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Chapter 35

Part 1

Although Xiao Wu’s excuse had a few loopholes, she had come back alive. Who would have thought she and the Titan Giant Ape had a relationship of some sort? Everyone subconsciously chose to believe her.

Zhao Wuji nodded and said:

“As long as you’re back. After you were taken, little San was so worried his eyes turned all red. He asked for a mushroom sausage from Oscar and went after you immediately.”

He briefly summarized everything that happened while Oscar passed a Recovery Sausage to Xiao Wu.

Listening to Zhao Wuji, Xiao Wu’s eyes reddened. Tears fell like a broken string of pearls, rolling down her cheeks. Looking at Tang San enveloped in a bloody mist, she murmured: “Ge, please don’t get hurt. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault I made you worried. You have to persevere through this. As long as you wake up, I would do anything.”

Xiao Wu felt truly remorseful. A moment of carelessness caused her to forget to restrain her aura, causing Er Ming to find her and come to meet her. If she didn’t get kidnapped by Er Ming, nothing after would have happened, and Tang San wouldn’t absorb a spirit ring in such a condition.

But it was too late to say anything, and they could only hope that Tang San’s resolve was firm enough to help him pass this crisis.

At the moment, in Tang San’s consciousness there was only one sentence. Xiao Wu, I will go save you. With this thought, no matter how excruciating the pain, he always bitterly withstood it, not letting his mind collapse first. In this life and death situation, Tang San’s childhood cultivations were starting to show its use. His body was already stronger than people his age, and Mysterious Heaven Skill was even more a hundred percent toughness focused orthodox sect internal strength.

If the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring had a consciousness, it would discover that its violent power would almost break through Tang San’s body every time, but his body would always, at the last moment, block it back with sheer tenacity.

And each time he warded the energy off, Tang San would absorb a tiny bit of the energy in the spirit ring. Under this slow growth, the ruthless energy was constantly weakening.

Tang San now had to face the most crucial problem: after he absorbed the spirit ring’s energy, how could he merge it with his body, his Mysterious Heaven Skill, and his spirit Blue Silver Grass.

Though Blue Silver Grass itself was weak, it wasn’t likely to repel any other source of energy, but the energy in the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring was too tyrannical, as to make even the Blue Silver Grass spirit unwilling to absorb it.

Fortunately, when he started absorbing the spirit ring, he ate another one of Oscar’s Recovery Sausages, or else his stamina would be the first to fail.

Tang San’s bones started to make concentrated cracking sounds. This not quite loud sound made everyones’ hairs rise, as if Tang San’s body could rupture at any second.

From the pores, the blood that oozed out slowly gained another layer of gray. With the absorption of the spirit ring, the energy contained started a very forceful process of cleansing Tang San’s body. The resulting pain was unimaginable.

Finally, with Tang San’s unyielding willpower, all the energy in his body started to give in, starting the process of merging.

The fine beads of blood stopped oozing. Tang San’s furrowed brows smoothed out. A dim layer of blue light started to creep out of his body.

Zhao Wuji was elated:

“He succeeded. The most dangerous moment has passed. Now is the process of spirit power transforming. Tang San really is worthy of being called a creator of miracles. Even a two thousand year old Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring was absorbed by him. The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent should really feel lucky: if their granddaughter absorbed this spirit ring, she would probably have burst by now.”

Along with the release of the blue glow, Blue Silver Grass started slowly growing around Tang San. The Blue Silver Grass’s size hadn’t changed much. Compared to before, it had actually become slightly thinner. Originally dark blue, it has also changed into purplish blue. That was a merged color, not showing in the form of patterns anymore.

The Blue Silver Grass was now about two fingers thick. The biggest difference from before was its luster, it looked as if the grass had been coated with a glaze.

Zhao Wuji had everyone back up a bit. He knew, since Tang San couldn’t fully control the newly gained power, so some spirit power could overflow. In Tang San’s current state, he would be surprised if Tang San could control the energy.


Just when everyone thought nothing else would happen, suddenly, Tang San’s brows furrowed up again. A scream escaped his mouth, his cross legged body starting to convulse violently. His chest suddenly stood out, his entire upper body arcing into the air, the display terrifying.


Xiao Wu cried out quickly, tears streaming from her eyes. Her nails were already cutting into her palm, but she didn’t even notice.

