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Chapter 84

Part 1 (TL by DtAndroid)


Tang San’s objective was simple. Relying on the mushroom sausages granting the ability to fly swiftly, this allowed everyone to pass through the poison fog area. By killing and wounding the ‘Pink Maidens’ outside, the passive situation could then be solved.


In half an hour, Oscar had almost used up his entire spirit energy, and finished producing twelve flying mushroom sausages. After a short rest, everyone immediately launched the operation.


Eating the mushroom sausage, everyone first flew into the air. To prevent anyone entering the poison fog region due to their inconsistent flying speeds, Tang San released his blue silver grass, twining around everyone’s waist respectively, using the length of blue silver grass to control the distance between everyone and him. Rapidly mobilising and establishing a direction, they swiftly flew towards it.


While it wasn’t impossible to travel along the ground’s surface as the speed of Pink Maidens wasn’t considered too fast, but one would get obstructed by the trees when travelling just above the ground. After all, their vision wasn’t clear. Even with Tang San’s guidance, the eleven-man team couldn’t achieve a consistent speed. Right now the poison fog was even stronger than just now, Tang San absolutely didn’t wish for anyone to accidentally breathe in the poison fog and cause unnecessary trouble.


Even for him, it was extremely troublesome to get rid of this type of stimulating poison gas.


Following the increase in Oscar’s strength, not only did the flying mushroom sausages’ speed somewhat increase, the duration it lasted also increased by about ten seconds or so. Although compared to it before that it wasn’t considered very long, this amount of time was sufficient to allow them to fly out of the poison fog region.


The pink poison fog got split apart by the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure’s smell, heavily rolling past their two sides. When the mushroom sausages’ flying effect is was roughly used up by half, everyone’s vision suddenly cleared up. Having rushed out of the poison fog’s encirclement, the surrounding scenery became clear instantly.


Liu Erlong let out a strong howl. Swaying her waist and breaking off the blue silver grass on it, her body descended towards the ground like a meteor. Before she landed, large flames had already rushed forth. A shrill scream suddenly came from below.


Everyone looked downwards, just in time to see the dense amount of spirit beasts below their feet. The true appearance of the Pink Maiden appeared in front of them.


Just like what Grandmaster had described, each of them looked like a crystal clear pink scorpion, as if it was formed by carving a pink crystal. Each of them was about two chi in body length, moving about on the ground, their bodies continuously emitting a faint pink gas that coagulated towards their front.


Due to last night’s incident Liu Erlong’s mood was already bad, again getting stranded by the poison fog for half a day, right now she couldn’t tolerate any longer after getting out of the poison zone. Although she wasn’t as reckless as last night when she used the Scarlet Dragon Avatar, but right now just like a flaming demon king rushed towards the group of poisonous scorpions. That was a one-sided massacre. With just the first wave of flames, at least ten Pink Maiden bodies got melted.


“Let us go down too.”

Fearing that Liu Erlong may have some mishap, Flender nodded towards Tang San.


Tang San withdrew the blue silver grass, and everyone controlling their own flying ability, descended from the sky.


“Don’t overkill.”

Grandmaster shouted. He wasn’t only speaking to the Shrek Seven Devils, but more importantly towards Liu Erlong.


Liu Erlong kicked a Pink Maiden beside her into the air, turned around and looked at Grandmaster. Coldly letting out a snort, her speed increased again. On the surface, although she didn’t seem to agree with him, in reality she still highly respected Grandmaster’s opinions. In the end, these pitiful scorpions that flew into the air were able to live to see another day.


Dai Mubai whispered in Flender’s ear:
“Dean, didn’t you say this time round we are to handle the spirit beasts ourselves? Look, teacher Erlong she…”


Flender helplessly replied: “Women with hormones that are out of tune cannot be judged using common sense. Xiao Gang, why not let us leave this area, since we aren’t going to make these Pink Maidens suffer, and dealing with them is after all somewhat troublesome.”


Contrary to Flender’s expectations, Grandmaster shook his head and said:
“No hurry, let’s wait a while more.”


