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Chapter 71

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Ning Rongrong kissed Tang San hard on the mouth, saying to Tang San while under the monstrous gazes of Xiao Wu and Oscar:
“Third brother, thank you, thank you so much. Even though I know the words ‘thank you’ are far from enough to repay your favor, I really don’t know what else to say. If you didn’t already have Xiao Wu I would definitely come after you. Third brother, see, my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda already changed to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, in other words, I no longer need to follow the clan restrictions.”

Tang San raised his hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s head,

While speaking, Tang San slowly opened his eyes.

Instantly, the whole room seemed to shine. Ning Rongrong who was closest to Tang San clearly saw his eyes completely become golden purple, and as that dazzling light entered her eyes she felt her vision go white, leaving her completely unable to see anything.

Tang San’s gaze swept from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand. When that golden purple light in his eyes fell on Xiao Wu his entire body suddenly trembled violently once, his facial expression becoming entirely strange.

Even though Tang San had already moderated the light in his eyes somewhat, when Tang’s gaze turned to Xiao Wu she had a kind of feeling as if being seen through. Her pulse suddenly sped up, ‘Don’t tell me he saw something?’

While Xiao Wu’s heart leapt into her throat, the light in Tang San’s eyes diminished and returned to normal. With his usual expression he looked down at Ning Rongrong and said:
“Rongrong, it’s alright. I just lost control of my eyesight.”

The white in Ning Rongrong’s eyes gradually faded, and she recovered her eyesight,

Even though she had already recovered, she still didn’t quite dare look Tang San in the eyes.

Tang San smiled:
“This is my Purple Demon Eye. If I’m not mistaken, my Purple Demon Eye has risen another level.”

The Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew was worthy of being called a jewel of immortal treasures. Even if it hadn’t increased Tang San’s spirit power it had still let his Purple Demon Eye pass the detailed level, directly entering the third phase of Purple Demon Eye’s four layers —— mustard seed.

Furthermore, Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye had also changed a bit because of the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew’s effect.

It was no longer just a supporting effect.

“Little San, congratulations.”
Xiao Wu walked up to Tang San’s side, speaking with a smile. At the same time she was staring closely at Tang San’s eyes, as if she was searching for something in his expression. Unfortunately, no matter how she looked he was still the same as always, apparently with nothing amiss.

Rubbing Xiao Wu’s head,
“If you agreed to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the benefits to you should be the biggest of all of us. It’s an immortal treasure among immortal treasures. Whether in life or death, flesh or bone, it has the effect of heaven, earth and nature. And right now you’re the only one who can eat it.”

Xiao Wu held the Yearning Heartbroken Red to her chest,
“I won’t, I’ll never eat it. I’ll always keep it with me.”

A soft cat’s call drew their attention. As they turned to look they found that Zhu Zhuqing had opened her eyes at some point, and was looking around with her beautiful eyes, her expression somewhat vacant, as if she had woken up from a dream.

“Zhuqing, how much did your spirit power rise?”
Xiao Wu seemed to recover her normal liveliness and bounced over.

Zhu Zhuqing hesitated a moment,
“Apparently, apparently seven ranks?”

“What are you calling apparently, seven ranks is seven ranks.”

“Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating.”


“What are you……”

Xiao Wu resolutely said:
“I’m helping you realize it’s real. I didn’t expect your Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone to be even more effective than theirs. Actually boosted seven ranks. Then don’t you have thirty eighth rank spirit power now?”

Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze floated over to Tang San behind Xiao Wu. While Xiao Wu vigilantly blocked her, afraid she’s pounce like Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing bowed slightly to Tang San,
“Third brother, thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying:
“We’re all comrades, there’s no need for thanks. Actually, it’s not that Zhuqing’s Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone is more effective than anyone else’s, it’s just that these immortal treasure herbs all take effect differently. For instance, each immortal treasure herb’s effect is around ten ranks of spirit power or so, but with the principal effect manifesting by transforming the body, the spirit power increase will be less. Like little Ao’s Eight Petal Immortal Orchid has a comparatively slow absorption process, requiring an imperceptibly influential process. So it will only boost five ranks.”

Zhu Zhuqing a bit concerned said:
“But then, wouldn’t our strength increase too quickly? Grandmaster once lectured us that cultivation has to be done incrementally, that the foundations are most important.”

