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The quintet of them, including Ling Yun, all had different identities. All of them had dealt with money before, all of them had dealt with huge sums of money before.

When the five of them heard the staff announcing that Ling Yun's account had 8.1 million USD, which was equivalent to 50.5 million in Chinese currency, all five of them had different reactions.

Tang Meng's initial reaction was to be stunned, which was closely followed by rapture. Even though he had abided by Ling Yun's instructions to approach Li Qingchuan for help, he still felt rather unsure. This was because, in Tang Meng's eyes, 50 million dollars was definitely not a small amount. Ling Yun had no power or influence, how was it possible for him to obtain 50 million dollars in one night?

However, after hearing the confirmation from the bank staff and finding out that Ling Yun indeed had 50 million in his bank account, he felt relieved. Immediately, he began thinking of ways to complete the tasks given to him by Ling Yun. Not only did he want Ling Yun to be satisfied with the results, he wanted to make it absolutely perfect and try his best to save as much money as possible!

The 50 million dollars acted as a stimulus and an incentive, which gave his ideas greater adaptability.

In this world, the wealthy had their ways of spending money. A wealthy person could accomplish ten different things with one million dollars, whereas someone with only one million dollars could only buy a house or a car.

Tie Xiaohu was extremely shaken when he heard the announcement, but it only lasted for a short while. The corner of lips twitched violently, but apart from that, he did not have any other reaction.

Money and women were not important to Tie Xiaohu. What truly mattered to him was his abilities.

After hearing that every single cent of the 8.1 million USD had been transferred into Ling Yun's account, Xiao Meimei felt as though a weight had just been lifted off her chest and she felt lighter instantly.

Xiao Meimei knew better than anyone else that if the 8.1 million USD had not been successfully transferred into his account, Ling Yun would murder her in cold blood without hesitation and not give her a second chance.

Therefore, upon hearing that the 8.1 million USD had been successfully transferred into Ling Yun's account, her reaction was just a gentle sigh and her charming face brightened up like never before.

Coming from the richest family in Qingshui City, the mere 50 million dollars was nothing to Zhuang Meifeng. However, the excitement and shock in her eyes were more intense than anyone else's. She was shocked by Ling Yun's ability and not his money.

This was because the rate that Ling Yun obtained money was just too quick!

On the first night that Zhuang Meifeng and Ling Yun had spent together, Ling Yun had brought out a cheque written for 1 million dollars and 600 thousand dollars worth of cash.

On the second night, Ling Yun had brought back a box of money. Later on, upon inspection, the amount of money in the box turned out to be exactly 300 stacks, which amounted to a total of 3 million dollars!

Last night, Ling Yun had just told her that he was going to get 50 million dollars. Fast forward to today when they came to the bank to inquire about his bank account, there was indeed 50 million dollars sitting in his bank account!

How fast could he be when it came to earning money? It was almost as quick as robbing money!

The fact was, apart from the million dollar cheque, the rest of Ling Yun's money had either been obtained through robbing or blackmail. No matter a large or small amount, most of his money was made through those methods!

"Sir, do you require any other services? We will do our best to satisfy your needs." Suddenly, the staff's attitude towards Ling Yun had changed drastically, as if she was overwhelmed with fear and trepidation.

Ultimately, he was a big client in this bank. She was in no position to be getting into his bad books.

Ling Yun was elated and turned around to face Zhuang Meifeng, who was cuddling in his arms as she looked at him with admiration. He chuckled, "I don't know anything about this, what should I do now?"

Zhuang Meifeng was a world-renowned accountant and actuary who had been certified by the international board. She was practically the best personal consultant available, who else would he ask, if not her?

Under the scrutiny of everyone who was present in the bank, Zhuang Meifeng leaned in and pecked Ling Yun on the lips with a cheeky smile on her face. Quite some time had passed before she gave a response to the staff. "Leave 1 million USD in the bank account and convert the rest of the money to Chinese currency," she panted softly.

"Good morning sir, I am the deputy chief manager of this sub-branch, here is my name card. Is there anything I can help you with?"

A reliable-looking middle-aged man clad in an all-black suit appeared from behind and spoke to Ling Yun in a courteous manner before handing in his name card.

Ling Yun gave a polite smile before receiving the name card from the deputy chief manager. With an inquiring expression plastered on his face, he then handed it to Zhuang Meifeng, who was still within his embrace.

Zhuang Meifeng took the name card and casually glanced at it before giggling softly. "Chief Manager Li, we do have a few issues to settle…"

Chief Manager Li was glad to be of service to them. He immediately responded with a warm smile and replied, "Please give me a moment."

He turned around and instructed the staff who were behind the counter before turning back to address Ling Yun and his friends, "The few of you are welcome to come into my office for a chat. it's quieter in there and more conducive for a discussion."

Zhuang Meifeng gave Ling Yun a cheeky wink, which was a question of whether he was going to enter the office. Ling Yun nodded slightly before leading the four of them as he followed Chief Manager Li into his office.

Without a doubt, based on the number of assets he had in his bank account, he had become the super VIP client of this sub-branch of the bank. It was only natural for him to receive the best treatment from the staff.

After the quintet of them had reached the office, Chief Manager Li gave them a warm welcome and personally served them tea as well as other beverages politely, taking care of their every need.

After a brief moment of small talk, Zhuang Meifeng smiled as she addressed Chief Manager Li. "Chief Manager Li, I would like to ask, based on the current amount of assets we have in your bank, what kind of treatments are we entitled to?"