At this moment, a piercing animal cry came from the poison fog region. Immediately, a pink shadow leapt out from within the poison fog with a whooshing sound, opening its mouth and spraying a thick fog towards Liu Erlong.


Liu Erlong was momentarily surprised. Smacking both palms towards her front, her body instantly sprang backwards, however she cannot help but sniff a trace of the poison fog. Luckily, there was the miasma pill given by Tang San beforehand, giving her a certain resistance to the poison fog. With the addition of her solid cultivation, a small amount of poison fog was unable to cause her harm easily.


“Erlong, come back. Little San, all of you go, don’t kill it. Leave it breathing.”

Grandmaster calmly gave out the commands to attack.


Coming out from the forest was an enormous Pink Maiden. Its size wasn’t too different from yesterday’s Giant Earth King that was abused by Liu Erlong. Not only was the pink colour on its body much deeper, its entire body was covered by a fine layer of scales. On its head, six tiny eyes that are dark red in colour glinted a faint cold light.


Liu Erlong’s sudden retreat avoided the poison fog it sprayed, making it angrier. Lashing its scorpion tail on the ground, it chased towards Liu Erlong.


That’s right, this was a Pink Queen. From the outer appearance, Grandmaster could determine that this Pink Queen’s cultivation was approximately between three thousand five hundred years and four thousand years.


“Third brother, assist me.”

Ma Hongjun let out a shout, a phoenix cry ringing out from his body. This sound wasn’t made by his mouth, but produced by the rising flames on his body themselves. Blazing hot flames that were gold-red in colour instantly spread over his entire body, the third spirit ring on his body scattering a purple light. In a moment, a pair of enormous flaming wings instantly spread out from Fatty’s back.


Wings spanning over four meters, although that somewhat didn’t fit with Fatty’s chubby body, the blazing hot air current made the Shrek Seven Devils swiftly retreat a couple steps, increasing their distance.


Everybody had been cooperating for such a long time, of course Tang San understood Ma Hongjun’s intentions. He wanted to try out the newly acquired spirit technique.



Tang San only gave him a simple instruction. Lifting his right hand, a green ball of light was thrown out.


The flaming wings on Ma Hongjun’s back suddenly flapped. Once again flying up with a gorgeous flaming tail, he chased after the green ball of light that was flying towards the Pink Queen, just like a raging meteor.


This was Ma Hongjun’s third spirit technique, Phoenix Ascension.


Relying on this spirit technique, he was able to temporarily have the ability to fly. During the process of flying, spirit energy would be drained continuously. At the same time, this technique would ignite his second spirit technique, Bathing Fire Phoenix. Combining the two spirit techniques into one, the attack power of his flames was temporarily increased by one hundred percent, and the attack range was increased by fifty percent.


Starting from the third spirit technique, Ma Hongjun’s powerful Phoenix battle spirit started to show the strength beyond ordinary battle spirits. With the help of Tang San in removing his variant spirit’s evil fire restriction, this allowed him to release his spirit technique without second thoughts.


The six tiny eyes on Pink Queen’s head immediately revealed a horrified expression.


Not even Liu Erlong’s flames earlier gave this sort of feeling. At the same time, an intense anger was also contained within that fear. This was because she has already clearly sensed the presence belonging to the Giant Earth King from Ma Hongjun’s body.


The reason why it felt horrified was naturally due to the flames on Ma Hongjun’s body, poisonous insect-type spirit beasts just like it were all afraid of fire, but after all, the Pink Queen did have nearly four thousand years of cultivation, it wouldn’t be bothered by ordinary flames.


However, the phoenix flames on Ma Hongjun’s body was the nemesis of all poisonous insects. And the phoenix was the king of ten thousand birds, the suppression from its presence had already made the Pink Queen confused.


The green light spread out in a flash, the enormous spider web not even giving the Pink Queen the chance to dodge. That was how exquisite Tang San’s technique was. The effect of Spider Web Restraint was instantly shown.


