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Chapter 97

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Even though Gu Rong spoke softly, everyone nearby heard him. At the words ‘using point to break the surface’, platinum bishop Salas immediately understood.

Against the Elephant Armored School’s seven united in a defensive formation, let alone Shrek Academy, even with all the competing Spirit Master teams, it would still be difficult to break. How could such a tyrannical defensive formation be broken? Tang San gave the answer.

Under Tang San’s control, the Shrek Academy seven had first risen into the sky to break the opponent's’ pressure, and immediately afterward, Tang San’s three great control abilities had reduced the Elephant Armored School to passive defense. Under such circumstances, the Shrek Academy team had simultaneously unleashed their most powerful attacks on Hu Yan Li. The strongest point was often also the weakest point, the so called weak point, indicated Hu Yan Li’s impact on the whole Elephant Armored Academy team.

If Hu Yan Li was broken, then the whole Elephant Armored Academy’s formation would immediately break. Without their backbone, their defense was no longer perfect. At this moment, as the soul of the team, Tang San had controlled his team members to launch the most suitable attacks in the most suitable locations. The Hell White Tiger spirit fusion ability was admittedly powerful, but without Tang San’s control to let them act at the most suitable moment, it would have been unable to cause such a large impact.

The Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples gathered with great difficulty. It had to be said, Hu Yan Li with a spirit bone truly had abnormal defense. Even though he had been slapped into the ground by the Hell White Tiger, when he crawled out, he just seemed a bit dispirited. He hadn’t suffered any true injuries, and was just a bit dizzy.

Both sides formed up anew to salute. Hu Yan Li looked at Tang San with burning eyes,

Even if his body was well developed, his mind wasn’t simple. Even though he had been beaten by the Hell White Tiger, he clearly understood just whose hand had defeated him.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying:
“You’re welcome at any time.”

Both sides bowed simultaneously. The difference was that the eyes of the Shrek Academy’s seven members all expressed the excitement of defeating a powerful enemy, while the gazes of the Elephant Armored School’s seven were brimming with unreconciliation. From start to finish, they’d all had a kind of helpless feeling, encountering such an opponent was somewhat difficult to bear. Even though they’d lost this fight, as Hu Yan Li said, they still believed their strength was greater than the Shrek Academy. Just like when the Shrek Seven Devils defeated the Emperor Team. However, they’d still forgotten that wisdom was equally a part of strength. The strength of spirit power and spirit abilities didn’t represent everything.

The crowds was already boiling the instant the fight ended. At the start, only a small number of people shouted Shrek Academy’s name, but just like a lit fuse, more and more joined in. As the Shrek Academy seven stepped down from the ring, the crowd had already forgotten that there were still several matches that hadn’t ended, and a cheer of ‘Shrek’ rose from the stands like a wave.

The majority of the match weren’t Spirit Masters, and just like amateurs following the crowd, the Shrek Academy team had given them the most dazzling match. Whether it was Tang San using the universal sky flow tactics at the start, or later that extremely astonishing Hell White Tiger, or just when the spirit rings appeared, everything gave the audience an extremely profound impression.

With the extreme disparity in body size, the audience had seen Shrek Academy as the weaker side, and ordinary people could most easily sympathize with the weak. When the Shrek Academy ultimately prevailed over their opponents, in the eyes of the audience, it was a classic battle of winning from a position of weakness.

“Xiao Wu, help me a bit.”
Tang San used a quiet voice that only the people next to him could hear.

Xiao Wu was inwardly alarmed, discovering that Tang San’s uniform was already soaked through with sweat, and his face was even paler than Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai.

Hastily she pulled on Tang San’s arm, using her strength to support his weight.

Even though Tang San had eaten Oscar’s big recovery sausage, his consumption had really been too large. The weak feeling of spirit power exhaustion constantly attacked his mind. If not for his unwillingness to let the opponents and the audience notice, he would have been unable to endure long ago.

This match would seem to have been under Shrek Academy’s complete control from start to finish, but for the sake of this victory, Tang San had still spent too much.

Relying on the flying mushroom sausage to fly, in order not to be encumbered by the weight, he had been forced to focus his Mysterious Heaven Skill with all his strength. At the same time he had still had to pay attention to each change on the battlefield, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to pull his companions to attack, attending to each corner there. This didn’t just consume spirit power, it was an even greater drain on the mind.

