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Chapter 53

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Qin Ming thought to himself, the Shrek Seven Devils’ circumstances should definitely be the same as his. In other words, the Shrek Seven Devils before him should be even younger than the Emperor Team’s seven students fostered at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, and also more outstanding. He was also only too well aware of the Shrek Academy’s circumstances. With the Academy’s circumstances like that, unexpectedly able to foster these genius Spirit Master, what did this imply?

The Shrek Seven Devils’ gazes were at this moment all focused on Qin Ming, the previous fight to them was so challenging, right now it turned out the opponents’ teacher actually was their senior, this kind of feeling to them was fantastic, and also somewhat strange.

Flender turned to the Shrek Seven Devils, saying:
“Well, you go settle your points first. Afterwards return at once. Wuji, Qin Ming, we’ll leave.”

Flender’s trio left, only leaving the Shrek Seven Devils, right now, the seven with the help of Oscar’s recovery sausage had already recovered a lot of their physical strength, spirit power had also recovered somewhat.

Ma Hongjun muttered to himself:
“Unexpectedly I was already so awesome, even the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s elite were unable to beat me. Haha, I really am talented.”

Dai Mubai grumpily hit the top of Fatty’s head,
“Talented your head. Was the Emperor Team beaten by you? That was little San being awesome. If we had to rely on you, perhaps we would long ago have been beaten until we pissed in terror.”

Fatty grinned, saying:
“Boss Dai, no need to say that. Didn’t Grandmaster say we are one entity, each person contributes, little San is awesome, but I, Fatty, also have real skill. However, third brother, your younger brother thanks you.”

Xiao Wu baffled looked at Fatty, saying:
“You’re thanking little San for what?”

Fatty chuckled, looking at Tang San with an expression clearly showing some gratitude,
“Although I, Fatty, am not regarded as clever, I absolutely am not a fool. When little San confronted that shield attack, he never resorted to using Oscar’s mushroom sausage to dodge. Of course it was because I was behind him with Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Otherwise, if he had only taken it a bit easy and flown off, then what would those two Black Tortoises have been looking at?”

Tang San smiling said:
“Weren’t you just saying that we are one entity, I can never betray a teammate. Everyone are our people, there’s no need for words of gratitude, if I show an opening, will you not also just like that come to my aid? Boss Dai, let’s leave. After drawing the points and changing spirit fighter level we’ll go back early. Oh, that’s right, just now senior Qin Ming said the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy was what kind of academy?”

Dai Mubai was speechless a while,
“Little San, you’re not saying, you don’t even know about Heaven Dou Imperial Academy?”

Tang San scratched his head, saying:
“I really don’t know!”

To the side Xiao Wu nodded,
“I also don’t know. Don’t tell me they’re very famous?”

Ning Rongrong said:
“How can it be described as ‘famous’. Heaven Dou Imperial College was founded by the Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family. Throughout history the dean of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy has always been a concurrent position for the Heaven Dou Empire’s regent. Famous, you ask? In Heaven Dou Empire the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy is the single largest Advanced Spirit Master Academy. Every kind of facility is perfect beyond imagination. Originally, if I hadn’t been enrolled at Shrek Academy, I might have gone there.”

Dai Mubai said:
“Only it’s a pity, although Heaven Dou Academy is good in itself, their connection to the imperial family brings major restrictions. The Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s first requirement for accepting students is that the student has to be a noble, making a lot of remarkable commoner students unable to join. Also precisely because the students are nobles leads to the facilities being faultless and the teacher’s strength formidable and thus the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy is always the first ranked, but not a lot of famous Spirit Masters appear from there.”

Royal family connection. Tang San slowly nodded, he wasn’t envious of the other academy’s facilities, he was only somewhat curious about this Academy, that’s all. It was no wonder the Emperor Team members all possessed such powerful spirits, unexpectedly it was because they came from this kind of famous academy.

Oscar suddenly said:
“Boss Dai, Tang San, did you see how high senior Qin Ming’s present rank is?”

Dai Mubai looked blank,
“Going by senior’s appearance, he should already be over thirty years old. The Academy’s previous record was thirtieth rank at age fourteen, still two months earlier than you. Like this it would appear senior Qin Ming is at least fiftieth ranked. At thirty already over fiftieth rank, truly powerful. No wonder he could become a teacher at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.”

Tang San slowly nodded, expressing approval of Dai Mubai’s conjecture.

