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Chapter 80

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

After speaking, Oscar sharply pulled Ning Rongrong’s little hand to his face and kissed it hard, then with a face full of excitement turned around and ran, disappearing in an eyeblink.

What about acquiescence? Ning Rongrong looked stupidly at Oscar’s departing silhouette, feeling the remainder of his heat on the back of her hand, for a moment she couldn’t help being somewhat silly. She knew that he indeed had a place in her heart, only this place was unstable for all kinds of reasons. Seeing Oscar’s incomparable excitement as he left, Ning Rongrong’s heart couldn’t help gradually thawing, his joy completely infecting her, it was the first time in her life that Ning Rongrong felt that burning feeling.

“Rongrong, why are you here?”
At this moment a familiar voice came from another direction, rousing Ning Rongrong from her sluggishness. As she turned to look, she saw Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong leaving the school building accompanied by Zhao Wuji.

Ning Rongrong jumped with fright, hastily moderating her expression,

“Daddy, are you leaving?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded,
“There are still a lot of school matters for daddy to deal with. You must listen to the teachers here and work hard at cultivation. Daddy hopes that when we meet again, you will still be able to surprise daddy. Teacher Zhao, I will leave Rongrong to your Academy. If in the future your Academy has need of anything, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School won’t shirk its responsibilities.”

Ning Fengzhi’s promise could be said to be more useful than any Title Douluo, even though Zhao Wuji was also proud and untamed, in front of Ning Fengzhi he still restrained himself.

“School master Ning, don’t worry. We will certainly take good care of Rongrong, you take care.”
Finished speaking, Zhao Wuji turned around and headed into the Academy, very tactfully leaving some private space for Ning Fengzhi and his daughter.

Ning Fengzhi raised his hand to stroke his daughter’s head,

Lightly feeling his daughter’s cheek, he discovered Ning Rongrong’s face wasn’t just red, but also burning hot.

Ning Rongrong hastily pulled down her father’s hand,
“It’s nothing. I’m very well. Daddy, you’re not staying a while?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying:
“Silly girl, you’ll soon be fourteen, and a big young lady. Study properly at the Academy, this time your studies have made daddy very satisfied. Not only has your strength grown, even more importantly you’ve clearly learned a lot about manners. Later you should stick close to your third brother, Tang San is a rare talent, you should be able to learn a lot from him.”

Ning Rongrong followed her father and the Bone Douluo’s departure with her eyes, then slowly walked back into the Academy. After thinking for a long while, she still decided to find Oscar to make things clear. At least she had to let him know about her school’s rules. He was right, it was better to just get painful things over with. No matter how, she couldn’t bring harm to his future feelings.

Thinking of this, Ning Rongrong walked back into the Academy with big strides, going straight for the dorms.

As a result of Oscar’s food system spirit, the dining hall was the most suitable for his mimicry cultivation environment.

As Ning Rongrong reached the dining hall, she happened to find Oscar already having started cultivation in a corner of the hall. From Oscar’s expression she could see an unprecedented focus, even if she was immature in sensing feelings, it was still clear that Oscar’s concentration was because of her.

That moment, Ning Rongrong couldn’t help being a bit despondent.

If she told him about the school rules right now, wouldn’t he choose to abandon himself to despair? If he did, wouldn’t she be causing him harm? He was also a genius Spirit Master. Even if she couldn’t be together with him in the future, she still couldn’t let him waste it.

‘Forget about it, we’ll talk later.’

Thinking of this, Ning Rongrong inwardly loosed a breath. In the deepest recesses of her heart, she actually didn’t want to reject Oscar. Only not even she herself had a clear grasp on her heart. Ning Rongrong secretly decided to wait until they had cultivated to become high level Spirit Masters before talking to Oscar about this.

Life at the Academy once again resumed its normal pace along with the Vigorous God and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s departure, only leaving a lot of rumors.

Tang San, Ning Rongrong and the others undoubtedly became targets the students fell over each other to talk about.

Even the advanced class especially received the teachers’ attention.

Starting from the day after Tai Tan recognized Tang San’s identity, there was one more person at Tang San’s side —— Tai Long.

Every day as soon as Tang San appeared, Tai Long would immediately follow at his side. His reasoning was very simple: Tai Tan had made him Tang San’s body guard, as Tang San’s attendant.

Regarding this bit, Tang San was very disapproving. But Tai Long so insisted on following him every day he didn’t he didn’t have a way to stop him; he couldn’t just give him another beating.

