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Chapter 63

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

“You can dissolve the poison in my body?”
Dugu Bo finally abandoned his face, unable to keep from asking.

Tang San calmly said:
“I won’t dissolve it for you even if I can. You can only be even more miserable than me. Kill me. You might not fear your own death, after all, people living past seventy is already quite rare. Unfortunately, that delicate little granddaughter of yours might not be able to endure for as long as you. She might not have your strength of will to endure the growing torment. Her poison will only flare up even more violently than yours, since she was immersed in this kind of poison even from the womb.”

In order to live, Tang San began to make his last effort. Originally he had been somewhat suspicious ever since the first time he saw the Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master Dugu Yan, since according to what he knew, that kind of hair and eye color didn’t exist in this world. Adding the Jade Phosphor Serpent poison Dugu Yan later used, and he could confirm it to some extent

Today meeting Dugu Yan’s grandfather, this old freak in front of him, Tang San was even more certain. Dugu Yan had admittedly inherited her grandfather’s spirit and formidable poison, but at the same time she had inherited the side effects of that poison. Everything Tang San had said was fact, and even a proud and aloof senior like Dugu Bo was unable to refute it.

Relaxing his grip, Dugu Bo let Tang San slide from his hand, coldly looking at him,
“How would you have me believe you can remove my poison?”

This time Tang San no longer tried to stand, sitting crosslegged on the spot,
“Do I need to prove it to you? In any case you still want to kill me. Someone like you is only a plague on the world while you live. If I helped you it would only be like taking the side of the villain.”

As Tang San said, Dugu Bo didn’t care much for his own life, but he couldn’t not mind his granddaughter’s future. Dugu Yan had just turned twenty and still possessed a beautiful tomorrow. More than that, he already knew the taste of his close relatives dying from before. He absolutely didn’t want the same thing to happen in front of him again.

Dugu Bo had toyed with poison all his life, he had no way out from the poison in his own body. He had still made countless attempts, but in return had only earned even greater suffering.

The gloomy uncertain expression gradually growing stronger, Dugu Bo slowly clasped his hands behind his back. The tone of his words eased somewhat,
“I heard from Yan-yan that you’re called Tang San, right?”

“A man of character doesn’t change his name. Since I’ve never changed it, you’re correct.”
Tang San calmly raised his head.

Dugu Bo snorted disdainfully,
“A thirteen year old baby is still a man of character? Alright, I won’t mince words. If you truly are able to remove my and my granddaughter’s poison, then I will not only let you live, but I’ll even promise you three favors. Three favors that don’t offend me.”

Tang San calmly said:

Dugu Bo stared blankly a moment. He hadn’t expected that this seemingly teenaged youngster would actually be so unreasonable. He couldn’t help angrily saying:
“Then ask around for my reputation. Even if I’ve never considered myself a good person, I still put stock in my word. No one has ever dared belittle my honesty like this.”

Tang San closed his eyes,
“Those are just empty promises. I won’t believe you unless you swear under poison.”

An ominous glint flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, almost unable to restrain his anger. But recalling his granddaughter, in the end he still forced down his temper.

“Fine. As long as you can prove you’re able to remove my poison, I’ll swear.”

The chance came at last. Tang San secretly loosed a breath, the jacket on his back drenched with sweat. Any person would fear death, and Tang San was no exception. He was even more unwilling to die a death without any value.

Standing up once again, he withdrew Eight Spider Lances,
“How do you want me to prove it?”

Dugu Bo restrained the ominous glint in his eyes,

Subconsciously he didn’t have one whit of trust in Tang San. After all, on the surface this youngster was just thirteen. How could a thirteen year old child compare with him who had been immersed in the poisoner’s arts for decades? But Tang San had just described his condition, and still without missing any symptoms. Confronted with this opportunity, Dugu Bo had no choice but to take it. Killing Tang San or not didn’t really concern him. Even if Tang San was even more gifted he would still require several decades to be able to threaten him. After so long he would probably have died from old age. What was there to fear. And if he truly was able to detoxify him, especially the hereditary toxicity affecting his granddaughter, that was most important to Dugu Bo.

Tang San spread his hands, helplessly saying:
“I don’t have anything with me, how do I prove my ability with poison is better than yours?”

Dugu Bo coldly said:
“Like this. Here at my home grows a wide range of drugs, whatever you need you can go find on your own. I’ll give you one day, within this day you create every kind of antidote yourself. After one day I’ll use three kinds of poisons on you. As long as you can use your own antidotes to withstand my poison, you will have proven you’re my senior in detoxification. Otherwise, you’ll die.”

