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Chapter 61

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

The city gate was more than ten meters tall, and also ten meters wide, enough for six riders to pass side by side. To the sides were also two secondary gates, still five meters high and wide. Pedestrians could only pass through the secondary gates; the central great gate was closed tightly.

As the Shrek Academy group had reached the city gates, and were just about to enter the city, to the side they spotted an enormous announcement.

“Recruiting: Blue Tyrant Advanced Spirit Master Academy, because of its expansion, is presently recruiting the following staff: ten fortieth ranked or higher Spirit Ancestors. Higher spirit power has priority, favorable terms of employment.”

Seeing this information, Flender somewhat astonished said:

By now his mood had already recovered somewhat, and his miserly instincts reappeared.

Qin Ming was the most familiar with Heaven Dou Empire’s capital, and hurriedly said:
“To be able to open up an advanced Spirit Master academy within Heaven Dou City requires a certain background. Although I don’t know the history of this Blue Tyrant Academy, but in the last All Continent Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Grand Competition in the Heaven Dou capital’s preliminary circuit, it was this academy that knocked out one of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s two competing teams. However, this year that Blue Tyrant Academy class should have already graduated, and this year the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s Emperor Team is a lot more powerful than the last Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition, I expect this time they don’t have a chance.”

Flender said:
“How big is this Blue Tyrant Academy?”

Qin Ming said:
“Approximately one third of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Although smaller in size, being situated in Heaven Dou City their expenses shouldn’t be less than Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, only without the relation to the imperial household. I’ve heard this academy’s education is exceptionally strict, moreover with the characteristic of only accepting commoner students. They refuse all nobles. If it didn’t have a history, it would be impossible to gain a foothold within Heaven Dou City.”

Flender’s eyes displayed a vengeful elation,
“Who says the Blue Tyrant Academy won’t be able to contend against Heaven Dou Imperial Academy in this Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition. Very soon, they will.”

Qin Ming stared blankly,
“Dean, you’re saying……”

Flender sighed in admiration, saying:

The last words were directed at the other teachers and the Shrek Seven Devils.

Zhao Wuji chuckled, saying:
“You’re the boss, you’ve decided. Why ask us?”

The Shrek Seven Devils spoke in unison:
“We’ll all rely on the dean’s decision.”

Flender smiled faintly, saying:

Nobody noticed that deep in Flender’s eyes flickered a cunning light.

Following the address on the announcement, everyone entered Heaven Dou City. With Qin Ming to guide them, there was no need to ask directions. Passing through streets and winding alleys, they very quickly reached their destination.

Heaven Dou City was extremely bustling, the streets were all paved with blue bricks, every street was as wide as Suotuo City’s main thoroughfare, and the scale of the city could only be described as grand.

Blue Tyrant Academy’s gate house was surprisingly more or less the same as Heaven Dou City’s city gate. Although a lot thinner, that gate entrance was indeed ten meters tall. Although the gate house was in beautifully carved white marble, it was still very imposing, on top of the gate house were six words in gold letters: Blue Tyrant Advanced Spirit Master Academy[1].

Just as they reached the Blue Tyrant Academy’s gate, Qin Ming immediately found a place for receiving visitors to the side. Above was written ‘recruitment office’.

“Are you all here to enroll at the Academy?”
In charge of receiving visitors was a more than forty years old middle aged Spirit Master. His question was mainly aimed at the Shrek Seven Devils, after all, these children were only teenagers.

Flender said:
“No, the ones here to enlist are us, these children are our disciples. If we can successfully accept the job offer here, our disciples would also wish to study at the Academy.”

The admittance teacher said:
“Enrolling students still have to pass the examination. Like this, all Spirit Masters first take our test. If you are able to become Academy teachers, I think, it will also be possible to accommodate your disciples. After all, right now is still the new student enrollment period, moreover your disciples are a bit young.”

