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"Ga… Erm…" Tang Meng jumped out of shock, he coughed a little to cover his jolt, almost choking himself with the bones he had in his mouth.

Tang Meng never thought that he would be involved without doing anything. Cao Shan Shan? My girlfriend? We're so different and so far apart!

Cao Shan Shan was furious when she saw Ling Yun acted as if he did not know her, her hair strands stood high because of her fury, she had yet to understand this phrase.

Even Ning Ling Yu felt her brother's joke was going overboard, after all they were in the same class for almost three years with Cao Shan Shan, and now he said he did not know her, of course she would be frantic!

There was someone who could not hold it any longer.

Zhang Ling Huo stood up from the table beside and ran forward towards Cao Shan Shan, he stood beside her and rebuked Ling Yun, "Ling Yun, everyone here knows that you have a crush on Cao Shan Shan, it's alright if you don't dare to tell her how you feel, but you spread ugly rumors to get her attention and now you act as if you do not know her at all, aren't you a bit too much?"

Zhang Lin was so straightforward; his words were piercing!

Cao Shan Shan heard this and frantically tried to stop him, but Zhang Ling spoke too fast.

Cao Shan Shan had seen many arguments and fights, but this time she could not hold her emotions, she could not breathe normally and tears were rolling in her eyes.

"This guy was really something, who doesn't know Cao Shan Shan in this school?"

"I know right, and they were studying in the same class for three years, and now he said he did not recognize her, did he run his brain out this morning during the sports class?"

"Hmph, in my opinion, he's trying to use this method to gain her attention, but he messed up everything."

"He's gotten our famous girl mad, he's dead…"

The crowd was discussing among themselves, they stopped eating at once and their attention fell unto the heated moment.

"Cao Shan Shan? I think I've heard of this name before, oh, right, Ling Yu, was she the one you spoke about in front of the hostel door?"

Ling Yun remembered instantly, Ning Ling Yu was walking out of the hostel then, her beauty stunned him at that moment, Ning Ling Yu had once asked him if Cao Shan Shan was prettier than her.

Ling Yun's answer back then was, "No matter who is Cao Shan Shan, you are prettier than her by hundred thousand times."

Ling Yun shook his head slightly as he saw Ning Ling Yu nodded her head in embarrassment, he looked up at Cao Shan Shan who almost cried and said calmly, "so you're Cao Shan Shan? I'm sorry but I'm not interested, please return to where you came from if there's nothing else, I'm trying to eat here."

Cool! It was indeed cool!

Tang Meng's heart was racing inside, Ling Yun had been compassionate to him earlier!

However, Ling Yun was too harsh, it did not matter if he gave up after failing to get Cao Shan Shan with him, there were plenty of guys who failed too, there was no need of him to say he did not 'recognize' Cao Shan Shan.

Cao Shan Shan laughed suddenly, she wanted to teach Ling Yun a lesson so badly at that moment, but she could not reveal to the whole canteen about her fighting skill.

Ning Ling Yu finally spoke after stood in silence for a while, "Cao Shan Shan, my brother has been acting weird after his morning jog, I bet he's just tired, please don't keep this in heart."

Tang Meng had to say something too, "about that, Cao Shan Shan, please don't get angry.

You saw me too, right? I had it worse than you. Ask Zhang Ling if you don't believe me, this guy's brain isn't well today, don't listen to his nonsense."

Ling Yun did not realize how tense it was getting, he grabbed the chopsticks and started to gobble down his food, as if he had nothing to do with the current situation.

It was after all a free feast; he should eat first.

Cao Shan Shan's mind was replaying what Ling Yun had said, "I'm sorry but I'm not interested."

She could see clearly that it was not an act when he said those words, he meant every single word he uttered and he was so calm and peaceful.

Was she that unworthy?

She was not satisfied at all!

You are born of a poor family, your grades are lousy, your weight is almost two hundred kilograms, your big pig head followed me last night, and now because of the whole situation you lie to everyone in the canteen, saying that you do not know me, who are you to do so?

You were just lucky enough to be getting rid of yourself, was this a proud thing? I would still beat you up for ten… Er, it would not matter if it were two or three punches, right?

"Student, your steamed fish and sliced gingers order…" A waiter came forward with the food tray, breaking the tense instantly.

Zhang Ling took this as an advantage and pulled Cao Shan Shan aside, "Shan Shan, this guy does not know anything good, don't mind him, let's just eat, we still have class later."

She could not breathe after the whole incident, if both of them started fighting, they would be on the losers' side.

Cao Shan Shan bit her lips hard and looked at Ning Ling Yu, then stared at Ling Yun, "LingYun, you want to show off your man's pride, am I right? You want to use this method to prove that you're not a coward? Alright then, I admit that you are indeed brave today, but, if you are really daring, tomorrow, Saturday night, dare to come out with me alone?"

