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Chapter 34

Part 1

When previously competing against Tang San, because the two very quickly entered the phase of competing with spirit power, Meng Yirang didn’t use her Spirit Cleaving Knives, Meng Shu wasn’t convinced that Tang San who held this kind of throwing type weapon for the first time could do even more outstanding than his granddaughter.

Meng Yiran nodded to her grandpa,

“Grandpa, begin.”

Meng Shu said to Tang San:

“Are you ready?”

Tang San nodded, when competing in hidden weapons, could he still need to prepare? Of course, with his temperament, he naturally couldn’t say something like that.

Meng Yiran swiftly stuck the cloth bag to the clothes around her waist, on the back of the bag were convenient fasteners that could adhere to any texture of clothing. As she wore her cloth bag she still specially looked at Tang San, discovering Tang San was somewhat blankly holding the cloth bag in one hand, appearing like he couldn’t at all use throwing type hidden weapons. Seeing this scene, Meng Yiran found it hard not to be a little pleased with herself.

Dragon Duke Meng Shu acted, not taking a step himself, but making a casual throw, throwing out the four metres long Dragon Head Cane in his hand.

A loud and clear dragon’s cry rose from the Dragon Cane head, the silver cane like it turned into a living silver dragon, swiftly struck the big tree twenty metres away.

With a muffled peng sound, the strength Meng Shu used was perfect, sufficient to display a shaking force, without injuring the tree itself, the leaves falling like rain.

With a charming shout, Meng Yiran used both hands simultaneously, one by one throwing out a succession of cold swift lights from the cloth bag, her motions could also be considered nimble, in one breath the eighteen Spirit Cleaving Knives had all been thrown.

Perhaps it was because her heart was brimming with fury at Tang San, thereby exciting her mood, Meng Yiran clearly sensed that throwing her Spirit Cleaving Knives today felt unusually good. She was certain that each of her Spirit Cleaving Knives had accurately hit the target, some even piercing two leaves.

Meng Yiran’s attention was focused on completing throwing her throwing knives, but Meng Shu after using the Dragon Head Cane, let his gaze fall on Tang San. His Dragon Head Cane was a Tool Spirit, after getting rid of it he only had to rely on spirit power to retrieve it, no need for painstaking control. He wanted to see whether this youngster called Tang San could once again provide him some amazement.

Under Meng Shu’s gaze, Tang San’s actions greatly puzzled the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife. When the Dragon Head Cane struck, he at once already turned around.

But instead of turning towards that target tree, he rather had back to it. At the same time as Meng Yiran acted, Tang San moved the cloth bag in his hand. The entire cloth bag in his right hand unfolded in a flash, immediately following, the cloth bag quickly shook.

Eighteen cold lights practically simultaneously left their original positions.

Meng Yiran’s Spirit Cleaving Knives naturally shot out straight ahead, but Meng Shu clearly saw that the Spirit Cleaving Knives Tang San threw unexpectedly travelled in an arc.

Throwing one throwing knife in an arcing pattern already required superior skill and technique, but Tang San without even using his hands to directly control them, only throwing them by the cloth bag, gave all the Spirit Cleaving Knives this kind of effect.

Even as a Spirit Douluo Meng Shu couldn’t help but be gobsmacked, looking carefully in the direction Tang San’s Spirit Cleaving Knives were flying.

A duoduo sound erupted, the concentrated sound of the short blades piercing the tree trunk. The tree leaves gradually drifting down, the contest had already ended.

Meng Yiran turned her head to look at Tang San, just in time to see Tang San turn back, she couldn’t help but somewhat startled and angrily saying:

“You won’t shoot?”

Tang San shook the empty cloth bag in his hand, saying:

“I already did.”

The moment Meng Yiran looked distracted, the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife already reached her side. Meng Shu sighed, saying:

“Brilliant skill. Yiran, you lost.”

Meng Yiran failing to understand the reason why looked at her grandpa, Meng Shu shook his head towards her, saying:

“No need to see the result. We’re leaving.”

“No, I don’t believe it.”

Without first seeing it with her own eyes, how could Meng Yiran be convinced that her most expert throwing weapons skill would lose to this Tang San who already was without physical strength? Ignoring her grandparents’ obstruction, she ran like flying to that big tree. She couldn’t believe that she unexpectedly would lose.

Meng Shu sighed, muttering to himself:

“This time perhaps the blow to her won’t be small. However, letting her understand that there are people beyond people, heavens beyond heaven[1] principle, that’s also no harm.”

Reaching the foot of the tree, Meng Yiran first of all looked at the throwing knives she had thrown. Just like what she had estimated, the eighteen throwing knives were completely stuck on the tree trunk, moreover within a small area. On each Spirit Cleaving Knife was at least one tree leaf, at most even three.

Compared to her ordinary level it was still somewhat better.

