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 Chapter 91: Upgrading during the battle.

 More than 30 goblins have made Wu ling feng feel awkward. If it is a low-grade goblin, one skill can eliminate several goblins. However, it is now in the number of a dozen or so levels, and their hp is not low, so it is difficult to eliminate them in an instant.

 Goblin (General, Intermediate magic beast, Social): Blunt attack, self-destruct, under the command of Chief Dove, lv12, HP: 800, MP: 100.

 Skills: Blunt attack lv1, self-destruct lv2.

 Throwing goblins (common intermediate magic beast, social): likes to use stones to assist other goblins to attack in range, and often hides behind other goblins to attack in a trivial way. lv15,hp:1100,mp:100。

 Skills: Cast some magic into stones to attack; lv1.

 Chief Goblin (General Senior magic beast, Social): They are quick in action, extremely difficult to grasp, hard to kill, specially attacking behind enemy lines. Their knives are very sharp and eager for the blood of the enemy. They can order General Goblins to carry out self-explosive attacks, lv, HP: 1500, MP: 500.

 Skills: Blade Attack lv1, Critical Attack lv1 (Triple Damage).

 This is the monsters information, displayed by Wu Ling Feng's right eye. Sh*t's. What the f*ck is even a Goblin's self-destruction supposed to do than to make this battle way harder. Suicide attacks, and I just didn't notice that there are two other Chief goblins mixed in. In the game, they are very annoying. They run very fast and are not easy to catch. Moreover, they always sneak behind their backs and bring their shameless as*es into full play.

 " Winnie, stay here and don't move, it's gonna be rough, there are too many monsters ..." Wu Ling Feng patted Winnie on the shoulder, took out a doll card, summoned a loli doll to protect Winnie's safety, and then he came down from the horse, and together with Galen deal with those monsters.

 " Be careful, Onii-chan ..." Winnie couldn't help worrying and said, holding her hands together in her chest to pray for Wu Ling Feng.

 Wu Ling Feng gave Winnie a reassuring look, then turned to Galen and said: " Give me weapon blessing, angels and guardian badges. Then you set up the Ascension Array ahead. We will attack and watch out for those green goblins from exploding."

 Galen nodded, his right hand holding the cross on his chest, his left hand casting at Wu Ling Feng:

 "{ Weapons blessing} ! !”

 " {Angels blessing} ! !”

 " {Guardian badge} ! !”

 At that time, the weapons of Wu Ling Feng were covered with golden light, and their attack power increased. A blue light flashed on them. All kinds of abilities were improved. Wu Ling Feng felt as if he had risen several levels. His body became stronger. He shook hands and nodded to Galen and started attacking.

 " Haaah, Lord, punish the humble existence in front of you! ! Ascension array! ! !”

 Galen shouted with a loud voice and left hand pointed to the gathering place of goblin. A huge magic circle, octagonal in shape, with a diameter of about five meters, emerged on the ground. In the center was a blue yin and yang fish eye.

 At the moment when Ascension Array appeared, some monsters floated up, washed up by Magic Array in high school, and then fell down heavily.

 " {Rapid Fire} ! !”

[consecutive magic balls are rapid fire according to wiki]

 " {Fire shield} ! !”

 " {Magic cannon} ! !”

 " {Magic hockey} ! !”

 At the beginning, monsters are not scattered, rather they're gathered together, and one can attack easily.

 Only by destroying a large number of monsters in a flash at this time can thet win some profits for the next attack. Otherwise, monsters will be hard to attack after being scattered. This is not a game. And is unlike sitting in front of the computer and see all the places. This is reality!

 One can only notice what is in front of one's eyes, and cannot see what is behind and on the side. Unlike sitting in front of a computer, one can see everything. this is reality. Therefore, the monster behind one's back cannot be known at once.

 Wu Ling Feng also looked at the terrain. There are bushes more than one meter high, which can completely cover the small goblins, so it is not impossible to drill monsters from the bushes.

 A large number of magic attacks wiped out only two or three ordinary goblins, while the others still had the ability to attack!

 Don't forget, one more thing is very important, the monsters in the ruins will not have any pain. Even if they lack arms and legs, they will still be rearing to attack. The damage you have caused to them can only make them more angry. They are a group of death squads, not afraid of pain, not afraid of death.

 " Galen, attack the two machetes goblins! !” Wu Ling Feng shouted that the two chief goblins are capable of causing ordinary goblins to blow themselves up. In the game, goblin's self-destruct suicide attack will drop a lot hp. In this other world, it is expected to be very painful and not a mere hp is expected to be lost.

 Galen nodded, shouted, sped up his sprint, and rushed at the two goblins with machetes in their hands. As he was approaching them, he jumped up, pulled out a huge silver cross from behind with his hands, and fell from the air toward the two goblins.

 " {Phoenix hammer} ! ! Haaah! "

 " dong! !”

The Two chief goblins were blown up in an instant, and the surrounding goblins were also involved, knocking out a huge hole in the ground.

 " Eliminate! {Empty cut} ! !”