The crowd started cheering loudly.

Zhang Ling knew exactly what the cheering meant, Shan Shan must had been so mad that she did not think this through before the words uttered out from her mouth.

'If Ling Yun is brave enough', then hang out with you at night? Alone?

If this phrase spread out to the whole school, it would definitely be a hit news!

"I'll let you understand that even though it is not a problem for you to use your own way, you picked the wrong person to mess with!"

"Zhang Ling, let's go!"

Cao Shan Shan's face was pale out of rage, her pouty lips were stuttering and the sound of her biting her jaws could be heard clearly, she did not feel like eating the steamed fish now, with a slap of hundred-dollar bill on the table, Cao Shan Shan pulled Zhang Ling with her and left the scene.

"My steamed fish!" Zhang Ling looked pitifully at the steaming dish on the table, the hatred for Ling Yun increased multiple folds at this moment.

"Are you kidding? He's chased away the popular girl of our school just like that?" A student had a horrified look on his face as he watched Cao Shan Shan dashing out of the canteen.

"You're absolutely right, he made her so mad she did not even eat her lunch." His friend added.

The canteen was in silence for a minute, then people started chatting and whispering.

"I think he's insane, completely insane, bet he doesn't want to live anymore, he'll be dead soon for picking on Cao Shan Shan."

A handsome tall student commented as he knew roughly about Cao Shan Shan's


"Brother, you've gotten Cao Shan Shan mad." Ning Ling Yu looked at Ling Yun worriedly, who was surprisingly composed.

Tang Meng stare at Ling Yun as if he was already as good as a paralyzed man.

Ling Yun had never stopped eating, he burped in satisfaction when he was done, then he proceeded to wipe his mouth with a napkin, after that, he turned towards Ning Ling Yu and flashed a clean smile.

"Your food is getting cold, eat it quickly, don't think too much about other nonsense…"

"But, Cao Shan Shan said, tomorrow night…" Ning Ling Yu saw his extraordinarily tranquil demeanor and was worried.

"I won't go. There's no tuition tomorrow night, I'll bring you home." Ling Yun took a sip of his tea and replied.

Ling Yun thought Cao Shan Shan was being dramatic and childish, he only said that he did not know her, why had she gotten so mad at that?

After hearing that her brother would take her home, Ning Ling Yu missed her mother all of the sudden, she wanted to tell her as soon as possible that her brother was no longer a coward, with that, she regained her energy and started eating.

Tang Meng showed Ling Yun a thumb up but looked at him pathetically, "you're great! Just to warn you, you won't be able to get away with this."

Ling Yun sensed Tang Meng's advice and sniggered a bit, "get away? Why wouldn't I? Is there any fault in not knowing someone?"

Even though he sounded calm, Tang Meng could sense slight fury in his tone, he said, "but the problem now is that you do actually know her! Why would you act as if you don't?"

Ling Yun wanted to tell him that he really did not know that girl, he thought for a minute and changed his mind, he just smiled.

Bring it on with all the nonsense, me being low-profiled doesn't mean I'm also a coward, I was not born to be a coward !

"What's the person's name who blocked my way this morning on the track?"

Ling Yun finally could have some time on his second matter after Cao Shan Shan and Zhang Ling left.

"Fatty, don't say I did not warn you, look out for yourself in the future, he's called Li Lei and he's into fighting, you've hit him just now, he'll surely come get you soon."

"What? Li Lei?! Brother how did you hit Li Lei?" Ning Ling Yu was surprised at this, she stopped eating and started to question her brother.

Ning Ling Yu knew who Li Lei was, he was the follower of Xie Jun Yan and also a fighter. Li Lei was always obedient to Xie Jun Yan, now that her brother had hit him, he was most likely in trouble.

Tang Meng saw Ning Ling Yu's pale face, he quickly flipped his hair and comforted, "Ling Yu don't worry, I'm now an acquaintance of Xie Jun Yan, I'll greet him and ask him not to harm Ling Yun."

Ning Ling Yu hesitated slightly and bit her lips, "thank you."

Tang Meng felt a sudden jolt!

Ning Ling Yu had thanked him! She did not thank him when he gave her one hundred thousand dollars; she did not thank him when he was forced by Ling Yun to treat her a big feast; he was only promising a small favor and Ning Ling Yu had thanked him!

Ling Yun felt funny, he shook his head at this and said, "no need, just tell me how can I find him."

Tang Meng stunned at his place and retorted in disbelief, "Ling Yun, are you serious? You've hit him so hard just now, it's a miracle that he hasn't find you yet, and now you want to find him yourself? Are you going to apologize to him?"

Ling Yun smiled and nodded his head, "yes, I want to apologize, I want to apologize to him furiously!"

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