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Part 1 (TL by DtAndroid)

Xiao Wu had already said it, so Tang San naturally wouldn’t try to cover up, nodding his head.

The middle aged man thought a while, then immediately pressed a bidding button. What he pressed was the one for ten thousand gold spirit coins.

“Uncle, didn’t you make a mistake? Wealth shouldn’t be spent in such a manner.”
Xiao Wu had been paying attention to the middle aged man, and seeing him press down ten thousand gold spirit coins, she could not help but remind him.

The middle aged man smiling slightly, said: “I cannot let you make a loss. After my price increase, I am afraid nobody will come and compete anymore.”

Sure enough, as the middle aged man had said, once the host on the stage mentioned a white guest bidding ten thousand gold spirit coins, nobody came to compete at all, smoothly sealing the deal.

“My two young friends, let us leave. I have quite some expectations for today’s obtained items.”
The middle aged man stood up, following the passageway he walked out. The host on the stage seeing him about to leave, clearly relaxed.

Tang San’s group of two followed the middle aged man together walking out of the auction center. Once past the door an attendant immediately approached. Different from the attendants Tang San and Xiao Wu had seen, this attendant’s dress sense wasn’t revealing, moreover the dress was silver in colour, and her appearance even more beautiful. Although one couldn’t claim her as a stunning beauty, but her standards are relatively not bad.

“Distinguished guests, please follow me.”
The silver dressed lady respectfully bowed towards the middle aged man before making an inviting hand gesture.

The middle aged man lifted his hand, signaling her to lead the way.

Tang San and Xiao Wu followed behind the middle aged man, under the guidance of the silver dressed lady the three of them walked into a room beside the auction center.

The room was spacious, yet the decorations were very elegant: a white, comfortable sofa made of real leather, and four types of fruit delicacies placed on top of a round tea table.

The silver dressed lady said:
“Will the three of you please take a break first, the auction items will be sent over immediately.”

Xiao Wu unceremoniously jumped towards the side of the sofa, reaching out and grabbing a bunch of fruits, tasting one mouthful,
“Very sweet, the taste is not bad. Ge, do you want to eat?”

Tang San smiled slightly and shook his head, in passing removing the mask from his face. Xiao Wu on seeing Tang San removing his mask naturally stopped hiding too. Throwing the mask to one side, she ate the fruit earnestly.

The middle aged man sat down on the sofa, not saying anything, only waited silently. After laboring for a bit, with a few big-sized fellows pushing, a huge iron cage was sent in. The iron cage not only contained that cat woman, but a few other ladies too. All weren’t top quality goods, but each had her own characteristic features. Of course, the inconspicuous Powder Shooting Shadow was also sent here.

The middle aged man took the Powder Shooting Shadow, passing over a red-coloured card,
“Help me settle the bill, also send these girls over to my place.”

The previous silver dress lady took the card, allowing those pushing the iron cage to leave immediately.

The middle aged man then turned towards Tang San, smiling slightly, said:
“Young friend, since this weapon belongs to you, can you teach me how to use it?”

Tang San nodded his head, answered:

Under his simple introduction, the middle aged man swiftly grasped the method to use it, directly attaching it to the front of his chest.

The middle aged man was seemingly satisfied with the Powder Shooting Shadow, smiling slightly, said:
“My two young friends, although this may be presumptuous, but I will still want to ask, which clan do you belong to? Can you tell me?”

Tang San shaking his head, said:
“We do not have a clan. We are only just two students.”


“Generally speaking, students of advanced spirit master academies should graduate after attaining thirty ranks? Only a few academies will slightly extend the rank for graduation.”

Tang San also directly voiced his inner doubts,
“Then how are you able to perceive that our spirit power is not just thirty ranks? Don’t tell me this can also be found out from the expression in one’s eyes?”

The middle aged man smiled slightly, said:
“I am also a Spirit Master, my Spirit Technique coincidently has one that is able to perceive Spirit Masters’ spirit power. Based on your looks, at most not passing fifteen or sixteen years old, yet already with spirit power of thirty five ranks and above, I simply cannot imagine which clan is able to teach such outstanding disciples like you. Speaking of which, you are much stronger than my clan’s little she-devil.”

Tang San revealed a trace of smile on his face.

