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Chapter 65

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Four claws underneath, the whole body covered in thick dragon scales, golden dragon eyes filled with dignity, radiating an intense dragon’s might, causing unsettled cries from the magic beasts of the Sunset Forest. Even Dugu Bo couldn’t help frown in the heavy atmosphere.

Even if Dugo Bo had thought the trio’s spirit fusion ability should be strong, he still hadn’t expected them to actually summon such an enormous golden dragon.

Line after line of golden lightning flashed around Luo San Pao, its body radiating golden light in all directions, hanging in the air like a golden sun.

‘Don’t tell me this is the dragon clan’s legendary Saint Dragon?’ Dugu Bo was secretly somewhat apprehensive. Even if there was nothing divine about Luo San Pao’s body, Dugu Bo knew that the dragon clan’s most powerful Saint Dragon would possess a golden body.

Flender and Liu Erlong still had their eyes closed, completely unaware of their surroundings, the two had become like two golden spheres of light.

What was a Saint Dragon?

Dugu Bo’s arrogance was completely aroused when confronted by Luo San Pao, issuing an ear-piercing hiss, jade-like green light bursting forth from his body, spreading his arms like welcoming the wind, the first seven spirit rings brightened, and immediately afterward his tall and thin body started to expand within that jade light, shooting up.

Equally rhombic emerald scales, like sheets of inlaid jade, Dugu Bo’s human body had already disappeared, transformed into an immense jade green serpent. His transformation speed was clearly faster than Luo San Pao’s, and in an eyeblink his body was bigger as well, more than thirty meters long, the thickness of a barrel.

More than half of the serpent’s body stood upright, directly confronting Luo San Pao.

A pair of enormous snake eyes stared fixedly at Luo San Pao, a snake tongue flickering, dense green mist spreading all around.

This was Dugu Bo’s spirit avatar, Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

Dugu Yan had inherited her Jade Phosphor Serpent spirit from Dugu Bo. But at the Title Douluo Level, Dugu Bo’s spirit avatar couldn’t be compared to what a mere Spirit Sage was capable of. The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s was completely covered in scale armor, its cold eyes unwaveringly fixed on Luo San Pao.

Luo San Pao’s body seemed to have completed its transformation, facing upwards to roar at the sky, both wings unfurling, suddenly opening its mouth, a golden lightning bolt suddenly streaked towards Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo transformed into the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor didn’t try to dodge, but gaped and sprayed out a thick green fog, the nine spirit rings revolving around that enormous body. Lowering his head, he unexpectedly used only his own body to resist Luo San Pao’s attack.

With an enormous explosion, the golden lightning spread from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s head to its tail, making its enormous body stiffen. But only stiffen.

Luo San Pao stretched out its wings and silently leapt into the air, exhaling a golden breath that collided with the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s jade green fog.

Right now Dugu Bo confronted Luo San Pao controlled by Grandmaster.

With the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability started, the flying corner Flender contributed the ability to fly and his own spirit power, the slaughtering corner Liu Erlong provided the dragon form, while Grandmaster provided Luo San Pao’s remote body, as well as his wisdom.

To complete Luo San Pao’s transformation, Flender and Liu Erlong had to focus entirely on merging their spirit power into the spirit fusion ability, but Luo San Pao was integrated with Grandmaster, and was naturally controlled by Grandmaster. Consequently, what Dugu Bo confronted was a Saint Dragon with Grandmaster’s intellect. Of course, Luo San Pao wasn’t truly a Saint Dragon, rather it should have the qualifier ‘fake’ in front.

While Grandmaster’s spirit variation had made him lose the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s spirit, Luo San Pao’s variation didn’t just result in complete inferiority, rather it had a result even higher level variant dragon’s lacked.

Right now with the transformation of the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability, it was just with Luo San Pao’s already enlarged veins that it was possible to temporarily possess the strength of a Saint Dragon.

Even if Grandmaster wasn’t strong, in theoretical knowledge he could be said to be unequalled. confronting the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s belch of fog, he didn’t let Luo San Pao approach, and rather used the flapping of its wings to create a gale, dispersing the green fog.

The enormous Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor suddenly moved, unexpectedly launching its seemingly cumbersome body into the air, chasing after Luo San Pao with a wide open mouth.