Generally speaking, at an advanced Spirit Master academy, even if they were outstanding Spirit Masters, new students were generally sixteen to eighteen years old. More commonly twenty. Tang San’s group didn’t seem to be eighteen.

“A test is no problem. Where is it?”

The admittance teacher had already been here for several days, but the number of Spirit Masters coming to sign up was very small. After all, Spirit Master academies’ treatment of teachers couldn’t compare to the great clans. That was the best path for high level Spirit Masters. And with seven prospective teachers coming at once, how could he be indifferent. Hastily he said:
“I’ll bring you to take the test.”

Walking into the Blue Tyrant Academy, the feeling it gave had no few differences with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, although this place didn’t have the beautiful mountain scenery of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, everything gave people the feeling of a kind of exceptional atmosphere. A spacious path led directly inside, to either side was a forest, and reaching the end one could see a more than two hundred meters in diameter field, surrounded by three storey buildings.

The admittance teacher introduced everyone, inside these three storey buildings were mimicry area cultivation places, student dorms, and the teaching facilities.

If saying Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was founded on a mountain, then this Blue Tyrant Academy was founded in the middle of a forest. Because around the school buildings, the remaining space was all forest. Reportedly, this was the biggest green area in all of Heaven Dou City. Able to have such a large forest inside the city, as Qin Ming said, who dared say this Blue Tyrant Academy lacked background?

The admittance teacher brought everyone straight to a sharp roofed building, this building appeared the most stable of all the Academy buildings. Just inside was a spacious hall. The inside unexpectedly wasn’t split into rooms. Light came through large windows all around, making this place exceedingly bright.

The floor was all granite, and the walls were simply painted white, without any decorations.

The admittance teacher had everyone wait here, while he departed. Not long after, altogether three Spirit Masters entered from outside.

These three also seemed around forty years old, ordinary appearance, with nothing extraordinary about them. On their faces were identical strict expressions.

The three walking into the hall stopped, the person in the lead saying:
“Everyone taking the Spirit Master examination please do so one by one. Who is first?”

Everyone looked at Flender, and Flender with a slight smile waved his hand at Qin Ming, saying:
“Little Ming, you go first.”

Qin Ming nodded, walking forward, asking the three Spirit Masters:
“If I may ask, how will this be conducted?”

The front Spirit Master said:
“Please release your spirit, as long as you’ve reached the fortieth level, then, in a fight with one of us three, if you can last for ten minutes you are eligible.”

Spirit power rank was naturally the most important, as long as the spirit was released, the level and attributes of the Spirit Master could be determined at a glance. As for fighting, it was a test in real combat. After all, as a teacher, if one didn’t have plentiful combat experience, one was clearly undesirable.

Qin Ming had choked down his anger from today’s business at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and without moderating his pressure the least bit, he directly released his spirit.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the entire hall seemed to grow heavy. The three Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Masters in front of Qin Ming simultaneously swayed, their expression couldn’t help being aghast.

These three Spirit Masters in charge of examination were over fiftieth ranked Spirit King level Spirit Masters. The counterparts Spirit suppressing their reactions just by being released could only prove that this young Spirit Master was more powerful than them.

Immediately following, around Qin Ming appeared a yellow flame, and with a deep roar, the muscles under the clothes began to swell, the originally loose clothing growing tight. His eyes simultaneously grew yellow, altogether six spirit rings rose from below, two yellow, three purple, one black. Although it wasn’t an ideal combination, six spirit rings appearing at once still shocked the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers enormously.

Qin Ming said in a low voice:
“Sixty second ranked Inferno Gray Wolf Battle Spirit Emperor, Qin Ming, power attack system.”

Regarding spirits, wolves generally had cold attributes. This kind of fire attribute wolf Qin Ming had was classified as a variant spirit, extremely rare. Just as Flender remarked, Shrek Academy only accepted monsters. If Qin Ming wasn’t a monster, then how could he originally have entered Shrek?