While speaking, Tang San removed the Silent Sleeve Dart on his left wrist and passed it over, furthermore explaining in simple terms the method to use it. His right hand was equipped with the Flying God Claw, manufacturing it was much more troublesome, naturally it couldn’t be simply given to others. For relatively ordinary hidden weapons such as the Sleeve Dart and Powder Shooting Shadow, there was no need for him to stint.

After a moment of the middle aged man fiddling the Sleeve Dart with a surprised look, he discovered two characters at a corner of the Sleeve Dart,
“Tang Sect? Are these two weapons are manufactured in a place called Tang Sect? How come I have never heard about this clan before?”

Xiao Wu puffed up and smiled, said:
“Tang Sect only has one person, my big brother, of course you have not heard about it.”

The middle aged man blanked momentarily, but he recovered immediately, looking at Tang San, he said:
“Could it be that, these two hidden weapons are made by you?”

Tang San nodded.

The eyes of the middle aged man revealed some sort of thoughtful light,
“Young lad, I am not sure but are you able to mass produce these items? If possible, I hope to purchase from you directly. Of course, the price will not be as high as today, but it should be able to satisfy you.”

Tang San said with a little bewilderment:
“You want to purchase Silent Sleeve Dart and Powder Shooting Shadow in bulk?”

The middle aged man nodded,
“Do you think I am joking? If my two little friends have a interest, I can bring you to my clan to visit.”

Tang San shaking his head, said:
“Thank you for your goodwill, but we have other matters, let us meet if fate allows. Xiao Wu, let’s leave.”

Xiao Wu blanked momentarily, her impression of this middle aged man wasn’t too bad, hence not understanding why Tang San hurriedly chose to leave, but she naturally wouldn’t doubt Tang San’s decision.

The middle aged man didn’t hinder them, slightly smiling, said:
“You are right, we will meet again if fate allows. It has been a pleasure to meet you.”

Tang San replied while smiling:
“For us as well.”

Watching the two of them walk out of the room, the middle aged man felt the Silent Sleeve Dart on his wrist, saying with some regret:
“It is a pity the power of these two weapons is a little small, however, the potential of these two children is truly not bad.”

Silently opening the door, a person came in from outside,
“Clan Leader, we should return.”

It was an old man, wearing a snow white robe, with a head of silver hair neatly combed behind his back, with a simple and unadorned appearance, both eyes were not fully opened but slightly shut, with gestures in between he gave off a type of very special feeling.

If the middle aged man’s aura was gentle, then, this old man’s aura could be described as a sharp edge. A deadly sharp edge.

The middle aged man nodded his head,
“We should return. Uncle Sword, let’s go.”


Shrek Academy, entrance.

“Dad, please return. This issue is between us students. You coming here, won’t I lose even more face?”
Tai Long said while tolerating the pain and inhaling. His face had swollen like a pig’s head, with evident problems moving his body. Only with another student’s support by the arm could he stand steadily.

In front of him, a middle aged man with a body larger than him by one size furiously watched the passing students. This person’s appearance and Tai Long’s had up to eighty percent resemblance, only that he looked a bit older, his outer clothing was unable to cover up those swelling muscles, and his face had sturdy look.

“My ass, my son got beaten up till his joints are all dislocated, if I, your father, were to tolerate it, I wouldn’t be worthy of being called Vigorous King[1] Tai Nuo. You little rascal, only know how to disgrace me, can’t even win against a ten-something year old kid. I came to see who is so formidable to even dare to beat up the son of Tai Nuo.”

Tai Long currently had a face of helplessness, inwardly regretting returning home to rest. As of now his four limbs’ joints were connected again. In spite of his fearless defense, to be beaten by Tang San into a state of chaos and darkness wasn’t something that could be recovered in a short period of time.

“Dad, your actions are putting me in a difficult position. In the future how am I supposed to continue cultivation in the academy?”
Tai Long continued to advise his own father with a bitter smile.

“Get along my ass. Other people graduated long ago at thirty ranks, yet your broken down academy still wants to create this god-knows-what advanced class. So be it, even you got beaten till this state, nobody cared. Wait till I catch that fellow, I will definitely find your academy’s teachers and have it out.”