Luo San Pao in midair, suddenly moved its equally enormous body to shift sideways, stretching out two claws to grab at the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s seventh cun[1]. One dragon and one serpent battled fiercely in the air.

The more they fought the more Dugu Bo became apprehensive, he discovered that this golden dragon, seemingly like a Saint Dragon, could actually suppress him.

Serpents were also a kind of dragon, and the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was even close to a giant dragon, but Saint Dragons were kings among dragons, and even if Luo San Pao had limited energy, it was still capable of causing a certain suppressing effect on the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

The Saint Dragon was additionally golden, innately capable of destroying evil, and had a certain resistive effect against nefarious things like poison. As a result, despite the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxicity, it was still unable to infect it.

Dugu Bo clearly felt that this Golden Saint Dragon was weaker than him, but with its superior agility and resistance to poison, he seemed even more passive. Furthermore the Golden Saint Dragon was extremely nimble, and relying on its sharp dragon claws it was moving constantly as it attacked.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor didn’t possess flying capability, so Luo San Pao clearly held the advantage in the air.

Golden light unceasingly clashed with jade light, the entire mountain trembling repeatedly. One moment a cliff came crashing down, dazzlingly tremendous energy fluctuations scattering the spirit beasts around the mountain in all directions, no longer daring to stay nearby. Intimidating pressure as if released by the Titan Giant Ape or Skyblue Bull Python in Star Dou Great Forest.

Dugu Bo was actually somewhat depressed. Of course he wasn’t unable to beat Luo San Pao, but his abilities were excessively potent. Even he was unable to completely control his full strength, and this was his lair, and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was within. The destruction from unleashing his full ability would cost more than it gained him.

Suddenly Dugu Bo had a flash of inspiration: the spirit fusion ability still relied on its Spirit Masters. Even if the Saint Dragon was even more powerful, as long as he interrupted the trio’s spirit fusion ability, the Saint Dragon would disappear automatically.

Thinking of this, Dugu Bo’s enormous snake body flickered, dodging Luo San Pao’s next attack, simultaneously lashing out with his serpent tail, sweeping at the trio like the autumn wind cutting through grass.

He didn’t even dodge Luo San Pao’s next attacks.

An ear-piercing scraping echoed, as Luo San Pao’s dragon claws struck sparks on his body. However, a Title Douluo was after all a Title Douluo, and even Luo San Pao’s fake Saint Dragon claws couldn’t penetrate his defense.

But Dugu Bo still didn’t feel at ease, this Golden Saint Dragon’s attacks contained both the properties of lightning and fire, and even if the claws didn’t penetrate the hide, the violent elements contained within did. Violent pain sent the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s body swaying.

Hong——, the thick as a water barrel serpent tail struck heavily on the four golden pillars of the Golden Iron Triangle. But those golden beams of light didn’t shatter like Dugu Bo had imagined.

Dugu Bo just felt as if his tail had struck a mountain. Even if the golden light in the triangle fluctuated violently, the three people within completely lacked reaction.

The Golden Saint Dragon Luo San Pao charged yet again, sharp claws flashing with golden light, at the same time golden lightning was generated by the two horns on its head, fusing together and shooting out at Dugu Bo.

Simultaneously alarmed and furious, Dugu Bo could only barely throw himself to the side, rolling away, at the same time spouting out a jade green pearl, releasing a half arc of jade green light to protect him within.

Gold and jade clashed once again, intense light swirling in all directions, Golden Saint Dragon Luo San Pao’s energy fluctuations were directly repelled, and the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s body twisted violently.

“Juniors, are you really looking to die?”
Dugu Bo was finally infuriated.

The enormous serpent tail whipped at the mountainside. Withdrawing the green fog that pervaded the surroundings within itself, the muscles below the serpent’s head began to flatten, raising half the serpent body, the originally jade green snake eyes had become a terrifying white, a layer of white light coloring the serpent head.

Even if Dugu Bo couldn’t use the enormous power of his last two spirit ring abilities to devastate this place, he had still been a Title Douluo for many years, and had countless consummate skills. Even if his title was poison, that absolutely wasn’t his only ability.

Two deathly pale rays of light simultaneously shot out from Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s white eyes, directly at Luo San Pao.