Creating antidotes in a day might sound like plenty of time, but in fact, there were countless types of poison, and each kind had its own properties. The poisons used by a master of poison like Dugu Bo absolutely wouldn’t be ordinary. Creating something capable of reducing the poisons he used in one day, such a task was monumental.

Dugu Bo assumed that Tang San would try to bargain with him, fight for more time, or perhaps try to stall. But Tang San’s reply made him somewhat astonished, and even increased his confidence in Tang San.

“Fine. Bring me to your medicinal garden, then don’t disturb me for one day.”
Brushing off the dust from his clothes, Tang San easily agreed to Dugu Bo’s demands.

Dugu Bo swept his gaze up and down over him, then turned around and walked towards the cave entrance,
“Follow me.”

Leaving the cavern, Tang San discovered he was in a lush forest and that their current location was at the foot of a five hundred meter tall hill in the forest. Since it was night time he was unable to see much of the scenery.

Dugu Bo advanced along the mountain path as if he was walking on level ground. While he appeared to be walking slowly, each step he took moved him more than ten meters, and the distance between each step was also extremely uniform. The whole time he climbed the mountain he seemed perpendicular to the ground.

Tang San hurriedly gathered his spirit power to follow behind Dugu Bo. He of course didn’t believe he would be able to escape out of the cave, escaping from a Title Douluo, that was a jest.

Very quickly Tang San, led by Dugu Bo, reached the hilltop. Here, Tang San couldn’t help but start with alarm from the terrain. In front of him was unexpectedly a conical mountain cavity. They stood at the edge of this cavity as dense steam rose from within, hot and extremely moist, as well as smelling distinctively of sulfur.

“There’s a hot spring here?”
Tang San astonished couldn’t help but say.

Dugu Bo shot him a glance,
“Kid, you know more than I expected.”

Tang San said:
“I’d never fail to recognize the smell of a hot spring. Your medicine garden is at the edge of a hot spring? This is a good location.”

Hot springs generally weren’t suitable for nourishing plants because of the excessive mineral content in the water, but some special plants were different. They required precisely the minerals and heat of the hot spring. According to what Tang San knew, there were a lot of poisonous plants that were like this.

“Follow me.”
Dugu Bo displayed his strength, directly leaping into the bottomless darkness from side of the mountain. Because of the thick mist and night, as well as the sharpness of the overhanging cliff, Dugu Bo’s silhouette disappeared into the watery mist in just the blink of an eye.

‘Is he deliberately making things difficult for me?’ Pride flashed in Tang San’s eyes, ‘If you think something like this will hinder me, then think again.’

Purple light flashed from his back as Eight Spider Lances released once again. Tang San didn’t jump off like Dugu Bo, but rather relied on the lower two lances of Eight Spider Lances to stretch downwards and, with a cheng sound, thrust into the mountain wall. Immediately afterward, the eight spider legs alternately used force, swiftly bringing Tang San down the mountain wall as if his shoes stepped on level ground.

With the sharpness and spider leg properties of Eight Spider Lances, they could ignore the vast majority of terrain. Such a precipitous mountain wall might be able to hinder other people, but it caused no problems for Eight Spider Lances.

As Dugu Bo fell into the mountain he couldn’t help but be pleased with himself, ‘Kid, I won’t pull you, I’ll see how you get down. If you run away, then that only proves you’re just a cowardly little junior.’

Of course, if Tang San truly jumped down, Dugu Bo Wouldn’t let him be injured. With his strength, catching Tang San was a simple matter. Along with Tang San showing his cool head and strength, Dugu Bo had already become more and more interested in this kid. From what he’d seen, Dugu Bo thought he was more mature than ordinary youngsters, and still had a kind of special character, a planning strategist.

After a long time without seeing Tang San jump down, Dugu Bo didn’t know why, but he felt somewhat disappointed. As he’d just started thinking this was just a cowardly child, he saw a silhouette quickly make its way along the mountain wall. With his eyesight he could naturally see the circumstances of that silhouette.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

“That external spirit bone can even be used like this?”
Astonishment flashed through Dugu Bo’s eyes but he didn’t say anything, only looked at Tang San with the Eight Spider Lances on his back moving swiftly, in a moment arriving in front of him.