Wuji was also surprised. What was wrong? Just when everyone was startled, suddenly, accompanying the sound of splitting cloth, the clothes on Tang San’s back suddenly tore open. Standing behind him, Dai Mubai clearly saw, next to Tang San’s backbone, on either side were eight fist sized bulges.

What was this? With Dai Mubai pointing it out, everyone discovered the change on Tang San’s back. Tang San currently looked like he was withstanding immense pain. Blood started oozing out of his skin again, his entire body convulsing.

Immediately afterward, the eight bulges suddenly ruptured. The strange thing was, Tang San’s skin didn’t peel back. Eight fist sized dark purple objects came out of the nubs, growing with an astonishing speed.

When the eight bulges broke and grew the dark purple objects, Tang San’s entire body became relaxed, his expression smoothing out, but his body still convulsing.

Under everyone’s surprised gaze, the dark purple objects grew over a meter in the blink of an eye, and were still extending with frightening speed. When its length went past 1.5 meters, the end grew a joint-like thing, and the dark purple once again extended from the joint in another direction.

“This, this is…..”

The eight dark purple objects continued to grow until they reached three meters. Completely shining purple, they looked extremely smooth. They were the thickest near Tang San’s back, tapering until they filed into a sharp points at the end.

“Aren’t these the legs of the Man Faced Demon Spider?”

Looking at Tang San, and looking at the corpse of the Man Faced Demon Spider, everyone discovered that the objects that grew out of Tang San’s back looked very similar to the Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs. Only, they were slightly thinner overall and looked more lustrous, accompanied by a faint sweet fragrance.

Zhao Wuji had personally seen many Spirit Masters absorb spirit rings, but this was still the first time he had seen such a scene, for a moment he couldn’t help but lose the ability to judge.

The bizarre scene still hadn’t finished. As those eight spider legs on Tang San’s back extended behind him, they began to slightly move rhythmically, the four lower spider legs slowly pierced the ground, unexpectedly lifting Tang San sitting crosslegged on the ground, raising him into the air.

Tang San right now, like they were eight three metre long arms, looked extremely strange.

Tang San’s body finally no longer convulsed, the clothes he wore were already completely shredded. Gradually, the previously spreading Blue Silver Grass slowly gathered back together, instead twisting around his body, bundling him in what resembled a large cocoon, with only the spider legs still moving slowly on the outside.

The Shrek Academy group basically did not understand how this would happen, to them, right now all they could do was wait. Faintly within, they could only hear the sound of snapping bones echo from the cocoon. As for what was actually happening to Tang San, nobody could say.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but say:

“Tang San wouldn’t change into a big spider, right?”

Xiao Wu ferociously glared at him,

“Impossible. How would little San become a spider, these circumstances are certainly just because of some variation from absorbing the spirit ring. He definitely won’t be in trouble.”

Even Xiao Wu didn’t know if she was reassuring the others or reassuring herself, waiting was currently all they could do.

But, who could still have anticipated that their wait this time would be so long.

When Oscar absorbed the spirit ring, from beginning to end only took a fraction of an hour to complete, but after Tang San was wrapped up in Blue Silver Grass, it seemed like time congealed, continuously without any news.

One double hour passed, two double hours passed, the color of the dark gradually went from dark to bright, and once more travelling from bright and entering darkness. A whole twelve double hour of waiting made everyone utterly exhausted. But who dared be careless, they could only wait.

The one thing making them feel relieved was that the eight spider legs that had grown on Tang San’s back moved constantly, showing traces of life.

At Zhao Wuji’s orders, everyone took turns to rest. Only Xiao Wu said anything to refuse, continuously keeping watch at Tang San’s side. In her heart she silently prayed, praying Tang San must pass through this crisis safe and sound.


A low groaning sound roused Xiao Wu’s already somewhat fuzzy consciousness, she hastily raised her head to look.

The slender Blue Silver Grass slowly came undone, one by one rolling outward, gradually revealing their owner within.

Tang San’s body was covered by a dark brown layer, and as Blue Silver Grass dispersed, this dark brown substance gradually came off his body like it was fruit peel, revealing the body inside.

As Xiao Wu looked once again at Tang San, her charming face couldn’t help but blush bashfully, Tang San currently didn’t wear a strand, his whole body completely naked. The muscles on his body had unexpectedly become extremely distinct, and although they weren’t bulging exaggeratedly, it gave off a feeling of brimming with strength. Under the bronze colored skin there was a faint purple light haze moving around. Entirely floating in the air, the previously crossed legs had already unfolded, limbs sagging naturally, the entire person appearing to be permeated with a kind of demonic feeling.