“This. Dad, it was I who had an issue. Nothing to do with Tang San.”

“You still have the face to speak. Picking a fight and getting beaten up like that. You really disgraced me as your father.”

Some of the students passing by naturally recognized Tai Long, but once seeing Tai Nuo’s fiendish expression, nobody dared to move up close, immediately hastening their footsteps when passing by.

“Tai Long, what are you doing here? Still not giving in?”
Tang San and Xiao Wu finally returned, Xiao Wu whom at first sight spotted Tai Long’s face that is swollen like a pig’s head, couldn’t help but say.

Tai Long hurriedly faced Tang San and Xiao Wu and repeatedly sent warning glances, signaling them to hurry up and enter. But Xiao Wu mistook the intentions,
“You ended up like this but still not satisfied? Rolling your eyes. Don’t tell me you still want to have a contest?”

The appearance of Xiao Wu attracted the gaze of Vigorous King Tai Nuo, secretly praising, what a beautiful lady. Although outwardly he looked bold and unrefined, but he wasn’t dumb. From the few sentences said by Xiao Wu he had grasped many things. Looking again at his son’s facial expression, his gaze suddenly landed on top of Tang San.

“The two of you, who is Tang San?”
Tai Nuo coldly asked.

Part 2 (TL by DtAndroid)

Tang San heard someone calling his name and subconsciously replied:

“I am.”

“Good, so you are the little bastard who beat my son to this state.”

Tai Nuo had been waiting here all afternoon, finally finding his target his anger welled up in his heart, reaching out with his huge hands he immediately grabbed Tang San’s shoulder.

Tang San stepped with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, sliding three chi backwards, dodging Tai Nuo’s huge hands,

“You are Tai Long’s father?”

Tai Nuo proudly said:

“Correct, I am Vigorous King Tai Nuo. You beat my son until this state, should you not give me an explanation.”

Xiao Wu gave Tai Long a glance with some disdain,

“Finished beating the young one, the old then appears. If we were to also beat your father up, will your grandfather come out too?”

Tai Long momentarily blanked, his eyes suddenly filled with shame,

“Xiao Wu, don’t misunderstand, my father saw my wounds, that’s why…… However, if my grandfather really came, that would be troublesome.”

Tai Nuo side glanced at Xiao Wu,

“Little girl, this matter also involves you. If not for you seducing my son, would he get beaten up that miserably? Certainly a femme fatale. Knowing how to seduce men at such a young age.”

Xiao Wu got taken aback, turning furious,

“Gorilla, you said who is seducing men?”

Tai Nuo let out a single grunt,

“Don’t tell me you didn’t rile up this little bastard to beat my son? After I have settled this brat I will discipline you. My son has nothing unsatisfactory. This kid is just some other gigolo.”

While speaking, he reached out to grab Tang San again.

With regards to Tai Nuo’s attack, Tang San was originally not angry. He could see that Tai Long wasn’t lying, his father was evidently not brought by him. However, Tai Nuo’s insults to Xiao Wu made Tang San unable to tolerate any longer. To him, Xiao Wu was precisely a forbidden domain. The light within his eyes instantly chilled. This time around he stopped dodging, moving forward, swinging his left hand to grab onto Tai Nuo’s wrist, right hand supporting his elbow, using among all joint twisting techniques the most potent Muscle Twisting Bone Grinding technique.

As Tai Nuo’s got his wrists caught by Tang San he was taken aback, but his reaction couldn’t be compared with Tai Long. Not pulling his hands back, letting out a low shout, he swung out clenched fists, the veins in his arm’s muscles suddenly rising.

Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon might be exquisite, but at this moment unexpectedly it had no uses as he only felt an enormous force passing from the other party’s elbow, instantly shaking off his two hands. Legs stepping with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he successively retreated several steps before managing to stand firm.

What a powerful strength. Tang San’s heart awe-inspired, and immediately started concentrating his spirit.


Tai Nuo was somewhat surprised in regards to him being unable to throw down Tang San,

“No wonder you are able to beat up my son, you are certainly adept. I want to see how many moves you can take from me.”

While speaking, he was also unwilling to release his spirit, just like that while chasing Tang San his two arms suddenly spread open, heading towards Tang San’s waist in an embrace.

