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Chapter 72

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“Can we really go out in these clothes? Wouldn’t it have people laughing themselves to death?”
Oscar pointed to the massive red characters on his chest, ‘Shrek Academy’.

Fatty smiled wryly:
“I didn’t feel like teacher’s sense of aesthetics were so lacking before, how could he fit red with green? Don’t tell me that in half a year he’ll still have us dressed like this to participate in the Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition? I’m afraid we won’t even get to fight, we’ll be laughed to death first.”

Tang San said:
“But we’re not the only ones dressed like this, aren’t all the Academy students wearing the same? Oh, that’s right, you were cultivating in the Academy the whole time, is there any difference in the education system here?”

Oscar swallowed, saying:
“There actually aren’t any differences, just that there are a lot of women. Everyone says that female Spirit Masters are rare, but that doesn’t show at our Academy. At least half or more are women Spirit Masters. Reportedly, it’s because of vice dean Liu Erlong. The majority all idolize vice dean Erlong.”

“There are altogether six classes in the Academy, separated according to rank. As long as your rank advances, you can skip a grade at any time, there’s no need to take any exams or such. Only on graduation are there two tests, one is combat, and one is a graduation mission. Split by rank, there are three classes for twentieth rank to twenty fifth rank making up the largest number of people, approximately one hundred twenty people. Twenty fifth to thirtieth rank has two classes, roughly eighty people, and thirtieth and above have one class, which is also our advanced class. Figures us as thirty something people. Moreover the majority are a lot older than us. Some are even over thirty.”

Fatty, immensely proud of himself, said:
“This is the gap. How could people like them reach Title Douluo?”

The Academy bell rung, and everyone entered the classroom.

Because of their age, the Shrek Seven Devils naturally couldn’t compare to those older students in stature, therefore their seats were all at the very front. By now all the Shrek Seven Devils had reached the thirtieth rank, and naturally also sat in this classroom.

Just as they entered, Tang San discovered the mood in the classroom was somewhat peculiar. A lot of people’s gazes were fixed on him. Just like Oscar said, the number of female students were about the same as the male students in the classroom, and these female students looking at Tang San, for the most part displaying pure astonishment. But the male students looked at Tang San with gazes that clearly held bad intent.

Tang San of course didn’t care about others looking at him, he just wanted to know the cause.

He understood it very quickly. From those male students’ gazes at him, he knew the reason for the malevolence.

Tang San was being pulled into the classroom by Xiao Wu, who pulled him straight into a seat next to her. Furthermore, from start to finish Xiao Wu’s gaze had never left Tang San, as if he was the only person in her eyes.

Even though Xiao Wu and Tang San had neither reached fourteen, girls developed earlier than boys, and Xiao Wu wasn’t just beautiful, she still had that pitch-black long hair in addition to her perfect golden ratio figure. Naturally the number of those twenty something youths who coveted her wasn’t few.

Oscar and Ma Hongjun weren’t looked at with the kind of malevolence as Tang San, and sat on the other side secretly snickering.

Zhu Zhuqing just sat down in a corner with her ice cold expression. No matter others, she didn’t even look at her closest companions.

The teacher hadn’t arrived yet, and after the classroom had become quiet for a brief moment when Tang San and the others entered, it immediately became noisy again.

A few twenty three or twenty four year old students sitting in the back immediately stood up with meaningful glances, and walked over towards Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Tang San said in a low voice to Xiao Wu:
“Xiao Wu, it seems you’re really popular around here!”

Xiao Wu snorted, saying:
“It’s just some boring uncles. Who cares about them?”

Tang San couldn’t help smiling,
“No need to be so harsh, they’re only ten years or so older than you.”

Xiao Wu stuck out her adorable pink little tongue at Tang San,
“Ten years older isn’t an uncle?”

As the two spoke, Tang San suddenly felt the light being blocked in front of him. Raising his head to look he saw four people standing by his side. These four were all built very tall, encircling his side like a wall.

Tang San asked without batting an eyelid:
“Something on your mind?”

The one closest to Tang San was a sturdy youth, approximately one meter eighty tall, wide shoulders and broad back, chestnut red short hair that gave an excessively spirited impression, a flickering radiance deep in his eyes, speaking in a low and muffled voice:
“Kid, are you new?”

Tang San nodded,
“Yeah, hello, I’m Tang San.”