Oscar shook his head, saying:
“I don’t see it like that. At fiftieth rank becoming a teacher at an Advanced Spirit Master Academy is admittedly no problem. But what you must take into account is that Qin Ming brought the Emperor Team. Then, his position at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy will inevitably be very high. Without guaranteed strength, is this possible? I think that even if he isn’t sixtieth rank, then perhaps he isn’t far from it.”

Fatty was clearly somewhat impatient with standing here,
“Fine. Let’s go. If you want to know senior Qin Ming’s rank, just go back and ask. There’s no need to stand here and guess.”

One month of spirit fighting had at last ended, defeating the Emperor Team, the Shrek Seven Devils obtained a team spirit fighting record of twenty eight complete victories, furthermore according to the agreement between Grandmaster and Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, apart from Oscar and Ning Rongrong, each person would raise their one versus one fighting record by one bout. And besides Fatty who didn’t have a partner, the other six each obtained one two versus two victory record. After so many spirit fights, each person was somewhat curious about their points. They also didn’t know what kind of degree their points from successive victories could reach.

This couldn’t just be about points, at the same time there was the award money. All were today, on the last day of the month, calculated and distributed.

Without waiting for the seven to go to the specialized point calculation area, that manager Ao already took the initiative to come to them, asking the seven to come to a high level Spirit Master area specially dedicated to calculate points.

Manager Ao’s face was currently flushed with success, Shrek Seven Devils prevailed over Emperor Team, not only averting losses for Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, but furthermore making the Great Spirit Arena a large profit. To these outstanding Spirit Masters, Suotuo Great Spirit Arena naturally wouldn’t be stingy.

Manager Ao handed over a black card to Shrek Seven Devils team captain Dai Mubai,
“This is the agreed upon sum of ten thousand gold spirit coins, mister team captain. This black card is usable at any bank on the Continent, and can be directly converted into the corresponding amount.”

Dai Mubai also wasn’t polite, directly taking the black card and placing it in his chest,
“Manager Ao, could you calculate our points now. We’re still tired, hoping to return early to rest.”

“Of course, of course.”
Manager Ao was exceptionally polite, hastily gesturing for a staff member to the side to calculate this past month’s points for the Shrek Seven Devils.

He had clearly seen today’s team spirit battle with his own eyes, Tang San was admittedly remarkable, but he regarded Dai Mubai’s and Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability as even more significant. As a matter of fact, among Spirit Masters, the appearance of the spirit fusion ability was extremely rare, once the users’ strength increased a certain degree, then, the spirit fusion ability would be an existence opposing Heaven. To young Spirit Masters with this kind of potential, the Great Spirit Arena absolutely hoped to entice them. Therefore to Dai Mubai, this manager Ao was even more polite. He already thought, next month, when the Shrek Seven Devils again came to join spirit fights, he would look after them especially well, as far as possible winning over these youngsters with outstanding strength. But how could he know that this was the last spirit fight of the Shrek Seven Devils at the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.

The calculation results appeared very quickly. The staff member held out a calculation form:

“Evil Eye White Tiger: Because of there being more than three months between previous months’ fights and this month’s first fight, and previously being without a record of five successive victories, previous months’ obtained spirit fight victories will not be counted cumulatively with this month’s successive victories.

One versus one spirit fights, this months achievement: twenty six wins and two losses, among these, the two lost bouts separating fifteen bouts out of twenty seven bouts, therefore, the number of bouts with five or more successive victories are divided into two calculations, altogether ten bouts, five bouts with ten successive victories or more.

Obtained points: 609.

Two versus two spirit fights, Dual Winged White Tiger combination member, seventeen wins and eleven losses, among them two bouts with five or more successive victories.

Obtained points: 24.

Team spirit fights, Shrek Seven Devils team captain, twenty eight victories, among them five bouts with five or more successive victories, eighteen bouts with ten successive victories or more.

Obtained points: 1855.

Obtained points at the start of the month: 3, this month’s obtained points, grand total of 2488, overall obtained points: 2491. Spirit fighter badge advances to silver spirit fighter level.”

Finishing the announcement, the staff member handed over a silver spirit fighter badge already prepared according to Dai Mubai’s remaining record. Furthermore handing over another black card, containing the gold coin bonus for successive victories.

“Sausage Monopoly: Prior to this month without a spirit fight record. This month’s performance:

One versus one spirit fights, none.

Two versus two spirit fights, Double Winged White Tiger combination member, seventeen victories and eleven losses, among them two bouts with five or more successive victories. Obtained points: 24.