From the previous encounter Tang San understood the other party’s strength was beyond his, if caught by his embrace, there was no need to think about struggling free. However, Tang San certainly wasn’t a power type spirit master, naturally he wouldn’t clash head on with the opponent.  Changing his pace, his whole body suddenly became illusory. Even though Tai Nuo’s speed wasn’t considered slow, but with his multiple successive pounces he couldn’t even touch Tang San’s clothes.

“Stinky brat, don’t run if you have skill.”

Tai Nuo furiously eyed Tang San, yet inwardly he was greatly shocked. He had listened to Tai Long say that Tang San was a control type spirit master, and was fairly strong in his close combat abilities. Through these few probes, although Tang San’s strength was greatly below his, his agility was much higher compared to him who did not use his spirit. Wanting to catch Tang San in this manner wasn’t easy.

Tang San didn’t reply. His eyes shone with a brilliant light, a milky white radiance came out of his body. Blue Silver Grass spiraled around him, two yellow one purple, three spirit rings spiraled up, giving off a dazzling luster.

Tai Nuo grunted,

“Using battle spirit against me? Alright, I want to see how strong your spirit is. Vigorous Orangutan, Body Enhancement.”

Accompanying his single shout, the whole person hardened and grew by five cun, accompanying a series of tearing sounds, swarthy muscles immediately split apart his upper garments, revealing a steely torso.

Tai Long was already very strong, but compared to his father he was still lacking too much.  Causing Tang San’s pupils to somewhat contract was, at the legs of Vigorous King Tai Nuo, a total of five spirit rings rose up. Two yellow, three purple. A gorgeous luster surrounded the body and rose.

Actually, Tang San did not know that Tai Long’s family had a traditional habit, that was covering up. Moreover Tai Long was the sole direct successor, after coming back home at noon, letting Tai Nuo see his body of wounds, naturally he could not contain his anger and ran over.

“Brat, scared now? If scared, then admit defeat. I will first dislocate your four limbs, and then bring you along to find your academy’s teachers to reason things out. I am a fifty eight rank power type battle Spirit King, think over carefully. Fists and legs are blind, if by chance I broke your legs, then I would be embarrassed.”

Releasing his own spirit, Tai Nuo instantly revealed an arrogant expression. From what he saw, he was higher than the opponent by at least twenty ranks of spirit power, he would absolutely be able to make this brat in front of him yield easily.

But how would he know that Tang San’s greatest characteristic was his strong tenacity, the greater the pressure, the greater the rebound too.

“You are Tai Long’s father, but certainly not my father. Let’s fight if you want to.”

Tang San coldly said. Inwardly he was somewhat forlorn; somebody’s son got beaten up and his father then appeared, but where was his own father? The more he thought of this, the stronger his battle spirit became. They say ‘an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win’3, currently Tang San’s inner spirit power circulated rapidly, his entire being’s condition had already risen to the peak.

“Ge, let’s face him together.”

Xiao Wu on seeing that Tai Nuo was actually a Spirit King level power, was hurriedly about to release her own spirit.

Tang San raised his hand to stop her, saying:

“No, let me go alone. You don’t have to meddle. This is a matter between men.”


Tai Nuo let out a single praise,

“You brat may not look robust enough on first sight, but this sentence on the contrary rather suits my taste. Correct, this is a matter between men. Just from this this point, I will be more lenient later on.”

“No need to.”

Tang San said indifferently, his body already moving. He did not advance, but rapidly retreated, the Blue Silver Grass releasing from his body as if they were countless blue-purple snakes, rushing towards Tai Nuo in a swarm.

Tai Nuo let out a laugh, his entire body like a tank, he charged directly in Tang San’s direction. Regarding to the approaching twisting Blue Silver Grass, he ignored it completely.

Peng peng sounds repeatedly rang. As soon as Blue Silver Grass twisted around Tai Nuo’s body, it would immediately be ripped apart by his robust muscles, unexpectedly unable to even delay him. One must know that after Tang San has received Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, his Blue Silver Grass had already become extremely tough.

Also adding in the forging by the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well, it caused his spirit’s toughness level to rise up to another level. This is also an important reason why Tang San when facing Tai Nuo, this Spirit King who was an opponent of another level, wasn’t afraid.