Part 2

In Tang San’s disheveled black hair, several locks were bright purple, that purple hair in itself seemed to emit a similar light, making Xiao Wu see unusually clearly.

The previous groaning was emitted by Tang San, right now, both his eyes just slowly opened, a completely bewildered expression within his eyes.

Tang San himself also didn’t know what had happened, he only continuously suppressed and endured extreme pain. The conviction to save Xiao Wu all along supported his willpower. As the extremely violent pain suddenly disappeared, a kind of difficult to describe relaxing pleasure spread throughout his whole body in a moment.

The pain could be endured, but the instant the relaxing pleasure arrived after the extreme pain, Tang San’s entire person in the end sunk into a deep sleep. As he once again recovered consciousness, it was the scene Xiao Wu had just witnessed.

The scene before him was hazy, like it was shrouded in a layer of white cotton. Various kinds of senses gradually returned to the body, following his consciousness gradually awakening, the scenery before Tang San gradually became clear.

His body was indescribably comfortable, like every single cell within the body was cheering excitedly, only somewhat itchy, rather like something was stretching out from his back. He was able to feel the moistness of the earth, and the brush of air surrounding him, but Tang San vaguely discovered, it seemed to have somehow become different.

By now the others had also taken note of Tang San’s changes. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong saw his naked body and hurriedly bashfully turned away, not daring to look again. Although Xiao Wu was equally bashful, Tang San’s safety was even more important to her, resisting the shyness in her heart, she still earnestly gazed at Tang San.

Two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings revolved around Tang San moving rhythmically up and down his body, that purple spirit ring looked exceedingly clear, the purple shining within, setting of Tang San’s naked body extremely clearly. But at Tang San’s side all the Blue Silver Grass already quietly faded away, only those eight three metre long enormous spider legs on his back still remained.


Xiao Wu couldn’t help but softly call out.

The sudden voice made Tang San start. This voice was really too familiar to him, also one he longed for, subconsciously looking in the direction of the voice, just right to see Xiao Wu looking up at him.

Tang San trembled fiercely once, at once wanting to leap at Xiao Wu, but, right now his body supported by four spider legs was floating in midair. Those spider legs themselves were part of his body, following his desire to move, the spider legs naturally accepted, pulling out from the ground.

Tang San himself wasn’t clear on the changes of his body, and he immediately entirely lost his balance, dropping from midair.


Xiao Wu cried out in alarm, extending both arms to catch Tang San’s body. Fortunately her strength was good, the impulse of Tang San falling from two metres in the air couldn’t be considered too great, and he was just caught well by Xiao Wu.

The eight spider legs simultaneously rose to his back, although they looked monstrous, they didn’t at all affect Tang San’s mobility.

A familiar scent reaching his nose, Tang San practically at once moved his arms to embrace Xiao Wu,

“I, I’m not dreaming? Xiao Wu, it’s really you?”

Xiao Wu held Tang San just as tightly, already sobbing wordlessly.

Currently, Tang San’s haziness from just awakening was already clearing. He was only too familiar with Xiao Wu’s scent, adding the warmth reaching him from the soft delicate body in his arms, he knew that this was all real, Xiao Wu had returned, she had returned.

“Silly, don’t cry, coming back is all well, coming back is all well.”

Lightly patting Xiao Wu’s back, Tang San also couldn’t stop his eyes from misting up. All his worries melted away at this moment, the feeling of again seeing Xiao Wu after what felt like a lifetime made his entire body tremble. Compared to Xiao Wu, just now obtaining the third spirit ring counted as nothing, in his heart, nothing was more important than Xiao Wu’s life.

“Ge, it’s all my fault, making you worry.”

Xiao Wu said, choking with sobs.

Tang San shook his head,

“Idiot, it was my fault, I who lacked ability, didn’t protect you properly.”

“Cough cough”

Coughing sounds to the side made the simultaneously sad and happy pair wake up.

The coughing was from Dai Mubai,

“Little San, although I admit, your means are very good, but, aren’t you at least putting on pants? After all there are still other girls present.”

Tang San looked blank a moment, subconsciously looking at his body, at this discovering that unexpectedly he wasn’t wearing even a strip of cloth.

Xiao Wu right now also came to herself, her charming face immediately blushing shyly. Hurriedly closing her eyes, but still reluctant to part with little San’s hug, merely buried her head in his chest unwilling to lift it.