In a puff, Pink Queen’s huge body was bound securely by the spider web. At this moment, it was already not fearful, but completely terrified. The spider web’s presence belonged to its natural enemy, the Man Faced Demon Spider, causing its entire body to become limp.  Powerful toxins entered it body, instantly causing its defensive power to greatly decrease, and at this moment, Ma Hongjun dove down, landing in front of it with a bang.


His flames suddenly dimmed. Everyone clearly saw the flaming wings on Ma Hongjun’s back spread out towards the sky as he landed onto the ground, his right fist heavily smashing the ground. In that instant, the air became violently distorted. A cage of light that was five meters in diameter enveloped the bodies of Pink Queen and him.


The Pink Queen who was desperately struggling in the Spider Web Restraint became stiff in that distorted air, completely losing the ability to move. Following up, Fatty roared,
“Fourth spirit technique, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.”


Boom—, a powerful phoenix blaze exploded in an instant. A loud and clear phoenix cry pierced the heavens, containing a majestic strength.


A strong and heavy phoenix-shaped blaze spewed out from below the ground, soaring into the sky while bringing along Ma Hongjun.


The area that was enveloped in that distorted air just now was now completely covered in flames. The fiery phoenix directly rushed ten or so meters into the sky, spreading out its wings in mid-air, surprisingly it looked just like a phoenix descending on the world.


The Shrek Seven Devils who saw this beautiful sight couldn’t help but be somewhat dumbfounded. Although they all knew the effect of the fourth spirit technique was considerably good, but they all didn’t imagine Ma Hongjun’s strength would be that powerful to such an extent.


Although Fatty’s flames were strong before gaining the Giant Earth King’s spirit ring, he didn’t have any effective means to attack. While Phoenix Fire Wire’s power wasn’t bad under the empowerment of Bathing Fire Phoenix, but at best it was only able to contend against spirit masters of the same rank, moreover there was only one method of attack.

Part 2 (TL by DtAndroid)

The large increase in fire effect and the slight increase in the duration of the flying ability from Phoenix Ascension were also unable to largely increase his attack capability. As a power attack system Spirit Master, this was something that had been nagging Fatty for a while.


Yet right now, the fourth spirit technique Phoenix Cry Sky Strike released by Fatty completely changed the situation. With the combined boost from the second and third spirit technique, this attack had such a terrifying attack effect that even Flender, Zhao Wuji, Liu Erlong and the rest couldn’t help but contract their pupils. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai whose spirit energy was the strongest also acknowledged that it was impossible to not fully retreat under this kind of attack.


The sharp cries of Pink Queen inside the phoenix flames abruptly halted. Accompanying the gorgeous flaming phoenix slowly dispersing in the sky, Fatty lightly landed onto the ground. Although his face was somewhat pale, his expression was filled with excitement.


Peng——, Pink Queen’s body dropped heavily onto the ground, its glittering and translucent body had completely transformed to a dark red colour, the entire body emitting an unpleasant burnt smell. Other than some mild convulsions, it couldn’t stand up anymore.


If not for Fatty showing mercy by controlling the strength of the flames, that attack just now was enough to take its life.


What made Fatty somewhat puzzled was that the spider web that bound the Pink Queen unexpectedly still remained, only turning into a fiery red colour and not turning into ashes.


Only right now after releasing his fourth spirit technique, being in a state of excitement, he didn’t think so much about it.


Grandmaster suddenly said:
“Oscar, hurry. Kill it. The vital point is where the eyes are, then immediately start absorbing the spirit ring.”


Oscar was momentarily taken aback, but once he saw the urgency radiating from Grandmaster’s eyes he immediately understood. Quickly rushing to the front, not even thanking Ma Hongjun, a dagger was drawn out from around the waist and immediately stabbed downwards. Although forty ranks of spirit energy did not give him any offensive ability, his strength compared to ordinary people was still much stronger.


The Pink Queen’s shell had already been softened by Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flames. This beast’s life was ended effortlessly.


