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Chapter 95

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster always emphasized tempering Tang San’s ability to direct, and nodded to this, saying:
“Tell me, what do you propose?”

Tang San lowered his voice:
“I’m thinking like this. Three of us Shrek Seven Devils appeared in the last fight, this fight we adjust it once. Zhuqing replaces Tai Long, little Ao replaces Jiang Zhu. If five of us seven can’t defeat the opponents, how can we take the final championship?”

Hearing Tang San speak, Grandmaster revealed a smile,
“Pretty good, very focused. It seems you’ve already planned in advance.”

Tang San’s brows wrinkled slightly:
“Can’t say that, anything can happen in the match. But I believe this is the best way to fight, it’ll give us a chance at victory without exposing our full strength.”

To the side Tai Long Couldn’t keep from saying:
“Young master San, why not let me fight? Aren’t the opponents all defense and strength type Spirit Masters? With me there, at least I could block them head on. There’s no question about my ability to take a beating.”

Grandmaster smiled:

Who understood the mind of his direct disciple better than him?

How would Dai Mubai want to avoid battle? His evil eyes shone,
“Little San, you arrange it.”

Tang San nodded, gathering the fighters around him. In a low voice, he began to explain the tactics he had in mind. Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and Flender listened quietly on the side, without adding further opinions. They all understood that only relying on their own strength and wisdom to temper themselves in battle, was the best method for these little monsters to grow in strength.


The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament third day competition officially began.

Only ten of the twenty eight competing teams walked into the arena. The spacious arena was already arranged differently from the first day. Besides the original stage Tang San and the others used in the first match, another four equally sized platforms were built to the sides. Despite the size of these five stages, this Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena that was capable of holding eighty thousand people still didn’t appear crowded.

The twenty eight teams fighting on this third day were split into three series, and Shrek Academy was part of the first to go on stage. As a result of their terrifying display in the first match, as well as the expectations for the Elephant Armored Academy to be able to compete for the first place, the match between them was arranged for the central main stage.

As a major occasion that only happened every several years, plus the attraction competing Spirit Masters held to all parties, today the VIP’s present on the viewing platform was practically nothing like the first day opening ceremonies. Not only was the upper crust of the Empire all here, emperor Xue Ye still sat in the center of the front row. However, today the people at his side had changed from two to four. Besides Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas, there were another two people. One was one of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s two Title Douluo, Bone Douluo Gu Rong. The other was comparatively strange. Let alone attracting the gazes of a lot of the people in the VIP section, even comparatively distant spectators on both sides paid attention to him. Because, this person’s appearance really was a bit extraordinary.

Using ‘extraordinary’ to describe him seemed somewhat insufficient, this person’s body really was too enormous. Even sitting he was a lot taller than most people standing up. The Bone Douluo’s build was already very lofty, but compared to this person next to platinum bishop Salas, he was still a bit inferior.

Estimating this person’s height by eye, he was at least two meters fifty or more, he occupied three of the spacious VIP seats by himself. Just like a mountain of meat. His skin was dark, and he had large eyes like bells. His dark skin seemed to release a special radiance, and just sitting there he gave a very powerful impression. His hair and beard were all white, apparently more than seventy years old.

Ning Fengzhi also hadn’t expected this person to show up in the VIP seats, and Bone Douluo at his side asked him with voice transfer:
“Fengzhi, why would Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen[1] this old brat also come?”

Ning Fengzhi equally used a method to compress his voice to a string to reply:
“When you see who Elephant Armored School’s opponent today is, you’ll understand. I’m afraid the reason Salas called Hu Yan Zhen over is also because of them.”

The reason why Spirit Hall was known as the most powerful on the Continent, even to the extent where they could compare to the two Great Empires, was inseparably linked to the support of the lower four sects of the seven great schools. Among the seven great schools, of the upper three sects Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School always backed Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, while Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan remained neutral, and Clear Sky School secretly supported Star Luo Empire’s imperial family. But the lower four sects had a close relationship with Spirit Hall. Even though they weren’t affiliated, they were still absolutely intimate. The Elephant Armored School wasn’t located far from Heaven Dou City, and the mountain of meat now sitting next to platinum bishop Salas was precisely the Elephant Armored School master, Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen. If he wasn’t the master of a school, how could he be entitled to sit in the front row of the VIP section?