Sixty second rank? The three testing Spirit Masters couldn’t help but recoil two steps before Qin Ming’s bright yellow flames, dodging the point.

Qin Ming raised his right hand, making an inviting gesture,
“Which of you will advise me?”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Advise? There wasn’t a damned thing to advise; a fiftieth level confronting a sixtieth level power attack system Battle Spirit Master, and a variant spirit at that, was that still a fight?

“Eh, this, there’s no need for a combat test. The Academy stipulates that Spirit Masters exceeding the sixtieth rank are exempt from further tests.”
That lead Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Master examiner inwardly wiped his sweat, thinking that today could be difficult to deal with.

Qin Ming withdrew his spirit and restrained the imposing manner, everything returning to normal.

The Blue Tyrant Academy examiner on the left couldn’t help asking:
“If I may be so presumptuous as to ask, how old are you this year?”

Qin Ming calmly said:
“Thirty four.”

With the appearance of this simple number, in front of Qin Ming three pairs of staring eyes widened. Thirty four, sixty second rank, what concept was this? Let alone meeting, they had never even heard of anything like it.

Flender said:
“Since sixtieth rank and over don’t require additional examination, then we there’s no need for us to waste time. Brothers, spirit rings.”

Apart from Grandmaster, five Shrek Academy teachers simultaneously released spirits sufficient to awe common Spirit Masters. In an instant, two Spirit Emperors, three Spirit Sages, a pile of thirty three spirit rings, appeared in front of the Blue Tyrant Academy examiners.

“Sixty third ranked Dragon Pattern Staff Tool Spirit Emperor, Li Yu-Song, power attack system.”

“Sixty sixth ranked Star Luo Chess Tool Spirit Emperor, Lu Ji-Bin, control system.”

“Seventy first ranked Sweet Pea Tool Spirit Sage, Shao Xin, food system.”

“Seventy sixth ranked Vigorous Vajra Bear Battle Spirit Sage, Zhao Wuji, power attack system.”

“Seventy eighth ranked Owl Battle Spirit Sage, Flender, agility attack system.”

From the weakest to strongest, the Shrek Academy five, including the two deans, one after another announced their strength and names.

The three examiners were now already completely lifeless. Altogether seven Spirit Masters had appeared, seemingly applying for the advertised teaching positions, and apart from one who hadn’t revealed his strength, the remaining six were actually all powers above the sixtieth rank. The clutter of spirit rings in front of them already made their eyes widen. If it wasn’t for Flender and the others meticulously making sure they didn’t release too much spirit power, perhaps the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers wouldn’t be able to stand steadily.

“Can we?”
Flender’s voice was infused with spirit power vibrations, rousing the three extremely startled Spirit Masters.

“Ah, of course you can. Seniors, please withdraw your spirits.”
The three clearly became deferential.

On seeing this scene, Tang San standing among the Shrek Seven Devils silently thought to himself, ‘in this world it’s sure enough strength that speaks loudest.’ Before when a Title Douluo made an appearance at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, the suppressed Shrek Academy teachers were left without options, even dean Flender in the end showed restraint and didn’t fight. Right now the Shrek Academy teachers strength shook the Blue Tyrant Academy. ‘Strength’ sure enough was the most important.

Drawing a deep breath, that Blue Tyrant Academy lead teacher deferentially said:
“My humble name is Yin Shu[2]. Fifty fourth ranked power attack system Spirit Master. I am unable to evaluate all the seniors’ level. As it’s like this, I’ll bring you to meet our dean, who will determine everyone’s level and treatment.”

Everyone were Spirit Masters over sixtieth rank, this already didn’t hold any meaning to the examiners, most important was to get them to stay. This Yin Shu was entrusted with the heavy responsibility of recruiting teachers and was clearly an astute person. Immediately he thought that he must first show these formidable Spirit Masters the sincerity of Blue Tyrant Academy.