And the expression on Tai Long’s face clearly told him, ‘Either you kill me, or you let me follow’.

Helplessly, the former Blue Tyrant Academy chief was reborn as Tang San’s shadow.

Besides when Tang San was cultivating, he followed even when he ate or went to the lavatory, what is called skin-tight protection.

After five days, Tang San’s long awaited Grandmaster, Flender, Liu Erlong and Dai Mubai finally returned.

Dai Mubai seemed to be in glowing spirits, his entire body seemed to have become a bit taller, simultaneously domineering and threatening, also even more conspicuously steady. His atmosphere was reserved, even without sensing his true nature, each of the Shrek Seven Devils knew that this boss had clearly increased his strength.

“Little San, thank you.”
On seeing Tang San, Dai Mubai immediately gave him a bear hug.

Fortunately, Tang San’s body was also sturdy, and this excited embrace didn’t manage to break any bones.

Oscar to the side laughed up his sleeve, saying:
“Boss Dai, I didn’t expect you would swing that way. I thought you’d hug Zhuqing.”

Dai Mubai glared at him, saying:

While speaking, at the same time his gaze fell on Zhu Zhuqing out of the corner of his eyes.

Zhu Zhuqing was still cold, it seemed that Dai Mubai’s returning or not returning was completely unrelated to her. This couldn’t help but give a great break to Dai Mubai’s good mood.

“I hugged little San because little San helped me. After obtaining a spirit ring, I can feel how much my spirit power has increased. My spirit power is now already at the forty third rank. From fortieth to forty third rank, while it would appear to be only two ranks when including the assistance of the spirit ring, you all know that the later the increase, the more tremendous the spirit power requirements for each rank. This is already more than I had imagined. Even more crucially, right now I can clearly feel how the power has increased in all four limbs, moreover the energy channels within my body are wider and more flexible than before. This is all the result of that ‘Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum’.”

Listening to Dai Mubai speak, everyone nodded one after the other.

Besides Xiao Wu who hadn’t received any immortal treasure herb benefits from the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the others had all received enormous assistance from the precious herbs Tang San gave them.

Dai Mubai grinned, saying:
“Everyone must also work hard, right now your levels are already no longer low, we can’t fail to live up to the essence of heaven and earth little San provided us. In this time before the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition begins, you must do your utmost to reach the fortieth rank. Then we will have an even firmer grasp on a good result. We have only one goal: champions. Other positions are basically insignificant to us Shrek Seven Devils. We must let the whole Continent’s Spirit Master academies know that we are monsters, monsters from the monster academy.”

Dai Mubai pumped up everyone on this side, while on the other side, Zhao Wuji gave Flender’s trio a rundown of everything that had happened since they left.

Listening to Zhao Wuji, Grandmaster immediately stood up,
“I must find little San for a chat. His cultivation can’t be influenced by his past.”

Liu Erlong was just about to say something, but was stopped by a look from Flender. She only watched Grandmaster leave the room with quick steps, heading for the student dormitories.

“Boss Fu, you say Xiao Gang isn’t slow witted, so why is he still like before? I feel like meeting him again is even more painful than when I didn’t see him.”
Liu Erlong said somewhat bitterly.

Since Tang San had been kidnapped by the Poison Douluo and the three had been unable to rescue him, almost getting killed by the Poison Douluo and returning to the Academy, Grandmaster had returned to usual, neither close nor distant to Liu Erlong.

Whenever Liu Erlong would painstakingly get close to him, he would always find some reason to dodge.

Basically without the chance to get close to him, Liu Erlong was getting depressed.

Flender said with a wry smile:
“Do you still not understand Xiao Gang’s character? As long as his heart doesn’t split open, he will always be like this. I think it would be better to work on Tang San a bit, right now in Xiao Gang’s heart, the most important is perhaps he. If he spoke to Xiao Gang it would be more effective than anything you or I said.”

Liu Erlong’s eyes brightened,
“I’ll try it. Only, I’m afraid it’ll still be difficult. I understand Xiao Gang, unless he comes around to it on his own, it’ll be difficult for what others say to have any effect.”

At the student dorms, without entering the room, Grandmaster heard the voices of the Shrek Seven Devils chatting. Opening the door, he first knocked before entering.

On seeing Grandmaster, the old traumatic experiences made everyone hastily stand up, the impression that demonic training had left on them was really too profound. Besides respecting Grandmaster, they were still somewhat fearful.