But, as Meng Yiran’s gaze moved up, looking for those Spirit Cleaving Knives with the blue silk ribbons, her entire person dulled.

Eighteen blue silk ribboned Spirit Cleaving Knives were neatly stuck on the tree trunk in three rows, each a row of six, just right to form the character 三[2].

Each Spirit Cleaving Knife pierced a stack of tree leaves, even to the extent that the knife blades entered the tree with the exact same depth. Compared to Meng Yiran’s eighteen unevenly stuck Spirit Cleaving Knives, this contrast was just too clear.

Meng Shu’s voice reached Meng Yiran’s ears,

“Girl, concede. Tang San’s skill is something even I am unable to accomplish. Throwing at the same time, hitting the tree at the same time, even only making a single sound, with each Spirit Cleaving Knife piercing ten tree leaves or more. Furthermore, when throwing he completely had his back turned, without using his eyes to see. Skill like this can only be described as brilliant.”

Meng Yiran slowly turned around, looking at her grandpa, although her gaze was no longer dull, her entire person looked like she had lost her spirit. Without even her Spirit Cleaving Knives, she walked back to her grandparents step by step.

Just like what Meng Shu said, being beaten in her most expert capability actually was too great a blow to Meng Yiran.

Within three days, losing to Tang San twice in succession, moreover one loss more wretched than the other, being robbed of two spirit beasts. The confidence she’d always had was beaten bruised and bloody by Tang San.

Tang San strode forward several steps, palm swiping at his waist, a steel needle spraying out, completely hitting loose the Spirit Cleaving Knives on the tree, the steel needle also returning to his hand with the following trajectory, the Spirit Cleaving Knives were also collected one by one in his hand using the cloth bag to bundle them up.

Finishing this, Tang San with quick steps caught up before Meng Yiran,

“Miss Meng, your Spirit Cleaving Knives.”

Meng Yiran raised her head to look at him, right now, her beautiful mien appeared somewhat pale,

“Are you making fun of me?”

Tang San shook his head, saying:

“No. In fact you need not feel sad. I’ve practiced hidden weapons since I was three, although I am still only twelve this year, I’ve already practiced for a full nine years. When just now using hidden weapons it was was already at my full strength. That was the most exquisite skill I’m currently capable of using.”

“Hidden weapons?”

Some of Meng Yiran’s interest was piqued by this brand new term.

Tang San handed over the Spirit Cleaving Knives into her hands,

“Weapons used stealthily to display their effect, I call it hidden weapons. Hidden weapons shouldn’t be used for contests, but is a method to unexpectedly reach victory by catching the opponent off guard.”

When Meng Yiran proposed to compete with him in hidden weapons, Tang San apart from not knowing whether to laugh or cry, still had a kind of amiable feeling. After all, since coming to this world this was the first time another person had appeared to be using hidden weapons. Again recalling that ever since meeting this girl older than him, although really hadn’t been deliberate, he had still caused her a lot of trouble. Robbing her of two useful spirit rings, in his heart he still somewhat regretted it. Right now the situation was already set, but he couldn’t help tell Meng Yiran’s a few things. He didn’t hope for Meng Yiran to give up cultivating hidden weapons from now on because of the blow today.

Meng Yiran’s big eyes blinked, saying:

“Then why are you able to use hidden weapons to that kind of degree?”

Tang San said:

“Practicing hidden weapons still requires a certain method. Actually, this kind of throwing knife doesn’t suit you. For you, its volume is somewhat too large and its weight is also somewhat high. I think that if you switched to throwing needles, it would be even more effective. Just like this.”

While speaking, he raised his hand to swipe across a jade stone on Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a Penetrating Bone Needle as long as five cun[3] already appeared in the palm of his hand.

Tang San handed over the Penetrating Bone Needle to Meng Yiran, saying:

“This is a kind of needle I call Penetrating Bone Needle, five cun long, front slender and back thick, the weight doesn’t reach a fifth of your throwing knives, but they should still be able to reach extremely far, with powerful penetration. Because the bulk is small, they’re very easy to carry. Although this time was a coincidence, I’ve twice destroyed your chances to obtain a spirit beast. If you want, I can tell you about a kind of method for cultivating hidden weapons. When you go back you can try it it once, it should be a good deal better than just practicing.”

Meng Yiran looked blank,

“You would teach me?”

She still clearly remembered that previously grandpa still said he would remove one arm. As she raised her head to look at Tang San, she discovered Tang San’s gaze was extremely clear, without any impurity. He clearly really wasn’t false.

Tang San said:

“The path of hidden weapons is equally broad and deep, do you want to learn?”