“Let’s go then.”
Flender smiled slightly. The Shrek Academy teachers were already in a much better mood. After all, being admired was always far more comfortable than being disdained. Although this place wasn’t equal to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s environment, it still had its merits.

Led by Yin Shu’s trio of Blue Tyrant Academy teachers, exiting the sharp roofed building, they directly followed a small path behind the Academy. Very quickly they entered the forest surrounding the main campus.

Grandmaster puzzled asked:
“Your dean isn’t at the campus?”

Yin Shu said:
“The dean normally isn’t in the Academy, preferring the quiet, living alone in the forest. The Academy’s everyday affairs are all handled by the teachers, only major matters require instruction from the dean.”

Mentioning the dean, this Yin Shu’s eyes revealed a sincere reverence, stemming entirely from the heart.

“So it’s like that.”
Grandmaster didn’t ask anything else, but for some reason his heart constantly felt uneasy.

After walking for about ten minutes, as everyone advanced through the fresh and clean atmosphere of the forest, suddenly an indistinct singing voice was heard from far ahead.

The voice was soft and pleasant, with a lingering hidden bitterness, mournful, making any listener sad. The melody swung back and forth, indeed incomparably gentle and beautiful.

“On nights I cannot sleep what can I use as anaesthesia?

It's not that I don't want you with me but some things you cannot know.

I want a space for myself.

If love isn't sweet like we imagined.

My heart is too confused and I need a bit of space.

My heart is too confused so I dare not wish to love again.

My heart is too confused and I need a bit of space.

My heart is too confused and I’m afraid of love’s betrayal.

A lost child.”[3]

The singing voice faded sorrowfully. Flender and Grandmaster walking in front had both stopped walking when the singing started, and right now Flender’s expression appeared somewhat strange, while Grandmaster’s cheeks were streaming with tears.

That melodious woman’s voice slowly reached them,
“You even wrote this song for me, Xiao Gang. Do you remember? My heart is too confused. Where are you really?”

Seeing Flender and Grandmaster’s strange expressions, everyone couldn’t help but pause.

Suddenly Grandmaster turned around, about to run back along the path before Flender grabbed his shoulder.

Flender shouted in a low voice:
“Xiao Gang, how long do you intend to run away? We’re already here, do you truly have the heart not to see her?”

“Flender, did you already know she was here? Blue Tyrant Academy, Blue Tyrant Academy, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, I should’ve realized it earlier.”

Flender made a helpless gesture,
“How could I have known she’d be here, it’s just a coincidence. Let’s go.”

Grandmaster displayed a struggling expression. At this moment, the pain in his heart was no less than the pain Tang San felt when he absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Meeting again today after running for twenty years, and moreover without any time to prepare his heart, what kind of feeling was that!

Flender’s hand on Grandmaster’s shoulder tightened, in his heart he was somewhat sorrowful, ‘Sister Long, I’ve brought him to you. This time you have to say something to catch him; you can’t let him leave again.’

Just as Grandmaster conjectured, Flender really knew she was at this Blue Tyrant Academy. Originally when he chose to come to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, part of the reason was that she was in Heaven Dou City. Flender had never forgotten what had happened between the three of them, and he had long ago decided that even if he had to deceive Grandmaster this time, he’d still once again play the middleman for the two. What did other peoples’ opinion matter?

Of the others, besides the guesses of Zhao Wuji who was most familiar with Flender, as well as Tang San who was closest to Grandmaster, nobody understood what was going on and could only follow behind, walking forward.

Continuing several hundred meters forward, the forest gradually thinned. On a particularly thick and solid tree hung a sign, saying ‘Restricted area, please do not enter’.

Past this great tree, the scenery immediately changed.

There was a small lake, from side to side only fifty meters. A three meters wide brook flowed quietly into the water from the trees on the other side, and again back out, maintaining fresh water in what should have been considered a pool.