Chief Manager Li looked at Ling Yun and Zhuang Meifeng as if they were his gods of fortune and responded with a wide smile plastered on his face. "According to Mr. Ling's current savings, he is already considered as ICBC's Diamond VIP client. He is now entitled to all the services available to our Diamond VIP clients."

Zhuang Meifeng nodded and smiled in a business-appropriate manner. "Well, thank you, Chief Manager Li. The main reason we're here today is to exchange 7.1 million USD from the bank account to Chinese currency. Also, the transactions performed on this debit card in the future will increase significantly. I was hoping that Chief Manager Li would be able to enable us access to the bank's VIP Channel. That would save us a lot of trips to the bank in the future."

Chief Manager Li nodded with a smile on his face. "I'll instruct the staff to handle the currency exchange right now. On the other hand, all Diamond VIP clients are entitled to the VIP Channel service. We shall enable the service for Mr. Ling today."

Naturally, there would be financial management staff available to tend to the needs of the Diamond VIP clients, such as financial management and investments. Of course, with Zhuang Meifeng on Ling Yun's side, these services were redundant. All Zhuang Meifeng wanted was access to the VIP Channel for the sake of convenience.

With access to the VIP Channel, Ling Yun would be capable of performing transactions or other services through a simple phone call or text message. All he had to do was contact his personal financial management manager, saving him a trip to the bank. Without a doubt, this would reduce a significant amount of unnecessary troubles.

ID, cell phone number, setting up all sorts of passwords, filling up forms, signature… Chief Manager Li instructed multiple customer managers to run errands for him, saving Ling Yun the trouble of even standing up. In no more than half an hour, all the necessary procedures had been completed.

In this half an hour, Ling Yun had instructed Tang Meng and Tie Xiaohu to bring in the 3 million dollars that were sitting in the car and deposited it into the debit card. It would save him the trouble of lugging around such a huge amount of cash.

"Is there anything else? If there isn't, shall we leave?"

Ling Yun's original plan had been to leave right after checking his account balance and exchanging the money from USD to Chinese currency. However, this delay had already cost him an additional 20 minutes, which began to annoy him.

Tang Meng, who had been sitting quietly in a corner all this while, began to voice out. "Boss, aren't we buying villas today? Should we apply for a loan?"

Ling Yun immediately rolled his eyes at Tang Meng. With his brows furrowed, he responded, "What bullsh*t loan do I need to apply for? The interest rates are sky-high, are you going to be paying for it? No way!"

One single sentence was enough to completely destroy Tang Meng's plans. All he could do was stick his tongue out as he made a funny face.

The quintet left the bank and crammed into the Hummer once again. Tang Meng started the engine before asking Ling Yun, "Boss, what's our next destination?"

Ling Yun took one look at Zhuang Meifeng, who was wrapped around his body like a beautiful snake, and chuckled. "I don't care where we're going next. Don't ask me that question."

Tang Meng was aware of what he meant. He then turned around to look at the ever-beautiful Zhuang Meifeng and said, "Lady Boss, I shall be your personal driver for the day, what's our next destination?"

Zhuang Meifeng responded by rolling her eyes at Tang Meng. "Don't play dumb, where else can we go if I want to go shopping for clothes? Pedestrian Shopping Street!"

"Good idea!" Tang Meng turned back and shifted to the 'Reverse' gear on the gearbox. He then reversed the car out of the parking lot and sped off towards Pedestrian Shopping Street.

In the car, Xiao Meimei suddenly broke the silence and began speaking to Ling Yun. "Ling Yun, I think you should set up a bank account in Switzerland as soon as possible. This will prove to be extremely important in the future."

Xiao Meimei knew that Ling Yun was strong and capable. However, in Xiao Meimei's eyes, Ling Yun was still clueless about the mysteries of this world. Therefore, after contemplating back and forth, she decided to give him her suggestion.

Ling Yun fell silent and glanced over at Zhuang Meifeng.

Zhuang Meifeng gave it some serious thought before nodding in agreement. "Yes. Indeed, you should set up a bank account in Switzerland."

Ling Yun was earning money way too quickly, which may lead to a series of troubles. If any forces within the country intended to take him down and froze his bank account, as rich as Ling Yun could be, he would be bankrupt in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it was necessary to implement backup plans.

After listening to the suggestions given to him by the two beauties, he pondered for a little while before nodding in agreement.

He asked Xiao Meimei, "Can I set up a Switzerland bank account from within the country?"

Xiao Meimei shook her head and replied, "That would be rather difficult. It'd be best if you head to Switzerland for a trip…"

Ling Yun could not help but furrow his brows upon hearing that statement. If he were to travel to Switzerland, that would have to be at least 2 months from now. Even though missing lessons was not a concern of his, he could not be apart from the Shichoyou herb for more than a day.

Zhuang Meifeng looked at Ling Yun thoughtfully with a gleam in her big bright eyes. "It's just a trip to Switzerland. A plane ride wouldn't take long. I'll accompany you after you're done with your college entrance exams…"


Ling Yun finally nodded in agreement. As the two guys in front paid them no attention, Ling Yun quickly brushed his left hand across Zhuang Meifeng's 36Ds, sending chills and shivers down her spine as her body trembled ever so slightly.

In the corner of her eye, Xiao Meimei noticed the scene unfolding before her eyes as her sexy lips curled into a mesmerizing smile.

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