Gu Rong smiled faintly, saying:
“It seems this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is getting more and more interesting. It really is the emergence of the new generation. Fengzhi, when you originally predicted they were the golden generation of the Spirit Master world, I still doubted you a bit. But now it seems you were right. But I still don’t know what teams will appear in the finals. Today Shrek Academy’s opponents are the Elephant Armored School, are you still optimistic?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled:
“Why not? Even though the Elephant Armored School isn’t weak, their flaws are extremely clear. With Tang San’s intelligence, and further adding the directions of an unequalled theoretician like Grandmaster, as long as they go all out, victory shouldn’t be a problem. Hold on, why is it like this……”

As he spoke, Ning Fengzhi finally saw the two teams walking onto the central stage. He had met all the Shrek Seven Devils, but the ones he saw going up first right now were Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, and Jing Ling. Seeing Huang Yuan and Jing Ling, Ning Fengzhi immediately understood that Shrek Academy still wouldn’t go all out in this fight.

Lightly clapping his forehead, Ning Fengzhi helplessly shook his head, saying to the Bone Douluo at his side:
“This Shrek Academy really is ferocious, they’re confronting the Elephant Armored School but still won’t use their full strength. Fortunately they’ve exchanged two members. I hope they don’t make any mistakes this time.”

While speaking, Ning Fengzhi’s gaze unconsciously floated over to platinum bishop Salas on emperor Xue Ye’s other side, just in time to catch a cold ferocity flit through Salas’ eyes.

At the time of the first match, Ning Fengzhi once made clear the relationship between the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Shrek Academy. This moment, Ning Fengzhi’s heart suddenly tightened somewhat. He faintly understood the reason Salas had called over Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen. And Shrek Academy meeting this opponent in this match apparently also wasn’t due to bad luck.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was organized by Spirit Hall, assisted by the two great empires. Even though the rules embodied the two words ‘Absolute Impartiality’ to the greatest extent, right now the words the came to Ning Fengzhi’s mind were: Hidden Manipulation.

Salas had seen that recruiting them was hopeless, and clearly intended to beat down Shrek Academy’s reputation from before. Perhaps the Elephant Armored School’s methods today would be the same as Shrek Academy’s last fight. What a platinum bishop.

As he understood this point, Ning Fengzhi’s complexion dropped immediately. Fortunately he didn’t see his daughter appear in Shrek Academy’s current formation. At the same time he sighed inwardly, hoping his protection wouldn’t turn into a bad thing. Who won this competition was no longer important, Ning Fengzhi only hoped that the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Even though the Shrek Academy team members were mentally prepared, as they truly saw their opponents, they couldn’t help drawing a deep breath. Were they really human?

When the Elephant Armored School’s seven members stepped onto the stage, the whole platform constantly trembled along with their pace. What stepped onto the stage basically wasn’t seven people, but seven mountains.

They were all black clothed, and the shortest of the Elephant Armored Academy’s seven team members was already two meters tall. The tallest surpassed two meters fifty. Standing in front of the Shrek Academy team, all of them had to look down.

Compared to height, even more frightening was their weight. Estimating it by eye, Tang San guessed that the smallest one weighed more than three hundred jin[2], while that tallest one perhaps exceeded five hundred jin[3].

The same black hair, shaved short on both sides, with only the hair in the middle combed into a strange pony tail, with black skin not much different from the clothes they wore. The seven of them standing in a line was like a solid city wall, blocking the view of the Shrek Academy team.

Standing in the middle was that particularly doughty giant. He took a step forward, and as his feet landed, the entire stage made a booming sound, shaking violently.

“Elephant Armored School team, captain, Hu Yan Li[4]. Forty third ranked defense system Battle Spirit Ancestor.”
This captain spoke in a muffled voice, his fat seemingly quivering along with his voice. A pair of small eyes glared at Dai Mubai, glinting ominously.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Rather than taking it lying down, Dai Mubai took a step forward. Even though his body weight wasn’t enough to produce vibrations, his imposing manner was accurate to perfection,
“Shrek Academy team, captain, Dai Mubai. Forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor.”

“Both teams, salute.”
The referee called out.

Led by Dai Mubai and Hu Yan Li, the altogether fourteen competing members of both sides bowed to each other. The mood in the ring became serious in practically a split second.

“Qualifiers second round, first match, officially begins.”