Next to the pool was a simple thatched cottage built from wooden boards and reeds, in complete harmony with its surroundings. Within the fence surrounding the thatched cottage were all kinds of flowers, falling over each other in their eagerness to bloom, a multicolored beauty.

In the midst of all those flowers stood a woman, holding a kettle and watering the plants. Perhaps because she heard the footsteps, her gaze unconsciously rose in the direction the Shrek Academy group came from. She frowned minutely, perhaps because they were disturbing the tranquility here.

However, as her gaze passed the three guiding Blue Tyrant Academy teachers and fell on Flender and Grandmaster behind them, her whole body stiffened, her hand relaxed, the kettle falling to the ground with a thump. Right now she had already completely forgotten the kettle spilling over.

She was a beautiful woman seemingly in her thirties, dressed in a simple blue-green dress that wasn’t able to disguise her charming figure. A blue-green scarf was wrapped over her head, a somewhat pale face below, her facial features delicate, appearance like a painting. Although her big black eyes were currently lifeless, they still had spirit. Under the dress were those undisguisable high peaks, rippling waves surging, a mature ample figure that ordinary young ladies couldn’t hope for.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Yin Shu and the other Blue Tyrant Academy Spirit Masters also guessed that Flender and Grandmaster were familiar with the dean from their previous conversation, but right now still acting according to etiquette they quickly stepped forward to the fence, Yin Shu respectfully speaking to the beautiful woman,
“Dean, several Spirit Masters have arrived for the teaching positions, among them are six whose strength surpass sixtieth ranked spirit power. We are unable to make an assessment, so we respectfully ask you to judge.”

Figure flickering, the beautiful woman was already outside the fence. The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t even see how she moved from inside, the other Spirit Masters also started. What is called ‘one simple clue reveals the general trend’, from this woman’s one simple movement, it could already be seen that her strength was formidable.

“Xiao-, Xiao Gang, is it really you? I’m not dreaming?”
As the previously gentle and beautiful voice asked these questions, right now her voice was trembling fiercely, tears uncontrollably flowing down her pale face, extremely moved.

Grandmaster’s eyes were thoroughly red as he looked at this woman he had yearned for night and day but not dared meet, his lips shuddering, for a long time unable to say a word.

It was still Flender who sighed,

At the same time he sighed inwardly, looking at her, in her eyes was still only Xiao Gang.

At this the beautiful woman’s eyes focused, her gaze turning to Flender, difficult to describe emotions in her eyes,

“I’ve aged, but you’re still as graceful as before. Come, I’ll introduce you. These are all my Shrek Academy teachers and students, we accidentally saw the recruitment announcement for your Academy. I didn’t expect it would be your domain, and we came here looking for work.”

Skipping Grandmaster, Flender separately introduced the other Shrek Academy teachers to the beautiful woman, finally saying to everyone:
“This is Liu Erlong[5], perhaps you’ve heard of her before. She travelled with me and Grandmaster when we wandered the spirit master world, the last corner of our Golden Iron Triangle.”

Liu Erlong. This name sounded somewhat monstrous, everyone from Shrek Academy didn’t dare slight her and one by one stepped forward to salute her. Liu Erlong put her feelings in order, wiping the tears from her eyes, and politely returned their greetings.

“Sister Erlong, aren’t you going to ask us inside?”
Flender said with a smile. Meeting Liu Erlong again, it wasn’t just Grandmaster’s heart that flickered, how couldn’t he as well? However, he could only secretly bury this flickering deep inside.

Liu Erlong smiled wryly:
“Boss Fu, does it look to you that my thatched hut can hold so many people? What’s the matter with all of you? Since when were you reduced to this kind of state?”

If anyone else had said that, perhaps Flender would’ve immediately become hostile, but before the question asked by the person who had once captivated him as well, he only laughed wryly, simply recounting their circumstances up till now.