Grandmaster’s heart skipped a beat as he saw that white ray of light. He clearly felt that this wasn’t any of Dugu Bo’s spirit ring abilities. With the change of the serpent’s head, there was no doubt that this was the power of a spirit bone.

Among the six regular spirit bones, the skull and breastbone were doubtless the most important. And what Dugu Bo used right now should be the ability of a cranial spirit bone.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Title Douluo sure enough were an existence of their own. While ordinary Spirit Masters might never see a spirit bone, it was only natural for them to have one.

Grandmaster didn’t dare let Luo San Pao get hit by that deathly white light, from the opponent’s imposing attitude he could see these two white rays weren’t an ordinary attack.

Luo San Pao’s dragon wings folded, its body plummeting towards the ground like a shooting star, at the same time the golden light all over its body brightened, and it suddenly turned its body in midair.

“Break wind like thunder, shake the Heavens and split the earth Luo San Pao!”

Grandmaster loudly called out for what was originally San Pao’s spirit ability, but as the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability Golden Saint Dragon, this was far from that weak technique even Tang San could easily resist.

A golden fog rushed out from under Luo San Pao’s dragon tail, forming a golden shield in midair to resist that white light.

A buzzing sound made Luo San Pao and Grandmaster tremble simultaneously. The moment that golden light clashed with the deathly pale rays, the white light completely dispersed through it, and immediately afterward, an even more shocking scene appeared. That shield in the air changed fundamentally, nothing transforming into something as it dropped from the air as a big rock.

Grandmaster finally understood what Dugu Bo’s cranial spirit bone was, and couldn’t help but draw in a breath. If he guessed correctly, then it should be one of the first rate serpent type spirit beasts, a spirit bone from the empress of serpents, Medusa[2]. With the Medusa’s ability to turn whatever it looked at into stone, that spirit bone was from an at least ten thousand year Medusa.

Although Luo San Pao’s ability was able to block this attack, the energy drain clearly weakened the golden light around Luo San Pao a lot, and of the Golden Iron Triangle, whether it was Grandmaster, Flender or Liu Erlong, all of them shuddered violently.

Their spirit fusion ability blended all the energy of all three into Luo San Pao, making Luo San Pao’s body the same as their three bodies. But this ability’s greatest advantage was that, after activation, the three of them entered an unparallelled state. Unless Luo San Pao perished, or unless their spirit power was depleted, any attacks would be rendered ineffective against them.

It was because of this that the previous poison formation toxin and Dugu Bo’s serpent tail attack were unable to harm them.

“Hmph, you dodged once, can you still escape twice?”
The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s deathly pale eyes once again looked at Luo San Pao. Dugu Bo was experienced and knowledgeable, naturally he had guessed the effect of the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability. Even though this Golden Saint Dragon wasn’t weak, Grandmaster’s trio’s spirit power was too far below his, and the current Luo San Pao wasn’t enough to truly threaten him.

If Title Douluo were so easy to defeat, how would they be known as the strongest on the Continent?

A long dragon’s roar rose from Luo San Pao. Grandmaster knew that if he didn’t use their last technique now, then perhaps his trio might be unable to endure. Medusa’s stare was truly terrifying, if it hit, perhaps San Pao would be critically injured.

Golden light sparkled once again. Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong’s trio practically simultaneously spit out blood, falling at the ring in the center of the golden triangle. Their blood instantly blended in that ring, becoming a golden bolt of lightning striking Luo San Pao’s body.

Spreading its wings, this time Luo San Pao didn’t dodge the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s attack, it’s whole body igniting with golden light like flames, a dragon’s call more elated than the first, those golden flames actually condensed into another it in front, becoming a transparent dragon image, heading straight for the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

Golden Saint Dragon’s Esoterics, True Golden Dragon[3].

Twenty years ago they had only completed half of this technique. Now that twenty years had passed, even though Grandmaster hadn’t advanced at all, Flender and Liu Erlong had both reached Spirit Sage level Spirit Masters.

It was the first time this ability was used fully.

When that golden dragon of light and shadow flew out, Luo San Pao shrank rapidly in midair, becoming a ray of bluish purple light flying back to Grandmaster and disappearing unseen. At the same time the light around the Golden Iron Triangle faded. As all the gold had vanished, the trio’s complexions simultaneously became pale.

Dugu Bo snarled.

