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Chapter 76

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“Hold on.”

“That Grandmaster really is a character. Your spirit power grew by three or four ranks in one year under his instruction, that’s still very ordinary. I greatly admire his education of you. But according to what you said, two months ago you were still at the thirty first rank. But two months later you’ve already reached the thirty seventh rank, how did this come about?”

Ning Rongrong smiled mysteriously:
“Actually, half a month ago I was still at the thirty first rank. These last six ranks were practically done in a day.”

“Rongrong, you mustn’t frighten grandpa.”
The wizened old man couldn’t help opening his eyes wide. He knew that the more that nefarious cultivation method increased cultivation speed, the more vitality it consumed. Gaining six ranks in one day, that might expend decades life.

A giggle escaped from Ning Rongrong:
“What are you up to, I still thought to give you a nice surprise but how did it turn into alarm. It’s actually nothing. I just ate a kind of herb and gained this much strength.”


“What herb?”

Ning Rongrong said:
“My third brother said that it was called something like ‘Beautiful Silk Tulip’. It’s a rare immortal treasure.”

In Ning Fengzhi’s mind suddenly appeared two silhouettes he had met just recently, it couldn’t be them?

“Beautiful silk tulip? Uncle Sword, uncle Bone. Have either of you heard of this herb?”

The two old men shook their heads simultaneously with blank faces. The wizened old man said:
“Perhaps, only that old poisonous thing Dugu Bo would know. No good, Fengzhi, we have to examine Rongrong’s condition at once. If by any chance her spirit power growth came at the cost of her vitality, we have to think of a way to deal with it at once.”

“Grandpa bone, I said there’s no need to be worried. My third brother said that those herbs were all immortal treasures that had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, with a powerful effect on the foundations. Not only wouldn’t they cause harm, they would even consolidate the foundations. Forget about it. I won’t hide it anymore. I’ll let you have the real surprise. After you’ve seen this you won’t doubt it again.”

While speaking, Ning Rongrong slowly raised her right hand. Dazzlingly beautiful multicolored rays of light began to coalesce at her palm.

Watching the light condense in his daughter’s palm, Ning Fengzhi suddenly felt somewhat strange, but for a moment he was unable to say where the strangeness came from.

At the dazzlingly beautiful pagoda were two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings revolving in Ning Rongrong’s right hand. The dazzling splendor immediately made the hall become even brighter.

Before Ning Fengzhi could look closer, the white dressed old man at his side cried out in surprise,
“Nine layers and nine colors, Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda?”

Ning Fengzhi had a greatly alarmed expression. He finally understood what had made him feel strange, it was precisely the colors in Ning Rongrong’s palm as she released her spirit. Different from the original seven colors, there were two more than before. It had become nine colors, and the pagoda in her palm right now had nine levels.

As the most powerful support spirit, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School actually had a secret, and this secret actually related to their spirit.

Heaven was impartial, the effect of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda on the battlefield was actually too frightful. Therefore, it also had a flaw.

The reason why the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was known as Seven Treasure was not only because it had seven levels, even more important was that this spirit could only hold up to seven spirit rings, two less than any other spirit. This was also the reason why Ning Fengzhi, even as school master, only had seventy ninth rank spirit power, the main reason he had never been able to break through to the next level.

In the legends of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, if by some stroke of luck the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda could evolve to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, not only would it strengthen the spirit’s own foundations, it would also have an even vaster space. Once a Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master reached the nine ring Title Douluo level, he would possess the title of support god, with the strength to turn the tide of any battle.

At this moment, Ning Fengzhi no longer had to worry about his daughter. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda already proved that Ning Rongrong’s vitality hadn’t been cut short, on the contrary it had substantially increased, and her foundations had further become incomparably stable. Right now this Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master’s heart suffered from a completely different kind of shock. How could he have expected that the dream he had held for his entire life would appear with his daughter. The happiness had appeared too suddenly, and he was now completely lifeless.

It wasn’t just Ning Fengzhi who was moved. The two old men also became equally excited. Both looking at the pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand, for a while they didn’t know what to say.

The jewel light faded as Ning Rongrong withdrew her spirit,
“You should believe me now. How would third brother harm me? It’s not just me, each of us got a heavenly treasure herb, everyone’s spirit power increased very quickly, boss Dai even already broke through the fortieth rank, and he’s just sixteen.”