However, Tai Nuo’s strength was even more terrifying than he imagined, Blue Silver Grass with such toughness was unexpectedly unable to delay him.

In just a moment Tang San had deduced that this fifty eight rank Spirit King, strength-wise unexpectedly he wouldn’t lose to Vigorous Vajra Bear Battle Spirit Sage Zhao Wuji who was known for his strength, and Zhao Wuji’s spirit power was over seventy sixth rank.

In his mind Grandmaster’s imparted knowledge rapidly revolved, Tang San understood that his encounter this time, was perhaps a pure power type Spirit Master. The so-called pure power type refers to all spirit ring abilities adding on to strength only. With great strength the body was naturally tough.

Today, during the fight against Tai Long, Tang San vaguely discovered this problem, Tai Long’s body’s toughness level was simply not what a thirty plus Spirit Master should possess.

Right now Tai Nuo gave him a feeling that was far more profound. All these Blue Silver Grass simply didn’t have any effect on him.

Tai Nuo’s five spirit rings moved rhythmically up and down his body, the first two spirit rings releasing a yellow radiance alternately. Of these two spirit rings that supplemented his spirit skill, one rapidly increased his strength, and one condensed it.

Applied alternately, they were able to make his terrifying original strength increase by fifty percent. Adding his body’s fifty eight ranked spirit power, he was able to completely ignore Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

Tang San’s combat experience was plentiful, despite facing an opponent whose strength completely overwhelmed his he didn’t have the slightest trace of fluster. Although using his spirit made Tai Nuo’s speed increased considerably, but under his spirit power’s stimulation Tang San’s speed increased equally too. Tai Nuo wanting to overtake him in a short while would definitely not be easy.

Tang San simply withdrew his own Blue Silver Grass, only relying on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to deal with his opponent, not in a hurry to attack.

In a one versus one battle, one first has to understand one’s own and the opponent’s fortes and shortcomings. Tai Nuo’s fortes couldn’t be more obvious, that was his terrifying strength and the defensive capability. And what was his own forte? Tang San knew that personally he had many strong points. Mysterious Heaven Skill’s toughness was one among them.

Spirit power cultivation that wasn’t of this world, Tang San’s orthodox first class mind method Mysterious Heaven Skill had a vast advantage in recovering energy. And his unfixed steps compared to his opponent’s unceasing power releases clearly saved some strength, if he wanted to prevail over his opponent, first he has to deplete his opponent’s spirit power.

At this moment, the surrounding people watching the battle kept on increasing, Xiao Wu nervously clenched her fists, prepared to go up and assist at anytime. Meanwhile Tai Long was also completely captivated by this battle between his father and Tang San.

Part 3 (TL by DtAndroid)

Their Tai family’s spirit was similarly inherited. He also wanted to see how his father would restrain Tang San who beat him up while not allowing any counterattack.

As time passed, Tai Nuo got somewhat impatient. He and Tang San’s fight, originally suspiciously seemed to be the strong bullying the weak, now furthermore his attacks are without success for a long time, where was his face?

Suddenly stopping his footsteps, Tai Nuo stopped chasing Tang San, letting out a furious bellow towards the heavens,

“Root of Strength”.

The third spirit ring, also Tai Nuo’s first thousand year spirit ring suddenly blossomed with a purple light. He finally used his stronger spirit abilities.

His body that was originally full of power and grandeur seemingly expanded somewhat again, the winding blue veins underneath the skin crowded up like tiny snakes, the surroundings of Tai Nuo’s body seemed to be blown with a layer of swirling power. With his body as the center, the surrounding air evidently thickened.

Tang San on seeing Tai Nuo stopping his footsteps, immediately became more cautious, silently watching Tai Nuo, his eyes gradually revealing a golden purple radiance.


Tai Nuo violently raised his right leg, heavily stomping the surface of the ground.

A horrifying scene emerged, the ground suddenly trembled, as if even the entire Heaven Dou City trembled, a rift rapidly spread from the ground surface, reaching Tang San’s feet in a moment. Besides the rift passing through, gravel under the effect of violent qi currents soared towards the sky, flying tens of meters straight up in the sky. That is to say, within the travelling distance of this straight line, once the fissure had extended to one’s feet, then he or she would receive a violent attack.