The sturdy youth said:
“Since you’re new, then it seems you don’t know the rules of our advanced class.”

Tang San stared blankly.

The sturdy youth nodded affirmation,
“That’s right, there are rules. Don’t tell me you didn’t know know nobody can sit next to Xiao Wu? Who allowed you to sit here?”

Without waiting for Tang San to speak up, Xiao Wu already slapped the table and stood up. In front of Tang San she was docile, but in front of others she was still that big sister boss from Nuoding Academy. Her slap at the table echoed like a mountain, intrepid energy exhibited in her speech. At the slap, the four youths practically simultaneously trembled, unconsciously taking a step back.

Xiao Wu put up a foot on the chair next to her, left hand crossing at her waist, right hand pointing at the four as she angrily yelled:
“Did you have anything to say? Get lost. Otherwise don’t blame Xiao Wu Jie[1] for being blunt.”

The sturdy male student was somewhat unable to keep his face up at Xiao Wu’s berating,
“Xiao Wu, this is a matter between us men, don’t get involved. I’ve always let you have your way, but I’m not afraid of you. Don’t tell me you think I, as the Academy chief, can just back down?”

Tang San to the side couldn’t help asking:
“Senior, what’s the Academy chief?”

A thin and tall student next to the sturdy student couldn’t help but say:
“What kind of hick is this, doesn’t even know about the chief. The chief is the most awesome among all the Academy students.”

Hearing him say this, Tang San was instead somewhat on alert. Sizing up the sturdy student in front of him, he said:

He believed that since the other part said this, then this sturdy student must be even stronger than Dai Mubai. Looking at it like this, the other side might approach fortieth ranked strength.

The sturdy student proudly declared:
“Kid, right now you have two choices. The first is to duel me, if you win I will admit you have the qualifications to sit there. The other is to immediately get lost and find someplace else to sit.”

Tang San never liked causing trouble, but he was also never timid. Let alone when the matter was somewhat related to Xiao Wu. No matter how it was related, as Xiao Wu’s big brother, how could he back down.

“Duel? Right here?”
Tang San doubtfully asked.

The sturdy student proudly said:
“Don’t tell me I’d still need to pick a place to deal with a child like you? Don’t worry, I won’t bully the younger, I won’t use my third spirit ability.”

Not far to the side Oscar couldn’t help saying:
“Just what is called ‘the sins of Heaven can be forgiven, but our own sins are fatal’!”

Tang San nodded:

Confronting an opponent with unknown strength he wouldn’t be careless, standing up he directly released his spirit.

As the two yellow and one purple spirit rings appeared around Tang San, the complexions of the sturdy student’s party clearly changed. Clearly they hadn’t expected Tang San to possess such an optimal spirit ring configuration.

“Tang San, spirit Blue Silver Grass, thirty seventh ranked control system Battle Spirit Elder, please advise me.”

“What? You’re thirty seventh ranked?”
The sturdy student was shocked, inwardly he couldn’t help regretting what he said just now about not using his third spirit ability. But he was after all the previous Blue Tyrant Academy’s chief and he was the instigator of this fight, naturally he couldn’t back down.

With a deep roar, his body swiftly transformed.

His already sturdy body expanded once again, especially the muscles of his arms that practically doubled in size. At the same time they extended until they hung to his knees, and all his exposed skin grew black fur.

“Tai Long[2], spirit Vigorous Orangutan, thirty seventh ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master, please advise me.”

Thirty seventh ranked? Tang San looked distracted a moment, his face couldn’t help displaying a strange smile.

If the opponents strength had surpassed his, then he still might bring him some trouble. But since his spirit power was only equal to his own, then this fight was at once very simple.

Tai Long crooked a finger at Tang San, indicating he should go first. Tang San wasn’t polite and raised his right hand, green light flickering within, compact green light releasing in an instant. Right now he was close to Tai Long and the other students only saw a green light sparkle, the next moment Tai Long was already closely enveloped in a large net.

The contest ended even faster than it started. After Tang San launched Spider Web Restraint, he directly walked over and sat down next to Xiao Wu without even looking at Tai Long. Even though Tai Long was rude, he was still open and honest, so he hadn’t planned to injure the opponent and had immediately used his third spirit ability.

Tai Long only felt his body constrict before he was already unable to budge. Subconsciously he began to struggle with all his might.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

His spirit was the Vigorous Orangutan, and force was its forte. He refused to believe that this delicate Blue Silver Grass could restrain him.