“Beautiful Silk Tulip, Beautiful Silk Tulip. What kind of treasure is that? It can actually promote my daughter’s seven treasure to nine treasure. Such a herb is absolutely worthy of being called an immortal treasure.”

“Daddy, weren’t you going to give me a present? Hand it over quickly!”
Ning Rongrong held out her hand, wagging it in front of Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi stretched his hand into his chest pocket, taking out the Powder Shooting Shadow and Silent Sleeve Dart he had purchased just today at the auction and gave them to Ning Rongrong,
“I bought these today at the auction. Although the power of these two weapons isn’t all that great, they can still provide a certain protection. Yi, Rongrong, why are you looking at daddy with such an expression?”

“Powder Shooting Shadow, Silent Sleeve Dart. Daddy, how did you get third brother’s hidden weapons?”
How couldn’t Ning Rongrong recognize Tang San’s trademark hidden weapons?

“This was made by that third brother of yours?”
Inwardly Ning Fengzhi thought that it was indeed the case, that seemingly common youth was actually really such a genius?

Ning Rongrong pulled up her sleeve, exposing the Silent Sleeve Dart on her left wrist,
“Look, isn’t this the same? These two are still the most ordinary. I’m still wearing several kinds that are more powerful. Coming back this time is because I missed you, and another matter, I was preparing to ask daddy whether we could equip our directly related clansmen with these hidden weapons. If used properly they will have a lot of power.”

Ning Fengzhi slowly drew in a breath, his expression revealing a somewhat serious light,
“I really want to know, this third brother of yours, precisely what kind of genius he is.”

The white dressed old man thought about it deeply:
“If he’s really outstanding, he might a candidate for grandson-in-law.”

Ning Rongrong’s charming face blushed,

At this moment, even Ning Rongrong herself was surprised to find Oscar’s, so handsome that even women would be jealous, face appearing in her mind. Even though he didn’t have Dai Mubai’s ferocity or Tang San’s comprehensiveness, every time Ning Rongrong recalled Oscar pushing her down below him the time they confronted the Titan Giant Ape she couldn’t keep her heart from throbbing. However, even she didn’t dare lightly offend the clan rules.

“Let’s go. We’ll step outside and you can let me see those ‘hidden weapons’ you brought back.”


The four entered the courtyard, and Ning Fengzhi ordered that nobody should enter, then turned to his daughter:
“Rongrong, how do you want to try it?”

Ning Rongrong thought about it, then her gaze lacking any good intentions fell on those two grandfathers,
“Grandpa Sword, it would be better for us to try it. You’re so awesome, you wouldn’t get injured.”

The white dressed old man smiled slightly, saying:
“That’s not certain, these old bones of your grandpa Sword aren’t as sturdy as your grandpa Bone.”

The wizened old man curled his lips disdainfully,
“Since you’re scared, let me do it.”

The white dressed old man glared at him,
“Praise you a bit and you’re in high spirits. Step aside. I’ll accompany our little princess. Girl, use those hidden weapon somethings freely. Grandpa will defend.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:

Flicking her wrist, with a dim flicker of light from the spirit tool on her wrist, that Godly Zhuge Crossbow fell into her hand.

She naturally didn’t need to think about whether she might hurt the white dressed old man. These two elders could be said to be the supporting pillars of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. They were the guardians of the school. The white clothed old man’s Title was Sword, named Chen Xin[1]. The Title Douluo praised as the strongest attack, his spirit power had reached the ninety sixth rank. The wizened old man was Titled Bone, named Gu Rong[2]. Widely known as using crafty transformations, his spirit power had reached the ninety fifth rank. They were two of the strongest powers of the current age, and that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could rank among the seven great clans was admittedly related to their superlative supporting spirit, but it was absolutely also inextricably linked to the support of these two Title Douluo.

The Spirit Hall’s evaluation of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was such, when Sword and Bone joined and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master appeared, a flicker became an unparallelled light.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Consider, two power attack system Title Douluo under the support of the strongest Auxiliary Spirit Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, how many people could stand up to them?

The white dressed old man, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, raised his hand, looking at Ning Rongrong with a smile, indicating she could begin.

Ning Rongrong wasn’t polite, quickly arming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, a series of resounding noises echoing.

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze never left his daughter. Just as the arming was almost done, suddenly Ning Rongrong’s left wrist moved slightly, three black shadows shooting out, shooting at Chen Xin’s chest in a triangular formation.