Afterward, Tang San had simultaneously released his first, second, and fourth control spirit abilities, on more than one occasion. His spirit power had already been substantially drained. Even though the big recovery sausage could help him recover a bit, it was by no means complete.

Especially in that final moment. Even though it seemed like only two opponents remained, and they were still seven, the strength gap hadn’t been as wide as that. Of their four fortieth ranked powers, besides Oscar who couldn’t attack, only Tang San still had a speck of spirit power left. And Jing Ling, Huang Yuan and Xiao Wu would have found it difficult to break the defense of the two rested opponents.

For the final victory, Tang San had first used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to support the enormous pressure of the falling opponent, and then fully used his already substantially depleted spirit power for Spider Web Restraint. That moment had not only exhausted his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength, but had even overdrawn it.

Now that the fight was already over, Tang San even found it somewhat difficult to walk, and had no choice but to draw support from Xiao Wu.

The seven stepped down from the stage, and three gentle lights already quietly fell on Tang San, Dau Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. The three felt a warm flow enter their bodies, immediately rousing their spirits and restoring some color to their faces.

The light spread from behind the shelter of Ma Hongjun’s plump body, and Ning Rongrong poked her head out from behind him, giving everyone a small smile.

After all, it was still the Shrek Seven Devils that had the most tacit rapport and they had clearly seen what happened on the stage, so just as the seven stepped off, Ning Rongrong immediately used her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit power boost. Even though it was only temporary, it could at least help the three condense a bit of spirit power. When overdrawn, this kind of boost could easily make up for the overdrawn part. Of course, that was with the premise that it greatly consumed Ning Rongrong’s own spirit power, but the battle was already over, and she didn’t worry about the expenditure.

Altogether eleven people stood together in a ring, Dai Mubai took the lead to extend his right hand, immediately followed by Tang San, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, Jiang Zhu, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, Tai Long.

Eleven gazes focused on the same spot.

The smiles on their faces grew as they shouted,
“Shrek will win!”

Passing this fight, the four new substitute members finally felt like a true part of the team, and at the same time they also truly recognized the power of the Shrek Seven Devils. Further adding that they knew the Shrek Seven Devils’ ages, they had a heartfelt admiration for these seven junior brothers and sisters.

The one smiling the widest was Tai Long. He had already on more than one occasion regretted originally provoking Tang San. Wasn’t this following the path to one’s own doom?

From these two fights, he could already clearly see that when Tang San had beaten him, he had absolutely started off leniently.

Again thinking of how even his father’s fiftieth ranked strength hadn’t been enough to beat him, Tai Long was even more ready to prostrate himself in admiration for this young master.

Originally when Tai Tan had let Tai Long follow Tang San as a bodyguard, Tai Long’s heart had still been unwilling. At that time he had still considered Tang San as a rival in love. But now he felt exceedingly happy with his grandfather’s decision.

Even if he even more honestly saw just how outstanding Tang San was, following such a young master, there would be no need for concern over his own future.

Quickly changing into their own clothes, the Shrek Academy eleven took advantage of the spectators still not having come out to swiftly leave the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena. In the space of a breath they had returned to the Academy.

However, the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena didn’t calm just because they left. The mood in the arena had already become incomparably boiling, and cheers of ‘Shrek’ continued even until the end of the other four matches.

Shrek Academy was of course not the only team to take two successive victories, but the opponents they had defeated one after another was the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team symbolizing the Heaven Dou Empire, and the Elephant Armored Academy subordinate to one of the seven great schools, Elephant Armored School.

Their powerful opponents and Shrek Academy’s offbeat clothing, no doubt made them the focus of the entire audience.

In the stands, Flender also hadn’t expected them to cause such a big sensation. But, with his meticulous mind, he had already begun to calculate how to gain the most benefit from the uproar.

In the VIP seats, Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen had already calmed down, and sat there as placid as water. Platinum bishop Salas at his side seemed to have a somewhat pondering appearance.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Emperor Xue Ye smiled the whole time, occasionally saying something to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi in a low voice.