Crossing his legs and sitting beside the Pink Queen, Oscar immediately started the spirit ring absorption process.


At this moment, large amounts of the surrounding Pink Maidens had already retreated like a tide. What caused them to retreat was not only the death of the Pink Queen, but more importantly the powerful pressure coming from Fatty’s phoenix flames made them so.


Flender walked to the side of Ma Hongjun, slapping the back of his plump head,
“Stop being smug already. Hurry up sit down and start recovering your spirit energy.”


Ma Hongjun who got hit stuck out his tongue, hurriedly sitting down not far from Oscar, silently starting to cultivate.


While his attack just now was very beautiful and its attack extremely powerful, simultaneously using the second, third and fourth spirit techniques to him who had recently gained a spirit ring and hence advancing to the forty one rank boundary, was still an immerse drain.


In addition, in pursuing the flames’ visual effect, he went all out in depicting that perfect phoenix form in the sky, using up at least seventy percent of his spirit energy.


Ning Rongrong muttered:
“Every spirit technique gained is indeed a qualitative improvement.  Who knows what my fourth spirit ring will be. Grandmaster, why do you let Oscar absorb that Pink Queen’s spirit ring? While the number of years of this spirit beast’s cultivation isn’t too bad, but it isn’t strong at all!”


Grandmaster replied:
“Regarding Spirit Masters who need spirit rings, there are no spirit beasts that are the most powerful, only spirit beasts that are the most suitable for them. This Pink Queen is much better for Oscar than the effect of any other spirit beasts. If I guessed correctly, after he has gained this fourth spirit ring, it will somewhat help the offensive strength of you all as a whole.”


Tang San was taught by Grandmaster, with regards to Grandmaster’s way of thinking, he understood him the best. Getting an inspiration,
“Teacher, do you mean that Little Ao’s fourth spirit ring will mix in the stimulating toxin from the Pink Queen’s poison fog?”


Grandmaster nodded his head, said:
“That is correct. What Oscar has is a food system spirit, even if he absorbs the spirit of poisonous spirit beasts, his spirit techniques will not produce toxins. So, this technique that originally belonged to the Pink Queen will have a certain transformation after he has absorbed it, the effect should be increasing the level of stimulation within a short period of time. I am unable to guarantee the extent of increase, but it should increase all attributes, just like back then the entire Mad Battle Team entering into a frenzy effect that you all had encountered. While his technique may also have after-effects, but I reckon it should not be as tyrannical as the Fanaticism ability.”


Increasing all attributes? Just these few words were enough to make the hearts of the Shrek Seven Devils beat faster.


The one with the most distinct expression was Ning Rongrong.


Since that day Oscar confessed to her, she watched him diligently cultivate every day. Seeing Oscar getting a considerably useful spirit technique again, how could she not be happy for him? However, her heart also became more perturbed.


Deciding at the start that she would reveal her secrets to Oscar after the spirit master competition, but as that moment got nearer Ning Rongrong’s mood changes also became faster.


She discovered that right now she would thoughtlessly take more notice of Oscar, not because of his looks, but because of the dedication in his eyes. Ning Rongrong clearly knew, this dedication in Oscar’s eyes was formed completely because of her.


He truly liked her, and so to be able to have the qualifications to chase her he continuously worked hard.


Two yellow, one purple, the three spirit rings moved up and down Oscar’s body. Right now, the body of the Pink Queen continuously emitted traces of pink glitter, integrating into Oscar. When the pink light entered his body, Oscar’s expression slowly revealed a painful look.


Grandmaster had mentioned before, the difficulty of absorbing a spirit ring was greatly related to the level of the spirit beast’s resentment.


Not only did the Pink Queen bear a hatred for her murdered husband, she also died under Oscar’s hands, her resentment could not possibly be small.


Absorbing it was naturally not easy, but after all it was still within the range that can be absorbed. At the same time its ability was not as tyrannical as the Man Faced Demon Spider back then. Although Oscar had to bear some pain, he would not be in any danger.