The five simultaneous matches under way were pronounced started at practically the same time. Also at that moment, the seventy members of ten academies in five matches simultaneously released their spirit rings. Suddenly, the entire Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena became dazzlingly beautiful. The cheers of the spectators also erupted at this moment.

Spirit body enhancement, tool spirit summoning. Dazzling spirit ring light filled the air in an instant.

The seven direct disciples of the Elephant Armored School in front of the Shrek Academy team simultaneously threw off their jackets, exposing their fat. Very quickly, they used their body enhancement to show the audience why they took of their jackets.

The originally already imposing bodies, swelled up once again with explosive shouts of spirit body enhancement. Somewhat flabby fat unexpectedly stretched out, becoming exaggerated muscles, a layer of deep yellow keratin appeared over the skin, flickering with metallic luster. Making them seem even more inhuman was their noses extending, growing longer, and at the same time their upper lips rose, two fierce tusks extending more than one chi[5].

The seven simultaneously raised their right feet, then stomping heavily on the stage. The loud sound not only attracted the audience’s attention, but at the same time left everyone worried whether the stage would hold up in front of such violent energy.

The three in the middle all had two yellow and two purple spirit rings, and the four on the side each had two yellow and one purple.

From the opponents Tang San discovered that among Elephant Armored School disciples, the bigger their bodies the more powerful they were. Their strength could be determined by their outside appearance.

In the VIP seats, platinum bishop Salas looked at the flesh mountain beside him. Hu Yan Zhen nodded at him, speaking in a low voice:
“Ah Li[6] is the most outstanding disciple of my Elephant Armored School’s young generation, my eldest grandson. His innate talent is even a bit better than mine in those days. I’m hoping he will one day be able to become the Elephant Armored School’s first Title Douluo.”

Hu Yan Zhen didn’t try to conceal his voice, and not only did it reach Salas, but also the others in the first row, emperor Xue Ye, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong.

Emperor Xue Ye smiled faintly, saying:
“With such a grandson, school master Hu Yan is truly worthy of congratulations!”

Hu Yan Zhen laughed out loud, the sound shaking the VIP seats,
“Your majesty’s praise is too much, for now let’s look at Ah Li’s performance. This competition the Elephant Armored School’s goal is the final three.”

Emperor Xue Ye calmly said:
“Only, if I’m not mistaken, this time your grandson’s opponents have four[7] fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors.”

Hu Yan Zhen stared blankly a moment. He basically hadn’t even considered that his school’s disciples would lose, and further adding that the stature of his Elephant Armored School disciples wasn’t something other people could compare to, he naturally hadn’t paid attention to their opponents. Now hearing emperor Xue Ye’s words, his gaze fell on the Shrek Seven Devils.

Just as emperor Xue Ye said, apart from the Evil Eye White Tiger furthest in front, besides the two three spirit ring Jing Ling and Huang Yuan, as well as Xiao Wu, the other three people all also had four spirit rings. Especially Tang San’s black fourth spirit ring was particularly attention grabbing.

Hu Yan Zhen looked shocked at Salas, but discovered Salas expression was equally stunned.

In the last match, Shrek Academy revealing two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters had already shocked him enormously, and in this fight they actually added two more. In other words, they had concealed their strength in the first match. Very clearly, his estimation of this academy’s strength had been somewhat lacking.

Emperor Xue Ye asked Ning Fengzhi at his side:
“School master Ning, you’re quite familiar with this Shrek Academy, do you know who the academy’s dean is? I’m rather curious as to just what person could raise such outstanding disciples.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled:
“Your majesty, Shrek Academy’s dean is called Flender. Perhaps you haven’t heard this name, but you certainly heard about the triple nova that shone brilliantly in the Spirit Master world with their spirit fusion ability twenty years ago. They were called the Golden Iron Triangle. This Flender was the flying corner of the Golden Iron Triangle. This current Shrek Academy was founded by the three of them, and these children should be growing under the instruction of the wisdom corner, Grandmaster. The most outstanding of them is Tang San, Grandmaster’s only direct disciple.”

Emperor Xue Ye didn’t have any impression as he heard this name, but the expression of platinum bishop Salas to his side changed enormously. Even so much that he immediately undisguised passed a few low sentences to Heaven Elephant Hu Yan Zhen next to him.

Hu Yan Zhen looked at him with shock, muttering:
“But, the match has already begun, there shouldn’t be enough time.”