Behind them, the three Heaven Dou Imperial Academy board members were watching prince Xue Xing with incomparably furious gazes, and that prince, just two days ago heavily reprimanded by emperor Xue Ye, was already completely speechless. Even if his insight had been even worse, seeing just how promising the Shrek Academy team was, inwardly he couldn’t keep from regretting that he even listened to fourth prince Xue Beng and drove them away. In fact, this glory should originally have belonged to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy!

In a corner of the competitors’ stands.

There was a hazy expression in the eyes of the team wearing the moon white Blue Sunshine Academy uniforms. They hadn’t expected that the opponents they had teased would turn out to be so powerful. Even opponents like the Elephant Armored Academy couldn’t beat them. In fact, their opponents in the first match had been the Elephant Armored Academy, and the result had been a crushing defeat.

Led by Spirit Sage Shi Nian, the goal of this Blue Sunshine Academy team was the ranking competition and the finals. They’d already lost one match, and if they continued losing, how could they reach their goal? They naturally understood that their jibes at the Shrek Academy from before would be repaid in full in the competition. If by some chance they were completely broken like the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second team, they would be finished.

These Blue Sunshine Academy team members were all exceptionally outstanding, but even more outstanding students would only get one opportunity to compete in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. How would they wish for an opportunity like this to slip from their hands? Unlike the Elephant Armored School they didn’t have absolute confidence in advancing through the tournament.

Shi Nian stood with both hands held behind him, sweeping his gaze over the team,
“You don’t have to think about it too much. First obtain victory in your second match. Constantly increasing the number of victories, is what you should do. As for the Shrek Academy problem, I will deal with it.”

Listening to Shi Nian roused the spirits of the whole Blue Sunshine Academy team. They were quite clear on the character of this academy vice dean, and for a moment their smiles all became twisted.

One week passed very quickly. The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament qualifiers also smoothly completed six rounds of matches. In that time there were three academies that got six successive victories, and Shrek Academy was among them. Besides the trouble with the Elephant Armored Academy in the second round, the next four opponents were easy wins. Of the Shrek Seven Devils, only Tang San, Dai Mubai, and Xiao Wu appeared. Their opponents also didn’t reveal any Spirit Masters over the fortieth rank.

The other two academies that earned six consecutive victories were the Thunderclap Academy[1] and the Godwind Academy[2].

Today was the eighth day of the competition, and also the start of the seventh round of matches. Shrek Academy’s opponent had only obtained two victories, Othello Academy[3], and it was also because of the weak opponent that this time they didn’t fight in the central ring. Because the the fight in the central ring was the highlight of the day’s matches, a collision between two powerful teams at the same time as them, the Elephant Armored Academy and the Thunderclap Academy.

In the rest area, Oscar leaned his head against the chair,
“It’s really good not having to go on stage. We can leisurely watch the matches.”

Laughter escaped from Jiang Zhu:
“How about you take my place? Your strength is already exposed anyway.”

Oscar immediately shook his head, saying:
“How could a spotless beautiful youth like me talk about going on stage?”

Ning Rongrong snorted unhappily,

While speaking, she still sneakily pinched the flesh at his waist, causing the previously rather leisurely person to immediately sit up straight, drawing in a deep breath.

Jiang Zhu chuckled to the side. At this moment, Ma Hongjun stretched out his head,
“Sister Jiang Zhu, how about I take your place? Even if I’m a secret weapon, if you’re tired, I can still help you out. If you get exhausted it’s no good.”

Jiang Zhu pinched the cheeks of Ma Hongjun who was half a head shorter than her:
“Little Fatty should still be the most obedient. Later big sister will buy you something tasty. Leave this match to me. For the sake of ultimate victory, this still isn’t tiring. Moreover, this is also a chance to gain real combat experience.”

Ma Hongjun’s face had a naive look, repeatedly nodding.

Oscar and Ning Rongrong looked at each other, both having difficulty holding back smiles. Since everyone started training and competing together, Fatty had always hovered around Jiang Zhu, showing an obedient darling appearance.

Even though this fellow wasn’t particularly handsome, that porkface was still somewhat cute, and under his deliberate coverup, Jiang Zhu unexpectedly didn’t catch on to his true appearance.

But the Shrek Seven Devils were after all the best of brothers, and the other six were all couples. Watching Fatty all alone, they couldn’t easily expose him.