“Pretty good.”
Sword Douluo Chen Xin didn’t even move. Just as those three silent sleeve darts were about to hit him, suddenly the air seemed to distort slightly and the three silent sleeve darts simultaneously froze in midair. The next moment they fell to the ground in six pieces, each dart split open.

That was sword energy, bursting from within his body. He didn’t even use his spirit.

But the moment the three silent sleeve darts quietly fell to the ground, completely opposite to their silence, powerful buzzing sounds accompanied by metal noises erupted in an instant, sixteen pitch black iron essence crossbow bolts launching from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. The sonorous noises had only just risen when the crossbow bolts already reached the Sword Douluo.

The white clothed old man Chen Xin started slightly, subconsciously raising his right hand. Several decades of fighting experience allowed him to sense the opponent’s attack power from the slightest hints, how could someone whose forte was attack ignore the opponent’s strike?

Fingers like a knife, turning over the palm of his right hand, it was as if the air was ripped apart as a white energy surged out of his palm, in that instant it was like an enormous sword slashed in front of him.

Dangdangdangdangdang—— A crowded series of explosions echoed, the white light the Sword Douluo chopped out splashed across the sixteen points in ripples. In the instant when the old had faded and the new strength had not yet been born, Ning Rongrong’s left had wiped at her chest, and with a delicate buzzing sound a mist shot out from a gap in her clothes at her chest, directly enveloping the Sword Douluo.

Chen Xin was distracted a moment,

Turning in place, although his right hand was extended he still had his left hand, sweeping his left hand he not only scattered the mist, but even the steel needles hidden within.

“Grandpa Sword is so good.”
Ning Rongrong excitedly ran over towards the Sword Douluo.

The Sword Douluo smiled slightly, saying:
“These hidden weapons really are pretty good, especially those noisy crossbow bolts just now have excellent attack power. If a Spirit Master under the fortieth rank was careless they would be unable to withstand it.”

Ning Rongrong had already come within ten meters of the Sword Douluo, and very proudly said:
“But of course. In the spirit arena, relying on the focused attack of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow we defeated a fortieth level Spirit Master team. The more people who use it at the same time, the more formidable the power of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. However, this Godly Zhuge Crossbow still can’t threaten grandpa Sword!”

While speaking she stomped on the ground in an impetuous manner, and three shadows suddenly quietly shot out from the outside of her left thigh, and at the same time a flying dagger shot out from the tip of her shoe. The throwing knife shot straight at the Sword Douluo’s face, while those three noiseless shadows attacked his three lower vitals[3].

By now Ning Rongrong was less than ten meters away from the Sword Douluo. At this distance the hidden weapons were only flashes. At the same time her other foot stomped down, and a similar attack appeared once again just like a wave. The goal was to find a moment when the Sword Douluo’s defense was down.

The Sword Douluo somewhat exaggeratedly said:

Both hands simultaneously separating at his chest, naturally he wouldn’t release spirit power in front since that would injure Ning Rongrong. Under his large sleeves appeared two sharp points of spirit power, under the pull of air altogether two flying daggers and six delicate crossbow bolts were simultaneously sent flying.

Gabeng, resounding metallic mechanical sounds echoed practically simultaneously, the second volley of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had been quietly prepared by Ning Rongrong. Another sixteen crossbow bolts flickered across the close range in an instant, at the same time the Powder Shooting Shadow on her chest erupted.

Crossbow bolts and steel needles formed a practically seamless attack, as long as the Sword Douluo was even slightly careless he would immediately suffer harm.


“My body like the sword.”

Immediately, the courtyard seemed to be lit by a sun, intense metallic luster suddenly erupted. The white clothed old man in front of Ning Rongrong seemed to become like a metallic tornado, an ear piercing disharmonious sound rose at the same time. All the hidden weapons in front of him, whether steel needles or crossbow bolts, completely turned into scraps of metal drifting through the air. And behind him, extending two metres long and one chi wide, an enormous simple and unadorned sword hung in midair. Two yellow, three purple, four black, a full nine spirit rings coiled around it. This was the Sword Douluo’s sword. A first rate tool spirit.

“Grandpa Sword is so awesome!”
Ning Rongrong stood in place clapping her hands. The instant the Sword Douluo released his spirit she could clearly feel sharp spirit power sweep past either side of her body. She knew full well that if she had been an enemy, right now she might have already been cut to pieces.