Of course, it was also unavoidable that they would admire him. Despite Grandmaster lacking strength, his tactical directions to them were really incomparable.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Following Grandmaster’s cultivation, everyone had made twice the progress for half the effort.

“Little San, come with me a moment.”
Grandmaster waved his hand, indicating everyone sit while he called out Tang San alone.

Tang San hastily got up, following Grandmaster outside. Grandmaster brought him straight to his own residence in the dorms, shutting the door tight, gesturing for Tang San to sit in the sofa.

Grandmaster’s room was clearly incomparable to those of the students. Liu Erlong had given the room she previously used as dean directly to him.

Not only was the room enormous, moreover the decorations were brimming with nostalgic sentiments and bright and bright glass, giving it a kind of extremely comfortable feeling.

“Teacher, what do you want to know?”
Tang San sat on the sofa, the expression in his eyes absent minded.

Even though no one else had bothered him over these few days, the question of his past still troubled his heart, to the extent that he didn’t even cultivate as focused as before.

He also didn’t dare force himself. If by any chance he accidentally made a mistake, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

Grandmaster nodded,
“I already know, or should I say, I already knew long ago.”

Tang San sharply looked up, looking at his Teacher with shock.

Grandmaster walked over to sit in front of Tang San,
“You needn’t be astonished, listen to what I have to say. Do you still remember at Nuoding Academy? After you had just come to Nuoding Academy, I took you on as a disciple. That was because I saw the natural aptitude of your twin spirits. But at that time I also didn’t notice that your other spirit was the Clear Sky Hammer. Until one day, when your father personally came to find me. And gave me this.”

While speaking, light flashed in Grandmaster’s hand, and an order tile appeared from his spirit tool. On the order tile was carved six vivid and lifelike designs, and although the colors weren’t eye catching, Tang San knew from Grandmaster’s previous explanations that this was the highest insignia of Spirit Hall.

Only Spirit Hall elders or higher could possess it, second only to the Supreme Pontiff’s authority.

Grandmaster said:
“At that time I recognized your father’s identity. He is brilliant and famous all over the Continent. He’s also my idol, the youngest Title Douluo, Tang Hao. Your father’s Title is simply: Clear Sky.”

“Clear Sky? Clear Sky Douluo.”
Others might deceive him, but Tang San knew that Grandmaster never would.

At this very moment he could at least be certain his father wasn’t an ordinary person, moreover he was still a peak existence in the Spirit Master world.

Grandmaster continued:
“I don’t know your father well, he only asked me to look after you carefully. On this order tile are altogether six emblems. Originally I told you that they each represent the six people who have made special contributions to Spirit Hall, or the identity of the six elders of Spirit Hall. You know, this order tile also has six, and the six emblems are actually divided into two parts, the first part are the three Title Douluo affiliated with Spirit Hall. The other part represents three Title Douluo of the three upper sects of the seven great schools. But these three Title Douluo are also conferred the status of honorary elders by Spirit Hall.”

Tang San gazed at that order tile with rapt attention, the six designs on the order tile were separately sword, hammer, crown, an incomplete human shape, a dragon and a chrysanthemum.

“This order tile also has a symbolic name, it’s called the Heaven Dou Six Emperors Tile. The sword among them represents the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Sword Douluo Chen Xin, but his part on this order tile is actually considered belonging to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, controlled by the school master Ning Fengzhi you met a few days ago. The Dragon. It represents the clan I was born from, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, controlled by my father. And the hammer, represents the Clear Sky Clan’s Clear Sky Hammer. And the person who controls it, is your father, and not the present Clear Sky School master Tang Tian[1].”

“Clear Sky School is a two Douluo sect, Tang Tian and Tang Hao are brothers, who once made the whole Spirit Master world tremble. Tang Tian is your father’s eldest brother, compared to your father he’s more than fifteen years older. At sixty, he smoothly broke through the ninetieth rank, entering the Title Douluo realm. And when your father reached Title Douluo was still thirteen years ago. He was no more than forty four. Therefore I can say, he is the world’s youngest Title Douluo, and also my idol.”

Tang San’s heart twitched,
“Thirteen years ago, isn’t that when I was born?”