Adding that Fatty’s evil fire problem had also been settled, if he wanted to pursue Jiang Zhu himself, even if the others wouldn’t support him, they also wouldn’t stir up trouble.

“Fine, don’t be noisy. Even though our opponents this fight aren’t strong, we still can’t be careless. A lion still needs to use all his strength to chase a rabbit. If by chance we encounter a team with hidden strength, it’s very possible we’ll stumble into a ditch.”

Dai Mubai showed off the proper responsibilities of a captain, reminding everyone to prepare for the match.

Just at this moment, Grandmaster walked in from outside,
“Dai Mubai is right, it’s very possible some academies will hide their strength. However, not this time. Your opponents have already forfeited.”

“Ah? Forfeited?”
The whole Shrek Academy team couldn’t help looking at Grandmaster in astonishment.

Grandmaster smiled faintly, saying:
“The strength you’ve showed off has made some academies with insufficient strength forfeit, this is quite ordinary. No need to be so astonished. You can also just use this chance to go watch the match between Thunderclap Academy and Elephant Armored Academy. These two teams are both capable of threatening you. Know yourself and know your enemy, only then can you be ever victorious. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the competitors’ stand.”

Not needing to compete meant a day of rest. In such a high density round robin system as the qualifiers, this was undoubtedly an extraordinary benefit for the Shrek Academy. Everyone immediately cheered, following Grandmaster towards the lobby outside.

At this moment, they encountered a group of people entering from outside.

Moon white uniforms, those familiar ‘blue sunshine’ characters, as well as that gloomy old man Shi Nian in the lead. It was the Blue Sunshine Academy team.

The gazes of both teams met in midair, and everyone could see sparks flying from the eyes of their counterparts.

Dai Mubai even further raised his hand, pointing a forefinger at that leading youth, afterwards making a beheading gesture.

The Shrek Academy didn’t have any good impression of the Blue Sunshine Academy, and Grandmaster didn’t even give them a glance, directly leading the Shrek Academy group away.

That old man Shi Nian stopped walking a moment, a strange color flashing in his eyes. He turned his head and glared at his own team, stopping some who wanted to move. Both sides crossed and passed.

Tai Long clenched his fist, issuing bone cracking sounds,

His words gave voice to all the Shrek Academy members’ thoughts.

Fatty couldn’t help saying:
“Fuck, what do these fellows have to be arrogant about, as if they have a winning hand, they couldn’t even take down the Elephant Armored Academy. Third brother, let me go up when we meet them, I’ll definitely let them learn what’s called real strength.”

Grandmaster calmly said:
“Alright, you all keep calm. They’re not opponents that should concern you. Over these past few days of competition, I’ve made some investigations into all the competing teams. Among these teams, only five are capable of threatening you. Only these five might have some hidden strength. Of these five, you’ve already faced the Elephant Armored Academy. Considered a difficult victory. They also have the smallest chance of still having hidden strength. After all, Hu Yan Li’s spirit bone has already been revealed. I’ve heard the Elephant Armored School master Heavenly Elephant Hu Yan Zhen has been together with these clan disciples every day, perhaps he’s concerned about Hu Yan Li.”

Besides the Elephant Armored Academy School, the other four academies that might threaten you are the Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, Skywater Academy[4], and the Blazing Academy[5]. From their names, you should also have discovered that these for academies each represent four formidable capabilities. Thunder, wind, water, and fire. Add the Elephant Armored Academy representing the defensive strength of earth. In the Heaven Dou Empire academy scene they’re collectively known as the five great elemental academies. Each academy has a certain degree of backing.”

“The Elephant Armored Academy’s backing is the most direct, it was founded by the Elephant Armored School. The other four academies equally have unconventional backgrounds. Behind the Thunderclap Academy is actually the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan, only their support is comparatively indirect, only some branch family disciples enter there, directly related disciples are fostered within the clan. Only Yu Tian-Heng entered the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. But even the branch families of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan have great strength. You can’t look down on the strength of this Thunderclap Academy. I don’t know what the backgrounds of the Godwind Academy, Skywater Academy, and Blazing Academy are, but I can sense that these three academies also has deep backgrounds. They each have their own characteristics, and they’re each very difficult for you to deal with.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“The advancement quota from the qualifiers is only five. Therefore, you must plan for passing the qualifiers, then, one of these five academies will inevitably wash out. The five elemental academies have a close relationship, and if my guess is correct, they will inevitably move. Therefore, in the later matches you will encounter stronger and stronger opponents. Your hold your fate in your own hands. If you want to advance to the finals without trouble, then the best way is to obtain victory in each match in the qualifiers, entering the next stage with a total win record.”