Flender moved close to Grandmaster’s side, whispering:

Although his mouth asked a question, the exaltation on his face could not be covered up at all.


Seeing his direct disciple becoming stronger and stronger, he also felt a sense of fulfillment.


Tang San’s radiance among the Shrek Seven Devils was overly blinding, the strength Ma Hongjun displayed just now made Flender rejoice beyond all expectations. To say the least, he felt that his disciple was finally not too far off compared to Tang San.


As expected, Grandmaster approvingly nodded his head, said: “Remarkably not bad. Just now Hongjun’s outburst of attack power was not too different from the attack strength when Mubai uses up all his energy. It is enough to inflict fatal injuries onto fiftieth ranked spirit masters and those below it. What’s more important is that his attacks contain the effect of phoenix flames. Not only is the temperature of his flames very high, it also has a very strong adhering property, the boosted harm inflicted by the flames is almost comparable to the spirit power burst forth from the main attack. In terms of explosive power, right now among the Shrek Seven Devils Fatty is the strongest, slightly stronger than Mubai.”


Flender laughed and said:
“This is all thanks to Liu Erlong, if not for her pulling back just in time last night, Little Fatty would not have such a good reward.”


Grandmaster was very familiar with Flender, this fellow had always regarded his reputation to be important, and while Grandmaster himself and him are close brothers, he wouldn’t mind giving him some criticisms. Of course, this was a reminder completely out of goodwill.


“Flender, have you discovered Fatty’s current disadvantage?”

Grandmaster faintly asked.


“Disadvantage? You mean his ability to sustain his attacks?”

Flender muttered.


Grandmaster nodded his head and said:
“Although Fatty’s instantaneous explosive power is very strong, but the drain on the spirit energy is simply too much. His ability to maintain combat is inferior to Mubai. Once his attack does not achieve the expected results, his combat strength will be weakened to a great extent for a short period of time. This is one of the restrictions on his ability for now. At the same time, there is another problem. His fourth spirit technique inherited the Giant Earth King’s Magma Earth Rending Strike, combining it together with his body’s phoenix flames, it transformed into the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, but the fundamental issue did not change.”


“This Phoenix Cry Sky Strike of his is divided into two parts. The first part is causing his opponent to become dizzy within the distorted air, and the second part is then taking advantage of the period where the opponent is dizzy to release the strongest attack. The time the opponent is dizzy is also the time he charges up, am I wrong?”


Flender nodded his head, said:
“You are the Grandmaster, of course you are not wrong.”


Grandmaster said:
“And so because of it, Fatty also inherited the Magma Earth Rending Strike’s disadvantage, which is the attack range. Think about it, will the opponent casually let him come close to activate his attack? As long as one escapes about five meters in distance away from him before he releases the first phase of Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, his attack will then become a futile effort. This can not only be achieved by agility attack system spirit masters, but even power attack system spirit masters who are slightly cautious can also easily do so. Speed is originally not what Fatty is proficient at. Although Phoenix Ascension enables him to fly temporarily, the more important functions of it is to boost the effect of the flames and its power, and not boosting his speed. Hence, although the explosive power of his attack is very strong, he has to coordinate with others.”


Listening to Grandmaster’s explanation, Flender immediately understood.

“What you meant is that there must be someone to first help Hongjun lock down the opponent’s movements, and then he can unleash the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s greatest power.”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Grandmaster nodded:
“Just so. Because Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike requires close proximity for the stun effect, it doesn’t lock down the opponent, therefore in my theory it’s used after the opponent has been restrained. And I would use little San’s Spider Web Restraint to restrain the opponent. Later restraining abilities requires coordinating with previous restraining abilities. Spider Web Restraint restrains the opponent’s movement, also bringing out its poison to decrease the opponent’s defense, at this time Fatty can further supplement with the additional restraint and display the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike. Only then will it be a one hit certain kill. This is only one among many methods of coordinating it, but concretely how still requires careful study. The key area is, spirit power cannot be wasted, to let each strength show its best effect.”