Meng Yiran subconsciously nodded.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Just now I wasn’t using my eyes but was still able to take aim, this is employing a kind of hidden weapon basic skill. It’s called Sound Localization[4]. Relying on hearing to distinguish the target’s location. Under bad lighting or perhaps unsuitable circumstances, unable to see the target’s precise location with the eyes, hearing can give extremely important results. Practicing good Sound Localization, when shooting your hidden weapons you will not have any blind spot, and also possess even more covert nature.

Sound Localization was a basic hidden weapons exercise, not considered some secret. Immediately, Tang San didn’t care about the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife to the side, simply explaining this kind of exercise. Furthermore explaining a bit about the methods of practicing hidden weapons.

Just as he began, Meng Yiran still held some grudges in her heart, but as Tang San spoke, she nodded again and again, and in less than a cup of tea’s worth of time, Tang San’s words gave her an all new awareness of the world of hidden weapons.

Part 2

“...... you can practice these. The effect of hidden weapons assisting you is already very big.”

Tang San used the briefest words to finish his explanation to Meng Yiran, he wasn’t valuing the broom as his own[5], and was anxious to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring to go look for Xiao Wu.

By now his physical strength and spirit power had both recovered a while, he felt he should be able to absorb the spirit ring.

Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother all along stood to the side watching Tang San teach Meng Yiran without interrupting. Originally Dragon Duke had a somewhat gloomy expression due to what Zhao Wuji said, but right now on his face already hung a smile.

Meng Yiran gave Tang San a deep look,

“I won’t thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly,

“I didn’t hope for it.”

Giggling, Meng Yiran laughed, she was very beautiful, and this time immediately changed like thawed by a spring wind,

“You’re only twelve? Indeed precocious. Come. Let big sister kiss you.”

While speaking, she suddenly moved closer to kiss Tang San on the cheek.

Tang San clearly had not anticipated Meng Yiran would “sneak attack” him, only feeling a burst of warmth on his face, for a moment not only his face blushed, even his ears were rendered scarlet.

Meng Yiran seeing his embarrassed appearance felt very carefree, firmly saying:

“You can’t have strange ideas, this was my bet with you. ‘If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose’, I wouldn’t refuse to acknowledge it. Well, we’re leaving. You also hurry and absorb that spirit ring, if I come across you stirring up trouble again next time I’m hunting a spirit beast, humph humph.”

While speaking, she still gestured with her fist at Tang San.

Of course, this clearly didn’t hold any force behind it.

Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother smiled at each other, again nodding to Zhao Wuji, with this brought their granddaughter to soar away, they still had to immediately find their granddaughter another spirit beast, then extremely quickly leave this place. They could not guard against the threat of the Titan Giant Ape.

Oscar moved closer to Tang San’s side smiling mischievously,

“San-er[6], pleasurable or not?”

Tang San somewhat speechless glared at him,

“What pleasurable? Get me another Recovery Sausage.”

Oscar laughed,

“I your father have a big sausage.”

With his vulgar spirit incantation, he directly handed over a sausage to Tang San.

Turning towards the Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse, by now, dense purple light had already condensed above the corpse, just the most ideal time to absorb it. Looking at it, Tang San’s previously somewhat relaxed expression once again tightened, he immediately remembered: Xiao Wu still waited for his help.

Eating the sausage, He walked over and sat by the side of the Man Faced Demon Spider,

“I will trouble everyone.”

Zhao Wuji gave Tang San a nod, waving his hand, the students crowded around with Tang San in the middle, carefully guarding. With their protection, Tang San no longer needed to worry about common spirit beasts threatening him. He was finally able to wholeheartedly absorb the formidable spirit ring before him.

Raising his right hand, the blue light produced by the Blue Silver Grass Spirit gradually appeared in Tang San’s palm. Taking a deep breath, Tang San summoned the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.

The purple light like it had been waiting for a long time and finally found an opening, just starting to feel Tang San’s spirit, immediately like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea rushed towards Tang San.

Watching the dark purple light in a moment about to envelop Tang San’s body, Zhao Wuji also couldn’t help but be shocked. Such strong spirit power fluctuations, this Man Faced Demon Spider had after all cultivated for how many years?

Tang San as the person involved felt it even more clearly. He only sensed a tremendous heat flow towards him and abruptly into him, still without waiting for his reaction, that boiling like a raging flame began to burn his body.

The Man Faced Demon Spider in itself was certainly tyrannical, and the spirit ring it formed was ruthless. Intense energy entered within Tang San and began to break and remold his body.

Although the energy contained within the spirit ring wasn’t conscious, it still basically wasn’t something Tang San’s consciousness could control.

Under the powerful spirit power fluctuations, Tang San only felt like his body was bursting open. The violent pain immediately made him belch up a mouthful of blood.

Everyone surrounding him were simultaneously startled, they had also absorbed spirit rings, but it was still the first time they came across anything like this.

