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Chapter 75

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

It wasn’t like the Black Tortoise Spirit Masters Tang San had met before, using their tortoiseshells as shields.

The method Tang San chose was to pierce through the surface. Even though Eight Spider Lances couldn’t penetrate deeply, just breaking the skin was enough.

Just what is called ‘the participant is baffled, the spectator sees clearly’, the surrounding students, including Tai Long, all clearly saw black blood flowing from the wounds left by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, but where Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had penetrated there was a dark purple spreading.

Feeling alternately hot and cold, Tai Nuo suddenly felt his eyes blur. Exerting himself to shake his head, this feeling grew even more distinct.

“You-, you use poison……”

Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances propped him up from the ground, and looking down on Tai Nuo from above he said indifferently:
“Poison is part of my abilities. Do you still want to go on?”

Tai Nuo was a strength type power attack system Spirit Master, and a control system Spirit Master held the advantage when facing power attack system Spirit Masters. Even though there was an enormous difference in spirit power between the two, when Tang San relied on his Tang Sect abilities, simultaneously being a control system Spirit Master, as well as possessing an agility attack system’s speed and toxicity, further adding his perfect exploitation of his advantages, it immediately put Tai Nuo completely on the defensive. When the Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts pierced Tai Nuo’s defense, this fight had already been decided.

How could half a year by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well be wasted; all the hidden weapons Tang San carried used different poisons. Just like Dugu Bo said, even more formidable Spirit Masters would be cautious when dealing with him. Poison was a kind of special means of attack, in order to deal with a poison Spirit Master one first of all had to keep a careful defense. But Tai Nuo clearly felt he held the advantage, and it seemed to him that dealing with a child like Tang San was only a matter of stretching out his hand and grabbing him. He hadn’t expected that he would be the one stumbling into a ditch.

Calling out, Tai Nuo discovered that his tongue didn’t quite follow his orders. Even though he congregated his powerful spirit power to resist the poison within his body, he still suffered two kinds of poisons one after another. Previously he had spent his spirit power in anger, and further quickened the flow of blood within his veins. How could he resist now?

The Eight Spider Lances’ poison was supplemented with the properties of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot. Even though the two immortal treasure herbs hadn’t increased Tang San’s spirit power, their hot and cold poisons had completely fused together with Tang San, adding to the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. One might say that right now even Dugu Bo could only use his own poison resistance to subdue Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances’ poison within his own body, but would be unable to treat someone else. When this kind of poison entered the body, even if Tai Nuo had fifty eighth ranked strength, there could only be one conclusion.

“Three. Two. One. Fall.”
Tang San spoke four words without hurry, and Tai Nuo’s massive body collapsed on the ground, his wounds overflowing with tainted blood.

“Tang San, I’ll face you.”
A massive shadow fell from the air, precisely Tai Long.

Even though it was still difficult for Tai Long to move right now, his two eyes were both blood red. Just what is called ‘cannot live under the same sky as one’s father’s killer’, watching his father’s miserable state he completely forgot about the gap between him and Tang San.

With the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San’s nimbleness could even compare to the agility attack system Zhu Zhuqing, how would he get caught by Tai Long’s pounce. In a deep voice he called:
“Tai Long, if you don’t want your father to die, stop attacking immediately. Otherwise I won’t be able to save him.”

Even if Tai Long was a bit impulsive, he still wasn’t an idiot. Hearing his father could still be saved, he immediately sobered and stopped chasing Tang San.

Eight Spider Lances poking the ground, Tang San reached Tai Nuo’s side, raising an Eight Spider Lance and piercing into Tai Nuo’s back. Circulating his spirit power, the black energy in Vigorous King Tai Nuo’s body could clearly be seen extending to the Eight Spider Lances.

Right now, the expressions of the students standing around the great hole and watching Tang San were all brimming with reverence. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, who could believe that a thirty something ranked Spirit Elder could be capable of defeating a close to sixtieth ranked Spirit King?

It seemed to them that this was a complete victory.

Apparently Tai Nuo didn’t have any means of retaliating before Tang San.

The poison arrived quickly and left quickly, in a moment Tai Nuo’s wounds were flowing with blood. Tang San had been training with Eight Spider Lances for a long time, and by now he could control them perfectly. Withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances poison, he poked a series of acupuncture points on Tai Nuo to stop the bleeding.

Tai Long stared blankly at Tang San doing all this.