Tang San said:
“Don’t worry, that’s no problem. These immortal treasure herbs strengthen foundations. Not only won’t your foundation be shaken, it will on the contrary even deepen. I think you will be able to understand it yourself as you cultivate later.”

Grandmaster slowly opened his eyes a little later. A spirited light flickering within his eyes, his whole body seeming a lot younger. But right now he was covered in filth and didn’t have time to say anything to the others before turning around and leaving the log cottage, first finding some place to bathe and change clothes.

While everyone were sensing the effects of taking the immortal treasure herbs, a resonant phoenix call and a deep tiger roar rose practically simultaneously.

Golden red flames suddenly discharged from Ma Hongjun’s body, soaring up and directly burning a large hole in the defenseless roof. Not even dust fell down.

Ma Hongjun’s body had smoothed out within the flame, and even though he was still chubby, he had clearly lost a considerable amount of fat.

The mohican hairstyle on his head had grown several times longer, even hanging down his back, his little eyes radiated all around, flames roamed across him as he moved, and behind his back could faintly be seen a Phoenix pattern, as if reborn.

Fatty was no longer as wretched as before. Making a long cry at the sky filled with abundant majesty. The pressure of the Phoenix as king among birds clearly made the air heavier.

The tiger roar naturally came from Dai Mubai, shooting up from where he was lying on the floor, spirit power surged all around him within a one meter range. The hair all over his body had become a sparkling and translucent snowy white, and intense bursting sounds constantly came from all of his four limbs. From within that white light the glimpse of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gave people a kind of hair raising feeling.

“So hot.”
Ma Hongjun called out loudly, yawning and inhaling deeply. The golden red flames around him immediately withdrew like threads of silk into his mouth, in a moment disappearing unseen. His hair gradually restored to normal, and only his little eyes still flickered with light.

The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower Dandelion Ma Hongjun ate was, just like Tang San’s Infernal Precious Apricot, a pure yang immortal treasure. The difference was that the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower was a nourishing immortal treasure, while the Infernal Precious Apricot was highly toxic. Their manifestations differred somewhat.

First of all, the extrinsic energy of Ma Hongjun’s immortal herb wasn’t intense and could be taken directly. But if Tang San had taken that plant directly, let alone eating it, he would have burned to death. He needed the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass to make it possible.

One of the two pure yang immortal herbs generated a kind of endless fiery strength, and one burst with sudden blazing heat, each with its own characteristics. In terms of how easily they could be taken, clearly Fatty’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower won out.

“So amazing.”

“My fire has changed, it seems to have become more mellow and gentle. Didn’t you feel the vast energy in my flame?”

Ning Rongrong let a giggle escape,
“Damn Fatty, always tooting your own horn. How many ranks did your spirit power grow?”

Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun had all obtained their third spirit rings just recently, so the three had stood at the same starting line. Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power had increased seven ranks, and her own six ranks.

Fatty urgently sensed the spirit power within him, and couldn’t help saying:
“Fuck me, my spirit power reached the thirty sixth rank. It rose a full five ranks.”

Ning Rongrong giggled,
“Then you’re still not equal to us. Me and Zhuqing grew six and seven ranks respectively.”

Fatty stared blankly a moment,
“No way. So awesome? Third brother, you can’t be partial!”

Tang San helplessly said:
“What partial, go wash off first. The medical effect of that Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower you ate was even more potent than theirs. Haven’t you noticed how your body has changed? If I’m not wrong, then hereafter you won’t have to suffer the complications of that evil fire. Even if I don’t know whether your spirit can be called a pure Phoenix right now, it still shouldn’t be far off.”

At this Fatty discovered that he was filthy, unbearable sticky, and hurriedly ran out to wash.

Dai Mubai stood there quietly. After the tiger roar ended he stood in the same spot, eyes closed, the fur gradually disappearing, his swollen body gradually restoring to normal.

Even though Zhu Zhuqing didn’t step forward, her deeply concerned gaze never left Dai Mubai. As she saw he didn’t speak up she couldn’t help be somewhat anxious, wanting to step forward, but being a bit too shy.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

After all, she’d always been so cold to Dai Mubai.

But the concern in her heart finally overwhelmed her shyness, looking at Dai Mubai who hadn’t moved for a long time she started forward, carefully stepping in front of him. She wanted to call out but was afraid to disturb him, and was for a moment at a loss.