Team spirit fights, Shrek Seven Devils team member, twenty eight successive victories, among them five bouts with five or more successive victories, eighteen bouts with ten or more successive victories. Obtained points: 1855.

Previous months points: 0, this months points, grand total of 1855, overall obtained points: 1879. Spirit fighter badge advances to silver spirit fight level.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

In the same manner, Oscar also received a special silver spirit fighter badge and gold spirit coins on a card.

The third person’s turn naturally was Tang San, among everyone, Tang San’s record undoubtedly was the best, whether it was one versus one, two versus two or team spirit fights, he had a perfect record.

“Thousand Hands Asura: Because of there being more than three months between previous months’ fights and this month’s first fight, and previously being without a record of five successive victories, previous months’ obtained spirit fight victories will not be counted cumulatively with this month’s successive victories.

One versus one spirit fights, this months record is twenty eight successive victories, among them five bouts with five or more successive victories, eighteen bouts with ten successive victories or more. Obtained points: 1855.

Two versus two spirit fights, Three Five Combination member, twenty eight successive victories, among them five bouts with five or more successive victories, eighteen bouts with ten successive victories or more. Obtained points: 1855.

Team spirit fights, Shrek Seven Devils team member, twenty eight successive victories, among them five bouts with five or more successive victories, eighteen bouts with ten successive victories or more. Obtained points: 1855.

Obtained points at the start of the month: 2, this month’s obtained points, grand total of 5565, overall obtained points: 5567. Spirit fighter badge advances to gold spirit fighter level.”

Let alone Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils, even manager Ao to the side couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when he heard the number five thousand five hundred sixty seven. As far as he could remember there had never been an iron spirit fighter Spirit Master able to receive such a high score in one month. Unexpectedly able to leap straight from the iron spirit fighter level to the five thousand points required for gold spirit fights. Let alone Suotuo Spirit Arena, something like this might not have happened in any Great Spirit Arena on the Continent.

Taking the heavy gold spirit fighter badge, Tang San showed a faint smile, his effort for one month hadn’t been wasted.

“Not good.”
Ma Hongjun suddenly shouted out.

Dai Mubai unhappily glared at him,
“What’s not good?”

Ma Hongjun stared at Tang San:
“Since third brother has a gold spirit fighter badge, then hereafter when we again participate in team spirit fights won’t we have to battle with gold spirit fighter level teams? How will we win? A silver spirit fighter level Emperor Team was already so dangerous to defeat.”

Hearing Fatty’s words everyone immediately understood, team spirit fights were calculated according to the member with the highest spirit fighter level and the highest spirit power level. In other words, with a gold spirit fighter member, they had to participate in gold spirit fighter level matches. For a moment everyone couldn’t help looking distracted, staring strangely at Tang San.

Tang San smiled wryly:
“Apparently I have too many points. It also seems that isn’t a good thing.”

With them having this kind of notion, manager Ao to the side couldn’t look at them like this,

Manager Ao looked at them with a wry smile,
“Everyone, let alone gold spirit fighter level, even if it is silver spirit fighter level teams, perhaps you would find it very difficult to find, unless the Emperor Team reappears.”

Tang San curious asked.

Manager Ao said:
“Generally speaking, obtaining points is done incrementally, successive victories is very difficult to obtain, circumstances like you obtaining points so quickly, after all these years it’s still my first time seeing it. Under normal circumstances, among thirtieth level Spirit Masters, there will also only be iron spirit fighters and copper spirit fighters. Silver spirit fighters basically wouldn’t appear, before finally reaching fortieth level or higher. As spirit power increases, one’s spirit’s advantages emerges, possessing a certain advantage on the same level, points will increase quickly, advancing to silver spirit fighter, on even higher levels to gold spirit fighter. Something like you, on the thirtieth level becoming a gold spirit fighter team, I have never even heard of. I don’t know the circumstances in Star Luo Empire, but in our Star Dou Empire’s Great Spirit Arenas there wouldn’t be a second thirtieth level gold spirit fighter team. Even if it was thirtieth level spirit fighter teams, perhaps there wouldn’t be more than five. Furthermore it would also be very difficult to find a team more powerful than Emperor Team. Therefore, you can safely believe that on your level, you are the strongest.”

Without opponents? The Shrek Seven Devils all smiled, apart from Tang San, the eldest among them was no more than fifteen. As Spirit Masters, how couldn’t they hope for their strength to be formidable?