If in the morning he still had been unable to accept it because he and Tang San possessed the same level of spirit power, then by now Tang San had already become an unreachable existence in his eyes.

He couldn’t understand how, at the same thirty seven ranks, this seemingly very ordinary youth in front of him could be so much stronger than himself. It was no wonder Xiao Wu had chosen him.

Tai Long couldn’t know that the gap between Tang San and Tai Nuo, even if it was twenty one ranks of spirit power, Tang San could completely make up for ten ranks with an external spirit bone, and even more rely on the techniques of the Tang Sect.

And Tai Nuo hadn’t even been able to use his fifth spirit ability. Overall, this whole fight had been completely under Tang San’s control.

He undoubtedly displayed the fighting ability of a control system Spirit Master. The ability to control the overall situation with the precision of a calculator.

Withdrawing Eight Spider Lances within his back, Tang San nodded to Tai Long,
“Alright, I’ve already removed the poison. However he should feel a bit weak over the next few days. Have him rest for three days after returning, he mustn’t get angry, mustn’t use spirit power, and he’ll naturally recover. Your father caused this hole, you settle it.”

Tai Long looked at Tang San with a complicated expression. He should thank Tang San for saving his father, but his father’s injuries had also been caused by this fellow.

Tang San didn’t care about Tai Long’s reaction. Exerting himself against the wall of the pit, in two leaps he crawled up to the surface.

With such a great alarm at the Academy gate, how could it not alert the teachers. But by the time they arrived the fight was already at its end, and they only saw Tang San fire the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and subdue the enemy with Eight Spider Lances.

They even forgot to stop the fight.

As Tang San came out of the big hole he was immediately surrounded by several teachers wanting to talk to him. Tang San directly used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to pass through the crowd, and in a few flickers he had already disappeared.

“Ge, wait for me.”
Xiao Wu’s face was somewhat unsightly as she swiftly chased after Tang San.

But the teachers naturally couldn’t leave like that. Whether it was this giant hole they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about, or the numerous students gathered, everything had to be handled by them.

Tang San went straight back to his dorm. Just like at Shrek Academy, he was still sharing a room with Oscar here. Right now Oscar wasn’t here, up to something unknown.

As Tang San entered the room, even before he had stopped walking, he coughed up a mouthful of blood with a belching sound. His originally serene expression had already become pale.

Indeed, Tang San had prevailed over Tai Nuo, but the victory was very dangerous. That was after all an opponent with twenty ranks of strength more than him. Moreover, Tai Nuo’s strength was really a bit excessive. Most crucially, Tang San didn’t know the opponent’s spirit abilities.

When Tai Nuo used his fourth spirit ability ‘Power Quake’, even though Tang San reacted extremely quickly, in the end he couldn’t completely avoid it. The surging energy currents and the sand and stones splashing from the ground both caused him considerable harm. However he forced down the reaction, without showing the condition of his injury on the scene.

Tang San knew that if it wasn’t for his body being forged at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well for half a year, adding the transformation from the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, he would’ve been unable to endure even a single attack, and been struck down immediately.

Even relying on his endurance had barely been enough to withstand the opponent’s attack. Tang San was far from well, the energy channels within his body as if burning. Despite the support of his spirit power and Eight Spider Lances, after attacking Tai Nuo he had already been an arrow at the end of its flight.

After barely managing to absorb the poison within Vigorous Kind Tai Nuo’s body, how could he still stay at the scene? He couldn’t manage to explain to the teachers, and returned here directly.

Until now, just as he relaxed.

Standing there and gasping for breath, Tang San couldn’t hold back a sigh. Despite taking the immortal treasure herbs, as well as with the support of Eight Spider Lances and the Tang Sect techniques, the spirit power gap still wasn’t so easily overcome.

If in case he encountered an opponent with a spirit that just countered his own, he wouldn’t be able to obtain victory like today.

However, the fight today had let Tang San ascertain one thing: the other ability of Eight Spider Lances, Drain.

As early as the first time Tang San experimented with Eight Spider Lances he could somewhat sense that Eight Spider Lances seemed to absorb some energy from that big tree. And as he used it a few times later, Tang San discovered that once Eight Spider Lances had pierced into the opponent, it would absorb and give him a certain energy, even though this wasn’t too clear, and moreover this energy would disappear after a time, it was still there.

Like just now, whether it was when Tang San pierced Tai Nuo or removed the toxin, Tang San had this kind of feeling. The absorption of Eight Spider Lances apparently absorbed the opponent’s energy, and after absorbing it could last for about an hour or so.