As she heard Flender say the Shrek Academy party had been driven away from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, in Liu Erlong’s eyes flashed a densely baleful air,
“Good, well done Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Boss Fu, don’t say anything. Isn’t my place yours? This Blue Tyrant Academy is completely in my charge. Let’s do it like this. Everyone stay here, from now on this will be your home.”

Flender glanced at the walking corpse like Grandmaster at his side, jokingly saying:
“The salary we demand is high, can you support it?”

Liu Erlong smiled slightly, saying:
“Boss Fu, you’re wrong. It’s not a question of whether I can support it, but a question of whether you can. You are the boss of our Golden Iron Triangle, so from now on, this Academy is yours. Tomorrow I’ll convene a general assembly of students and staff to announce it. At the same time, the name of the Academy will be changed to Shrek. Let me also benefit from the glory of your Shrek Academy.”

Although Flender always knew Liu Erlong was a woman more straightforward than most men, he still hadn’t expected her to so easily present him with an academy on this scale, and for a moment he was unable to respond. On the other side, the three Blue Tyrant Academy teachers hearing this were even more lifeless.

“Teacher Yin Shu, I’ll trouble you to go announce a general assembly of students and staff tomorrow. These are all friends I haven’t met for many years, so today we’ll reminisce about old times. Have the dining hall prepare a sumptuous banquet in the elegant room on the second floor, I have to receive them.”

“Yes, dean.”
Although they didn’t quite understand the relationship between dean Liu Erlong and these people, this clearly wasn’t something Yin Shu’s trio should ask about, and they hurried back along the path.

“Xiao Gang, are you planning to never speak to me?”
Liu Erlong’s gaze once again switched to Grandmaster. The emotions in her eyes hadn’t faded, but her voice no longer trembled - rather sounded somewhat lonely.

Looking at the beautiful woman as delicate as a flower in front of him, Grandmaster’s heart shuddered, with some difficulty opening his mouth several times, but again discovering he was unable to say anything.

Liu Erlong gazed deeply at Grandmaster,
“Xiao Gang, this time I won’t let you once again slip out of my hands.”


Flender smiling said:
“Sister Erlong, even if it was a coincidence this time, I’ve delivered him to you. If you let him run away this time, I’m afraid you’ll never see him again. Time really passes quickly, in the blink of an eye it’s been twenty years, a whole twenty years.”

Drawing a deep breath, Liu Erlong forced her gaze away from Grandmaster, saying to the Shrek party:
“Everyone come with me first, I’ll introduce Blue Tyrant Academy to you, ah, no, it should be called Shrek Academy. This forest is the biggest in Heaven Dou City, a resource fully belonging to the Academy. Although the facilities here aren’t as good as at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they’re still not too lacking. It’s already been ten years since the founding of the Academy, since we only accept commoner Spirit Masters, consequently the quality of the Spirit Masters’ spirits isn’t as high as ordinary advanced Spirit Master academies. But it’s also because our students all come from common backgrounds that they’re much more hardworking in cultivation than those from great clans or influential noble families. In the last Spirit Master Grand Competition we prevailed over a lot of powerful enemies, finally entering the top eight. That achievement was only a bit short of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Their second team was even eliminated by us.”

After a pause, Liu Erlong continued:
“As for the question of teachers and students in the future, that’s boss Fu’s problem. I’m basically unqualified to be a dean, and now I can finally give it up. Heaven Dou Imperial Academy unexpectedly dared drive you away, humph, I’d like to have a look at their reasons. Let’s see in next year’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Grand Competition.”

Liu Erlong gave everyone a somewhat peculiar impression. There was a gap between her words and appearance: if she changed into luxurious clothing she would appear a high class lady, but the words she used were brimming with belligerence.

To Zhao Wuji who had some understanding of the original Golden Iron Triangle, this appearing somewhat flirtatious beauty was remarkable. Originally in the Golden Iron Triangle, Flender was called the flying corner, Grandmaster was called the directing corner, and this Liu Erlong was known as the slaughtering corner. Her character was vengeful, her temperament exceedingly fiery, it was only in front of Grandmaster and Flender that she was somewhat moderate.