Grandmaster looked distracted a moment,
“Yes, it should be the year you were born, your father surmounted the pinnacle of the Spirit Master world. Moreover, it is rumored that he relied on his just having entered the ninetieth rank strength to consecutively defeat Spirit Hall’s two Title Douluo, precisely those who are represented by the chrysanthemum and human shape on this tile. They are respectively Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo. You should know that they had both been famous for many years already, and their strength had already broken through the ninety fifth rank. But they were still unable to withstand the might of your father’s Clear Sky hammer. Even though I couldn’t see the fight with my own eyes, just imagining it makes my blood boil.”

“Why would dad fight two Title Douluo in succession?”
Tang San couldn’t help asking.

Grandmaster shook his head,
“This I don’t know, not many do. This is apparently a secret between Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall. After that fight your father disappeared, and the Clear Sky School restrained their voice, hiding their identity as the present age’s number one Spirit Master school. Even though they still retain their title as the number one school, some emerging Spirit Masters aren’t well acquainted with the Clear Sky School.”

“When your father reappeared once again, it was also six years later in front of me. I’m not too clear on the internal matters of the Clear Sky School, I’ve only vaguely heard that the relationship between your father and your eldest uncle isn’t particularly harmonious. But before his great battle with two Title Douluo he had already left the Clear Sky School.”

Tang San looked stupidly at Grandmaster, for a moment unable to speak a word, he seemed completely at a loss, his eyes already turning somewhat red.

From his father visiting Grandmaster, and from him giving Grandmaster such an important Heaven Dou Six Emperors Tile, he could see how much his father valued him. How he loved him.

His departure was perhaps for lack of a better choice, perhaps he had a lot of matters to deal with.

‘But, dad, why didn’t you come back to see me?’

Grandmaster said:
“Little San, don’t think too much. In some sense, perhaps your father never left your side.”

Tang San stared blankly,

Grandmaster’s face suddenly revealed an eccentric smile,
“Do you still remember what happened just when you entered Shrek Academy?”

Tang San puzzled shook his head.

Grandmaster said:
“I also actually heard this from Flender. At that time, because Zhao Wuji’s hands were itching he personally examined you children, and you used hidden weapons to greet him, and he himself suffered injuries, right.”

Tang San nodded.

Grandmaster smiling said:
“But you didn’t discover, that afterwards Zhao Wuji had changed somewhat?”

Tang San thought hard, but because of the matter with his father his mind was in disorder, and for the moment he couldn’t remember the circumstances of that time.

Grandmaster said:
“Don’t tell me you forgot that the next day Zhao Wuji had a bloody nose? Flender said that the evening Zhao Wuji suffered from your hidden weapons, a black clothed man suddenly appeared, drawing Zhao Wuji out of the Academy. Afterwards, he gave Zhao Wuji a beating empty handed. When Flender caught up he didn’t dare interfere. Because, that person didn’t even release his spirit to beat up Zhao Wuji. You should know that Zhao Wuji possesses seventy six ranks of spirit power, being able to knock him down without using spirit power, what kind of terrifying strength would that require? And that person, was your father.”

“You mean, dad came to see me?”

Tang San stood up sharply, so moved his body trembled slightly.

Grandmaster said with a nod:
“Yes, but this was more than a year ago. He came to see you. But he didn’t meet you. If I surmise correctly, not meeting you was because he didn’t want to influence your cultivation, or another reason is perhaps because he was afraid that after meeting you he wouldn’t want to leave. I believe he certainly has some matters he must deal with, and as a result he isn’t willing to meet you.”

Dad came to see him, and even beat up teacher Zhao Wuji who injured him?

Tang San’s heart suddenly became scorching hot. When he had seen Tai Long’s father Tai Nuo come to challenge him for the sake of his son, he didn’t know how envious he had been. And now he found out that his father had done the same for him more than a year ago. That kind of proud and warm feeling made all the complaints he had stored up over the years quietly fade away.

Grandmaster said:
“Therefore I would say, that your father might be at your side at any time. When he believes the time is right, he will naturally appear before you. Your family name is Tang, and you are directly blood related to the Clear Sky School, let me tell you this so you clearly understand, whether it’s for you yourself, or for your father, since you have chosen to walk the path of a Spirit Master, you cannot stop to rest. Perhaps, your father will also equally need your help, but if you’re dispirited because of your past, and it influences your cultivation, how can you still help him in the future? Perhaps he won’t blame you, but he will certainly be disappointed. You are the son of Clear Sky Douluo, you have inherited the blood of your father, you must use action and strength to prove to your father that you have the qualifications to help him. Perhaps your father is waiting for your strength to reach a certain level before he appears in front of you, who can say?”