With Purple Demon Eye, Tang San’s eyesight wasn’t any worse than Dugu Bo’s at night. Tang San didn’t look at Dugu Bo, but rather gazed into the scene in the ravine. What made him astonished was that the hot spring in the ravine wasn’t anything like he had imagined. While the hot spring wasn’t large, it was split into two parts: in the oval pool the waters of the hot spring was actually separately colored milky white and vermillion. Even more bizarre, even though they were in the same pool they remained clearly separated, not encroaching on each other and constantly keeping to their own sides.

That surging mist rose from the center of these two kinds of hot spring waters, unceasingly rising until it scattered at the top of the ravine.

“This, this is……”
As Tang San looked at this scene he couldn’t keep from trembling in excitement. He had never expected to see such a magnificent sight in this world. Even though he had never seen it before, he remembered a description of something similar.

In Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s Hundred Weapon Separation, besides hidden weapons, was a chapter specially dedicated to poison. Recorded inside were some extremely rare drugs and potent toxins, as well as heavenly treasure materials. But at the end of this chapter were the detailed accounts of three great treasure bowls[1].

What is called ‘treasures’ doesn’t actually refer to gold or gems, but rather treasure bowls of medicine, three kinds of natural environments. Ordinary plants were basically unable to grow in these three great treasure bowl environments since they couldn’t adapt to that special atmosphere, but certain valuable plants could nevertheless be cultured in these three great treasure bowls. Moreover, the time required for these rare plants to grow would be reduced tenfold. Simply put, if a lingzhi mushroom[2] grew in any one of the three great treasure bowls for ten years, it would have the effect of a hundred year lingzhi mushroom.

The three great treasure bowls were rich in resources, pregnant with beauty and productive of talent, a place where the spiritual influence of Heaven gathered. And wasn’t this scene exactly identical to one of the three great treasure bowls described in the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Record?

“Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Is this actually an Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well?”

An Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well referred to just this kind of Heaven favored spring, two wells in one, yin and yang mutually restraining each other. Ten million years might not be enough to form such a precious place!

In his life being able to see one of the three great treasure bowls where the quintessence of Heaven was condensed, how could Tang San not be excited? Now he finally understood how this old freak could still survive despite his own powerful poison and was even able to cultivate to the Title Douluo realm. This was inextricably linked to this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well wasn’t just for growing things. At the same time it had extremely unusual effects on the human body. If humans or maybe animals stayed at the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, then in a very short time their bodies would be attacked by two kinds of extremely potent Heavenly spiritual influences. If they didn’t leave fast enough, their bodies were bound to burst and die. But to someone as toxic as Dugu Bo, it could have enormous benefits. Extreme heat and extreme cold both had a restraining effect on poisonous substances. And a Heavenly treasure location like this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well had an even greater restraining effect on poison. Otherwise it would still be impossible for all kinds of rare plants to grow here simultaneously.

With the suppression of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, Dugu Bo was able to all along keep the poison in his body from flaring up. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s properties protected the plants in the surroundings, and became a contributing factor to Dugu Bo’s survival.

“Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well? What are you talking about?”
Dugu Bo somewhat suspicious looked at Tang San.

Tang San forcefully calmed his surging mind, doing his utmost not to let his joy out,
“It’s nothing, I just didn’t expect there would actually be such a good place here. If I originally only had a thirty percent chance of treating your poison, then with this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, my certainty has increased to fifty percent.”

“What? Only fifty percent?”

“Kid, are you trying to cheat me?”

Tang San coldly said:
“Why would I need to cheat you? You’ve been steeped in excessive poison mist for so many years, having a fifty percent probability of a cure is already the maximum. Otherwise, even if I can’t cure you, it will still be enough to blunt the pain. As for your granddaughter, I’m confident in my ability to treat her even without the help of this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Dugu Bo’s complexion improved a bit at this, pointing to the surroundings of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well he said:
“All my medical plants grow here. Every kind of poison and tonic. You can use whatever you like, but if you dare wreck this place I’ll make you wish you were dead. I’ll relax the time restrictions a bit. The day after tomorrow, if you can’t pass my test, then it will be your last day. Of course, you can still try to run. But let me tell you that this is a well known spirit beast forest, apart from this mountain where spirit beasts don’t dare enter because of my poison, the spirit beasts outside are of at least the thousand year level. If you run, the spirit beasts will tear you to pieces without me needing to dirty my hands.”

