud and in the next moment, Ximen Hanjiang's body fell from the sky, and with a giant crash, slammed heavily onto the foot of the Battle Sage Palace and created a huge pit. The huge crash caused many people to shudder and look appallingly at the figure in the ground.

Ximen Hanjiang and Ye Futian, two firsts in the admission examination, two firsts on the Law Rank. Ye Futian had entered one generation later than Ximen Hanjiang. However, he had defeated him in a one-on-one battle and obtained first on the Law Rank in a dominant fashion.

Ye Futian was the undisputed first on the Law Rank, be it by potential or battle ability. Even if he was only a Grade Three Noble, he was still unrivaled in the Noble Plane.

After today's battle, Ye Futian would be the undisputed first in the Noble Plane in the Palace. Nobody would ever dare to question him again. Those who had scorned him and those who had questioned him would all shut up after today.

To the Holy Zhi Palace's disciples, it was the beginning of a new era—Ye Futian's era.

Before him, even Hua Fan had not been this outstanding. It was probably only Bai Luli's era that could match Ye Futian's. If that was so, who among the two generations was more outstanding? Perhaps, he would really have the ability to challenge Bai Luli's position in the future.

Watching the figure in the air, many people had mixed feelings. Perhaps the Holy Zhi Palace was about to welcome its golden generation. Bai Luli, Hua Fan, Ye Futian, and Yu Sheng. Every one of them was all incredibly outstanding.

Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing, Ximen Gu, and the other Sage Palace disciples were speechless. This was probably the first time the Sage Palace had been defeated so convincingly. This was also the first time that the Battle Sage Palace had broken the Sage Palace's streak and had its own era. Looking at the figures beside Ye Futian, he would lead his generation forward.

Ximen Hanjiang stood up with difficulty and looked at Ye Futian in the air with a bad taste in his mouth. To Ximen Hanjiang, although he had exceptional potential, he had never been like Bai Luli and Ye Futian. In his year, he had much difficulty obtaining first in the admission examination. After he had entered the palace, there were a few strong competitors in his year, and many people had doubted him, claiming that he would not be able to rise to the top of the Law Rank, but he had done it. However, not long after, Ye Futian shot up through the ranks and knocked him off his pedestal, using him as a stepping stone, gathering the attention of the entire Palace and becoming the symbol of his generation. Moreover, Ximen Hanjiang could predict that Ye Futian would be the first on the Law Rank for a long time. He had defeated him as a Grade Three Noble, so in the time before he stepped into the Sage Plane, nobody would be able to challenge his position.

Ximen Hanjiang did not say anything and turned around and left. He also understood that after today's battle, unless he entered the Sage Plane, he would forever be suppressed by Ye Futian.

It has ended, many people thought in their hearts. The battle for the Law Rank had finally ended, but many people felt that it was insufficient and could not bear to leave.

"Ye Futian," someone called out at that moment. Ye Futian turned and looked at the person. The person who had spoken was the eighth on the Law Rank. He looked towards Ye Futian and asked, "Di Gang and Ximen Hanjiang, who is stronger?"

The Holy Zhi Palace was a holy ground for cultivation in the Barren State where geniuses gathered from all around. However, it did not mean that the Holy Zhi Palace's disciples were always the strongest in the State. There were people like Di Gang, Huang Jiuge, and many others who were also very strong.

"In a direct confrontation, Di Gang is stronger," Ye Futian replied. He was not belittling Ximen Hanjiang but simply telling the truth.

Many people were surprised. If Ximen Hanjiang was first on the Law Rank, they would be inferior to the Alchemy City's Di Gang. However, now that Ye Futian had reached the top, there were probably no Noble Plane cultivators in the Barren State that could defeat him. Moreover, this was at the current moment. Tf he broke through to a Grade Two or even Grade One Noble, there would be no question. He would be invincible among the Noble Plane in the Barren State.

The crowd started to leave gradually. Today's storm had arisen because of Ye Futian's arrogant words, but he had proven that he had the right to say those words. Some of those who were on good terms with Ye Futian did not leave but continued standing by his side. Xu Que smiled and said, "Should we celebrate?"

Ye Futian glared and him and laughed, saying, "I was originally the first on the Law Rank, what is there to celebrate? Moreover, I'm not really interested in being first."

"You're now first, so whatever you say is correct," Xu Que said with a fake smile. Ye Futian's words made him really want to beat him up, saying he was not interested after getting first.

"Of course, this feeling is actually quite refreshing." Ye Futian rubbed his brow, then smiled brightly. At least, the people who doubted him in the Holy Zhi Palace would shut up. Nobody would gossip about him when he and Jieyu walked on the road; there would only be envy. As he thought about it, he felt delighted, it seemed that he was also a philistine.

"I really want to hit someone," Zui Qianchou said.

"Then do it." Xu Que smiled and looked at him.

"But what do I do if I can't defeat him?" Zui Qianchou lamented.

"Then just drink," came the reply.

Hua Jieyu held Ye Futian's hand and both smiled at each other. Ye Futian had used three years to finally prove himself, reaching first on the Law Rank in a dominant fashion. From now on, the entire Barren State would know his name and nobody would ever question his potential again.

She felt happy for him too.

Not long after, in the Law Battle Area, many people gathered before the Law Rank, wanting to see the newly updated Law Rank. As expected, an elder from the Palace came to renew the Law Rank soon.

Ye Futian's first-place ranking was impossible to challenge. Following that, they saw the name on the second of the Law Rank. Although many people had their guesses, they were still astonished when they saw the Law Rank renewed.

Yu Sheng was second on the Law Rank behind Ye Futian.

Ximen Hanjiang had fallen from the first on the Law Rank to the third.

"Whoooo…" Many people took a deep breath. These two prodigies had entered the Palace only three years ago and were now ranked first and second on the Law Rank. This was like a miracle. Their generation had created two heroes who stood side by side.

Due to Yu Sheng flying through the ranks, many people even failed to realize that Lian Yuqing's position on the Law Rank had fallen yet again!

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