‘What a strong force, so strength can also be used like this.’ Tang San thought in his heart, in a flash, his whole body traversed rapidly. He was very clear that the difference between his spirit power and the opponent’s was too large, even with one of eight extraordinary meridians opened up, he couldn’t possibly contend directly with Tai Nuo. What he could to right now, was to dodge. Although Tai Nuo’s could remotely exert his offensive ability with the current method, this undoubtedly also largely increased his spirit power consumption.

Successive roars caused the ground to repeatedly tremble, one fissure line after another rushed wildly towards Tang San. The Tai Nuo’s continuous attacks were very fast, but Tang San dodged even faster, his dexterous figure winding around the battlefield like a butterfly. Suddenly advancing and retreating, letting terrifying qi currents flit past his body, yet not taking a hit from start to end.

“What a slippery brat.” Tai Nuo let out a furious curse. As a power type Spirit Master, what he hated the most was precisely agility attack system spirit masters, beings like him loved head-on battles the most. Facing Tang San, obviously his strength is far higher than the opponent’s, yet there was somewhat a sense of having power but being unable to exert it, causing him to be exceptionally uncomfortable.

“Brat, you forced me into this. Watch my fourth spirit technique. Force Quake.”

The fourth spirit ring on Tai Nuo’s body suddenly lit up. Seeing Tai Nuo’s suddenly stretching body, Tai Long’s face became pale, hurriedly bellowed:

“Everyone back off, hurry.”

Tai Nuo’s body pulled backwards like a huge bow. Immediately, using his back power to bring up both arms, under the brilliance released by that flaring fourth spirit ring, both arms heavily smashed the ground surface.

Under a loud explosion, a circle of violent shockwaves suddenly released with his body as its center, enveloping the enormous area around his body.

The ground surface here which his leg previously stomped on was originally already severely damaged. At this moment this colossal strength shook it again. The entire ground surface suddenly caved in, dirt, sand and stones soared towards the sky. Within thirty meters in diameter, sand and stones flew all over the sky. Terrifyingly powerful energy currents rushed towards the heavens.

It could be considered that Tai Nuo remained clear-headed, he had transmitted his entire strength towards the ground, furthermore restricting his power explosion’s area, otherwise, with many students currently watching the battle, in the situation where one’s self-defense ability was insufficient, injuries would be unavoidable.

Despite this, Tang San’s body was still completely enveloped within the range of Tai Nuo’s attack. This kind of all directional attack naturally couldn’t be dodged by any physical techniques. Xiao Wu had already rushed forward among alarmed cries, but Tai Nuo’s strength was truly terrifying, the powerful qi currents directly blocked her, keeping her outside of the attack.

“Look. In the sky.”

Right at this moment, someone shouted, attracting the gaze of the students and Tai Nuo towards the sky.

In mid-air, the dust flying about the sky gradually fell. Descending at the same time was also a figure shining with purple light.

Eight slender lances extended from his back, red and white radiant colours covered the spears, countless Blue Silver Grass connected to produce an umbrella shape on his back, slowing down the speed of his descent. With an ice-cold gaze looking at Tai Nuo from start to end, the eight long lances on his back glinted with a glorious luster under the sun’s shine, giving onlookers a bizarre feel.

Alarm, admiration, disbelief, various sentiments were expressed among the students. They could all see that Tang San, one of the academy’s advanced class students, was still able to escape when facing a Spirit King level spirit master’s fourth technique’s full attack, what kind of strength was this?

If his previous dodging were said to be just a technique, then, what Tang San had displayed now was his true strength.

The gaze in Tai Long’s eyes momentarily went out of focus, at this moment he truly understood how exactly big the gap between himself and Tang San was. Even though both of them were thirty seven ranks, the same ranks still possessed different strengths.

Actually, Tang San on seeing Tai Nuo making a back bending movement immediately noticed something was not right, first releasing his Eight Spider Lances. The Eight Spider Lances inserted into the ground at the same time, springing up with full strength, sending his body high up into the sky.

Although he still received the attacks from the energy currents and gravel, in this way the damage had dropped to the lowest degree.