Just as Zhu Zhuqing raised her head to look at Dai Mubai, her eyes brimming with concern, Dai Mubai’s eyes snapped open without warning, startling Zhu Zhuqing who cried out in surprise and stepped backwards, but almost fell over.

Dai Mubai reacted instantly, stretching out a hand and pulling her close flawlessly.

“You…… Let go of me.”
Zhu Zhuqing was blushing red, but clearly breathed out now that Dai Mubai was awake.

Dai Mubai smiled:
“You came on your own but still ask me to let go? Coming when you want, and leaving when you want?”

“You, you shameless…… Let go of me quickly. Who came on her own?”
Zhu Zhuqing lowered her head in Dai Mubai’s arms and struggled with all her strength, but was still unable to throw off Dai Mubai’s cast iron-like embrace. Even if her spirit power had increased considerably, how could she be a match for a power attack system Spirit Master like Dai Mubai?

Dai Mubai lowered his head next to Zhu Zhuqing’s ear, whispering:
“You still care for me so much, don’t worry, your husband is alright. It’s all well.”

Zhu Zhuqing raised her head sharply, intending to ask Dai Mubai, ‘Whose husband do you think you are?’

But she just met Dai Mubai’s evil eyes. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were brimming with a sincere light, staring at her full of tender feelings.

It had to be said that Dai Mubai’s evil eyes indeed had extreme killing power. Zhu Zhuqing only felt a burst of distraction and in the end didn’t speak the words on her tongue, even softening somewhat against him.

Dai Mubai was inwardly exceptionally pleased. Being able to embrace this logical and cold Zhu Zhuqing made him even happier than having broken through the fortieth rank just now.

However, Dai Mubai couldn’t stay cheerful for too long. The moment he relaxed his guard Zhu Zhuqing suddenly slipped out of his embrace and with a flicker had already moved to the side, staring resolutely at him,
“You should use flowery speech like that on those lovers of yours. Don’t look at me with that expression.”


“Zhuqing, you can’t be wasting effort on something trivial like that. Haven’t you seen how pure I’ve been recently? Pure like Tang San.”

Zhu Zhuqing snorted,
“When you can really be as clear as ice and clean as jade[1], untainted by a speck of dust[2] as third brother, we’ll talk again.”

Tang San resisted a smile and hastily changed the topic,
“Mubai, did you break through?”

Dai Mubai looked somewhat helplessly at Tang San, saying:
“I’ve already broken through the bottleneck, and moreover my spirit power feels especially abundant. Perhaps after I’ve obtained a spirit ring I will still be able to advance a bit. Little San, when you have time, teach me how to be clear as ice and clean as jade, and untainted by a speck of dust……”

Perhaps it was because of the time he’d spent with the old freak Dugu Bo, but Tang San wasn’t as guileless as before. With a slight smile he said:
“I’m afraid you might not have the chance. Unless you’re still a virgin, how could you be described as clear as ice and clean as jade?”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying:

The words ‘young master Dai’ were precisely what the hotel manager had addressed Dai Mubai as the first time she and Tang San had met Dai Mubai with the twin sisters.


“Xiao Wu, don’t tease me like that. Let me tell you that virgins meeting virgins is just a painful affair. How about I impart some of my experience to little San later?”

Xiao Wu stopped smiling at once. Even if she was even more brazen she still wouldn’t be a match for Dai Mubai. Her charming face instantly turned red and she hid behind Tang San’s back, not daring to come out. Her small hands constantly twisted on Tang San’s back.

Xiao Wu didn’t notice that Tang San’s gaze was somewhat absent-minded at this moment, apparently thinking of something, and the expression in his eyes somewhat hard to make out.

The great immortal treasure gifts Tang San had brought could be said to be the perfect endgame. Apart from Xiao Wu who had refused to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, everyone else had received considerable benefits. The strength of the Shrek Seven Devils had increased by a large chunk.

The one who had benefited the most among them wasn’t Dai Mubai who had broken through the fortieth rank bottleneck, nor was it Zhu Zhuqing who had gained seven ranks of spirit power, but rather Ma Hongjun whose evil fire had been filtered and the impurities discarded.