Speaking of this, Grandmaster couldn’t keep an admiring light from his eyes,
“These childrens’ gifts are exceptional. Take any one at random, they can all be considered top geniuses. Mubai’s toughness and strength, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s dual support, Hongjun’s burst power, Zhuqing’s speed, Xiao Wu’s close combat technique, as well as little San’s cool mind. Combined together, it’s practically perfect. Perhaps right now they’re perplexed by having one less attacker from the dual support, but as each of their spirits gradually comes into its own strength, and the support effect advances one step further, this little team will only become even more frightening.”

Flender looked at Grandmaster with a smile that wasn’t a smile,
“Why don’t you mention little San’s strength, and only his mind?”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:
“I can’t keep a face like yours. Although little San’s strength is pretty good right now, that is because the quality of his spirit rings is excellent, along with having an external spirit bone. But looking at his foundation, Blue Silver Grass is after all Blue Silver Grass. Along with everyone’s strength increasing, and as they gain more spirit abilities, Blue Silver Grass’ weaknesses will will gradually appear. That’s why I say that his ability to direct the team is even more significant. This is most important as the team’s soul.”

Flender said in a low voice:
“When are you prepared to let him start cultivating his second spirit?”

Grandmaster resolutely said:
“He must at least wait until after the eightieth spirit power rank. Twin spirits is a heavenly gift, I don’t wish for little San’s talent to be wasted in any way. At the same time, right now I still haven’t figured out a way to dissolve the many negative side effects that will arise after the spirits’ amplification of his body. Unless I figure this out, I won’t let him take chances. Otherwise, if his body is unable to endure the excessive added attributes from the spirits and breaks down, I will inevitably regret it all my life. If I can’t think of a method, I would rather have him be only a Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master. I think even his father would agree with me on this. For Little San’s sake, perhaps, after this time’s Spirit Master tournament ends, I will have to make a trip to Supreme Pontiff Hall.”

When Flender heard this he couldn’t help being alarmed,
“You’ll go see her? Aren’t you afraid Erlong will flip?”

Grandmaster said with a wry smile:
“Help me out when that moment comes. For little San’s sake, I must go see her.”

Flender’s brows furrowed deeply, looking at Grandmaster with a serious expression,
“Xiao Gang, you have to think clearly. You should know she isn’t like Erlong. Perhaps, you might not be able to return from this trip.”

Grandmaster shook his head:
“No, this bit I’m still certain of. Well, let’s not talk about this. Everything will have to wait until after this time’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament ends. You have to keep this confidential for me. You especially can’t let Erlong know.”

Flender nodded,
“Don’t worry, I know how serious it is.”

As a result of the Pink Queen’s resentment, Oscar’s absorption was a lot slower than Ma Hongjun’s was last night, using a full two hours to complete the whole process.

Perhaps it was because he was influenced by the dazzlingly beautiful form of the Pink Queen, but after absorbing the spirit ring, Oscar seemed to have become even more handsome. Seeing him after his cultivation, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying:
“Worthy of being a prostitute’s face.”

Oscar didn’t pay any attention to Fatty’s mocking,
“You’re jealous, I just won’t listen. Anyway, if you want to be as handsome as your big brother, you won’t have the opportunity in your whole life.”

Everyone gathered around, and Dai Mubai somewhat impatiently asked:
“Little Ao, what’s your fourth spirit ring ability?”

Among Spirit Masters, asking about spirit abilities was a major taboo, and ordinary Spirit Master would in no way want knowledge about their spirit abilities to be revealed to others. But the feelings among the Shrek Seven Devils had long ago transcended mere friends.

An excited light like what Fatty had that morning flickered in Oscar’s eyes,
“My fourth spirit ability is stimulation. For five minutes it can give the taker a ten percent increase in all attributes.”

Dai Mubai somewhat disappointed said:
“Only ten percent? And only five minutes? This spirit ability……”

Oscar snorted, saying:
“Boss Dai, listen clearly. It’s ten percent increase to all attributes. In other words, after taking it the overall strength will increase by ten percent, that’s not as simple as you think. Moreover, it should be able to stack with any other support effect. Within these five minutes, it can make bring your strength to one hundred ten percent, at the same time counteracting all negative conditions.”