From his birth until now, Tang San had been together with Grandmaster for longer than he’d been with his father. It could be said that Grandmaster and Xiao Wu were the people closest to him apart from his father.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The past few days’ bewilderment, contradictions, and complicated feelings, were suddenly dispelled by these words from Grandmaster.

Everything became completely clear before his eyes.

Even if he himself could understand everything clearly right now, so what?

With his present strength there was basically nothing he could do. What he could do right now was work hard at cultivation like Grandmaster said.

Using action to prove himself to his father.

‘Dad, have you always been watching over me in secret? Then fine, you wait and see, I definitely won’t let you down.’

Seeing Tang San’s expression change, Grandmaster couldn’t help secretly nodding. He knew Tang San was smart, as soon as he woke up a bit he would understand. This was also Grandmaster’s goal in calling him over.

“Grandmaster, I still have two questions.”
The light reappeared in Tang San’s eyes, and he again recovered his usual quiet and contented ease.

Grandmaster said:

Tang San said:
“The first question is, do you know who my mother was? Since I was born, I never met my mother, and father never spoke of her. I vaguely feel that father losing himself in shoddy alcohol for six years is very possibly related to my mother.”

Grandmaster nodded and said:
“You’re right. Since you never saw your mother, it’s very possible she was related to your father’s depression. However, your mother’s identity is even more mysterious. Let alone me, in the Spirit Master world there’s no one who knows who she was. She apparently didn’t belong to any of the great Spirit Master clans, this can be seen from your Blue Silver Grass. Blue Silver Grass is the standard for waste spirits. In some sense, twin spirits is also a kind of spirit variation. Being able to allow two spirits to coexist will cause a certain harm to the Spirit Master’s body, just like Ma Hongjun’s previous evil fire would cause him complications. But strangely, the two spirits within you have never shown this kind of circumstances. Unusually harmonious together. Moreover, your Blue Silver Grass doesn’t seem to have a difficult cultivation process. Your spirit power promotes very quickly. If saying your innate full spirit power was caused by your Clear Sky Hammer, why would Blue Silver Grass cultivate so quickly? Even though you have twin spirits, it still shouldn’t be the reason for this.”

Tang San didn’t have anything to say to Grandmaster’s questions. Even if he didn’t know why his two spirits could coexist so tactfully, his spirit power was cultivated with the Mysterious Heaven Skill method, seemingly unrelated to his spirits.

However Tang Sect inside knowledge couldn’t be revealed to outsiders.

“Teacher, my second question is, why won’t my father and you let me cultivate the Clear Sky Hammer? According to what you said, the Clear Sky Hammer should be a top quality tool spirit, clearly it should have even better prospects than cultivating Blue Silver Grass. My father also became famous with it. Don’t tell me it’s in order to hide that I come from Clear Sky School?”

Hearing this question from Tang San, Grandmaster couldn’t help but show a smiling expression,
“This question is very simple. Whether your father or me, it’s all for your own good. It’s not to conceal your identity, but rather to let you become even stronger in the future. Tell me, what is the greatest advantage of twin spirits?”

“The abilities of two spirits. One spirit can at most only have nine spirit rings, that’s also nine abilities. But I have two spirits, so it’s eighteen abilities.”

Grandmaster’s brows furrowed,
“Foolish kid, fortunately you have me to learn from. Why can’t you still see it clearly? Correct, after twin spirits have cultivated to the Title Douluo realm, they can indeed possess eighteen spirit rings, eighteen spirit abilities. But, you’ve forgotten, even though you have twin spirits, you can only use one spirit at a time. In other words, at most you can only use nine spirit rings at the same time, that’s all. Even though you can change a bit more than ordinary Spirit Masters, is this the mystery of twin spirits? Then you are underestimating the gift of twin spirits too much.”