Salas’ expression immediately turned ugly, talking to himself:
“Why would it be him? Why him?”

This time, even Ning Fengzhi felt baffled, and couldn’t keep from asking:
“Bishop Salas, do you also know Grandmaster?”

Salas returned to himself, expressionless,
“Who hasn’t heard of the Golden Iron Triangle. Isn’t this Grandmaster reputed as unparallelled in theory? His relationship with our Spirit Hall isn’t common. I didn’t expect he would end up in an academy. No wonder. Only he could cultivate such outstanding disciples.”

Ning Fengzhi stared blankly a moment. He understood the character of this platinum bishop Salas very well, not only was this person obstinate and self-opinionated, but also petty and small minded. He had already made explicitly clear the familiar relationship between him and Shrek Academy, but now he unexpectedly praised Grandmaster, and further had an anxious expression. There was definitely some secret here.

Emperor Xue Ye smiled:
“Since the two of you both think so highly of this Grandmaster, We would like to experience his elegant manners. For now, let us look at the competition.”

Sure enough, while the several people in the VIP seats were opposing each other with needle and spear, the five qualifying matches had already officially begun.

The seven flesh mountains in front of Tang San’s seven hadn’t launched any attack like the power attack system Spirit Masters in the last match against Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s second team. Instead the seven stood in a line, their first spirit rings simultaneously flaring, and step by step, steadily walked over.

Under the effect of the first spirit rings, these seven flesh mountains originally deep yellow keratin grew a lot more sparkling, as if each was covered in a layer of porcelain glaze. The seven of them really were too enormous, and advancing from the center, they practically occupied half the diameter of the stage. Even though their pace was slow, with each step forward, their imposing manner would subsequently increase somewhat. Whether it was in physique or spirit power, they accorded the Shrek Academy’s seven enormous pressure.

Tang San shouted. This time he didn’t conduct his members to advance an immediate attack.

The two power attack system Spirit Masters Dai Mubai and Huang Jun, and close combat system Spirit Master Xiao Wu all withdrew quickly, the two agility attack system Spirit Masters Jing Ling and Zhu Zhuqing retreating on either side of Tang San. It was also at this moment that black Blue Silver Grass appeared on stage.

That black vine-like Blue Silver Grass quickly spread along the ground, swiftly scattering in all directions. One strand among them twined around the thick legs of an Elephant Armored School disciple. But terrifyingly, the Blue Silver Grass after the growth of Tang San’s four spirit rings unexpectedly could only make the opponent pause for a moment. The next instant, the Blue Silver Grass immediately emitted tearing sounds.

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted. By this simple test he immediately discovered a lot of things. Not only did these Elephant Armored School disciples have astonishing strength, and knew exceptionally well to use their advantage. This terrifying body weight was in no way a decoration, not only could they rely on the power of their bodies to reduce spirit power consumption, but at the same time, after their bodies combined with their spirit power, they could erupt with even more frightful strength and defense. Even though his Blue Silver Grass was durable, a bit of twisting was insufficient to restrict the added terror of their strength after fully using their spirits. It clearly showed how scary their opponents’ strength was.

As a result of the stage being circular, the center where both sides first started was the widest area, but now along with the unceasing advancement of their opponents, the space the Shrek Seven Devils had to use on either side was becoming smaller and smaller. In battle, the opponents’ enormous bodies allowed them to control a much larger area than ordinary people. If their opponents were force to where no space remained between them, then their strength could also be displayed to its greatest degree.

This was also the reason why the Elephant Armored School’s seven didn’t anxiously rush forward, they didn’t want to expose the slightest gap. Even though there was space between the two sides at the moment, they still maintained their formation. They didn’t need to catch all the opponents, as long as they could settle the agility attack system, and especially the auxiliary system members, it was already a success. Another side of defense was endurance. These seven Elephant Armored School disciples by far wasn’t something those Heaven Dou Imperial Academy second stringers could compare to. Seeing that four of their opponents had spirit power that reached the fortieth rank, they immediately used their most dependable strategy.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

On the Shrek side, nobody panicked. Everyone condensed their spirit power, quietly waiting for their team soul to pass down the orders. Even though the two new members Huang Yuan and Jing Ling began to breathe quickly under the tremendous pressure, the calm of the five Shrek Seven Devils spurred them to keep a calm heart.

“Advance, three steps.”
Tang San shouted.