Returning from washing up, Ma Hongjun was like a different person. Even though his eyes were still as small as before, and he was still the plumpest among the seven, he wasn’t as bloated as he had been. With a heroic spirit in his expression, flickering within his gaze was a golden red brilliance that inspired awe in others.

Even when he didn’t release his spirit, just by being near one could feel a hot air current from his body.

The reason for this was clearly because he didn’t have full control after raising his spirit power.

Grandmaster returned together with Ma Hongjun, and on the surface he didn’t seem any different than before. It was only when looking carefully one would discover that he seemed a few years younger, his skin more glossy, the atmosphere around him seeming even more reserved as he held Luo San Pao who seemed to have grown a size to his chest.

“Grandmaster. How do you feel?”
When Tang San saw Grandmaster returned he hastily greeted him and asked.

Grandmaster’s expression seemed a bit eccentric,
“After more than thirty years. I didn’t expect that I would actually reach what I had hoped for on this day. It seems I still underestimated external forces, I’ve broken through the bottleneck I’ve been stuck at for decades. My spirit power has finally reached the thirtieth rank.”

Thirtieth rank, perhaps to geniuses like these little monsters it wasn’t much, just another phase of their cultivation.

But to Grandmaster, the thirtieth rank threshold had already perplexed him for several decades. In order to break through the thirtieth rank threshold he had expended untold mental and physical effort. Now finally breaking through with the assistance of the Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia left him with a both sad and delighted sensation that made Grandmaster feel somewhat strange. But breaking through was still a good thing, he could finally obtain his third spirit ring.

“Grandmaster, congratulations. Perhaps you will be able to cultivate rapidly after breaking through the thirtieth rank.”

Grandmaster sighed,
“This year I’m already a bit over fifty. Spirit Master cultivation becomes more difficult the older one gets. Generally speaking, it gets very difficult to advance after sixty. Do I still have a few years? I’ve long since given up the dream of becoming a formidable Spirit Master. You all are my hope. Well, you seven stay here for now. Even though the efficacy of the herbs is good, you still can’t slack off. The drugs you just took were so effective, stay here for the time being to cultivate and consolidate the strength you obtained to make it stable. In seven days me and Mubai will go to hunt spirit beasts for spirit rings.”

Grandmaster had everyone’s admiration in the field of spirit research, and their own strength rising made them even more confident in their cultivation. Nobody doubted Grandmaster, and they nodded one after another.

Although Dai Mubai had already reached the fortieth rank, according to Grandmaster’s theories, the Spirit Master world’s Ten Great Core Competences, the spirit ring bottleneck didn’t prevent Spirit Masters from increasing spirit power, the lack of spirit rings only prevented entering the next phase. Cultivation in the original phase, while unable to break through levels, would actually still cultivate spirit power and would show its effect after obtaining a spirit ring.

For instance, a Spirit Master who broke through the thirtieth rank bottleneck would require a spirit ring to enter the thirty first rank and become a Spirit Elder.

But if he never obtained a spirit ring and kept cultivating at the thirtieth rank, even though his spirit power would never reach the next stage, it would still be set aside. Once a spirit ring was obtained, this store would be released, promoting the corresponding level, just like when Tang San obtained his first spirit ring.

Over the next several days the Shrek Seven Devils all stayed at Liu Erlong’s little log cottage to cultivate their spirit power, consolidating the great benefits the medicinal effects had brought them. Even Grandmaster was no exception. Every day Flender sent people with food, and in order to let everyone cultivate in peace he posted the two tyrannically powerful teachers Zhao Wuji and Lu Ji-Bin nearby the log cabin to protect them.

In the log cabin the Shrek Seven Devils plus Grandmaster sat in a circle, differently colored light flickering from each of them.

Different energies complementing each other.

Sitting in the middle was Dai Mubai, with black and white light shining around him, releasing an overbearing energy.

On Dai Mubai’s left was Zhu Zhuqing, radiating with black light and an agile energy. On Dai Mubai’s right was the Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, and the light he emitted was the strangest. After eating the Eight Petal Immortal Orchid his spirit power had become pink, such a light appearing on a male Spirit Master really made people feel a bit strange.

On Oscar’s right was Tang San, mainly shining with white light, but within was gathered both red and blue. But the colors were very faint, and couldn’t be distinguished unless looking carefully.