True Saint Dragon was one of the most powerful Esoterics of the Golden Saint Dragon, even if it was only a fake Golden Saint Dragon, this eruption of power was still the same. Medusa’s stare was a terrifying beam that could transform substance or even energy, but it still had limits. This raging True Saint Dragon was clearly beyond the limits of the Medusa’s stare.

And what made Dugu Bo even more dispirited was that right now he couldn’t dodge. With the True Saint Dragon’s power, if he avoided it, then the mountain behind him would be levelled with the ground, and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well behind him would collapse and disappear.

Right now, despite his reluctance, he still had to rely on his own strength to block the attack.

Dugu Bo’s eighth spirit ring brightened, black rays of light dyeing his serpent form, immediately turning the jade color into forest green. Dugu Bo’s raised serpent head returned to normal, once again spitting out that dark green pearl.

A bizarre scene appeared. Whether it was the pale trio of the Golden Iron Triangle, or the True Saint Dragon in the air, unexpectedly all of them instantly stood still in their places. Everything in the surroundings, even the wind itself paused in the air.

Everything was frozen.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s enormous body became transparent and disappeared, leaving Dugu Bo hanging in the air. His right hand controlled that dark green pearl to slowly fly towards the True Saint Dragon.

The eighth spirit ability, the one he was using now, was his eighth spirit ability Time Freeze[4]. The destructive power of this spirit ability together with his ninth spirit ability could even level a city.

But the spirit power consumed to use this spirit ability was enormous. He absolutely wouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary.

The green pearl flew directly inside the True Saint Dragon. A jade light flashed in Dugu Bo’s eyes,

The green light spread in a flash, completely rendering that golden True Saint Dragon green, actually as if it had become a jade dragon.

Leaving behind a line of afterimages, Dugu Bo appeared before the jade green True Saint Dragon. His face was also somewhat pale, and in his heart he couldn’t help rejoice, fortunately this was a fake Golden Saint Dragon.If this had been the True Saint Dragon of a real Golden Saint Dragon, then even his own Time Freeze might not have been able to restrain it.

Raising his hand, he cautiously withdrew that jade green pearl, putting it in his mouth, his left hand pressing at the True Saint Dragon’s head, the jade light in his eyes vanished as instead his left hand became jade green.

The five fingers closing, Dugu Bo’s eyes were like two cold stars as he shouted loudly, “Break.”

A sharp and clear cracking sound echoed, starting from the head of the jade-like True Saint Dragon, a series of cracks began to spread, in an eyeblink already extending all the way up and down its body.

With a flicker, Dugu Bo had already returned to his position on the mountain, the light of the eighth spirit ring fading,

The frozen space once again returned to normal, only that True Saint Dragon was unable to move forward, all the cracks causing it to shatter like colored glass. With an explosive sound light radiated in all directions, a wave of energy surging out in a circle, but no longer with the attack power it had before.

Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong stood there, blood running from the corners of their mouths, their spirit power practically completely exhausted from the spirit fusion ability, but Dugu Bo still remained untouchable up high. A Title Douluo was after all still a Title Douluo, in the end it was still their loss.

Dugu Bo’s eyes held a somewhat proper mood, indifferently looking at the Golden Iron Triangle without the ability to resist before him, but still standing straight backed and looking directly at him:
“You’re not bad, able to cause me such inconvenience with that level of spirit power. This spirit fusion ability is indeed the most outstanding I’ve ever seen. If you had fought a Spirit Douluo level Spirit Master instead, he might not have been your match.”

Dugu Bo very rarely praised people, but the Golden Iron Triangle’s spirit fusion ability had indeed left him with a deep impression.

Grandmaster calmly said:

Grabbing Liu Erlong’s hand, he slowly closed his eyes.

Tang San’s ‘death’ was an enormous blow to Grandmaster, and with their True Saint Dragon broken, he knew it would be very difficult to leave here alive today.

Their greatest asset, the spirit fusion ability, hadn’t been able to harm this Title Douluo. At this moment Grandmaster no longer held any qualms about Liu Erlong. Holding his beloved’s hand, his heart no longer trembled.

“Do you think you’ll die so easily?”
With a glimmering green light, Dugu Bo arrived in front of the trio.

“Wait a moment.”

“Dugu Bo, Tang San was my disciple, this matter is unrelated to the two of them. Let them go, and do as you wish with me.”