Finished speaking, Dugu Bo leapt up, the tips of his toes touching the mountain wall, climbing out of the ravine like a giant bird. As his silhouette disappeared above, his voice once again echoed down,
“Kid, bear in mind, don’t get close to that double hot spring. Even I can’t endure the blazing heat and extreme cold there for long. If you touch it, you will die.”

Watching Dugu Bo’s silhouette gradually disappear in the watery mist, Tang San’s lip gradually turned into an arc, ‘What are you saying? I won’t commit suicide again, how would I let myself easily turn into ash in the waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well?’ In fact, that might be the coldest and hottest place between heaven and earth.

With Dugu Bo gone, Tang San no longer had to restrain his excitement, quickly stepping over to the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well with fiery red spring water. Bizarrely, the surface of this tranquil hot spring didn’t seem to give off any heat at all.

Tang San of course wouldn’t be deceived, the temperature of this red liquid could be compared to lava. If curiosity compelled him to reach down and touch it, then wherever it touched him would instantly burn away.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San only felt his heartbeat constantly speed up. This was the first time he had been so uncontainably excited in this life, even in his last life it could only compare to when he made the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.

Focusing his eyes, Purple Demon Eye activated.

Sparkling and translucent purple light condensed in his eyes. Under the full effect of Mysterious Heaven Skill, everything became exceptionally clear to his eyes. Even in the watery mist, the light from the moon and stars was enough for Tang San to be able to see everything around him clearly.

The surroundings of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well were covered with all sorts of plants, in different poses and with different expressions, it seemed like a botanical paradise. And all the plants here were precious and uncommon, just a glance left Tang San somewhat stunned.

Not far away, close to the edge of the milky white side of the hot spring, was a small thing looking like a tiny larvae. Tang San cautiously crouched, observing it attentively, and was immediately shocked.

“This, this is snow silkworm? The top quality winter larvae summer grass[3], snow silkworm?”
He recognized it at a glance, and his heartbeat seemed to speed up even more.

Tang Sect was world-renowned for their poison, and their research into medicine was exceedingly thorough, the life’s work of countless Tang Sect members. As an outer sect disciple, even though Tang San originally couldn’t study the essence of the inner sect, his understanding of every kind of medicine was extremely profound since he would frequently temper the mechanical type hidden weapons he made with poison. Whether it was poison or antidotes, he was incomparably proficient in both. Otherwise how could he have recognized at a glance that Poison Douluo Dugu Bo was suffering the side effects of his own poison?

The larvae grass was in itself a kind of top quality drug ingredient. What was called winter larvae summer grass, “larvae grass” for short, was actually a kind of parasitic fungus growing from larvae. This kind of larvae grass fungus would in the winter live in the larvae, chrysalis or imago of certain Lepitoptera class insects — alpine moths and wasps, infecting their bodies, absorbing nutrients, the mycelium gradually spreading through the body of the larvae, the larvae stiffening and dying. Then in spring and summer, the fungal spores would germinate in the dead larvae, sprouting as a stick like fruiting body from the larvae’s head. Like this it earned the name larvae grass.

And snow silkworm was another name for the best quality of larvae grass. This kind of larvae grass was ash white on the outside with ring marks; its whole body had more than eight, the four middle ones most distinct. Snapping it to discern quality, the break surface should be quite smooth, white with a bit of yellow, the fruiting body slender, dark brown, almost coconut color, cylindrical, longer than the larvae. The topmost part swollen with spores, the outside yellow, the inside white, rounded and fat, not only bigger than common larvae grass, but also with much better efficacy.

The snow silkworms in front of Tang San were twice the size of those he had seen in his previous life, this cluster had at least several jin’s worth. Even though snow silkworms were regarded as a heavenly treasure material, Tang San had never even heard of ones with such quality.

Immediately afterward, Tang San also took note of another plant right next to the snow silkworm. This thing had a tan surface and yellow red cross section, single leaf alternate phyllotaxy, the stalk slender and curved, the leaves ovate-cordate, the tip coming to a point, from the leaves sprouting yellowish green and purple spotted little flowers, with winding stripes, extremely bizarre.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

“This is a cinnabar lotus? It actually grows this big?”

Whether it was snow silkworm or cinnabar lotus, both were rare and precious things.

Ordinarily if he’d seen these two kinds of medicinal herbs, Tang San might have immediately been interested, but right now he was too busy carefully looking around, because his gaze had very quickly been drawn in the direction of a faint fragrance.