Next to Tang San was Xiao Wu with a deep red radiance, the Yearning Heartbroken Red between her hands, that delicate fragrance drifting in front of her, quietly cultivating.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Ma Hongjun was golden red, Ning Rongrong was resplendent gold, and even Grandmaster released a purple light. The entire log cottage was filled with sparkling light, seeming extremely fantastic.

After the growth from the immortal treasure herbs, by now the Shrek Seven Devils had all increased their strength.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, fortieth rank.

Sausage Monopoly Oscar, thirty eighth rank.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, thirty seventh rank.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, thirty sixth rank.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, thirty fifth rank.

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, thirty seventh rank.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, thirty eighth rank.

From just recently having entered the thirtieth rank to attacking the fortieth rank, none of the Shrek Seven Devils had imagined it would be this quick.

“Little San.”
As everyone were cultivating, Flender’s voice rose from outside the log cabin.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes and quietly left the room.

“Dean Flender, you were looking for me?”
Tang San asked.

Flender nodded, saying:
“Senior Dugu has brought Dugu Yan, and asked me to call you over for something. Little San, be a bit careful, Dugu Bo is still too dangerous.”

Tang San naturally understood why Dugu Bo was looking for him and smiled slightly: “Dean Flender, don’t worry. Nothing will happen.”

Flender brought Tang San out of the forest to the main school area.

Tang San still hadn’t looked the place over carefully since coming here.

Even though the main school area wasn’t as gorgeous as Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, it was still extremely practical. Right now there were several students interacting on the field.

The two entered the main school building, heading straight for the deepest part of the teaching block’s top floor to meet Dugu Bo.

This place had been claimed by Dugu Bo personally. He always liked peace and quiet, and this place met his requirements. By opening the window he could look over the forest behind the building and breathe in the fresh air every day, a feeling Dugu Bo was quite fond of.

In order to let the old freak stay comfortably, Flender had reluctantly spent money to double the amount of decorations since Dugu Bo came. Right now it even seemed somewhat splendorous.

Within the room Dugu Bo sat in a large chair, softly rocking. When Tang San entered he opened his eyes, looking at him with a smiling expression. On the large bed to the side, Dugu Yan sat leaning against the headboard in a bored manner.

“Little freak, you’ve come.”
Dugu Bo was first to call out. At the same time waving his hand at Flender, indicating he could leave.

Flender was indeed somewhat afraid of Dugu Bo. He clapped Tang San on the shoulder, hinting he should be careful, then greeted Dugu Bo and left.

With Flender gone, Tang San naturally wouldn’t be polite with Dugu Bo and walked over to sit on a sofa to the side.

Dugu Yan’s fierce gaze had stayed on Tang San from the moment he entered, but Tang San didn’t pay any attention, treating her like air.

“Grandpa, why have you called over this little bastard? You still haven’t told me why you would come to this run down academy as an advisor. Even if it was important, you should have come to our Heaven Dou Imperial Academy!”
Dugu Yan spoke to Dugu Bo like a spoiled child.

Dugu Bo said:
“Fine. Yan-yan, later you mustn’t go saying ‘little bastard, little bastard’. Even if this little freak is uncanny, he still has a lot of areas you could learn from. Look at you, you’re already twenty one, and still like a little child. He’s not even fourteen, but his attitude is more mature than yours.”

Tang San secretly thought, ‘What fourteen, I’ve lived two lives, already forty years. How could I be as childish as your granddaughter?’

Dugu Yan hadn’t expected Dugu Bo to think this highly of Tang San and snorted,
“How is it so amazing. Last time I was careless. If we went at it again I’d beat him until his teeth littered the ground.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying:
“I think you’ll have the chance you wish for. In another half year it will be time for the Continental Elite Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. We’ll both be competing in the Heaven Dou City district, and I think we’ll encounter each other very quickly.”

Dugu Yan snorted disdainfully,
“If we weren’t careless last time the losers would definitely have been you. Your sneak attack on Tian-Heng won’t work again.”

Dugu Yan didn’t know Tang San’s depth, but Dugu Bo was only too clear. As he recalled the Cluster Soul Chasing Balls, Dugu Bo couldn’t help shivering. He didn’t believe the little freak only had four, and glaring at Tang San said:
“Little freak, I don’t care about others, but when the time comes you can’t injure my granddaughter. Otherwise I’ll take it up with you.”