Dugu Bo disdainfully said:
“How are you still qualified to make demands of me?”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Liu Erlong smiled sweetly,
“Senior Dugu, we indeed aren’t qualified, we indeed don’t have these qualifications. However, I don’t know whether you’re aware what our spirits are. Me and Xiao Gang, are both from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan. Perhaps we aren’t your opponents, but can you afford to offend our clan?”

“Erlong, quiet.”
Grandmaster snapped. His heart dropped. If Liu Erlong hadn’t revealed her background perhaps she still might have had the chance to live, but now that she’d spoken, how couldn’t Dugu Bo pull the weeds with the roots to avoid later trouble?

Sure enough, when Dugu Bo heard what Erlong said his expression changed slightly. Associating it with the trio’s spirit fusion ability, he said with a frown:
“You’re actually from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan? Good, very good. Then so what? Even if I can’t beat your clan’s dragon, how will your clan have any evidence to justify revenge as long as I’ve killed you? Getting rid of skeletons isn’t any problem as far as I’m concerned.”

Liu Erlong said with a smile:
“It’s as senior says. As long as you kill me and Xiao Gang, even if our clan comes to find you, you can avoid them without problem. But Flender isn’t related to our clan, even if he reveals it to our clan later, I suspect they still wouldn’t believe him. Just he alone doesn’t constitute evidence. Kill the two of us, but might senior let him go?”

Dugu Bo laughed out loud,
“Do you take me for an idiot? Releasing the tiger back into the mountain? Even if there is nothing in this world I fear, I will always cut weeds with the roots. Why wouldn’t it be even safer to just kill all three of you?”

A cold light expression in Liu Erlong’s eyes, flipping over her hand to reveal a blue metal ball,
“Then try it. This is our clan’s signaling device, even if you’re more powerful than us, the moment you kill us, I will definitely set it off. This is your domain, when our clan’s people come here, can you still deny relationship? As long as you let Flender go, you can kill us and I won’t use it.”

Dying together with her beloved didn’t make Liu Erlong sad, but actually secretly a bit excited. She had never felt death was frightening.

“Erlong, what are you saying? Don’t tell me that I, Flender, am a craven person? If there’s killing, then kill. When we’re in the ground I will still act as a go-between for you and Xiao Gang. What does it matter if our Golden Iron Triangle dies together? Set off that signaling device. Then at least someone will avenge us.”

With a flickering movement, Flender stood in front of Liu Erlong and Grandmaster.

Liu Erlong urgently said:
“Boss Fu, you’re crazy. Go quickly, this isn’t the time to show off.”

Flender sighed,
“I’ve lived for more than fifty years, dying now still won’t be premature. Erlong, even though you don’t love me, your place in my heart is like Xiao Gang’s in yours. To you, dying with Xiao Gang is a blessing, then can I have any regrets over dying together with both of you? It’s only a pity about little San. Dugu Bo, I’m not worried to tell you. Little San’s father is someone even you can’t afford to offend. When we don’t return, my people will immediately look for him. His existence is even more terrifying than the whole Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.”


“So you’re saying that kid still had some kind of background? Someone even I don’t dare offend? In this world there aren’t many of those. Let me hear it, who is his father?”

Flender snorted coldly,
“Don’t tell me you can’t calculate age? Little San was thirteen years old this year, so his father naturally wouldn’t be too old. Adding that he isn’t someone you can’t afford to offend, who does that leave on this Continent?”

Dugu Bo first stared blankly a moment. Very quickly he seemed to think of something, and his face immediately changed enormously,
“Tang San, Tang San, that one was also named Tang. Don’t tell me…… Impossible, that kid’s spirit is just Blue Silver Grass.”

Grandmaster coldly said:

Believing that Tang San was already dead, he no longer worried about secrets.

“What did you say?”

“You’re saying that kid actually had twin spirits?”

Grandmaster calmly said:

Dugu Bo’s eyes revealed an irresolute light, slowly raising his right hand, an ominous glint in his eyes. Right now he had already resolved not only to immediately kill these three, but that he also had to immediately get rid of Tang San. If Flender was right, that person, indeed was someone he couldn’t afford to offend. But as long as he destroyed the corpses and removed all traces, then left immediately, it still wouldn’t be easy for that person to find him.