However, very quickly this former chief's complexion changed. The Blue Silver Grass that wove the giant spider net possessed extreme toughness, and however he struggled he was unable to loosen it a fraction. Instead the spider web tightened constantly, and an intense burning feeling came from where his skin touched the spider web, at the same time accompanied by a strong paralysis. By now it was already impossible even if he wanted to use his third spirit ring.

Even though he also had optimal spirit rings, as a strength model power attack system Spirit Master restrained by Tang San’s control, he didn’t have the power to retaliate.

With a bang, Tai Long slowly toppled to the ground like a collapsing golden mountain or falling jade pillar, his struggling gradually weakening as the spider web’s poison stole away his ability to resist.

At just this time the teacher walked in. The arrival was an acquaintance, the Sweet Pea Spirit Master from Shrek Academy, Shao Xin.

“What’s going on here? Little San.”

“Are you bullying your classmates on your first day?”

The classroom was quiet, and all the students’ gazes on Tang San couldn’t help change.

Tang San helplessly raised his right hand towards Tai Long and a Blue Silver Grass strand drifted out, landing on the spider web. With an effort of spirit power he withdrew the net.

“I won’t accept it.”

“Teacher, just now I was the one to challenge Tang San. I was just careless, and was beaten by him. Tang San, I won’t accept it. I demand a duel.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help but say:
“Are you senseless, don’t you have a brain? A strength model Spirit Master challenging a control system Spirit Master? Do you have water for brains?”

Tai Long’s expression changed as he recalled that spider web that left him completely helpless. Although he was physically powerful, the poison from the spider web still hadn’t faded, and right now he was still numb and aching at the same time.

But how could he choke back this anger?

“With skill, we won’t use spirits. We’ll fight physically.”
Saying this, Tai Long himself was the first to blush. A lot of the students also had disdainful looks. A strength model Spirit Master and a control system Spirit Master competing physically, wasn’t that just ridiculous?

But the students didn’t expect Tang San to actually nod:

While speaking, he once again stood up and walked towards Tai Long.

Shao Xin struck the lectern several times,
“Where do you think you are? The spirit arena? If you want to fight, find someplace after class. It’s time for class now. If you don’t care about punishment, then do continue.”

Shao Xin was an auxiliary type food system Spirit Master, naturally he didn’t have the strength to stop them. Of course, nobody would dare offend the teacher’s dignity.

Tai Long glared at Tang San,
“I’ll wait for you after class.”

Tang San only nodded at him, and after apologizing to Shao Xin he sat back down next to Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu came close to Tang San’s ear, whispering:
“Ge, since coming to this class Tai Long has always been fawning on me, but I don’t care to pay any attention to him. Sort him out properly today so he won’t bother me later.”

Nobody understood Tang San’s strength better than Xiao Wu, originally she had been fighting with Tang San without using spirits. Regarding Tang San’s close combat strength, she had a perfect understanding. What was great strength? Without skill it was useless. She refused to consider that Tai Long was able to beat Tang San.

Tang San looked at Xuio Wu and nodded:

While the disturbance was settled like this, Tang San still aroused a lot of students’ interest. Not just the male students hostile to him, a lot of female students were also interested. A teenaged youth knocking down the Academy chief, his future prospects were clearly amazingly bright.

Unfortunately, Tang San and Xiao Wu sat furthest in front, and their secret glances were unable to attract Tang San’s attention.

Shao Xin coughed once, and formally started class.

“Today’s topic is the effect of food system Spirit Masters on the battlefield. As everyone knows, food system Spirit Masters are the weakest in the Spirit Master world, but at the same time they’re existences that no Spirit Master can ignore. With a food system Spirit Master as companion, your fighting strength would increase substantially, especially in terms of ability to continue fighting. Next, I will touch on all the effects of food system Spirit Masters on the battlefield……”

Shao Xin’s lecture wasn’t lively, and in the whole class the only food system Spirit Master was Oscar. Consequently, only he listened with keen interest, while more and more appeared drowsy.

Tang San had practically already forgotten about Tai Long. From time to time he and Xiao Wu whispered about something, which to them was just a very ordinary conversation. But in the eyes of others, that sweet little atmosphere aroused even more envy.