Grandmaster’s voice came from behind the Shrek Seven Devils,
“Correct, this fourth spirit ability of his is in no way as simple as it seems on the surface.”

Hearing his voice, the gazes of the Shrek Seven Devils all focused on Grandmaster.

Grandmaster looked at Oscar with satisfaction, saying:
“All attributes increasing by ten percent doesn’t sound like a large proportion, but it can let you immediately reach the one hundred ten percent level, and this is under the premise it cancels out all negative conditions. No Spirit Master dare’s say he can use a hundred percent of his strength in every fight. It’s possible to be able to use only eighty percent, or even lower. Especially in circumstances where the opponent has some weakening effects among their spirit abilities, the restrictions will be even greater. But this stimulation ability of Oscar’s is able to completely counteract these negative effects. By my calculations, it should even be able to elevate your mind, adding a further ten percent amplification. It can also make each of you for a short term break out your most powerful strength. In later battles you will come to understand how wonderful this fourth spirit ability is.”

Oscar nodded agreement,
“Only, Grandmaster, this spirit ability also has two flaws. One is that it sustains for too short a time. The other is that it can’t be preserved. After it’s been summoned, it has to be taken within one minute to be effective. In other words, I can’t make it in advance before battles. In comparatively better news, it doesn’t use up too much of my spirit power, about the same as my flying mushroom sausage, moreover it doesn’t have any side effects. I, your father, have a pink sausage.”

The last line was the spirit incantation for this new spirit ability.

Pink light could be seen condensing in Oscar’s palm, and in a moment, a sparkling and translucent, thick like a little finger, pink sausage appeared in the hollow of his palm.

Ma Hongjun to the side grinned oddly,
“Little Ao, when did yours become so small?”

As he spoke, the girls couldn’t keep from blushing, and they firmly glared at him.

Oscar snapped:
“Whether big brother’s sausage is big or not you won’t get to eat it.”

Grandmaster sternly said:
“Just by being without side effects, this fourth spirit ability of yours is much better than those of many other Support Spirit Masters.”

Flender held back a smile, saying:
“Well, don’t talk nonsense, let’s keep going. You still need three spirit rings. Let’s hope our luck continues to be this good and we can find what you need as quickly as possible.”

Even though the size of the Sunset Forest wasn’t as enormous as Star Dou Great Forest, it still wasn’t something that could be covered in a few days, and the Shrek Academy party continued searching in this vast forest.

In terms of overall quality, the spirit beasts in Sunset Forest was perhaps a bit better than Star Dou Great Forest, but there weren’t any truly powerful creatures among them.

After two days, they still hadn’t encountered a spirit beast that suited the other three.

Flender also couldn’t help being somewhat impatient.

The sleeping arrangements were no longer a problem. Grandmaster didn’t give Liu Erlong another opportunity, each night cultivating outside the tent. Flender and Zhao Wuji also feared Liu Erlong and kept Grandmaster company. Unfortunately they didn’t bring more than two tents. After a few days, the Shrek Seven Devils were in excellent spirits, while Grandmaster’s trio were a bit unwell. Especially Grandmaster whose cultivation was lowest, without several days of proper rest he already had dark circles under his eyes.

Stopping, Flender frowned:
“Let’s rest here first. Searching like this is no method. Although there are many types of spirit beasts in Sunset Forest, aren’t the top quality ones pitifully few? If it drags on like this, I’m afraid the Spirit Master Tournament will have begun.”

In two days of searching it wasn’t that they hadn’t encountered spirit beasts with suitable cultivation age, but Grandmaster wasn’t satisfied with the properties of these spirit beasts.

With him following, naturally he wished to match everyone with the most suitable spirit rings.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t lack talent, and whether it was Grandmaster, Flender or Zhao Wuji, none of them wanted to see their futures influenced by an unsuitable spirit ring.

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