The Shrek Academy team agreed loudly.

Leaving the rest area, everyone’s gazes first floated towards the stage. Right now, the spectators all around were constantly booing.

Tang San puzzled asked Grandmaster:
“Teacher, what’s going on? Why is the audience reacting so much?”

Grandmaster said with a wry smile:
“Isn’t it because of you? Your opponents forfeited, there are a lot of spectators who came especially to see all of you compete. When you don’t appear, they will naturally be dissatisfied.”

In the stands, at least one third of the spectators were dressed in green, or perhaps it should be called ‘snot green’.

Even Grandmaster and Liu Erlong had to acknowledge Flender’s sense for finance, but they could understand even less how the former Shrek Academy could fail like that.

Ever since the Shrek Academy team had caused a sensation, Flender had found partners to begin mass production of Shrek Academy uniforms and dumping them on the market. Moreover, each uniform was embroidered with the name of a team member.

Among them, Tang San’s uniform sold the most, followed by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. In just one short week, Flender had ruthlessly dredged up quite a sum on these uniforms.

These two days he had begun thinking about making team mascots for sale. He was so busy he had completely handed over all tournament matters to Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

They didn’t know who first saw the Shrek Academy group leave the rest area, but immediately, a large amount of spectators began to shout the word ‘Shrek’, and the mood in the arena grew a lot more enthusiastic.

If this had been a spirit fighting match, the Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena would have invited the Shrek team on the stage for a fight no matter what, as soon as they saw such a surge of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, this was the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, and they didn’t have that authority. They could only regretfully watch the Shrek Academy’s absence from this day’s matches.

The first round of matches had already begun. Grandmaster immediately pointed out which of the ten teams competing below were the Godwind and Skywater teams. What made Tang San astounded was that all the Godwind Academy’s team members had flying abilities.

This was no doubt highly headache inducing. And the Skywater Academy’s team consisted entirely of women, and each was a beauty.

Their opponents still hadn’t acted, and they all already looked half charmed. What was the point in continuing a match like that?

In the shortest time possible, without hurdles, the Skywater Academy had already obtained victory.

The Godwind Academy’s method of attack was very simple. All the members circled in the air like seven goshawks, constantly swooping down to attack. Their grasp of rhythm was exceptional.

With each attack, they struck with the five thousand ton force of thunder, after three rounds of dive attacks, the opponents no longer had anyone who could stand.

Observing these two matches, Tang San said in a low voice to Grandmaster next to him:
“Teacher, why aren’t these five great elemental academies matching up elements and competing together? Whether it’s the Elephant Armored Academy or these two teams, they’re all the same single attribute Spirit Masters. Even though this means one aspect will become very powerful, in practice, the weak points also become glaringly obvious. If they can’t display their strong points, doesn’t that leave them without the strength to follow up?”

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying:
“This is the difference between Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire. Heaven Dou Empire’s advanced Spirit Master academies have always relied mainly on these five great elemental academies. This time around the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy has the Emperor Team, which is pretty good. But in the previous several tournaments, the ones capable of entering the top three from Heaven Dou Empire’s side has always been one of these five elemental academies.”

“Just as you said, the style of the team members from these five academies all tend to the extreme. Entirely different from the balanced nature the Star Luo Empire strives for. This has both advantages and detriments. When they encounter enemies that can’t restrain their strong strong points, they can often destroy the opponents in a single blow. But if they encounter opponents that can restrain them, they will also frequently lose in a short time. But in all these years, these five great elemental academies has never had the slightest notion of changing their policies. Do you know why this is?”

Tang San blankly shook his head.