That was a light pink large flower, leafless, its stem three chi[4] long, its flower enormous, more than a chi in diameter, each petal appearing as translucent and sparkling as crystal. The light pink flower lightly swayed along with the steam, growing by the shore where the red and white spring water met. Right now Tang San was ten meters away, but he could still catch that delicate fragrance.

The stamen was light purple, as if a purple diamond was embedded there. Even though the fragrance reached far, it wasn’t heavy. A faint sweet scent like a maiden’s touch.

As Tang San saw this pink great flower he couldn’t help but stare listlessly. Because of the distance he hadn’t immediately recognized just what this kind of flower actually was. Subconsciously taking a few steps he arrived at its side, lightly sniffing.

The fragrance was still sweet, without growing heavy as he came closer, still that kind of faintly sweet hint, seeping deeply into the heart. What was this thing that could ease the unwellness Tang San had started to feel from being next to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well? Feeling somewhat baffled, Tang San vaguely felt he had an impression of this kind of flower somewhere in his mind, but for the moment he couldn’t recall it. The one thing he could be certain of was that this flower wasn’t a heavenly treasure material, it was a genuine immortal treasure.

Tang San subconsciously turned around, thinking to go have a look at some other medicinal ingredients, but just as he turned he suddenly saw a bizarre scene.

The surroundings were originally completely dark, but at this moment it was bathed in pink. This pink color reached about ten meters in diameter. The light was very mild, but with the acute eyesight of Purple Demon Eye, Tang San immediately determined that his eyes weren’t playing tricks. Turning back around he discovered that the source of this faint light was the heart of the big flower.

The blocks in his mind immediately connected, and in a flash of divine insight, Tang San blurted out the name of this flower,
“Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure[5].”

Indeed, it was an aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure. Tang San’s heart had already begun to tremble. Snow silkworm and cinnabar lotuses were things he had still seen before, even if not at the same quality as here, they were still things he had encountered. But this leisurely swaying pink big flower was a rare treasure he had never seen before, a treasured object recounted in the last secret book of the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Record.

Tang San could almost be certain that this aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure was born from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, rather than something the old freak had transplanted here.

The aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure was the bane of all kinds of poisons, effective at neutralizing any poison. It wasn’t detoxifying in itself, but it could subdue poison. The faint light Tang San saw right now was actually the range within which it could restrain poison, and this pink sheen couldn’t be seen outside of the light.

The aromatic silk beauty fragrance was understated and elegant, but within its range no poison would have any effect, the fragrance itself neutralizing all kinds of poison.

Of course, if one was already poisoned when entering the range of this aroma, the aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure wouldn’t have any effect. In other words it was a medicinal herb with the best defense against poison, but didn’t have any detoxifying effect.

Tang San felt dizzy. Originally he had thought that this kind of immortal treasure was just legend. He hadn’t expected he would actually be able to see it here. With this aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure here, the old freak Dugu Bo’s poison was nothing more than a joke.

With a deep breath, Tang San swiftly circled the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. With just a rough survey he could already see countless treasures, there was even treasures like nine tier dragon zoysia. Tang San could see at least seven or eight kinds of immortal treasure medicinal herbs, and top grade medicinal ingredients were too many to be counted.

Among the medicinal herbs here, even though poisons accounted for more than half, there were still a lot of beneficial ones. Just like the two hot spring waters in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well they grew here as equal rivals.

After looking it all over once, Tang San’s heart had already calmed down. If the person here had been someone who didn’t know anything about medicinal herbs, perhaps they would already be stuffing their mouths with heavenly treasure materials. But Tang San was different. Having lived at Tang Sect he was fully aware of the effects of heavenly treasure materials, and at the same time he still knew how terrifying they could be. If used inappropriately, even an immortal treasure would become inimical to humans. These heavenly treasure material grade medicinal herbs were extremely potent medicinally, but if too many were used there would be irreversible side effects.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help but secretly admire Dugu Bo. He knew that while Dugu Bo probably didn’t know as much as he did, he should still know a lot about the beneficial effects of these medicinal herbs, but he could still keep himself from using them. It was clear he had still studied the herbs.

Right now Tang San sat cross legged on the ground, silently reviewing the accounts in the secret books of the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Since so many years had passed without using them, his memories had become somewhat fuzzy. He had to first earnestly recall them, otherwise if he made the slightest mistake with medicinal properties, he would die without a corpse.

The sky gradually brightened. As the sun rose on the distant horizon, Tang San also opened his eyes.

Dugu Bo’s pretty words about giving Tang San one more night was actually just several hours. When he had brought Tang San here it had already been past midnight.