He had never drained deliberately, this was just something the Eight Spider Lances provided him.

Tang San really wanted to try it, the effect if he completely drained an opponent with his Eight Spider Lances. But it was after all very rare to meet opponents he had to kill, and just in case the Eight Spider Lances drain ruined the opponent, it would be a grave disaster to his inner qualities.

Today’s conflict with the Tai family father and son, it was nothing more than a common conflict.

“Ge, are you alright?”
Xiao Wu forced her way through the door, and with one look at Tang San coughing up blood she hurriedly supported his arm.

Tang San shook his head with a smile,
“It’s nothing, I just suffered a bit of shock. Tai Long’s father’s strength was one of the most powerful I’ve encountered among Spirit Masters. Such a complete strength Spirit Master would have an extreme cultivation method, otherwise if he was a bit faster, I might have lost.”

Xiao Wu led Tang San to sit on the bed,
“Ge, you actually prevailed over a Spirit King. It’s already caused a sensation in the Academy. If you hadn’t run away quickly, by now you might be surrounded by a herd of students and teachers. When I chased after you I already saw several teachers negotiating with Tai Nuo. I fought a lot of people before at Nuoding Academy, but I still never saw someone’s family come out. Ge, this time you beat Tai Long’s father, won’t his grandfather really come out?”

After speaking the last line, Xiao Wu couldn’t help first smiling. Tang San also smiled, his impression of Tai Long’s father wasn’t bad, and if Tai Nuo hadn’t insulted Xiao Wu he wouldn’t have launched such a powerful poison attack. Even Tang San himself didn’t quite dare believe he could defeat a Spirit King.

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San sitting opposite her on the bed, and unhappily said:
“I don’t know where that Big Sausage Uncle has run off to, he’s gone just when he’s needed.”

Tang San drew in a sharp breath, his internal organs cramping. He knew the injuries he had sustained weren’t light,
“Xiao Wu. You go back to rest first, I want to cultivate a bit to alleviate the injuries to my energy channels.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“No, I’m not leaving. I’m staying here to watch you, otherwise what if someone comes looking for trouble? Ge, you cultivate, I’ll keep watch over you.”

Tang San nodded, sitting crosslegged on the bed, congregating the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body and slowly circulating it.

Tai Nuo finally departed Shrek Academy leaning on Tai Long’s arm. He didn’t know how long it had been since he last felt this weak. Even though the poison was gone, it still seemed to have exhausted him to the point where even walking was an issue.

Humiliation, disgrace, pain, unwillingness, all kinds of emotions filled his chest. How could he have expected to actually stumble into a ditch, losing to a still not even fortieth rank youth, that kind of feeling was even more difficult to endure than the physical pain.

Tai Long supported his father’s arm, not daring to speak a single word. Once Tai Nuo had handed over the money for restoring the ground in front of the Academy gate, those teachers had let them leave. They had even given them a preferential price for being an Academy student.

Fortunately Shrek Academy wasn’t near the city center, so even though they had caused a lot of noise they still hadn’t drawn the attention of the city guard.

Tai Long understood Tai Nuo’s current mood from experience, he had felt much the same when he was beaten by Tang San. But his father was both stronger and older than him, and naturally his pain would be even deeper.

“Da, are you alright?”
While stepping far away, Tai Long cautiously asked. He was very familiar with his father’s tempestuous temper.

But Tai Long was surprised to find that Tai Nuo didn’t vent his anger on him and had a very serene expression,
“Son, your loss wasn’t any injustice, even your father couldn’t succeed. It’s no wonder you couldn’t beat him. Do you know that kid’s background?”

Tai Long shook his head blankly,
“He came to class for the first time today. I-, I saw him sitting next to Xiao Wu, that’s why I wanted to pick a fight with him. You also know I like Xiao Wu.”

Tai Nuo stared at Tai Long,
“For the sake of a woman, you directly profited. How you are like your father in those years. But you didn’t make a mistake, for the sake of the woman you like you must advance bravely. Back then I chased after your ma just like that. But in those days I challenged a lot of Spirit Masters that were more powerful than me. How it must vex you now to be unable to defeat someone younger than you, this isn’t just the result of hard work.”

Tai Long carefully disputed it:
“But, father, I seem to be cultivating the fastest in the history of our clan, even when you were my age you weren’t as strong as me.”

“Scoundrel, what are you trying to say?”
Tai Nuo glowered.