Tang San might have forgotten, but Tai Long wouldn’t. He had already set aside his face to use his strength to attack the opponent’s weakness, he couldn’t lose again. This class also gave him the opportunity to prepare.

Sitting furthest in the back he was constantly congregating spirit power to eliminate the poison and recover his strength.

The Academy’s curriculum wasn’t harsh, much like that of the majority of Spirit Master academies: classes in the morning, and in the afternoon the students would cultivate on their own. Very quickly the morning classes ended.

“Ge, what will we go eat? There are a lot of delicious things in Heaven Dou City, how about we go stroll in the afternoon?”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s eager gaze, Tang San smiled faintly. Nodding, he said:
“Fine, then we’ll go stroll. I don’t know if Fatty and oscar want to go.”

Xiao Wu snorted, saying:
“Don’t bother with them, let’s go the two of us. They have things to do. Fatty that fellow, even if he doesn’t have the menace of the evil fire, I’m afraid his appetites haven’t changed. Big sausage uncle is so vulgar, I don’t want to walk together with him.”

Xiao Wu wasn’t being quiet, and Ma Hongjun and Oscar both heard her where they sat not far away. Oscar unhappily said:
“Xiao Wu, even if you’re afraid we’ll intrude on your little world, there’s still no need to deride me so. I’m so handsome and natural, accomplished and elegant, a jade pillar facing the wind, how can I be vulgar?”

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue at Oscar,
“You read those spirit incantations of yours aloud, then ask people for comments.”

When speaking of his spirit incantations, Oscar was somewhat helpless.

He had constantly pursued Ning Rongrong, but she had all along kept her distance, neither agreeing nor refusing, every day raising or crushing his expectations. After coming to study here, there were a lot of students with good appearance and figure in class. With his looks, attracting attention wasn’t any problem.

But the key point was that everyone here were spirit masters, and it was impossible to escape comparing notes. After the girls heard his vulgar spirit incantations, they immediately distanced themselves from him, and nobody would even touch his big sausage.

It was actually Dai Mubai who had been extremely popular, receiving dozens of love letters, not just from the advanced class, but also a lot from the other classes. Even if he wasn’t as handsome as Oscar, the charm of his evil eyes that seemed to see through people's hearts and souls, as well as his pure masculinity, naturally made him the focal point of the girls. Unfortunately, ever since meeting Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai seemed to have completely changed his nature, and without the time to hide from these flowers, he also didn’t dare provoke them. This was also a major reason why Zhu Zhuqing’s manner towards him had improved a bit.

At this moment a disharmonious voice echoed once again,
“Tang San, follow me.”

Tai Long had brought several followers over, pointing to Tang San then outside before turning around to leave.

Even Ma Hongjun was somewhat unable to bear this,
“This fellow still hasn’t finished. Third brother, do you want me to help sort him out?”

It was embarrassing to stay quiet after accepting a gift, and even though Fatty’s nature was to run away, the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower Tang San had given him had saved his life. While this wasn’t something Fatty would speak about, it had still been deeply engraved on his heart.

Besides basic familiarity he still had a kind of special respect for Tang San. His form of address had also completely changed from little San to third brother.

“No need, I’ll go myself.”
While speaking, Tang San and Xiao Wu walked outside.

Tai Long’s group headed straight into the forest behind the teaching block before stopping.

Tai Long’s school uniform had already been corroded by Tang San’s spider web, and now he simply tore it off, exposing highly perfected muscles. Both hands were relaxing then tightning, the bones issuing teeth aching cracks.

Tang San’s most recent mood was somewhat bad, and Tai Long’s series of provocations left him a bit impatient. Without speaking, he walked directly towards Tai Long,
“Let’s start.”

While speaking, Tang San suddenly sped up, rushing forward, already arriving in front of Tai Long.

Tai Long’s battle experience was clearly extremely abundant, and without panicking he raised his left hand to protect his chest, while his right fist struck out with a whistling sound.

Tang San didn’t dodge Tai Long’s attack. Raising his left hand, he matched the opponent with his own right fist, making a half turn to the left at the same time as he stepped forward, he slammed his right shoulder against Tai Long’s stomach.

His right foot also came into place, and with his right hand pushing forward it was a standard Opening Window for the Full Moon[3].

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Tai Long only felt his fist swing through empty air, the power behind it fading, immediately followed by a great force at his chest. He stumbled, and flew helplessly.

