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Chapter 320: Haven’t Fulfilled A Father’s Duty for A Single Day

“Mo Boyuan, you…”

Men were indeed invincible when they were cheap!

At this moment, the cheap man was still leaning close to people’s ears:

“Honey, be good. Tell your husband, what did you think of just now?”

Jiang Tingxu even had the urge to kill at this moment. She stomped down hard.

Although it was a pair of slippers, she used all her strength. It was definitely not light.

At the same time, the man felt the pain and finally let go of his hand:

“Hiss, wife, are you trying to murder your husband?”


What exactly did he mean? He wanted to go himself.

After hearing Xu’s words, Jiang left the room without hesitation and went out to accompany her son to do his homework.

After that, Mo Boyuan did not go out to disturb the mother and son pair. He was indeed very tired. He had basically not slept for the past few days. Now that he was lying on the bed, he did not even take off his clothes before falling asleep.

Outside, the little guy who was doing his homework was extremely curious. He bit the tip of his pen with his small mouth and couldn’t help but ask,

“Jiang Tingxu, were you and Daddy fighting inside?”



However, before Jiang Tingxu could answer, the little guy had already continued to speak on his own:

“Who won?

Uh… It looks like you won. Is Daddy that weak? He can’t even beat a girl?”

Kid, if your dad knew that you looked at him like that in your heart, wouldn’t he hang you up and beat you for three days and three nights straight?

He would let you experience the deep malice of this world!

Jiang Tingxu didn’t deny it at all. Was he going to tell his son how shameless his father was?

Then forget it!

“Hurry up and do your homework. There are still so much left.”

Seeing the pile of homework in front of him again, the villain instantly forgot what he was so curious about before. He pouted:

“Jiang Tingxu, can Ningning stop working?”


“If I don’t finish, can Ningning not go to school tomorrow?”

“Even more so!”

Even Jiang Tingxu couldn’t do it, let alone her father!

Sigh, it was better to continue working.

Seeing that her son was finally obediently doing his homework, Jiang Tingxu heaved a sigh of relief.

If her son continued to ask, she really didn’t know how to trick him!

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but curse a certain man a hundred and eighty times in her heart.

At this moment, at the Gu family home in Jincheng.

Gu Ranzhi got out of Gu Yueshu’s car and swept his gaze over the place where he stayed, his former home!

Hearing the noise, everyone in the house came out.

When they saw Gu Ranzhi behind Gu Yueshu, everyone was shocked:


“It’s Ranzhi, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes, but it’s just Ranzhi. He’s finally back!”

There were quite a few members of the Gu family present. After all, Old Lady Gu was on her deathbed, so everyone had to stand by.

Gu Ranzhi did not have much of a reaction. He calmly looked at everyone and did not make a sound.

Gu Yueshu sighed:

“Your second uncle, second aunt, and aunt,” he introduced.

“Didn’t you say you were going to see the old lady one last time?”

Gu Ranzhi never intended to recognize his family. Moreover, Gu Ranzhi was already seven or eight years old when he left. How could he not know who these relatives are?

Actually, Gu Yueshu was not very happy. However, his son had finally agreed to come, so he could only suppress his unhappiness.

It was impossible for Gu Ranzhi to not notice this.

But even if he did, so what?

He had never fulfilled his duty as a father, so how could he ask anything of the son?

“Time to leave.”

In the end, he still compromised.

The Gu family’s second son and wife, as well as the Gu family’s younger sister-in-law, watched as their nephew walk past them without paying any attention to anyone.

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