“This……, how would I become like this? Who took off my clothes?”

Tang San stupidly asked.

Oscar made his way over from the side,

“Nobody took off your clothes, who knows how they ceased to be?”

Tang San felt at his waist, fortunately, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges was still there, at once hurriedly softly pushing away Xiao Wu, he rapidly took out a set of clothes to put on.

Wearing trousers still went well, but putting on his jacket was problematic. Tang San now discovered the unusual condition on his back. As he looked behind him at the eight pointy spider legs sprouting on his back, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Fatty Ma Hongjun with great understanding said:

“Don’t ask us why it would be like this, none of us knows. This happened in the process of absorbing that Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Tang San, didn’t that spirit ring cause variation for you?”

By now Tang San had at least put on trousers, so Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing also turned back around. After waiting for one day and one night, Tang San was now at last out of danger, but the change in his body was nevertheless so monstrous, it couldn’t help but pique everyone’s interest. Even Zhao Wuji was no exception.

“Let me sense myself at once.”

Tang San standing there slowly closed his eyes.

Generally speaking, Spirit Masters after absorbing a spirit ring were able to sense what new spirit ability they possessed. Just like how Oscar when he had absorbed the third spirit ring immediately knew his third sausage spirit incantation.

The pain Tang San endured in absorbing the spirit ring had been too great, to the extent that he had spent the latter half of the absorption changing process unconscious. Right now he could only search his soul to sense everything the third spirit ring had provided him.

Tang San’s meditation went on for no less than half a double hour. As he once again opened his eyes, his expression was somewhat strange.


Xiao Wu anxiously asked.

Tang San puzzled said:

“There should be no problem. The spirit ring wouldn’t vary. Teacher once said, only a spirit varies, different spirits absorbing the same spirit ring would still give different results. I already obtained an ability from absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Everything is very ordinary. Only, I can’t explain these eight spider legs on my back.”


A miserable shriek suddenly erupted, everyone jumped with fright, believing it was a spirit beast attack, immediately on alert as they looked in the direction the scream came from, discovering no warning signs.

Emitting the shriek was Ma Hongjun, his right hand tightly holding his left hand, a painful expression on his face. His left hand was already becoming purple, furthermore the skin appeared damaged, with black liquid flowing down, a black qi rapidly spreading up his arm.

“Not good, he’s poisoned. Oscar, quickly.”

Zhao Wuji shouted in a deep voice, in one stride reaching Ma Hongjun’s side, one palm directly slapping his shoulder, using his vigorous spirit power to help him suppress the poison invading his body.

“I your father have a small sausage.”

A dried small sausage was promptly delivered to Fatty’s mouth. At this everyone breathed out.

Unfortunately, their relaxation didn’t continue for too long.

Part 3

With the small sausage in his belly, the detoxifying effect showed in a moment, that flow of black qi following the arm upwards immediately stopped spreading, reversing direction. But, this only continued for a very brief time, that black qi had not even passed Fatty’s shoulder before it suddenly stopped decreasing, a moment later it unexpectedly once again spread upwards.

Oscar’s complexion changed greatly,

“Not good, my little sausage is unable to break up this poison, too fierce. Fatty, how did you manage to get poisoned?”

Big drops of sweat continuously rolled off Ma Hongjun’s forehead, clearly he was enduring enormous pain. Even though he had Zhao Wuji’s assistance, the resisting effect of the two’s spirit power wasn’t great enough, the black qi was still spreading, and Fatty’s palm was even more already beginning to fester.

From Fatty’s scream up till now, only a short period of time had passed, that’s all. That poison’s severity made everyone turn pale with alarm.

Fatty while enduring the enormous pain with clenched teeth, with difficulty said:

“I was curious to touch one of the spider legs on Tang San’s back and became like this. Tang San, those spider legs of yours are poisonous.”

Tang San startled, light flashing in his mind, suddenly recalling something,

“Fatty don’t move. Everyone get out of the way, do not under any circumstances again touch the points of my spider legs.”

While speaking, he came before Fatty with one big stride, in spite of Fatty’s palm already festering, he directly lifted the hand to hold it up. Right now, Tang San’s palm in a moment changed into jade color.

A bizarre scene appeared, even Oscar’s small sausage was unable to remove the poison, but after Tang San’s palm held Fatty’s hand, it unexpectedly rapidly withdrew along its former path, dull dark purple liquid continuously flowing into Tang San’s palm and disappearing unseen.