Bang—— Tai Long’s massive body flew several meters before finally landing on the blue silver grass within the forest.

Tang San stood there with his hands behind his back. Even though he was young, standing there right now he still gave a majestic impression.

“Won’t accept it.”
Tai Long roared, fiercely shooting up from the ground and striking at Tang San like a giant boulder.

Tang San’s brows creased,
“Then I’ll beat you until you do.”

Ten minutes later Xiao Wu led the way out of the forest. While walking she couldn't help sighing:
“Even though that fellow Tai Long is a bit troublesome, he can really take a beating. He actually kept standing up even after being thrown a hundred times.”

“He also has a very tenacious character.”

“If I hadn’t disabled his joints, I don’t know how long he would’ve kept at it.”

Tai Long basically hadn’t stood a chance before Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. He was indeed much more powerful physically than Tang San, but without the chance to use it he had been completely at Tang San’s mercy.

In the end Tang San didn’t have any choice but to use restraining techniques to disable the joints of his four limbs to end the fight.

Xiao Wu pulled Tang San’s hand,

Tang San nodded, his gaze on Xiao Wu somewhat absentminded.

“What? You don’t recognize me?”
Xiao Wu smiled.

Tang San hurriedly shook his head, covering up his embarrassment,
“Let’s go, today you decide where you want to go and I’ll accompany you.”

The Academy was really conveniently placed in the city, stepping out of the great gate was a spacious street. Heaven Dou City was indeed worthy of being Heaven Dou Empire’s capital, the streets were wide and clean, and the stores plentiful. An endless stream of people bustling with activity flowed by.

As a result of the delay with Tai Long, as Tang San and Xiao Wu entered several restaurants they found they were all full. Unconsciously they headed towards the city center.

“Ge. Is there someplace over there?”
Xiao Wu asked as she pointed to a dome building not far ahead.

That building appeared quite peculiar. It was perfectly round, just like half a sphere rising from the ground. Above wasn’t any written sign, only a hammer pattern.

Tang San’s heart twitched, immediately recalling what Grandmaster had said. That hammer couldn’t be the forging hammer that symbolized blacksmiths,
“That seems to be an auction house. The symbol above should be an auctioneers gavel.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes brightened,
“Auction house? Can we go take a look? I remember Grandmaster saying that only the two great imperial capitals have auctions of the highest standard, even selling spirit bones.”

That Tang San knew about the auction house was naturally because of spirit bones. That was a treasure Grandmaster had yearned for. In some sense, as long as they had enough spirit power, practically any Spirit Master could obtain a spirit ring, only the quality might vary. But spirit bones were different.

The rarity of spirit bones made them the exclusive domain of a small number of Spirit Masters. Anyone who had a spirit bone would try to cover it up, to keep others from knowing. Because the events where spirit bones had led to bloodshed were too many to count. Even the most common spirit bones could be sold for sky high prices.

Despite Spirit Hall clearly forbidding Spirit Masters from hunting spirit beasts for spirit bones, there were still a lot of over-confident Spirit Masters who took the chance out of desperation. Of course, very few would part with their spirit bones, and for the most part they were traded for another.

Exchanged for a spirit bone that was more suitable or perhaps some precious treasure.

Tang San was also interested in the auction house,
“Xiao Wu, let’s find something to eat first. We’ll take a look afterwards.”

Speaking of food, Xiao Wu couldn’t help being angry:
“It’s all because of that fellow Tai Long holding us up that those small delicious shops outside the Academy were all filled up. These restaurants all have too good business, there isn’t even room to sit.”

Tang San helplessly shrugged:
“We can’t go to the auction house hungry. In this great Heaven Dou City there must inevitably be someplace to eat.”

Xiao Wu suddenly smiled:
“Look over there. They’re selling quick meals. We’ll go have a bit to eat.”

Tang San followed Xiao Wu’s finger and saw an old man pushing a food cart. On the cart were several woks, and to the side were bamboo baskets with lids to keep them warm.

“Boss, what do you have?”
Xiao Wu bounced over to ask.

The old man immediately smiled on seeing the adorable Xiao WU:
“Little miss, my boxed meals are absolutely delicious. Today’s business has been pretty good, there’s not a lot left. I’ll make it cheap for you. Two copper spirit coins for one is enough. How about it?”

“Thank you.”

“I want two. Ge, come eat quickly.”