 Galen did not stop the attack, because the two chief goblins were not dead yet. The huge cross of his drew a semicircle in the air. Galen's body flashed golden light, and the skill received a buff. The cross was attacked from the front to the back. the two chief goblins were knocked to pieces, and some goblins around them were chopped to death. Uncle galen's attack was very fierce.

 After seeing Uncle Galen's powerful output ability, Wu ling feng suddenly felt a great increase of confidence. Uncle galen, a 25-level person, was present. Indeed, the output was very powerful. It seems that the Cat demon forest's difficulty should lessen with help.

 " Galen, don't worry about those ordinary goblins. First, wipe out those goblins who throw stones. They are monsters for long-range attacks. In future battles, priority will be given to the elimination of these guys. Long-range attacks are unfavorable to us in the battle ..." Wu Lingfeng said.

 Galen nodded and put his eyes on those throwing goblins.

 " {Straight fist impact} ! !”

 Galen's right hand glowed, his body like a sharp arrow to those throwing goblins, knocking them to the ground in an instant, and all the ordinary goblins passing by were knocked to the ground by him.

 Wu Ling Feng saw Galen enter the attack state, and he also started his own battle!

 " {Teleport} ! !”

 " {Basic Attack} ! {Trap Strike} ! !”

 Wu Ling Feng teleported directly to the side of a throwing goblin. A huge magic hand shadow appeared on his right hand. He grabbed the throwing goblin in his hand and threw it out. He threw the goblin to the ground, smashing a big pit and sent the dusts flying. Then Wu Ling Feng continued to attack ...

 " {Wind Strike} ! !”

 " {Conversion-fire} ! !”

 " {Basic Attack} ! ~! ~”

 A small tornado more than three meters high quickly formed. The throwing goblin was blown up before it could react and fell to the ground. After that, Wu Ling Feng's hands condensed into two fire-system magic balls to hit the throwing goblin.

 " Bang!"

The Throwing goblin suddenly exploded and was killed by a series of attacks by Wu ling feng.

 " Be careful! !”

 Winnie saw an ordinary goblin attack from behind Wu ling feng. She couldn't help but exclaim aloud, but the result she anticipated did not occur...

 " dong! !”

 For an instant, the whole body of Wu Ling Feng flashed a golden light, all the goblins around his body were shaken off, and all the state of his whole body was restored to its peak! ! !

 The upgrade is worth Wu Lingfeng's surprise. The effect of the upgrade in the ruins is different when it is peaceful. Usually, it is quiet. However, here, when the upgrade takes place, golden light will be emitted, and all the conditions will be restored to its peak. Damn, the ruins are awesome.

 What makes Wu Ling Feng even more delighted is that the experience given by this site is so high. Ordinary Goblin gives 100 experience and throwing Goblin gives 150 experience. The two chief goblins are even more powerful. Each gives 500 experience and two are worth 1000 experience. It's really good for him to train. He finally found a place where he can upgrade quickly. He would sweep this site every day. And his upgrade speed could be called a rocket gun. Gaga, the happy upgrade time of I is finally coming. Gaga ...

 " Ding, congratulations on your upgrade, your current level is 16 (135000), the character's stats is increased to:

 Basic stats:

 Hp (Life Value): 660

 Mp (Magic Value): 740

 Physical attack: 58

 Magic Attack: 65

 Strength: 42

 Physical strength: 45

 Intelligence: 58

 Spirit: 61

 Physical Magic Reading Attack: 900

 Physical Defense: 235

 Defense against Magic: 361

 Physical Critical Hit: 0%

 Magic Critical Strike: 0%

 Attack speed: 15%

 Casting speed: %

 Movement speed: 17.5 m s

 Anti-Magic Value: 0

 Hp recovery rate: 100

 Mp recovery rate: 10) 0

 Fire system: 10

 Ice system: 10

 Light system: 10

 Dark system: 10 "

 The growth of the system has strengthened the strength of Wu Ling Feng's body by one point. He shook hands and Wu Ling Feng started attacking again, because there are still more than ten ordinary goblins that have not been destroyed. Ha ha, while the upgrade is in progress he would keep attacking ...

 " {Wind Strike} ! !”

 " {Trap Strike} ! !”

 " {Ice sword} ! !”

 " {Rapid Fire}! !”

 Wu Ling Feng rushed around and killed the ones left, ordinary goblins couldn't resist his attacks at all. After the throwing goblins and chief goblins death, these ordinary goblins were not worth caring about, and the whole scene was completely one-sided.

 " Galen, only use ordinary attacks, your magic is not much, so don't waste anymlre unless necessary, there are still many places we need your magic, this is just the beginning ..." Wu ling feng said to Galen, Galen's ordinary attack is ok, his magic is not as much as Wu ling feng, and the regeneration speed is slow, so he can't waste too much, otherwise if they meet a Lord level magic beast and has no magic left, everyone will die, the current Wu ling feng is not sure if he can deal with a third-order Lord level magic beast. Even if he can deal with it, without Galen's support the battle would become more unfavorable to them...

 " Okay, I see ..." Galen nodded and stopped using his skills to attack and turned it into an ordinary attack, but even an ordinary attack is deadly to those goblins ...

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