A common voice appeared in their hearts: ‘We, Shrek Seven Devils, are a gold spirit fighting team.’

The remaining four people also calculated their points. With the guarantee of twenty eight successive victories, without exception, all had more than a thousand points, smoothly obtaining silver spirit fighter badges.

Until they left the Great Spirit Arena, everyone still thought it was somewhat inconceivable. By now, they had already found a lonely lavatory to change their costumes.

Looking at the sparkling stars in the night sky, Oscar murmured:
“One month, in just one month I’ve really become a silver spirit fighter? Every time hereafter I again participate in spirit fights I’ll be able to obtain plenty of gold spirit coins? This really is too unimaginable.”

His arm suddenly smarting, Oscar pivoted quickly and shuddered, feeling wronged looking at the beauty next to him,
“Rongrong, what are you doing pinching me?”

Ning Rongrong’s beautiful young face expressed a smile harmless to men or beasts,

As the two auxiliary system Spirit Master, able to so quickly obtain silver spirit fighter qualifications, their thoughts were naturally the closest.

Oscar didn’t hold any resentment for being pinched by Ning Rongrong, kneading the place where he was pinched, he said in a deadpan voice:
“I’ve decided, this month I will not bathe.”

Tang San smiling said:
“That’s no problem, as long as you don’t sleep in the same room as me. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee I won’t throw you and your stink in the river while you sleep.”

While speaking, he also made a throwing motion, drawing everyone’s laughter.


The Emperor Team members all supported each other to walk back to their hotel.

Although their injuries had all been cured by Xie Lingling’s Nine Heart Flowering Apple, because of the Shi brothers and Dugu Yan previously suffering from Tang San’s Man Faced Demon Spider poison, right now they were still very weak. Even more importantly, this time losing a spirit fight was an extremely critical blow to their spirit.

Xie Lingling supported Dugu Yan, Osler supported Yu Tian-Heng, the one considered having the best condition Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng supported the Shi brothers, together resembling soldiers from a defeated army.

The seven walked in a lifeless atmosphere, just when they were about to return to the hotel, a person suddenly blocked their path.

“Tian-Heng. Do you still remember me?”
A somewhat strange resonant voice, making the depressed Yu Tian-Heng surprised raise his head.

In the moonlight, he could with difficulty see the person obstructing them, hesitating slightly,
“You, you’re, ah, uncle[1]. How could you be here?”

The person barring the Emperor Team was precisely Grandmaster.

Grandmaster walked forward to stand in front of Yu Tian-Heng,

“Let’s chat alone.”

Yu Tian-Heng right now had even forgotten being depressed from losing the battle, hastily nodding, indicating to the other members, letting them return to the hotel first.

The Emperor Team people when hearing this person was Yu Tian-Heng’s uncle naturally didn’t have anything to say, directly returning to their residence not far away.

“Uncle, you’re here……”
Looking at Grandmaster, Yu Tian-Heng’s throat seemed to choke up. Although it had already been very many years since Grandmaster left the family, he could still clearly remember this uncle frequently carrying him to play in his childhood, at that time, his face also wasn’t as rigid as now. His father, as the eldest son and heir, every day had to study managing the clan with his grandfather and cultivate, in his childhood the one who spent more time with him was this uncle, even so much that for a very long time, Yu Tian-Heng would regard this Grandmaster before him as a father.

Grandmaster’s eyes held a gentle light, clapping Yu Tian-Heng’s shoulder,
“It seems you have done well these years. Thirty ninth ranked, little Heng has grown up.”

The edges of Yu Tian-Heng’s eyes reddened, he who had just gone through a setback, suddenly finding a close relative would naturally have a kind of dependant feeling. Choking with emotion saying:
“Uncle, come back home with me. Actually, grandfather always thought of you. Dad also.”

Intense emotion flitted past in Grandmaster’s eyes, lightly sighing, calmly saying:
“Although your grandfather is the clan head, in the clan, it’s not at all the clan head who has the final word. I was driven out of the clan long ago, struck from the genealogy. How could I still return? Are your grandfather and father still well?”

Yu Tian-Heng nodded,
“They’re both very well. Only grandfather is getting old, already handling fewer matters. In the clan the majority of affairs are managed by dad. Uncle, did you know, many times in the past I found grandfather staring blankly at a portrait of you. He, he definitely very much wants you to come back to visit.”

“Enough said.”
Grandmaster suddenly somewhat irritably interrupted Yu Tian-Heng, his whole body twitching slightly, for a long time unable to be calm.