Besides him and Oscar, the other five swiftly took three steps forward, their auras rising, clashing in the air with the pressure from the opponents. Among the five, both Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing surpassed the fortieth rank, and their imposing manner didn’t lose out to the opponents.

Five black lines of light shot out simultaneously, twisting around the waists of the five people, precisely Tang San’s invented special formation technique, human meteor hammer. It was relying on this technique that the Shrek Seven Devils once defeated the Emperor Team. At that time their ranks were a step below their opponents. This time Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass was a lot more durable than back then, and the length he could extend it also surpassed fifty meters, absolutely incomparable to that time. How much had this human meteor hammer’s strength improved?

“Little Ao, come.”

Oscar swiftly reached Tang San’s side. Tang San flicked his wrist, stuffing a flying mushroom sausage down his throat, one hand grabbing Oscar and loading him onto his back. Immediately afterward, he leapt up, soaring straight into the air.

The flying mushroom sausage took effect quickly, a set of transparent wings quietly appearing on Tang San’s back. Just like that he brought Oscar flying into the air.

Tang San shouted once again. The five people who previously stepped forward immediately drew a deep breath, condensing their spirit power, making themselves as agile as possible.

Among the seven, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, as well as agility attack system Jing Ling were like gas, their bodies already almost weightless. Even though Dai Mubai and Huang Yuang were a bit heavy, they still weren’t any problem. Under the effect of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill cooperating with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, he unexpectedly simultaneously sent all five into the air.

Tang San once carefully researched the limits of Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage, and discovered empirically that the flying mushroom sausage could support a weight of about five hundred jin[8] or so. The combined body weight of the seven of them absolutely exceeded this number, but not by too much. After all, besides Huang Yuan and Jing Ling, the Shrek Seven Devils were all still in their early teens, and only Dai Mubai’s physique was a bit imposing. Under such circumstances, as long as everyone lightened themselves as much as possible, it was just in the range of what the flying mushroom sausage could support. This was also the key to their strategy. A major reason they didn’t bring Tai Long was that he was too heavy. Otherwise, the impact Tai Long could have right now would even be a bit bigger than Xiao Wu.

Tang San suddenly soaring up, immediately brought an outcry from the audience. Even though there had been a few Spirit Masters with flight capability since the start of the qualifiers, there had been no one who like Tang San brought six people into the air. Relying on the Blue Silver Grass link to simultaneously bring the whole seven man team into the air was astonishing to see.

The fight between Shrek Academy and Elephant Armored Academy had originally already drawn close to sixty percent of the audience’s attention, but now practically all the spectators focused on their direction.

In the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye cried out in surprise,
“That Tang San actually has flight capability as well?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled faintly, saying:
“I’d say this isn’t his ability, but rather that auxiliary system Spirit Master’s. I don’t think they would do something pointless, with these people, there will inevitably be a reason.”

Oscar being carried on Tang San’s back was equivalent to making him Tang San’s housekeeper. Without hesitation, he immediately condensed a large recovery sausage and stuffed it into Tang San’s mouth. The consumption had only just started, but he immediately helped Tang San recover in advance. The key to this match didn’t lie in how the other five attacked, but in how Tang San executed his control.

Suddenly seeing their seven opponents all flying into the air, made the Elephant Armored Academy seven who were just pressing forward stare blankly. How could they have expected that they would encounter such a situation on the stage. Just as Grandmaster said, their strength and defense were admittedly matchless, but that also came at the expense of speed. Agility attack system Spirit Masters weren’t bad, at least they had ways to deal with them, but these flying type Spirit Masters no doubt had the greatest restraining potential to them.

If everyone were on the ground, then the Elephant Armored School disciples could naturally display the features of their defensive strength, but with the opponents in the air, the part closest to their opponents were their heads. Even though their head defense also wasn’t weak, they couldn’t display that fat defense power their bodies had. More importantly, the seven opponents simultaneously flying into the air immediately broke their rhythm.

Tang San used both hands to control the five strands of Blue Silver Grass, and the five people below were like puppets. In a split second they left the attack range of the fatties.

Tang San rotated half a turn in midair, throwing out the five human meteor hammers simultaneously, each of the five landing in a separate location below. The places the five of them fell were all surrounding the seven opposing fatties, and at the same time, countless Blue Blue Silver Grass released from Tang San as he used the Binding ability on all seven opponents.