Tai Long helplessly said:
“My meaning is that it isn’t your son not living up to expectations, but rather that the opponent is too strong. I really don’t know how that kid has cultivated, it seems he’s no more than fifteen or sixteen, how could he possess such formidable spirit power? Don’t tell me he’s a person from the seven great schools?”

Hearing his son’s words, Tai Nuo couldn’t help shiver in his heart, lowering his voice to say:
“Let’s go back first. To my knowledge there isn’t any formidable school with a Blue Silver Grass Spirit. I really wouldn’t have expected Blue Silver Grass to be able to become this formidable. Especially those last several strands he used, even my defense couldn’t completely block them, otherwise I wouldn’t have been poisoned. Let’s go, we’ll go back to ask your grandpa, maybe he knows.”


“No need. Father, we both lost so much face, if we let grandpa know, he won’t just sort us out. Besides, if by some chance the elder runs off to our Academy just like you, I won’t be able to keep studying.”

Tai Nuo snorted,
“One of our clan’s strength is protecting weak points, so what? You have an opinion? We have to inform your grandpa about this. I still don’t believe a child is capable of being that strong. Listen to what the elder says, visiting to stir up trouble isn’t losing face. Losing face is stirring up trouble and still letting others leave. If your father can’t release this anger, it’ll choke me to death.”

The two sturdy silhouettes gradually disappeared into the distance. Father and son both with faces swollen like pig heads, complexions white like paper. It was really one sorry figure after another.


Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School

Ning Rongrong sat on a sofa in the main hall and constantly swung her slender legs, her red lips pouting so hard one could hang a soy sauce jar from them.

She had been back for more than half a day but there wasn’t a trace of her father, and her excitement was gradually weakening.

In front of Ning Rongrong was an old man with a withered face slowly sipping tea. Even though he was sitting down, his stature was still astonishing. It wasn’t that he had the robustness of swelling muscles, but his whole frame was extremely astonishing.

When he sat in the originally very spacious sofa he clearly made it seem narrow.

His clothes seemed to be entirely propped up by his skeleton, muscles and skin were both withered, his eye sockets were deep caves, and if seen late at night it would simply be like an immense cranium. On his scalp were only a few sparse wisps of white or grey hair. Where he could be ugly he was ugly.

“My little princess, don’t be angry. I’m sure your father will be back quickly.”
The withered old man put down his teacup, speaking to Ning Rongrong.

His voice was extremely hoarse, like the wind rustling dead leaves, giving listeners a bad feeling.

Ning Rongrong leapt up from the sofa, running over to sit in the withered old man’s lap. With her fair skin, next to the enormous old man she was like a doll. Raising her hands she grabbed the old man’s white hair,
“I don’t care, someone has been gone for so long, but when returning with great difficulty daddy isn’t present. Isn’t he deliberately hiding from me? Grandpa Bone, you have to back me up.”

The shriveled skin on the withered old man’s face twitched once, somewhat not knowing whether to laugh or cry saying:
“My little princess, you shouldn’t keep playing with that little withered grass on your grandpa Bone’s head. Otherwise I’ll really become bald, and be even more teased by that cheap grandpa Sword of yours. You want me to support you, what can I do, don’t tell me there’s still someone in the school who would tease you?”

Ning Rongrong pondered, and said:
“This as well. Hmph, no matter, anyway once daddy returns I’ll definitely have him give me something nice to appease me. Grandpa Bone, you have to speak on my side.”

In order to keep the few remaining wisps of hair, the withered old man had no choice but to helplessly nod repeatedly. If his current appearance was seen by outsiders from the Spirit Master world, who knew how startled they might be. That the most secretive among Title Douluo, Bone Doluo, would be treated like this by a little girl, perhaps nobody would believe it even if told.

“I knew grandpa Bone was the best.”
Ning Rongrong didn’t seem to feel a bit like this old grandpa Bone was ugly, kissing him hard on the cheek and the jumping off his lap.

Watching the lively Ning Rongrong, a warm indulgence was revealed in the Bone Douluo’s eyes. He could be said to have watched Ning Rongrong grow up, and this little she-devil’s spoiled nature could be said to have been caused by him and Ning Rongrong’s other grandpa Sword.

“I heard our little she-devil has returned? Where is she, Rongrong, come quickly, let daddy have a look.”
At this moment someone finally arrived to lift the siege.

Hearing this voice, Ning Rongrong first excitedly wanted to run meet him, but then remembered she was still angry and hastily faced in the other direction, turning her back to the door.