In only the time of several breaths, Fatty’s arm had already recovered to normal, the wound on the palm also beginning to disseminate bright red blood.

“What is after all going on here?”

Apart from Tang San this question simultaneously appeared in everyone’s hearts.

Seeing that Fatty was out of danger, Tang San also breathed out. He knew everyone had numerous questions, but was in no hurry to explain. After releasing Fatty’s hand, with quick steps he arrived before that already dead Man Faced Demon Spider, lifting his hand to press on it.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse had by now already become completely gray, lacking any life force. Tang San only use a minute amount of spirit power, at once causing a concentrated series of cracking sounds. That Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse unexpectedly shattered into fragments.

“I understand.”

Combined with his sense from the previous meditation, Tang San finally roughly understood the sequence of events.

“From now on, no one come into contact with the spider legs on my back, these spider legs contain the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. When I absorbed the spirit ring, for some reason, I also completely absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison within my body. Why these circumstances would be like this perhaps we can only see if Grandmaster can clearly understand. Its most expert spiderweb and my Blue Silver Grass should also based on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring after mixing produce a certain variation. As for the actual degree of variation, I can only return to slowly experiment. All my attributes received a not inconsiderable upgrade, especially the two areas physical strength and speed. Spirit power also increased greatly, to my senses it’s seemingly even more than thirty first rank.”

Zhao Wuji asked:

“Then what’s going on with these spider legs on your back?”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“Like with absorbing all the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, I also don’t know why something like this would occur. Those spider legs do not appear related to my absorbing the spirit ring. I’m able to control their movement, if only somewhat awkwardly.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Then can you withdraw them? You can’t be like this always. People would consider you a monster.”

Tang San helplessly said:

“Aren’t we all monsters? I’ll try.”

While speaking, he condensed his spirit power and transmitted it to his spine. Issuing an order to those eight spider legs to recall.

A bizarre scene appeared, those spreading open three metres long spider legs slowly folded, bending twice to fit closely together, afterwards bit by bit merging into Tang San’s body.

Tang San only felt some tickling on his back, nothing worth mentioning. During this process, the three spirit rings over his body all flared brightly. Tang San could clearly feel his spirit power being rapidly consumed. Evidently, putting away these spider legs required the support of spirit power to carry out.

As no less than a third of Tang San’s spirit power was consumed, all the spider legs finally completely merged into his back. Tang San could distinctly feel those eight spider legs had not disappeared within his body, rather than changing into eight bizarre energies, from his spine they fit in closely over eight of his ribs.

“If they can be put away it’s fine.”

Zhao Wuji nodded to Tang San,

“These spider legs are quite good. If they truly are like the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spider legs, then, little San your strength is at once even more powerful. Eight three metres long spider legs that can be controlled at will is completely equivalent to eight pikes. With the poison, if it’s as poisonous as the Man Faced Demon Spider, then it should be neurotoxin in addition to corrosive poison. From even little Ao’s small sausage being unable to remove it, it can clearly be seen just how violent the poison is.”

Tang San all along pondered, the process of obtaining this Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring was extremely painful, at present having already finished absorbing it, the things he obtained were more than common Spirit Masters absorbing many spirit rings. Let alone the attributes themselves substantially improving, and possessing the ability he most hoped to obtain, and on his back these eight spider legs Tang San also didn’t know whether he should be happy or concerned about. After all, he didn’t know what consequences conditions like these would bring him in the future.

Right now, Tang San even more missed his Teacher, if Grandmaster was here, perhaps these questions could all be answered.

“Well, don’t think about it right now, everything can wait until we return.”

Zhao Wuji wore a smile looking at these children before him, his mood greatly relaxed,

“Although this time we came across not a few inconveniences, and also went through danger a number of times, in the end we dealt with them. Oscar, Tang San and Xiao Wu have smoothly obtained spirit rings and advanced to the Spirit Elder realm. The crop is certainly pretty good. It’s also time to go back. Returning to Shrek Academy, we’re setting off.”

Everyone cheered in chorus. The students had a number of times been in danger of death, now everything was already settled and they were at last returning home. The seven students looked at one another, an intangible deep connection extending between everyone’s hearts. Undergoing this time’s visit to Star Dou Great Forest, whether obtaining spirit rings, or without obtaining them, right now the only thought was to return to the Academy, comfortably lying down to sleep in their own beds.