The whole process from everyone being sent flying to launching their attack was less than a dozen seconds. What Tang San somewhat didn’t expect was the the Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples reaction also wasn’t a beat slow. The largest, Hu Yan Li, shouted loudly, and the seven fatties swiftly gathered together, forming a back to back formation. At the same time they extended their palm leaf sized hands to swat at the five people dropping from the air.

Watching this scene, Tang San couldn’t help being secretly alarmed. The defensive power of these seven was astonishing, and with this kind of formation their defense was even more flawless. Breaking through their formation absolutely wasn’t easy. This was just the scene Tang San wanted to see the least.

The five strands of Blue Silver Grass pulled back Dai Mubai’s five just as they were about to enter attack range, pulling the five back up. Tang San clearly understood that even though he grasped the opponents’ greatest weakness, these fatties were extremely shrewd. Right now they were willing to take a beating in order to pull down even one of the Shrek Academy members. With that terrifying weight and strength of theirs, if they grabbed any one, it was the same as breaking the whole human meteor hammer.

Even though the people were pulled back, the Blue Silver Grass Binding didn’t halt. Pure black, sharp thorned Blue Silver Grass twisted frantically around the seven fatties, and in just a moment, they were densely bound.

These Blue Silver Grass could be said to spread from Tang San’s body, and the moment the Binding completed, Tang San immediately discovered the problem. The thorns of the Blue Silver Grass was basically unable to pierce the other side’s frightening skin, even so much that the highly toxic corrosive and paralysing poisons were unable to take effect. The opponents’ defensive strength was even beyond his estimation.

The Elephant Armored School’s seven disciples roared practically simultaneously, explosive force bursting out in a moment. That extremely tough Blue Silver Grass could be seen being slowly pushed open under that explosive strength, gradually rupturing. But Tang San also clearly saw the opponents’ second spirit ring brightening simultaneously.

He immediately made an accurate judgement: the opponents’ first spirit rings were defensive, and their second spirit rings should be of the strength boosting category.

Blue Silver Grass was the physical form of Tang San’s spirit, and after the nourishment of four spirit rings, especially the added properties of that last ten thousand year spirit ring, this originally known as a trash spirit had long ago already become extremely durable. Not long ago when Tang San experienced that melding with the wild blue silver grass in his surroundings, his own Blue Silver Grass had also undergone a certain change. Even though the change was minute, it’s texture had become even finer. Right now as it was twisted around the opponents, even with the fatties’ astonishing strength, they still couldn’t just throw it off.

One, two, three, four, five. Tang San counted silently, at five seconds the three fortieth ranked team members on the opposing side managed to struggle free of the Blue Silver Grass. The most powerful, Hu Yan Li, even more needed only four seconds, and the other four who still hadn’t reached the fortieth rank, all needed more than seven seconds to break free.

Oscar once again swiftly stuffed his mushroom sausage in Tang San’s mouth, simultaneously readying a big recovery sausage.

After simply counting time, all sorts of information flashed through Tang San’s mind, immediately proposing a second attack.

“Twenty seconds, defeat Hu Yan Li.”
Tang San shouted, at the same time launching Binding once again, his first, second, and fourth spirit rings flaring practically simultaneously.

With the massive bodies of the seven Elephant Armored Academy students, standing there they made practically ideal targets. Blue Silver Grass swiftly twisted, bundling them up once again. At the same time, the five led by Dai Mubai landed swiftly, and under the effect of Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, simultaneously pounced at Hu Yan Li.

Hu Yan Li snorted disdainfully, ‘Still restraining? Don’t tell me this isn’t a waste of spirit power?’ With the enormous bodies of the seven people on his side, a few rounds of Binding alone could substantially consume that control system Spirit Master’s spirit power. Once he was unable to persevere and dropped from the sky, this match would be over. ‘Want to defeat me? That might not be so easy.’

[1] (呼延震) “Shout Extend Shock”

[2] 300斤 = 150 kg

[3] 500斤 = 250 kg

[4] (呼延力) “Shout Extend Power”

[5] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[6] The elephant is using the prefix (a 阿), which indicates familiarity.

[7] RAW here says five, and it seems Tang Jia San Shao basically forgot Xiao Wu still only has three rings for the next little bit. I’ll correct it for this translation.

[8] 500 斤 = 250 kg

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