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Sihwang-eun was feeling very sensitive since a few days.

"Excuse me. Can you spare 5 minutes of your time?"

A middle aged woman on the road with a camera player spoke to Sihwang. She was a long time professional and by looking at the person she could decide whether they would listen to her or reject her, and with a single glance into Sihwang's eyes she decided on her prey. (T.N- She is either a reporter, or a cult recruiter.)


Sihwang-eun was surprised when an unknown woman suddenly spoke to him.

"Ah, no I just want to talk for a while…"

Because of his over the top reaction,the woman was taken back and couldn't continue speaking. This was her first time encountering such a thing on one of her missions.


Blurting out cold words of rejection, Sihwang-eun began quickly moving away from her with a shocked expression on his face.

"What, what?"

Ebarrassed from what just happened, she could only blink her eyes.

Walking in a quick pace, Sihwang-eun quickly reached his house and washed his face. Because he doesn't like to wash his head often, Sihwang only washes it once every 2 to 3 days, and that too in an absurd behaviour because he tried to save money on water tax. (T.N- Hope it's right.)

"There! It's still there!"

Again carefully looking behind him, Sihwang-eun appeared crazy and jumped from fright almost looking like he was ready to run away.

The place where Sihwang looked at was a door covered in mist, and on it were written the words 'Congratulations for winning Sihwang-nim.'.

"No, Why? Why won't it disappear?"

That mysterious door had been there for a long time, and was always following behind Sihwang. No matter how much he ran it was useless, even swinging a hammer didn't crush it but passed right through it like a ghost. However when Sihwang-eun touched it with his hand, he could feel the hard texture.(T.N- It might be an unidentified door instead of mysterious door.)

At first he was curious and wanted to open the door, but after looking at it from multiple angles judged that it was better to not open it.

The first reason for that is that it was written 'Congratulations for winning', and  this is one of the most used lines for spam ads. If the door is opened it might release something like the pandora's box, or maybe it will take away something that belongs to him.

"Aaa! Damm it!"

There wasn't anything more to be said.

But still, Sihwang-eun turned on the computer and began surfing the internet. Anyways the door had never disturbed him, and because it was always together with him he got accustomed to it.

Sihwang-eun laughed for a while because the content on internet was humurous, before his facial expression turned into that of depression. Just thinking of the door behind him, he was filled with nervousness and cursing his bad luck.

Actually Sihwang-eun never had a girlfriend, or even dated anyone. In addition he had no talent and had to attend a local university, so he has nothing to brag to his cousins or people around him, as for words such as 'Success' or 'Pride' are very far from him.

So his parents are always worried for him, but Sihwang only felt more annoyed at that.

"Jaja." (T.N- I think he is laughing?)

The ghost like door behind him made Sihwang so nervous, that despite it only being 12 o'clock he completely lost all interest in using the computer.

This was very surprising. He usually uses computer till 3 in the morning, despite having lectures at 9 A.M, even sleeping after 5 in the morning wasn't something out of the ordinary for Sihwang. He did not do anything, but just played internet games the whole time.

When Sihwang lied on his bed, the door once again adjusted itself to provide easier access to him.

The scene was so weird that Sihwang squinted his eyes before turning his body to the side. While cold sweat covered down his back, endless negative thoughts kept on flowing into his mind.

He used to believe in science, so never believed that things such as ghosts existed, but maybe now was the time to make some huge changes to his beliefs, thinking such things for a long time Sihwang slowly drifted into sleep.

Unknown to what time it was, Sihwang's eyes opened. Due to tension he didn't pee before sleeping, and so his dick was hard, and the bladder felt like it was about to burst, so he needed release. (T.N- I never learnt much about these kinds of words, so it might not be accurate)

Deciding to go to the toilet, Sihwang got up and moved towards the bathroom. Due to the the surroundings being dark, his eyes couldn't identify anything properly.

But still, Sihwang-eun felt a sense of unfamiliarity, as if he couldn't identify his surroundings.

"Uh? Uh?"

This was not the narrow corridor of his goshiwon, which led to the bathroom. This was so wide that despite swinging his arms nothing could be felt, and the surroundings were too dark to identify anything.

Sweat began flowing down his forehead.

He turned around to look for the door through which he came, but found nothing but empty space there.

Sweat began covered his whole body, and his heartbeat also began increasing. It was not because of simple tension. Experiencing something for the first time in his life, drove Sihwang-eun into fear.

Dismay, nervousness, fear, and all other fear related emotions started appearing on Sihwang's naked face.

The fear was so overwhelming that not only were his hands trembling, his voice was stuttering and couldn't even speak properly.

"Sa…please save me…plea…please help me."

Inside his heart he was screaming loudly and urgently. The faint hearted Sihwang-eun couldn't speak properly during normal times, but now during a crisis it was much worse, but right now wasn't the time to care about shame.


Suddenly the surroundings brightened and a ten year old blond kid appeared and started shouting loudly. The kid appeared out of nowhere, as if he popped out from the sky.

"What, what?"

Due to the sudden brightness, Sihwang's eyes burnt causing him to frown and clutch his hands above them. Soon his eyes adapted to the light, and the surroundings became discernible.

"Sihwang-nim has inherited the legacy of the Gold Dragon Kezron! Out of thousands and thousands of billions, only you leaped against all odds and won!"

"Eh? What?"

Sihwang-eun couldn't understand what the kid was saying at all.

"Oh, you're shocked. Anyway Sihwang-nim after winning Kezron-nim's legacy you have become one of  the most richest persons in the entire universe."

"Kezron-nim's legacy?"

"That's right."

But still Sihwang-eun couldn't understand what the blonde kid was talking about.

When he looked around with a strange look he found out that this place  seemed to be like that of a huge castle interior. It seemed like the hall was infinitely huge, and its bottom was covered with a carpet made of unknown animals hair which was not only soft but gave of warmth too, and on the stairs leading to the second floor was another banner. [Congratulations Sihwang-nim.] Similar banners were hanging here and there. And on the walls were countless paintings and sculptures of a gold dragon, presumably Kezron.

"What the hell…"

"I'll just tell you everything from the beginning, so if you will follow me."

The blonde kid took Sihwang's hand and moved towards the living room. By the way, this living room was as wide as 100 pyeong, and laying in the middle of the room were an antique table and sofa.

"That! That one!"

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