Dugu Yan resentfully said:
“Grandpa, what are you saying. How could he injure me again. Would you ever encourage others’ ambition and look down on your own strength?”

Dugu Bo said:
“I don’t know about others, but if you underestimate this little freak, then I can guarantee that you’ll get the worst of it in a fight against him. Do you know what his current spirit power rank is? It shouldn’t be much short of yours, thirty seven ranks. If he has half a year, this little freak might even break through the fortieth rank bottleneck. You and he are alike, you’re both control system Spirit Masters, but I can tell you for sure that you aren’t his match.”

Hearing Dugu Bo repeatedly defend Tang San, Dugu Yan’s mood changed immediately. Leaping up from the bed, she glared at Tang San with an aggrieved expression,
“Little bastard, what kind of potion did you use on my grandpa? He’s actually so taken with you. Grandpa, you wouldn’t have taken this little bastard as apprentice, would you?”

Dugu Bo’s aged face blushed. The two had only mutually investigated poison, mutually studied. Tang San admittedly felt he had learned a lot from Dugu Bo, but Dugu Bo also believed he had gained some small advantages. For a moment he actually didn’t know how to answer his granddaughter.

Tang San also stood up from the sofa,
“I still have to cultivate, I don’t have time to accompany you for senseless chatter. As for strength, let’s see it on the stage. Old freak, this is my blended medicine. You let her take it once every day for seven days, and it will transmit the poison. However, you have to find her a spirit bone first. With your abilities this shouldn’t be difficult.”

Dugu Bo took the seven crystal bottles Tang San handed over, nodding to him:
“Little freak, under heaven are scattered many feasts. I have my wish, it’s impossible for me to always stay here.”

“You’re leaving?”
Tang San shocked looked at him.

Dugu Bo nodded,
“I have some matters to deal with. If I hurry back I might make it in time for the Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. Don’t forget, I won’t let you harm Yan-yan.”

Tang San glanced at Dugu Yan standing to the side with a baleful expression, and said indifferently:

Saying this, he turned around and walked to the door. Dugu Yan still wanted to say something, but was stopped by a stern look from Dugu Bo.

Tang San suddenly stopped in front of the door, turning his head to look at Dugu Bo. One old and one young gaze met in the air, and although Tang San tried to hide it, Dugu Bou could still see a reluctance to part in his eyes.

“Old freak, take care. Don’t forget those two iron balls.”

“You take care too.”
Dugu Bo lowered his head, waving his hand at Tang San. He didn’t know why, but right now he felt a little sand in his eyes. The feeling Tang San gave him even Dugu Yan had never caused.

While walking out of the school building, Tang San’s mood still hadn’t recovered. Even though he had been constantly cultivating these several days, it was very difficult to focus, and even now he couldn’t undo the problem that preoccupied him.

This disturbance had appeared extremely suddenly, and he couldn’t even share it with anyone. He truly regretted that look. Even to the extent that he hadn’t the mood to reflect on why the old freak would leave now.

Dugu Bo left quietly. He didn’t say anything to anyone, and on the second day was gone without a trace.

Flender didn’t find Dugu Bo’s departure strange, after all, he was a Title Douluo, and who would dare restrict the actions of someone like that? Dugu Bo leaving on the contrary made him relieved, at least it reduced the number of time bombs at the Academy.

Several days later the Shrek Seven Devils completed their temporary Seclusion. Flender and Liu Erlong personally went with Grandmaster and Dai Mubai for the not distant Sunset Forest where Dugu Bo also had his nest to hunt spirit beasts. Ning Rongrong asked for leave and returned home. The remaining five for the time being entered the Academy’s advanced class.

Ning Rongrong had already planned to return home a while ago, but because Tang San was missing he naturally couldn’t make her the hidden weapons. Now that Tang San was back, and her strength had also substantially increased, she returned to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile school with her own pride and those mechanical class hidden weapons Tang San gave her.

Looking at the school uniform he wore, Tang San felt helpless. He didn’t know if it was a deliberate practical joke on Flender’s part, but after he had assumed control of the Academy, he had changed the Academy’s school uniform to completely green, and still that kind with a bit of yellow, the legendary snot green.

Let alone Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu’s big scowls, even Tang San felt a bit ridiculous.

[1] Idiom: Spotless, irreproachable

[2] Idiom: Selfless and incorruptible

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