If saying that when coming here the seven were still somewhat estranged, then, by now their relationship had undoubtedly pulled much closer. The previously least accepted by everyone Ning Rongrong also used her actions to gain everyone’s approval, and in the end between life and death she herself also felt the meaning of the word ‘friends’. Before a group even more outstanding than herself, what could she still feel superior about?

Although some time had already passed, because of using Spirit Avatar, Zhao Wuji’s strength only had fifty percent of his peak condition, therefore, everyone were still extremely careful while leaving Star Dou Great Forest. Not only were everyone provided with one of Oscar’s mushroom sausages and Recovery Sausages, but also still maintained the most defensive formation.

While walking out of Star Dou Great Forest, Xiao Wu recounted the story she previously told everyone to Tang San, also telling him about obtaining her third spirit ring.

“Xiao Wu, what is your third spirit ring ability?”

Tang San curiously asked.

Xiao Wu giggled, saying:

“Secret, I’ll tell you after we’ve returned. Little San, how did you kill that Man Faced Demon Spider? At that time you were alone. Even if it was an injured Man Faced Demon Spider, its attack power should still have been extremely terrifying. Moreover it was still venomous.”

Hearing Xiao Wu’s question, Tang San suddenly started,

“Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about it. Zhao Wuji, wait a moment before going on.”

By now, they were already approaching the edge of Star Dou Great Forest, although they still saw some spirit beasts, for the most part they were ten year and hundred year levels, no cause for concern.

Zhao Wuji halted, looking at Tang San,

“What’s going on?”

Tang San’s right hand swiped at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out the Zhuge Godly Crossbow[1]. Xiao Wu mentioning killing the Man Faced Demon Spider made him remember, that day his Godly Zhuge Crossbow had after being loaded twice not been discharged. If the mechanism was kept loaded for a long time, it would harm the crossbow’s body. Fortunately, only one day had passed, right now there was still time to release the tension.

When the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was loaded it must be relieved by shooting, this also was one of its drawbacks.

Seeing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hand, Xiao Wu suddenly understood,

“You used it to kill the Man Faced Demon Spider. This thing’s power is indeed formidable, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes couldn’t endure it.”

The others naturally heard Xiao Wu’s words. Because they were previously in a tense situation, no one had paid attention to how the Man Faced Demon Spider had died, afterwards Tang San also began absorbing the spirit ring and everyone were only concerned about his safety. Right now hearing Xiao Wu mention it, they recalled what kind of terrifying existence the Man Faced Demon Spider was, looking at the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hands, it was hard not to show astonished gazes.

Tang San used action to tell everyone how this Godly Zhuge Crossbow was used. After the business in Star Dou Great Forest this time, in his heart he already acknowledged these companions. Mechanism type hidden weapons were also not Tang Sect’s true secrets, he didn’t care about concealing it.

Raising his hand, aiming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow at a big tree to the side, Tang San moved the switch.

Gabeng, Gabeng, a successive mechanical sound resounded, everyone only felt a blur before them, immediately followed by a successive pupu sound echoing.

How fast that momentary burst was the students couldn’t say, even Zhao Wuji’s expression changed.

Among everyone, the fastest no doubt was agility attack type Spirit Master Zhu Zhuqing, but even she reached the conclusion that she absolutely would be unable to escape from the kind of firing speed the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had.

Everyones’ complexions changed, looking dumbstruck at each other.

As everyone reached the tree, they clearly saw, on that tree that would require three large men to encircle, right now already appeared two rows of altogether sixteen finger sized little holes. Light shone through the holes, and one could see in one end and out the other.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but ask:

“Tang San, what is this thing? How did you make it?”

Tang San held up the Godly Zhuge Crossbow before its owner,

“I call it a Godly Zhuge Crossbow. It’s a kind of extraordinarily potent mechanism type hidden weapon. Anyone could use it. Filled with forty eight crossbow bolts, after each time the mechanism is set it can by the mechanism launch sixteen bolts in a moment. Like just now. With the mechanism set it has to be shot, otherwise after the mechanism is stretched for too long, the crossbow will take damage. Because the strength of the mechanism included in this kind of crossbow is very great, even metal will be unable to easily endure it. This is also the drawback of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.”

[1] (诸葛神弩) “Zhuge God Crossbow”, Zhuge probably refers to Zhuge Liang, the supposed Three Kingdoms era strategist and supposed inventor of the repeating crossbow.

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