Grandmaster spoke in a low voice:
“Because this is the struggle between the Spirit Master world’s two great streams of thought. One faction stands for balance, one faction stands for extremism. The extreme faction believes that a Spirit Master’s capabilities should as far as possible follow a pure route, letting their strength grow in only a single direction, to become as outstanding as possible within this one direction. But the balanced faction believes a Spirit Master’s capabilities should develop harmoniously, balancing attack and defense. These two great streams of thought have always been warring. The Spirit Master world of the Heaven Dou Empire largely favors the extreme faction, you’ve also seen that your Clear Sky School’s Strength Clan is a typical example. And the Clear Sky School’s four subordinate clans also have another three great extreme limit followers, you will no doubt come into contact with them in the future. But the Star Luo Empire’s Spirit Masters largely follow the balanced route. Perhaps they have a bit less burst power, but they also have a lot fewer weaknesses, and their follow up capabilities are also more outstanding.”

“Then Spirit Hall? Does Spirit Hall follow one stream?”
Tang San asked.

Grandmaster lowered his voice:
“Spirit Hall has never expressed support of any side. Spirit Masters of both streams of thought enter Spirit Hall, but strangely there has never been any internal conflict between them. Our Shrek Academy is actually considered to be following a half balanced, half extreme limit route. Or you might say, extreme individuals, balanced as a group. After many years of research, this is what I believe to be the most suitable route to cultivate.”

“Individual strength, or a bit extreme is comparatively preferable. This can let one’s strength increase to the maximum. As for later lacking endurance of having weak points, that can be completely complemented by relying on teammates. In a team, if each person can be expert in one extreme ability, and complement each other, then this team will succeed. Strength will inevitably be above equal level teams. Do you see what teacher means?”

Tang San said in a flash of understanding:
“So it’s like that. Extreme limit flow and balanced flow each have their characteristics. Then in other words, for all these years, balanced flow has always held the advantage?”

Grandmaster laughed grimly,
“No, I should say it’s the fusion flow that’s held the advantage. I’m not the first person to propose fusing the extreme limit flow and balanced flow. The ones who truly raised this proposal was Spirit Hall. Only, Spirit Hall doesn’t show off this idea. But each team Spirit Hall has sent to participate in the competition has used it. Consequently, the champions of the previous several Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament have also all been from Spirit Hall.”

Tang San frowned:
“Since Spirit Hall knows these mysteries, why doesn’t it take the initiative to come forward? With their authority in the Spirit Master world, they could completely……”

Grandmaster shook his head,
“This involves politics, influence, and all sorts of interests. It’s not as easy as you think by far. You’re still young. It’s fine if you don’t pay attention to these things yet. What you must do now, is to improve your own strength as far as possible. If you want to take the championship, you only have one true opponent. That is the team dispatched from Spirit Hall. Even though I can’t be certain just what degree their strength has reached, I think that their ferocity will certainly be above the Emperor Team and the five great elemental academies. Spirit Hall’s true strength is far greater than anyone imagines.”

As he spoke, a terrified light flashed unconsciously through Grandmaster’s eyes, as if he had thought of some frightening scene.

Tang San suddenly raised his head, saying:
“Teacher, I’ll go back to the Academy first.”

Grandmaster looked startled a moment,
“You’re not watching the competition?”

Tang San nodded,
“My Three Aperture Governing Heart still isn’t skillful. You’re right rather than researching others, it would be better to strengthen myself. The strength of these five great elemental academies should all be similar to the Elephant Armored School. Even though they’re strong, just as you said, if we went out with our full strength, defeating them wouldn’t be challenging. In order to face our true opponents, it would be best to raise our own strength.”

Over this week, besides competing, Tang San had carried out special cultivation every day.

His Three Aperture Governing Heart was cultivated completely while fused with the surroundings. Communicating with the wild Blue Silver Grass in the forest each day had already become a mandatory course for him.

Continuing for a week, he had discovered that his spirit power promotion speed had clearly increased, and his Blue Silver Grass Spirit had also quietly changed in some way.

Tang San couldn’t say what the internal change was, but he was certain it was completely in a beneficial direction.

Right now his control of Blue Silver Grass was even more harmonious, each strand of Blue Silver Grass spreading with a thought. Further adding the effect of Three Aperture Governing Heart, even though his spirit power hadn’t increased, Tang San could clearly feel himself progressing in control capability.

[1] (雷霆学院)

[2] (神风学院)

[3] (奥赛罗学院)

[4] (天水学院)

[5] (炽火学院)

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