The boss uncovered several lids, two spicy and two plain, arranged very well. In those bamboo baskets were snow white big steamed buns, and although they were no longer hot, they were still warm.

Xiao Wu first held out a steamed bun for Tang San before picking up one for herself, taking the dishes the old man held out, eating with big mouthfuls. Even though these were just cheap take-away meals, she still ate happily.

Tang San stood next to Xiao Wu, eating the meal with her. Looking at Xiao Wu’s content lovable countenance, for a moment he couldn’t help feel a bit silly.

Xiao Wu would from time to time pick up meat from her own meal and place it in Tang San’s bowl, herself only eating some vegetables and meat leftovers.

“Xiao Wu, you eat too.”

Xiao Wu smiled:
“I don’t eat so much. Besides, while your body is growing, Grandmaster said that you boys need to eat more meat. Otherwise you won’t have strength.”

The simple words struck firmly at the softest spot in Tang San’s heart. In an instant the perplexion and bewilderment of the last several days seemed to be thrown off, and Tang San stood there stupidly looking at Xiao Wu, a somewhat odd radiance in his eyes.

“Ge, what’s up with you? Why have you been distracted these last few days? Are you ill?”
Xiao Wu raised her hand to feel Tang San’s forehead.

Tang San set down the steamed bun and grasped Xiao Wu’s hand, in that split second flash of understanding just now he suddenly had a realization. Looking at Xiao Wu’s concerned cute face in front of him, Tang San felt hot blood boiling in his heart,
“Xiao Wu, whatever happens, I will always protect you by your side like now, you will forever be my most cherished Xiao Wu.”

Xiao Wu stared blankly. Although she didn’t understand just why Tang San was saying this now, her heart was still warmed, and with a sweet smile said:
“Ge, I know you’re the best to me. Eat quickly. Otherwise it’ll get cold.”

Tang San picked up the steamed bun once again. Perhaps it was because of undoing the knot in his heart, his appetite suddenly became vigorous, eating the steamed bun and dishes in big mouthfuls, his face once again brimming with his habitual smile.

The old man had before seen Tang San and Xiao Wu as children, and believed they would be unable to eat much and so given a cheap price. But seeing Tang San eat more and more he couldn’t help frowning in concern. A buffet style seller meeting a great stomach king, that was a tragedy for him.

Tang San ate until bursting before finishing the meal.

“Boss, thank you. Your meal was delicious.”
Tang San nodded very courteously to the boss, and with a flick of his wrist a silver spirit coin landed on the counter.

“Young man, what’s this?”
The boss stared blankly, and hastily called out to Tang San and Xiao Wu who were already leaving.

Tang San turned his head and smiled:

Saying this, he pulled Xiao Wu away with large strides. To him, this wasn’t just as simple as lunch.

Xiao Wu felt Tang San’s hand grip hers tightly, and the smiling expression on his face seemed to have recovered to normal. She was always astute, and without asking anything headed towards the auction house in an elated mood.

When they came close they could truly appreciate the scale of the round building.

By Tang San’s estimation, this half sphere sprouting from the ground had a diameter of at least five hundred meters, and was eighty meters tall at its peak. Even though it was inferior to the Great Spirit Arenas he had seen before, he knew that this place was only an auction house and didn’t need room for spectators.

Moreover, this was the capital of Heaven Dou Empire, and every spot of land was worth its size in gold. From this could be clearly seen how significant the position of the auction house was in Heaven Dou City, and how profound its background.

The auction house’s entrance was semicircular, and just like the auction house itself was milky white. In front of the door stood four tall young women.

These young women had clearly passed rigorous selection. Not only were they all about one meter seventy five tall, their figures extremely well shaped, and without need to mention their pretty appearance was had a great amount of sex appeal. They appeared twenty years old at most.

They wore long dresses that even concealed their arms, without revealing any skin. But the dresses were extremely tight fitting, an amply drew the outlines of their beautiful curves.

The snow white dresses were embroidered with silver designs that vaguely resembled words, but neither Tang San nor Xiao Wu could make them out. The four young women all moved identically, with both hands held up in front and smiling, and though the smiles were professional, they still easily gave people a good impression.

[1] Jie is halfway to “big sister”, but in this case is more like “boss”.

[2] (泰隆) There are numerous ways to translate this name, but let’s go with “Grand Bulge”.

[3] Martial arts move.

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