The moment Dugu Bo prepared to act, Suddenly a clear and melodious voice came from the distance,
“Dugu Bo, you dare.”

Dugu Bo looked distracted a moment, turning his head to look in the direction of the voice he saw a figure head towards them extremely swiftly, the rugged mountain path unable to hinder him. Under the impetus of eight slender shadows he swiftly approached their side.

“Little San?”
Grandmaster and Flender said simultaneously with a stunned expression.

It was indeed Tang San, with the effect of Eight Spider Lances he reached their side in just a moment.

Right now Tang San appeared a little different, the Eight Spider Lances on his back having undergone a bizarre change compared to before. They were still the same size, but the originally bluish purple Eight Spider Lances had now become a deep red, and on the deep red surface were arrays of white circular patterns, as if a white decorative design, making Eight Spider Lances appear brightly colored and dazzling.

However, right now Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong were all in a state of astonishment that Tang San wasn’t dead, and hadn’t noticed. But Dugu Bo wouldn’t let such details slip by. He was secretly startled. Even if he didn’t know just what had changed, as the king of poison he clearly understood that in the realm of poison, the brighter the colors, the more poisonous it was. This kid had clearly gained something by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Originally, after Tang San had eaten the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot and submerged himself in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he had very quickly sunken into unconsciousness from being drowned in that powerful poison.

The Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s accounts hadn’t been wrong. Even if the two kinds of immortal treasure poisonous plants were potent, after neutralizing each other they became a treasure that could be absorbed by the human body.

With the boosting effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, they had been slowly absorbed into Tang San’s body, settling in his energy channels and bones.

However, the medicinal strength contained within these two kinds of herbs was just too powerful and couldn’t be absorbed in just a short time. As Tang San woke up, he had discovered he was floating in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, his spirit power already recovered to peak condition.

Eating these two immortal treasure herbs didn’t have any effect on his spirit power. Its most immediate benefit was to remove any sense of pain from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

To the present Tang San, the extremely cold yin spring was like cold water, and that red hot yang spring was like warm water, that’s all. Not only wouldn’t immersing himself within cause any injuries, on the contrary it was exceptionally relaxing. Tang San knew that the effectiveness of the two kinds of herbs in his body required relying on constant use of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to absorb.

By the accounts of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, the benefit eating these two immortal treasure herbs at the same time could bring could be described in three words: Ice Fire Protection[5].

When Tang San was rejoicing in his success, the violent shaking and the golden light in the sky drew his attention.

Even the thick steam in the air over the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well couldn’t block the that intense radiance, and adding the potent energy fluctuations he immediately guessed that something was happening outside. Such violent spirit power collisions was probably someone acting against the old freak.

Unable to determine the effects the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot gave him, he hastily released Eight Spider Lances and swiftly dashed over. The color change of the Eight Spider Lances was clearly some transformation from absorbing the ice and fire power contained within the two kinds of poisonous herbs.

At a distance Tang San already used his Purple Demon Eye, clearly seeing the situation of the battle. When he hurried over was precisely when Dugu Bo used his formidable Time Freeze to completely locked down everything within a several thousand square meter area and destroyed the True Saint Dragon.

Seeing Dugu Bo about to kill Grandmaster and the others, Tang San shouted loudly and swiftly hurried over.

Seeing the transformed Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back, Dugu Bo’s killing plan was even easier, secretly thinking to himself that he had come over just in time, killing all four together would save him a trip.

Right now he didn’t even think about how Tang San could have survived near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. He just wanted to immediately settle his one pressing issue.

Just when Dugu Bo’s killing intent rushed up again, Tang San spoke up. He didn’t speak to Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong, but rather looked at Dugu Bo:
“Senior Dugu, didn’t you promise me three things? Then this is the first, no matter when hereafter, you can’t harm anyone related to the Shrek Academy.”

Dugu Bo stared blankly. He hadn’t expected Tang San to actually raise conditions at this moment.

[1] It’s been mentioned before, but Chinese folklore holds that the seventh cun from the head is a snake’s weak point.

[2] (美杜莎)

[3] (圣龙本相) “Golden Dragon Original Form”

[4] (时光凝固)

[5] (水火不侵) Literally “Ice Fire Not Invade”, so “unaffected by ice and fire”

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