Yu Tian-Heng tactfully didn’t speak further, but looked at Grandmaster, his eyes moist.

Not so long before, Grandmaster had carried him in his big warm hands, played with him, told him Spirit Master anecdotes. From Yu Tian-Heng’s entire childhood, these memories were all much more profound than any others he had.

As the clan’s eldest grandson, his grandfather and father’s requirements of him were extremely strict, concerned only with his spirit power progress and spirit ability applications, only Grandmaster, only this uncle, would truly give him some childhood happiness.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

After a long time, Grandmaster drew a deep breath, calming the surging emotions in his heart,
“Tian-Heng, perhaps not long after, we will still meet again. No need to be so discouraged by defeat as today. Defeat isn’t frightening, what’s frightening is not being able to find the lessons in defeat. Your own strength is very great, but from seeing the spirit fight today, you haven’t displayed your true strength. Otherwise victory and defeat would have been difficult to guess.”

Yu Tian-Heng’s heart moved,
“Uncle, you also saw our team spirit fight today? I let the family lose face.”

Grandmaster shook his head,
“Do you know where your mistakes were?”

Yu Tian-Heng somewhat blankly looked at Grandmaster, if this was asked by Qin Ming, perhaps he would have a lot of replies, but being asked by his uncle, in the whole clan with the lowest position, even to the extent that he didn’t inherit the directly related Tyrant Dragon, for some reason, he was left speechless.

Grandmaster raised his right hand to grab Yu Tian-Heng’s shoulder,
“You didn’t lose to the opponent in skill, rather they lost to you. Right, with your fundamentals, as far as spirit ability application goes, there aren’t any issues. The reason why you would fall into the opponent’s trap, is because of the arrogance in your heart. The arrogance of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.”

Yu Tian-Heng looked at Grandmaster, something gradually forming in his eyes. He was extremely intelligent, with Grandmaster and Qin Ming raising the same point one after another, he immediately became aware of some key problem.

“Uncle, don’t worry, the next time I have the opportunity, I absolutely won’t lose to them again.”

Grandmaster exposed a rare smile,
“You will have the opportunity. Because, I am the Shrek Seven Devils team’s leader.”

Yu Tian-Heng was gobsmacked, looking at Grandmaster without daring to believe, in the clan, he had heard all the rumors concerning Grandmaster, all said Grandmaster possessed a trash spirit, and still those events bringing disgrace to the family, even though he really didn’t care about these, he was still unusually clear on Grandmaster’s strength, that strength forever unable to break through the thirtieth rank!

Grandmaster calmly smiled, saying:
“Very strange, isn’t it? Right, my own strength is low, but that doesn’t mean I’m unable to teach disciples well. The Shrek Seven Devils can’t all be said to be my disciples, but at present I’m their teacher. I only have one direct disciple. You also met him just now, Shrek Seven Devils’ control system Spirit Master.”

Yu Tian-Heng’s gaze at Grandmaster changed. In the previous spirit fight, of the two people who gave him the most profound impressions, besides Dai Mubai who could block him from the front, was that one completely controlling the battle situation, Tang San.

A radiance flashed in Grandmaster’s eyes,
“One day, I will let the people of the world know that, although I, Yu Xiao-Gang, am rubbish, I can teach an incomparable genius. Tian-Heng, I’m leaving. Remember my words. If you wish to under any circumstances display your full strength, bringing your team to the ultimate victory, then, give up that arrogance.”

Finished speaking, Grandmaster looked deeply at Yu Tian-Heng, again clapping his shoulder, turning around and walking into the darkness.

“Uncle, can’t you also teach me?”
Yu Tian-Heng caught up to him.

Grandmaster paused, lightly shaking his head,
“Tian-Heng, if the clan knew I taught you, what do you believe they would do? Perhaps I would immediately become the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan’s enemy. If you truly want to become a mighty Spirit Master, then, set that apprentice of mine as a goal. If you can still surpass him in one year, then, you inevitably already stand on the summit of the Continent’s Spirit Masters.”

“Uncle, why?”
Yu Tian-Heng was somewhat unconvinced. Although he was extremely shocked by Tang San’s control strength and supplementary toxicity, he certainly believed that whatever variation that was, it was still just Blue Silver Grass and could never compare to his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. If it was a one versus one duel, he certainly would be able to surmount the opponent.

Grandmaster stopped walking, turning his head to look at Yu Tian-Heng,
“Do you know how high his spirit power rank is?”

