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The golden structure was even more majestic than the Forbidden City in Beijing! One couldn't even see the end of it! The red defense walls that were more than ten meters tall stretched sideways with bright golden encaustic tiles on top, the defense walls were so long that their endings were nowhere in Hao Ren's sight.

Thousands of golden armored soldiers were patrolling along the defense wall, and they looked like little gold dots from afar.

More than 80 Elders in purple robes awaited politely on the sides of the entrance, and over 20 well-built generals in heavy black armors bowed with hands folded in front of them on the defense wall.

"Welcome back, Dragon King!"

They shouted out together with hundreds of soldiers who were standing behind them as Zhao Guang stepped forward.

The sound was so loud that it created a huge wave in the ocean.

Zhao Guang waved casually and walked the city with Hao Ren, and the Elders followed them in.

The Generals bowed again and continued with their patrolling duties along the defense wall, followed by their soldiers.

Hao Ren noticed that there were sections of different palaces beyond the defense wall. There were generals and soldiers in different uniforms patrolling around each section.

Bom, Bom, Bom... A hump-backed short elderly man in a gray robe jogged over.

"Forgive me, Dragon King, for not welcoming you at the gate! I had no idea that you were coming!" he kneeled and said as soon as he got in front of them.

Zhao Guang pointed casually at where this old man was kneeling, and the old man was got up with the assistance from Zhao Guang's energy. Zhao Guang asked as he kept walking, "Premier Xia, anything new lately?"

Premier Xia walked right beside Zhao Guang and said, "Dragon King, the Dragon Palace has been in peace for the past month. Everything is under the governing of the elders..."

"Get to the point," Zhao Guang said.

"Of course..." Premier Xia nodded, "I have passed the important issues on to Elder Sun and Elder Lu for you to read over. As for the trivial things, the elders here in the palace and I took care of them. I stored the 36 ripe Thousand-Year Crimson Fruits sent from the South Ocean into the Ice Palace. We delivered six pearls of the highest grade as a gift to North Ocean's Sixth Princess' wedding. Since West Ocean's Qinghe Dragon King's nephew's is having some trouble with cultivation, they borrowed the green-grade technique, Seven Hearts and Spirit Scroll, from us. After discussing with several Elders, we decided to lend it to them for one month. They will probably return it with some gifts by then..."

Zhao Guang listened to Premier Xia's report and hummed from time to time. Premier Xia, on the other hand, talked timidly as he didn't want to say anything wrong.

Hao Ren noticed that the Elders behind them didn't make any noise out of respect, and they even walked quietly in order to not make any sound. Hao Ren truly experienced the "power of the king" for the first time.

Zhuang Guang seemed like such an easy-going person with his quiet and calm personality. Who would have thought that he was the leader of the East Ocean Dragon Clan that had control over 30 million ocean creatures in the East Ocean region! Any decision of his would be able to turn the ocean around!

"Is Elder Zhao's altar almost ready?" Zhao Guang asked abruptly.

"We have finished 78 working procedures, and the altar can generate six large array formations and 32 small array formations. It should be done in about another ten days. Third Lord 1 is extremely powerful, and no one in the Human Realm can defeat him. He can certainly go through the Heavenly Tribulation successfully next month and level up into a Heavenly Dragon!" Premier Xia said.

Hao Ren, who was walking beside Zhao Guang, figured that they were talking about Zhao Yanzi's Third Uncle, Zhao Kuo. Although he knew that Zhao Kuo was powerful, he never had a clear idea of how powerful the man was. This "undefeatable in the Human Realm" remark demonstrated how terrifying his strength must be.

Zhao Guang suddenly turned around once they entered a palace and said, "Elders, please head back to get some rest."

"That..." Premier Xia pointed at Hao Ren secretly as if he was trying to say something.

"Oh," Zhao Guang came to his sense and pointed at Hao Ren as he explained, "This is Zi's future husband, Fuma Hao Ren."

"Long Live Fuma Hao Ren!" more than 80 elders bowed as they greeted Hao Ren.

Hao Ren felt extremely flattered by this greeting.

"There is no water in the Dragon Palace due to the protection of the array formations. Why are you still holding the Water Repellent Bead in your mouth?" Zhao Guang noticed Hao Ren's stuffed mouth.

After hearing this, Hao Ren spat the bead out.

He was astonished at everything on the way as he followed Zhao Guang through almost half of the Dragon Palace. On top of that, Premier Xia's reports amazed him as well. He still needed more time to recover from all the surprises.

Premier Xia took out a silk handkerchief and wrapped Hao Ren's Water Repellent Bead up before handing it back to him.

Hao Ren caught his apple-polishing motive but still thanked him.

"You can show Ren around, Premier Xia. It's his first time here, and he's not familiar with the place yet. Explain to him patiently if he has any questions," Zhao Guang said.

"As you wish, Dragon King!" Premier Xia bowed with his hands folded in front. Then, he glimpsed at Hao Ren and backed out of the palace.

Zhao Guang stayed in the palace to deal with matters that weren't reported to him on land. Just like what Premier Xia said, important issues would be delivered to Zhao Guang by Elder Lu and Elder Sun, and the trivial things, which didn't need to be reported, were kept inside the Dragon Palace for the Elders and himself to work on. However, those that were neither important nor trivial were left behind for Zhao Guang's return.

Hao Ren and Premier Xia had walked out of Zhao Guang's main palace.

Seeing Premier Xia's hunched back, Hao Ren suspected that his original form was a shrimp. However, Hao Ren held back asking that because he didn't want to hurt this elderly's self-esteem.

"Fuma, let me show you around since this is your first time at the Dragon Palace," Premier Xia said to Hao Ren as he humbly stood half a meter behind Hao Ren.

"Thank you, Premier Xia," Hao Ren bowed to him with hands folded in the front just like how they did it.

Premier Xia was glad that this Fuma, whom he had heard of but never met, was so easy to get along with; even his hunched back straightened a little. He led Hao Ren to the back and said in a loud voice, "This way, Fuma. Right in front of you is the Hundred-Flower Palace. There are precious fruits of over hundreds even thousands of years here, and they are all great for creating elixirs. I can show you around, but please make sure you don't touch anything because some of them are deadly toxic. I would be in huge trouble if anything were to happen to you..."

"Up ahead is the Mystic Creature Palace. We keep some bizarre creatures in there. The gods treasure all lives, so we, the Dragon Palace, don't take their lives. Due to the lack of Nature Essence in this realm, there isn't enough living space for them on the land. Therefore, we established this place for them to live in..."

Premier Xia got more and more excited before they even reached their destination.

Hao Ren listened to the amazing stories as he followed Premier Xia. He suddenly thought to himself, "Would there be an imperial harem in such a majestic palace for Zhao Guang?"

Premier Xia suddenly turned back to look at Hao Ren.

"Um...just pure curiosity..." Hao Ren found an excuse for his weird thoughts and hastily caught up with Premier Xia.

Third Lord is a close translation. In Chinese, people refer to people who they respect as "Grandpa", but the term "Lord", in this case, works better.

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