Watching Ning Rongrong run over to him, Sword Douluo Chen Xin stroked Ning Rongrong’s head, saying with a smile:
“You’re also very awesome! Grandpa even had to pull out his spirit. A Spirit Master at your level, let alone an auxiliary system, even a power attack system might not be be able to make me do that. These hidden weapons really are outstanding. Especially their unexpectedness.”

Ning Rongrong thought deeply and nodded:

Before she even finished speaking, Ning Rongrong’s nodding motion seemed to become a bit bigger. With a gabeng sound, a line of cold light shot out from her back, flying straight at the Sword Douluo’s face.

It really was too close, even a power like the Sword Douluo didn’t have a chance of dodging the mechanical Taut Back Flower Adorning Crossbow. He could naturally defend, but his spirit was really too potent. With Ning Rongrong this close, if he used his spirit, Ning Rongrong would definitely be caught up in the effect. With his tyrannical spirit’s capability, the little princess in front of him would undoubtedly die.

The thought flashed through Chen Xin’s mind like a flash of lightning, and helplessly he had no choice but to open his mouth wide, biting down on that crossbow bolt.

At this moment the Sword Douluo was just like Zhao Wuji that time he suffered under Tang San’s hidden weapons, even though the Taut Back Flower Adornment Crossbow was powerful, it wasn’t at the level of the Sword Douluo’s teeth. However, when the crossbow bolt was subjected to pressure it squirted out the poison contained within, directly into the mouth of the Sword Douluo.

Fortunately, this poison still wasn’t Tang San’s new edition, but despite this the Sword Douluo immediately felt his tongue go completely numb, and with great alarm his figure flickered, simultaneously spitting out the venom and crossbow bolts to the side while opening up the distance to Ning Rongrong.

Seeing the Sword Douluo’s panicked appearance, Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo Gu Rong both jumped with fright, hastily going over. Ning Rongrong also hadn’t expected that such a formidable Sword Douluo would actually be taken in, and immediately panicked, running over towards the Sword Douluo.

“Don’t, don’t come over girl. Grandpa Sword’s old bones can’t stand being thrown around again!”
The Sword Douluo spoke unclearly, at the same time swiftly condensing the spirit power within his body, instantly forcing it into his tongue to remove the poison. He had no choice but to bite the tip of his tongue, spitting the purple black venom to the side along with blood, and his complexion eased somewhat. Relying on his more than ninetieth ranked spirit power, even the Poison Douluo Dugu Bo’s toxin might not be able to affect him, to say nothing of this little poison. But having poison forced into his mouth this suddenly still wasn’t anything the Sword Douluo had expected.

“Rongrong, kneel.”
Ning Fengzhi yelled sternly.

Ning Rongrong didn’t dare step forward, kneeling neatly and pitifully on the ground, the rims of her eyes red, tears about to flow out.

The Bone Douluo seeing this scene couldn’t stand to stay uninvolved, and with a flicker immediately reached Ning Rongrong’s side, pulling her into an embrace,
“Fengzhi, why are you like this, it’s all that old geezer Chen Xin’s fault, how could you blame our Rongrong? Just what is called ‘there can never be too much deception in war’. This just proves the effect of those hidden weapons even better. Rongrong, well done, you let grandpa Bone vent his anger. Haha, I haven’t seen your cheap grandpa Sword cut such a sorry figure in years. You sure enough have your grandpa Bone’s sly pragmatic elegance.”

“Uncle Bone, you……”
Ning Fengzhi was speechless, he didn’t know how many times he’d seen the same scene before. Every time he was going to discipline his daughter, both uncle Sword and uncle Bone would immediately interfere, and these two grandee’s were people even he didn’t dare offend.

Ning Rongrong slipped out of the Bone Douluo’s embrace, quickly running over in front of the Sword Douluo. This time she knelt on her own in front of him without Ning Fengzhi saying anything, tears rolling down her face,
“Grandpa Sword, it was Rongrong’s mistake. You punish Rongrong.”

Seeing the panic and remorse in his daughter’s eyes, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help staring blankly. In his impression, this little she-devil type daughter of his would never admit a mistake. It seemed that this trip to Shrek Academy really wasn’t wasted.

The Sword Douluo had also gradually calmed down by now, clean of poison after spitting out the excess before. Hurriedly he held out a hand to pull up Ning Rongrong.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“Good Rongrong, don’t cry. It was grandpa Sword who lacked skill, how could we blame you? We agreed to test the hidden weapons. You didn’t do anything wrong! This hidden weapon really was unexpected.”