Yu Tian-Heng pondered it, saying:

The circumstances of Tang San controlling the entire situation was still vivid in his mind, how could he believe that this was accomplished by a control system Spirit Master with spirit power seven ranks lower than his own. His side’s Dugu Yan was also a control system Spirit Master, with thirty eighth ranked spirit power, but she was completely suppressed by him.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying:
“No, the materials you got were correct. Little San really only has thirty second ranked spirit power. Then, do you know how old he is?”

Yu Tian-Heng shook his head, his heart suddenly skipping a beat.

Grandmaster calmly smiled,

Having said this, he no longer stopped, turning around and swiftly leaving. Even this couldn’t completely represent Tang San’s talent, he still had the greatest secret: twin spirits.

Yu Tian-Heng stood there sluggishly, for a long time without moving, until Dugu Yan with Xie Lingling’s support once again came to find him, rousing him from lifelessness.

Thirty second rank, thirteen years old. These two figures constantly circled in his mind. At this moment he at last understood why uncle would say that if he wanted to become a great Spirit Master he should follow that person’s footsteps. ‘Uncle, what kind of monster are you teaching?’


Tang San sneezed, rubbing his nose.

“Little San, are you all right?”
It had to be said, that Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit’s healing capabilities were astonishing, right now Xiao Wu, apart from a somewhat pale complexion, was already without any major obstructions, the wounds not even having left any scars.

Tang San shook his head, smiling:

Saying this, he unconsciously recalled his father. ‘Dad, where are you really, after so many years, where have you gone? Why have you never come back to see me, don’t you want to see your son?’

Before coming to Suotuo City, he still specially returned home, leaving a brief note and telling old Jack that if his father returned, to at once tell him where he was. Six years, already six years had passed, but his father had never sent a letter.

In his old world he never had close relatives, in this world, he had with difficulty had a father, but, he had left him.

Xiao Wu was naturally very familiar with Tang San, seeing his gaze change she already knew what was on his mind,
“Little San, don’t think too much. I believe that not much later, uncle will definitely come back.”

Tang San nodded silently. Right now, the party at last returned to the hotel.

Entering the hotel, they at once saw the Flender’s trio sitting in a dark corner gossiping. The food and drink on the trio’s table didn’t appear to change much while they talked about something.

“Hey hey, there’s wine.”
Fatty was the first to walk over. He was also considered Flender’s direct disciple, not as restrained before Flender as other people.

“Teacher, we won today, shouldn’t we also be rewarded with some food and drink?”
Ma Hongjun walked over next to Flender’s side, holding out a hand for a wine cup.

The chopsticks in Flender’s hands flipped over, striking Fatty’s knuckles, Fatty’s hand smarted, and with a loud exclamation he hastily pulled it back.

Qin Ming somewhat puzzled looked at Ma Hongjun standing at Flender’s side,
“Teacher, is this little brother also an Academy student? Since when did our Shrek Academy have so many disciples?”

Ma Hongjun loudly whimpered:
“Senior Qin, we only just separated and you have already forgotten me?”

Qin Ming widened his eyes, carefully looking at Fatty,

Although he already had a certain expectation, when able to truly see Ma Hongjun’s childish manners and plump face, he couldn’t help but feel his heart twitch.

Qin Ming always knew he was regarded as a genius talent in the Spirit Master world, he was a well known figure even back at Shrek Academy. But he had previously seen the strength of this Fatty in front of him, even though it was under the assistance of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda, he was capable of blocking thirty fifth ranked Wind Chime Bird Spirit Master Yu Feng’s third spirit ability attack for such a long time, how could his strength be lacking.

The mask wearing Shrek Seven Devils only gave people the impression of being somewhat undersized, but among them Dai Mubai and Xiao Wu already had adult height, as long as they didn’t say anything themselves, nobody would guess their true age.

Ma Hongjun somewhat proudly said:
“Right, I’m that Evil Fire Phoenix from just now, thirteen years old. Oh, I get it, we wore masks before, so you couldn’t recognize us, right.”

Right now, the other Shrek Seven Devils walked up, Qin Ming stared blankly at these mostly under fifteen children, for a moment he was speechless.

Flender issued his customary rough and sinister feeling laugh,
“Why, Qin Ming, remember our Academy’s rules? We only accept twelve year old students. Ma Hongjun came to the Academy at eleven, Tang San Xiao Wu and further Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing all enrolled this year. This year we received more students than in several together.”

[1] (叔叔) Father’s younger brother.

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