That charming appearance seemed a bit funny to the Bone Douluo sitting on the sofa.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

A timid and elegant middle aged man stepped into the hall accompanied by a white dressed old man. If Tang San and Xiao Wu had been here now they would certainly have recognized him, precisely the person they met before at the auction house, that even prince Xue Xing didn’t dare provoke.

And this man was also Ning Rongrong’s father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s master, enjoying the name of the Continent’s foremost Support Spirit Master, Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi looked at his daughter and hurriedly walked forward,
“Silly girl, what are you doing with your back to daddy. It’s been a year. Daddy missed you so much!”

Ning Rongrong turned around sharply,
“Missed me? It would be a wonder if you didn’t long for me to be away from home.”

Ning Fengzhi seeing his seething daughter couldn’t help but inwardly feel his heart fall. First sitting down on the sofa he held out a hand to pull over his daughter, but didn’t expect Ning Rongrong to turn around and dodge away.

Not catching his daughter startled Ning Fengzhi. Even though he was an auxiliary system Spirit Master, reaching an enormous spirit power of more than the seventieth rank still had powerful transforming effect on his body, making him much stronger than ordinary people.

Ning Rongrong had inherited his spirit and was also auxiliary system. Even though he was only grabbing in passing, he still didn’t move slowly, but he had actually been easily dodged by his daughter.

Ning Rongrong wasn’t aware of her father’s shock and directly turned to that white dressed old man, throwing herself into his arms,

Meeting her family again after a long time, Ning Rongrong was after all a young girl. Moved, she immediately started to cry.

The white dressed old man hastily drew her into a tight embrace,
“Good girl, my little darling, you’ve come back, grandpa Sword also missed you! Missed you desperately.”

Ning Rongrong raised her head,

The white dressed old man firmly said:
“Of course really, if you don’t believe me just ask your grandpa Bone.”

Ning Rongrong blinked her clear big eyes,
“But, just now grandpa Bone told me, he missed me a little bit more than you.”


“Clearly I missed you more.”

“You’re bullshitting.”
The wizened old man suddenly stood up from the sofa. His terrifying height approached two meters fifty, and with his hoarse voice he seemed even more frightful.

“Not convinced? Let’s go, we’ll find somewhere to settle it.”
The white dressed old man stuck out his chest, glaring fearlessly.

“Alright, alright. Uncle Sword, uncle Bone, you’ve fought for a lifetime. Rongrong just got back, just let it go today.”
Ning Fengzhi helplessly looked at the two old men in front of him.

The white clothed old man and wizened old man snorted practically simultaneously. None of them looked at each other, and both their gazes fell on Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong’s eyes were big and round:
“I have a way to prove which grandpa who missed me the most.”

Ning Fengzhi clapped a hand to his forehead. A little she-devil was after all a little she-devil, the place was lively as soon as she was back. He couldn’t help saying:
“Rongrong, don’t be irresponsible.”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue at her father, she was clearly not a bit afraid of her dad. Otherwise she wouldn’t be called the little she-devil in the first place,
“You didn’t miss me, and you won’t even let the grandpas miss me! I’ve run back from far away and you’re not home. Grandpas, like this, both of you give Rongrong a present, and the one whose gift Rongrong likes the most, is the one who missed Rongrong the most.”

The two old men looked face to face, inwardly simultaneously recalling how they’d been maneouvered.

Ning Fengzhi restrained a smile and said:
“Alright Rongrong, come here quickly. Let daddy have a look at you. Who said daddy didn’t miss you. Daddy’s prepared a present for you, but if you’re not a good girl you can’t have it.”

“A present? What is it?”
Hearing the word ‘present’, Ning Rongrong was clearly interested at once, and ran over in front of her father.

Ning Fengzhi calmly raised his hand to pull in his daughter, but who could have expected that Ning Rongrong would turn around again, still dodging his hand. Pouting she said:
“The present first, otherwise no hug.”

This time it wasn’t just Ning Fengzhi who was startled, the two old men both couldn’t help look at each other with shock.

Because of the special nature of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, even a Title Douluo couldn’t see how much spirit power she had.

Ning Fengzhi’s heart twitched, and he asked:
“Rongrong, first tell daddy your spirit power rank. If you’ve made progress, daddy can give you the present.”

Hearing her father ask about her spirit power, Ning Rongrong immediately straightened with pride,
“Daddy, my natural talent is even better than yours. I haven’t been goofing off in this year. My spirit power didn’t rise that much, just a tolerable ten ranks.”