“School master, if possible we should have this hidden weapons making young man join the school at any cost.”

The Sword Douluo’s last words were very serious, and by how he addressed Ning Fengzhi as ‘school master’ could be seen just how much importance he attached to this matter.

Ning Fengzhi nodded earnestly. Being able to rely on these external weapons to force a Title Douluo to use his spirit and even suffer, just how great an effect would these hidden weapons have? Admittedly it was because the Sword Douluo was worried about Ning Rongrong, but at the same time they all knew that Ning Rongrong would use these weapons and had somewhat guarded against them. If they confronted an enemy, and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s direct disciples had never before had the ability to attack, then suddenly brought out these hidden weapons, what kind of scene would that be?

Ning Fengzhi was definitely considered a wise school master. Making a snap decision he said to Ning Rongrong:
“Rongrong, don’t speak of this matter to anyone in the school for the moment. Tomorrow I’ll follow you to your Shrek Academy, and we’ll properly settle this with your third brother.”

Ning Fengzhi’s heart was burning. Today his daughter really had brought back too many surprises. Before even speaking of these hidden weapons, the variation of his daughter’s spirit, or perhaps to say its evolution, attaining the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda level was by far the most important to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. He looked forward to meeting the youth who had given Ning Rongrong all of this. No matter how, as her father, he had to express that, looking at Ning Rongrong’s spirit alone, Tang San had already made a gargantuan favor for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At the same time, Ning Fengzhi still secretly had another notion. If he could truly recruit this genius youth, then perhaps in a few decades the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile would have another Title Douluo as guardian.

The lifespan of a Title Douluo was admittedly a bit longer than an ordinary person, but it was after all finite. Whether it was the Sword Douluo or the Bone Douluo, both were already over eighty. A few more decades might not be cause for concern, but after those decades? He had to ensure there would be someone to take over for him in regards to his daughter!


At the same time as Ning Rongrong’s return caused a change in the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Tang San was continuously cultivating.

The wounds he had suffered really weren’t light. After Tang San returned to the dorm he continuously cultivated until early the next morning before awakening.

Slowly opening his eyes, he could see by the light outside the window that it was already dawn.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San sensed the condition within his body and was gratified to discover that the internal pains had completely faded. Everything was back to normal. The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot under the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well had caused a sky and earth turning transformation to his body. Not just his surface skin becoming even more durable, but at the same time making his internals far beyond those of ordinary people.

Just like Tang San said himself, while the effect of an immortal treasure herb wasn’t meager, two extreme immortal treasures fused together had an effect that even approached the immortal treasure among immortal treasures, Yearning Heartbroken Red. But because of the ice and fire energies contained within, they had to be absorbed bit by bit. That might take an entire lifetime for Tang San.

His gaze fell on a paper on top of the dorm table. On the paper was one of Oscar’s big sausages. On the other bed, Oscar was quietly cultivating, having returned at some point.

Tang San picked up the paper and sausage from the table, looking at the graceful handwriting.

“Ge, Oscar’s back, I’ll return first. Eat his sausage after you wake up. I’ll come see you early tomorrow —— Xiao Wu.”

Reading the brief not, Tang San couldn’t help but feel a warmth in his heart. Gobbling down the sausage he felt his body heating, finally removing the last traces of discomfort.

As his spirit power improved, all of Oscar’s sausages also had increased effect. Besides its use as food, this recovery sausage’s recovery capability had also improved a lot.

Folding the note into his chest, Tang San quietly left the room and exited the dormitory. Using several footholds left behind from the building’s construction, in a few leaps he reached the roof.

Right now was just when the sky showed the first glimmers of dawn, on the horizon only just floated a trace of white. Naturally circulating the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body, after connecting the Penetrating Meridian, Mysterious Heaven Skill’s speed had increased by a lot. Tang San was gradually covered in a white misty luster congregating at his eyes, Purple Demon Eye gradually releasing light under the support of Mysterious Heaven Skill.

The white light on the Eastern horizon gradually became clear, and the purple in Tang San’s eyes also gradually grew more intense. Besides the original purple, there was still a layer of faint golden splendor. Along with purple qi gradually rising on the whitening horizon, the light in Tang San’s eyes also became more intense.

The purple gold light shot out from within his eyes like two light beams, spouting out a full one chi or so from within his eyes, the light fluctuated, and along with the withdrawing and discharging process it seemed to be able to easily absorb the purple qi from the East.