At once, Liu Erlong gave everyone a detailed introduction to Blue Tyrant Academy, and it was even better than they had imagined. Although the entire Academy only had two hundred students, it was universally praised throughout the Heaven Dou Empire. Even Spirit Masters from noble backgrounds were forced to recognize Blue Tyrant Academy’s contribution to the Spirit Master world. This could be called a cradle for commoner Spirit Masters. Although it had only been open for ten years, it had already produced a lot of Spirit Masters with considerable strength. Even Spirit Hall wished to cooperate with Blue Tyrant Academy, but Liu Erlong had refused everyone.

Even though the facilities here weren’t equal to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they were still far better than at Shrek Academy.

“Good, it should be about time, let’s go eat and chat.”

Liu Erlong seemed to have already forgotten Grandmaster. Afterwards she amply displayed her straightforward nature, bringing the Shrek Academy party to eat lunch, resolving everyone’s doubts one by one. Then she again brought everyone to tour the Blue Tyrant Academy, and finally brought them to the Academy’s teacher’s dorms to arrange quarters for everyone. As for the question of salary and so on, Liu Erlong directly pushed them onto Flender. Anyway, from tomorrow onwards this Academy would change to Shrek, no longer Blue Tyrant.

Within this day going from the cheerful early morning, to the humiliation in the late morning, and once again finally to a glimmer of hope, to everyone in the Shrek party this was really somewhat excessive.

At Flender’s request, supper wasn’t as sumptuous as lunch had been, and everyone very quickly finished eating.

Flender said:

Having just arrived in a new environment, whether it was the teachers or students, they all needed to adjust. To say nothing of Liu Erlong already pushing the entire Academy on Flender. Regarding this, Flender wasn’t polite with Liu Erlong. He knew that his sister Erlong did it on purpose. Despite knowing that this was perhaps in Liu Erlong’s heart a compensation for him, he was still unable to refuse, just like he had always been unable to refuse her requests.

“Little San, join me for a walk.”
Grandmaster didn’t dare meet Liu Erlong’s cauterizing gaze, pushing away from the table, calling for Tang San and walking out.

Tang San responded, hurriedly standing up and immediately following Grandmaster outside.

Liu Erlong acted as if she didn’t see Grandmaster leave, picking up a napkin from the table and wiping her mouth.

Flender’s face showed a smile,
“You’re not afraid he’ll run again?”

Liu Erlong looked at Flender, equally smiling, but her smile was somewhat pondering,
“Boss Fu, do you believe he will still have the chance to run after meeting me again? This time, even if I have to tie him up, I’ll keep him at my side.”

Leaving the dining hall, Grandmaster directly headed towards the forest. He’d always liked plants, and especially the quiet in the forest.

[1] (蓝霸高级魂师学院)

[2] (音书) “Sound book”

[3] For a change I’m butchering a song rather than a poem, and it comes with an interesting footnote. I’ve used a translation by letitbegin ( with some minor edits. The song is (Wo de xin tai luan 我的心太乱) or “My heart is too confused” (1997) by Taiwanese composer and singer Steve Chou Chuan-huing (周傳雄). Of interest to us is that one of his nicknames is Xiao Gang (小刚) - precisely Grandmaster’s real name! Another nickname is “Godfather of love songs”. A recording that seems thematically appropriate can be found here: 

[4] This is the same “boss” that the Seven Devils use for Dai Mubai, and can also mean the oldest among siblings. ‘Fu’ is the first character in Flender.

[5] (柳二龙) “Willow Two Dragon” That’s the same Liu as Liu Long, boss Xiao Chen-Yu’s third in command at Nuoding Primary Spirit Master Academy. But I wouldn’t expect them to be related.

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