“So little. Rongrong, you must work hard, hold on, how much did you say?”
Ning Fengzhi knew his daughter only too well. From childhood what she disliked the most was cultivation. Even though she had talent, she always had to be forced to train a moment in exchange for all sorts of benefits.

As he became aware that Ning Rongrong said ‘ten ranks’, his expression was disbelieving.

Ning Rongrong blinked with her big eyes, and very innocently looked at her father,
“I said ten ranks! It’s really not much, but I worked hard.”

Ning Fengzhi’s voice had changed slightly,
“Ten ranks? When you left you had twenty seven ranks. Then you’re saying you’re already rank thirty seven? You wouldn’t lie to daddy.”

Ning Rongrong said:

While speaking, she directly ran over in front of the white dressed old man, holding out her little hand.

The white dressed old man grabbed Ning Rongrong’s hand, and after a little while his expression turned to surprise,
“Fengzhi, it’s true. This girl’s spirit power has reached the thirty seventh rank. This really is too inconceivable. I’ve never heard of someone that could gain ten ranks of spirit power in one year. Even that kid called the youngest Spirit Master ever couldn’t do it. Don’t tell me our Rongrong really is a genius? Or is that Shrek Academy so awesome.”

Ning Rongrong curiously said:
“Grandpa Sword, how did you know I went to Shrek Academy?”

The white dressed old man said:
“How couldn’t I know? You’re the darling treasure of our hearts. Your daddy has always grasped your whereabouts.”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression had turned serious. Both he and the two clan guests before him clearly understood the process of Spirit Master cultivation.

A Spirit Master who wanted to increase cultivation had to do it step by step. Doing it too impetuously would lead to life threatening danger.

The Spirit Master world also had a kind of nefarious cultivation method, trading one’s own vitality for increased cultivation speed. He in no way wished for his daughter to be taught that kind of cultivation method at Shrek Academy.

If that was the case……

Thinking of this, there was a deadly energy in Ning Fengzhi’s eyes.

The white dressed old man and the wizened old man clearly also thought of this possibility. Their expressions dropped simultaneously.

Ning Rongrong looked at the two grandpa’s, looked again at her father, and somewhat baffled said:
“What’s going on with you? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Ning Fengzhi stood up, walking over to his daughter,
“Rongrong, immediately tell us everything about cultivating at Shrek Academy over this past year, you can’t omit anything. I want to know how you could improve this quickly.”

If his daughter had truly cultivated with that nefarious method, it was after all only for one year. As the leading scholar of auxiliary system Spirit Masters there might still be a way to revert it.

Ning Rongrong baffled looked at her father,
“Daddy, is something wrong? I’ve cultivated properly. You call me lazy, but I’ve gained this much spirit power now, so why are you so nervous?”

Ning Fengzhi grimly said:
“I’m afraid you might’ve taken a wrong step. Daddy isn’t joking with you. Quickly tell me your entire cultivation process.”

Even though Ning Rongrong ordinarily didn’t fear her father, when Ning Fengzhi was truly serious she was still scared,
“Originally I secretly ran away to Shrek Academy. After enrolling I discovered I was actually the weakest one.”

Ning Rongrong immediately began to talk about everything that happened since entering Shrek Academy, giving an account of her cultivation process at Shrek Academy. Regarding the Shrek Seven Devils, she simply described them in a few sentences.

When Ning Rongrong talked about how the other Shrek Seven Devils excluded her at first, the wizened old man to the side couldn’t help saying:
“Rongrong, are you sure you didn’t make a mistake, were those children with you there all stronger than you?”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Our dean Flender has a saying, Shrek Academy only accepts monsters, not ordinary people. He calls us little monsters.”

The white dressed old man said:
“If it’s really like you say, then those little monsters of yours really are little monsters. Shrek Academy indeed deserves its reputation. But even like this I can’t believe he could teach you to cultivate ten ranks of spirit power in one year.”

Ning Rongrong said:

She talked about Grandmaster coming to Shrek Academy and starting to advance their training. Listening to her description, Ning Fengzhi and the two old men gradually displayed expressions of sudden understanding. At the same time they couldn’t help feeling inwardly admiring.

Ning Rongrong spoke up to entering the new Shrek Academy to cultivate,
“...... Two months ago. After I reached the thirtieth rank, with the teachers’ help I obtained my third spirit ring.”

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