Under the effect of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, the Purple Demon Eye had made a qualitative leap. Even though looking from the outside right now, Tang San’s eyes were shooting out and taking in purple golden light, to his own point of view everything around him became extremely distinct. His Purple Demon Eye had formally entered the third tier, mustard seed. When used right now, before his eyes was a completely abundant stage, a world with all the colors in profusion, he could even clearly distinguish particles of dust in seemingly empty air.

After entering the second tier, even though Tang San had cultivated every day he had only made minute progress with his Purple Demon Eye. Now with the assistance of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, his early morning practice gave him a feeling of moving a thousand li in one day, as if he could see the purple qi in the horizon fly into his eyes, and that purple golden light in the depths of his eyes gave even more of a feeling of seeing through peoples’ hearts and souls.

The purple qi came quickly and left just as quickly. As those purple wisps quietly passed, the purple golden light in Tang San’s eyes didn’t withdraw. He discovered that he could actually rely on his conscious control to see everything up to a kilometer away, even the early morning mist was unable to hinder his penetrating gaze.

After that day when he used the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew, Tang San had felt his Purple Demon Eye gain something, but until now he hadn’t completely understood it. But that certainly wasn’t as simple as improving eyesight.

Drawing a deep breath, the white energy around him flowed into his mouth just like rivers running into the sea. After the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated in his energy channels three times it slowly submerged into his dantian. One night of cultivation along with Purple Demon Eye improving seemed to have somewhat strengthened his Mysterious Heaven Skill as a whole.

He showed a faint smile, at this rate he might truly be able to reach the highest stage of Mysterious Heaven Skill. Moreover this shouldn’t take too long. After all, right now he still wasn’t fourteen.

When Tang San returned to his dorm, not only had Oscar woken up, but Xiao Wu had also come. Seeing that Tang San had his customary expression, Xiao Wu immediately seemed to relax.

Oscar said with a wry smile:
“Little San, I’ve really had to suffer when you were injured this time. Just now Xiao Wu came and shook me awake, demanding to know where you were. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know you go out to cultivate every morning?”

Xiao Wu blushed,
“What do you understand, this is just being concerned. Ge, are you completely alright?”

Tang San nodded, saying:
“I’m fine.”

Xiao Wu smiling said:
“Then we’ll go eat breakfast. Big sausage uncle, you just continue cultivating.”

Oscar unhappily said:
“Cultivating farts, I’ll go eat with you as well. Eh, that’s right. Little San, I heard yesterday you got rid of a fifty eighth rank Spirit King? That’s too incredible.”

Tang San smiling said:
“It’s not as easy as you think. First of all the opponent was careless and didn’t look at me clearly. Luck had a major part in defeating him. That was a full strength type Spirit Master, perfectly restrained by my control system. Despite this I still had to rely on poison and Eight Spider Lances to barely come out on top. If we went at it again I would almost certainly not be his match. The power of hidden weapons mainly relies on surprise. As long as the opponent is prepared, with a spirit power gap of twenty ranks I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Oscar grinned, saying:
“No matter what you say, you won this time. You really gained honor for our Shrek Academy. Once we’ve brought back victory from that Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, our Shrek Academy might become one of the most famous Spirit Master organisations on the entire Continent. We also have to work hard. With your immortal herbs, I think that in this half year before the competition we’ll all have the chance to break through the fortieth rank. Come on, let’s go eat.”

The immortal treasure herbs brought a good opportunity for the extremely gifted Shrek Seven Devils. They were all talents, and further adding this assistance of the essence of heaven and earth, among their peers there was already no one who could surpass them.

The three left the dorm, and as they walked Tang San said:
“That Advanced Spirit Master Grand Competition might not be so easy. Although our strength is pretty good, we will still have to deal with twenty five year old Spirit Masters. Who knows how many geniuses are on the Continent? Let alone others, the Emperor Team is about as strong as us, by the time of the competition they might also all have reached the fortieth rank. This time I’m afraid they won’t give us the chance for another sneak attack. As long as Yu Tian-Heng and those two Black Tortoise Spirit Masters can display their strength, they’ll also be very difficult to deal with.”

[1] (尘心) “Earth Heart”

[2] (古榕) “Ancient Banyan tree”

[3] (下三路) Chest (heart), abdomen (spleen, liver), and genitalia.

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