Blue Silver Grass’s malleability displayed its effect, relying on Tang San’s precise control, Blue Silver Grass connected to produce an umbrella shape in mid-air, offsetting the descent’s speed, this allowed him to be able to escape from the majority of Tai Nuo’s attack power.

The current Tai Nuo stood in the center of a huge pit that was thirty meters in diameter, this huge pit’s depth was as much as five meters, the destruction caused by him is sufficient to cause anyone to be fearful.

If this was on the battlefield, unless the opponent’s strength was even greater than him, there would be no survivors within this area.

Watching the slowly descending Tang San, Tai Nuo couldn’t help but be in low spirits. After consecutively using the third and fourth spirit abilities, the consumption on his own spirit power wasn’t small. At this moment he couldn’t help but suspend his attacks, gazing at Tang San’s descending body.

Tang San on seeing this leisurely raised his hand and swiped across his waist, a black case that was about one chi long appearing in his grasp.

Power type spirit masters were undoubtedly unable to fly. Previously Tang San had leapt up a full thirty meters or so into the sky, currently to him, Tai Nuo was exactly the best target. Relying on his spirit power he obviously wouldn’t break down the opponent’s defense.

However, don’t forget, that he originally came from Tang Sect.

“Be careful.”

In mid-air, Tang San nevertheless warned Tai Nuo, after all, he didn’t have any deep hatred towards Tai Nuo and his son, Tai Long is moreover his classmate. If not for Tai Nuo’s abnormal defense he still wouldn’t take out that tyrannical Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Godly Zhuge Crossbow was certainly unable to be prepared beforehand, this was because when the device was tightened for too long it would be damaged, but Tang San using the Blue Silver Grass to produce an umbrella shape, caused his descending speed to slow down as much as possible, allowing him to arm the device.

Moreover the ground surface also caved in by five meters, this gave Tang San even more time.

Tai Nuo watched Tang San who was about to land. This time around he was coming down from the sky, which obviously meant that he had nowhere to escape, and he immediately finished preparations. But the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hands was already aimed at him.

‘Be careful? Why do I have to be careful?’ Just when Tai Nuo was puzzled about this, a series of sonorous buzzes instantly burst out.

The firing rate of Godly Zhuge Crossbow was simply too fast, furthermore in this situation where the distance was so short, Tai Nuo’s only possible reaction was to use his arms to block the front of his face.

In the next moment, his entire body felt as if some objects struck him heavily, successively retreating three steps back before his balance recovered.

All sixteen crossbow bolts, were completely stuck in Tai Nuo’s arms and chest. Tai Nuo’s substantial muscles displayed their extremely overbearing defensive power, and the Godly Zhuge Crossbow which was sufficiently powerful to pierce steel plates went only one cun into the flesh before being unable to continue further in.


Tai Nuo let out a furious roar, his entire body’s spirit power suddenly burst forth, the sixteen Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts nearly instantly flew out from him using his muscles, accompanying it flying out were also sixteen streams of fresh blood.

Although the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had tyrannical strength, it wasn’t enough to leave a fatal injury on him. Yet he, a fifty eight rank Spirit King, got injured by a single thirty something Spirit Elder, that was already an outrageous insult.

Perhaps because of his overly agitated sentiments, Tai Nuo did not notice that his body’s injuries hardly had any trace of pain.

Tang San fully displayed his abundant combat experience. The moment Tai Nuo used his hands to block his own eyes, the Blue Silver Grass on his back had already dispersed and he rapidly landed, Eight Spider Lances leaping off the ground, his whole body swiftly changing positions. When Tai Nuo lowered his arms, he had suddenly lost all trace of him.

A sharp edged aura came from the back, Tai Nuo instinctively wanted to turn around to block, but for some unknown reason, his body delayed for a moment, only half turning about, a sudden sense of numbness already spreading from his shoulder.

From the corner of his eye, his peripheral vision just happened to witness Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances making a withdrawing motion.

The bottom four lances were propped up against the ground, the top four lances were stretched out in front, leaving four small holes in Tai Nuo’s shoulder.

Facing a spirit master with tough defensive power, how does one attack?

Tang San used actions to give the surrounding students a lesson. Although Tai Nuo’s defensive power was strong, he still had to rely on his flesh and spirit power to defend.

[1] (大力王泰诺) “Great Strength King Grand Promise”

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