A divine light came on in Tang San’s mind,
“Teacher, you mean to say……”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“Me and your father both advocating having you first cultivating your Blue Silver Grass, is because it’s inferior to the Clear Sky Hammer. The greatest advantage of twin spirits is the ability to first cultivate one spirit. Even though your Clear Sky Hammer doesn’t have any spirit rings at present, your spirit power has already reached the thirty seventh rank. Think about it. If you right now began to add spirit rings to your Clear Sky Hammer, then what level of spirit rings would that be? Thousand year. If your Blue Silver Grass first reaches the Title Douluo level, then you add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer? What level then? Me and your father’s goal is to create an unimaginable existence with all spirit rings over ten thousand years. But these circumstances can only appear with a Spirit Master with twin spirits. Your other spirit is Blue Silver Grass, I don’t expect you to cultivate to the ninetieth rank, but as long as you can cultivate to the sixtieth rank or higher, then, in the future it will be possible to create an all ten thousand year spirit ring Clear Sky Hammer. At that time, let alone a Title Douluo, even two at once, how might they be your opponents? Equally at the ninetieth rank, relying on your nine ten thousand year spirit rings to add all sorts of attributes, how could an ordinary Spirit Master compare? This is our true goal.”

Tang San’s eyes shone. He had used the Clear Sky Hammer once, at that time he had relied on it without any spirit rings to successfully attack the Man Faced Demon Spider. The Clear Sky Hammer’s weight was so frightful, and all this was because it was in itself a tyrannical existence.

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying:
“Right now my sole worry is whether your two spirits will come into conflict when you start adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer. In Spirit Master history, you are the third person to possess twin spirits. We’re not the only smart people, and if we’ve thought of something, then others have thought of it too. The first Spirit Master to possess twin spirits came to an extremely miserable end. When he added spirit rings to his second spirit, after adding the third, the two spirits came into conflict, bursting his body. But the second person to possess twin spirits was successful, becoming a power unprecedented in history. In other words, according to this cultivation method with twin spirits, the probability of success is fifty percent.”

“Perhaps your odds are a bit higher, after all, even until now your Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass haven’t shown any signs of conflict. I’ve been constantly researching this question over these years, how to add spirit rings to your Clear Sky Hammer in the future so that they don’t come into conflict.”

“Not letting people know about the twin spirits is out of fear that some formidable spirit master will take a detrimental interest in you, having you first cultivate Blue Silver Grass is a method to let you become even stronger. Now you understand. As for what to choose in the future, that is up to you.”

Under Grandmaster’s detailed explanation, Tang San couldn’t help but feel a completely new awareness of his twin spirits,
“Teacher, then having me temper my body, isn’t that also because of the twin spirits? When Blue Silver Grass gains spirit rings, it would somewhat improve my body, like strength, agility, and endurance. And after I add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, won’t these circumstances appear again? In other words, my body’s attributes can at most increase by eighteen spirit rings. Although these attributes aren’t much compared to spirit abilities, accumulating his many is still extremely frightful.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“That’s right, this is also a point that worries me. Increasing all kinds of attributes is of course a good thing to Spirit Masters. But, as attributes strengthen past a certain degree and the body is unable to endure, it will turn from benefit to disaster. That’s why I would have you toughen your physique. After you ate those two kinds of extreme immortal treasure herbs this time, it seems your body has improved not insignificantly. Right now I can be certain that in the future when you add spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, at least the first three spirit rings won’t cause you too much of a burden. As for the others, it will depend on the circumstances. If it’s really no good we will use a kind of special method to distribute these properties.”

“How to distribute spirit ring properties?”
Tang San inquisitively asked.

Grandmaster pointed at Tang San’s back, saying:
“You’ve forgotten, you still have that external spirit bone. As your strength reaches a certain level, it’s best to possess two more spirit bones, and as your body is unable to support the properties from the spirit rings, these will be distributed into the spirit bones within you. Like this, the pressure you endure yourself will become smaller. The problem is, once people learn about it, people wanting to kill you by breaking the spirit bones within you will perhaps increase. Right now your twin spirits still haven’t formed, few people know about it, and it’s still not considered a problem, as for later it’s hard to say. Therefore, it’s for this reason I will continue to remind you that unless your life is in danger, you definitely mustn’t easily reveal your Clear Sky Hammer. In another half year it will be the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, I will remind you once again that in this Spirit Master Grand Competition you definitely mustn’t use the Clear Sky Hammer.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Grandmaster softly patted Tang San’s shoulder, as if the frustration faded away saying:
“Little San, I can understand your present frame of mind. But there’s one point you must be clear on, living in a great clan, especially a Spirit Master school, isn’t as great as it appears. Restrictions and pressure from all sides, as well as secret internal struggles, there is no benefit to cultivation.”

[1] (唐天) “Tang Heaven”, the Tian is the same as “Sky” in Clear Sky.

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