As the sun gradually appeared, the steam rising from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well couldn’t hide from daylight and seemed like a misty dragon, spiralling up.

At dawn, Tang San was naturally able to see everything more clearly. With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, his hands swiped at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, withdrawing several daggers glinting with cold light. Slowly facing the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he walked over to a medicinal plant on the cold yin side of the spring.

In these two hours of meditation, Tang San hadn’t just thought about medicinal herb information, at the same time he had considered how to deal with this situation using his current abilities. After all, Tang San couldn’t be certain how trustworthy that Dugu Bo actually was. Therefore, regardless of when, he had to leave himself a way out. Along with recalling the efficacy of medicinal herbs, by now he had secretly also decided on a plan.

Swiftly, Tang San stopped in front of a white medicinal herb. Tang San was right now urging the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body with his full strength, a layer of white mist appearing on the surface of his skin. After breaking through the Penetrating meridian, the nature of his Mysterious Heaven Skill had changed somewhat: not only did his spirit power increase, at the same time it became more pure.

Despite the protection of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, right now Tang San was still constantly shuddering, as he endured the shock of the freezing cold air.

That white plant was topped by a large white flower, octagonal, the stamen in its center twinkling like ice crystals, without releasing any fragrance. But it stood right at the center of the cold yin side of the spring.

Not daring to hesitate, Tang San quickly swung the dagger in his hand, simultaneously dodging backwards, in an eyeblink appearing ten meters away.

Where the dagger had cut, the octagonal white big flower fell in response, dropping among the medicinal herbs. Instantly, cold air flowed out, covering the surrounding plants in a layer of frost.

Even though this kind of herb was also an immortal treasure, it wasn’t at all beneficial. On the contrary, it was a rare poison. Tang San believed that even a power like Poison Douluo Dugu Bo wouldn’t dare stay next to it for long.

It was called octagonal mysterious ice grass, a strangely cold flower, it could freeze a person’s heart to the core. Right now the cold air within ten meters of this grass was dangerous, for a while its cold poison would attack the heart with nothing to restrain it. Let alone eating, just standing at its side would lead to misfortune. In order to pick it, you had to use copper tools.

After Tang San cut down the octagonal mysterious ice grass he didn’t stay at its side and he didn’t pick it up, rather he swiftly ran to the other side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, to the center position of the hot yang side of the spring. This time his target was something like a white cabbage, but the whole plant was fiery red.

Hesitating a moment, Tang San still stood ten meters away from it and raised both hands. Along with Mysterious Heaven Skill condensing, his palms gradually became a pure white jade color, activating Mysterious Jade Hand.

To let him move even faster, Tang San extended the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances from his back. The three meter long Eight Spider Lances in practically just one or two steps already brought him to the side of that fiery red plant. Eight Spider Lances lowering Tang San so he could reach it, he swiftly used both hands to excavate that fiery red herb from the ground with the roots. As soon as he completed this seemingly simple motion, Eight Spider Lances swiftly moved once again, bringing Tang San more than ten meters away.

Tang San couldn’t help but smile wryly as he looked at his palms. Right now the flesh of his palms and fingers was lacerated, the jade color fading.

Mysterious Jade Hand, the Mysterious Jade Hand that couldn’t even be cut by knives had been scalded this badly just from unearthing a plant. Something like this would practically have been unimaginable at the Tang Sect in his previous life.

In contrast with that extremely cold octagonal mysterious ice grass before, this time Tang San picked an extremely poisonous immortal treasure with first rate fire poison, inferno delicate apricot. This thing only grew near intense heat, it could even exist in lava, its effect was just the opposite of the octagonal mysterious ice grass.

Blue purple light rushed out around Tang San. Under his control, two strands of Blue Silver Grass simultaneously shot out, targeting just those two extremely poisonous immortal treasures.

[1] A “treasure bowl” is a treasure that can create unlimited riches, the Chinese equivalent of the Greek horn of plenty or Sampo from the Finnish Kalevala epic.

[2] (灵芝) Lingzhi mushroom is a medical plant in traditional Chinese medicine.

[3] (冬虫夏草) “Winter larvae summer grass” is a literal translation of what is called “caterpillar fungus” in English, but a literal translation is used to make sense of the following text. It’s a real thing: 

[4] 3尺 = 1m

[5] (幽香) “Delicate fragrance” (绮罗) “beautiful silk fabrics” or “person in beautiful silks” (仙品) “immortal goods”

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