Zhao Wuji said in a low voice:

“This Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring is excessively tyrannical. Wanting to absorb it isn’t easy. Right now he can only trust himself, when absorbing the spirit ring he can’t take support from any outside force, otherwise it will only bring about the reverse effect. Right now we can only believe in Tang San being able to receive it and return to us.”

What Zhao Wuji didn’t say was, the more difficult a spirit ring was to absorb, the greater the resulting effect would be. After all if its attached energy was tremendous, the generated spirit ability would naturally also be extremely awesome.

Meng Shu and Chao Tian-Xiang brought Meng Yiran towards the outskirts of the Star Dou Great Forest.

Chao Tian-Xiang continuously watched her granddaughter, ever since leaving the Shrek Academy party, Meng Yiran had all along bowed her head in silence, apparently reflecting on something.

“Yiran. What are you thinking about?”

Chao Tian-Xiang asked.

Meng Yiran was roused from her chain of thought by her grandmother’s voice,

“I was thinking about what Tang San said. Grandma, you say whether I should later use that Penetrating Bone Needle?”

Chao Tian-Xiang smiled, saying:

“If you feel good with it, use it. Although that needle’s appearance is somewhat unusual, finding people to make it isn’t strenuous. It’s still my first time seeing such a long needle, unexpectedly it’s five cun.”

Dragon Duke Meng Shu suddenly said.

“That kid Tang San really isn’t bad, not only talented, but also without a bit of arrogance, he’s a rare talented person. It’s a pity he didn’t agree to join our clan, otherwise, before reaching twenty, he would inevitable be able to bring the clan to new heights.”

Chao Tian-Xiang sighed lightly, saying:

“A golden carp within a pond, on meeting storms becomes a dragon[7]. It’s not only Tang San, I saw those several children were all very outstanding. I truly don’t know from where Zhao Wuji found these outstandingly gifted children. I heard Zhao Wuji say, they appeared to be from some Shrek Academy, how come I haven’t heard the name of this academy?”

Meng Shu said:

“That’s all unimportant. Although the others looked to be pretty good, but I feel that compared to Tang San they are still somewhat lacking. Yiran, what did you think about Tang San?”

Meng Yiran was distracted a moment, a light flashing in her eyes. Finally she couldn’t help but say:

“He’s just a mature child.”

Recalling Tang San’s solemn face, she couldn’t help but add,

“He really didn’t seem only twelve years old.”

Meng Shu smiling said:

“I’m asking what you think about him.”

Meng Yiran was already sixteen, just the age of first awakening of love and on her own extremely acute, somewhat understood the vague meaning in grandpa’s words.

“Grandpa. Aren’t you trying to coerce mismatched mandarin ducks[8]? I’m three years older than him, how would it be possible?”

She had just had her sixteenth birthday, and indeed was three years older than Tang San.

Meng Shu laughed,

“Age is no problem, ‘woman three years older, holds a golden brick’[9].”

Meng Yiran’s charming face blushed,

“Grandpa, you……”

Meng Shu said:

“What? You’re not willing? Still think his appearance is too ordinary?”

Meng Yiran snorted, saying:

“It goes without saying he’s ordinary. From his clothes it can also be seen he isn’t the child of some famous family. I truly don’t understand, why when he uses a crippled spirit like Blue Silver Grass his cultivation speed is still so fast.”

Meng Shu scowled,

“Girl. When did you become a person who judges by appearance? That child Tang San cannot be as simple as you say. How can you know he doesn’t come from a prestigious house? Blue Silver Grass? Have you ever seen a Spirit Master that could cultivate Blue Silver Grass above thirtieth rank? Furthermore what he said about hidden weapons, these added together are enough to prove this child is out of the ordinary.”

Meng Yiran seeing grandpa become somewhat angry, couldn’t help but stick out her tongue,

“Don’t get angry grandpa, let’s speak of this matter again later. We can’t say whether we’ll meet him again in the future.”

Meng Shu sighed softly,

“The younger generations will do all right on their own. In your own matters make your own decisions. Only, grandpa’s old eyes aren’t decorations. In a person’s life, one has only one opportunity, possibly extremely brief, if one is unable to grab it, it will be lost at once.”

Chao Tian-Xiang gripped Meng Shu’s hand,

“All right. Old codger, don’t say it so gravely, first helping Yiran find a suitable third spirit ring is most important. Other matters can be spoken of again later. Once we’ve returned, we will first ask around about this Shrek Academy.”

Part 3

The Shrek Academy group’s gazes had right now all become stares. Surrounded by everyone, sitting in the middle with legs crossed Tang San already looked in bad shape, his entire person enveloped within a layer of light red mist.

The red within the mist was not at all the light of spirit power, but Tang San’s blood.

Not long before, along with violent spirit power fluctuations over his body, Tang San’s skin had begun to overflow with a layer of fine drops of blood. Along with spirit power rising into the air, it became this kind of light red mist.

Tang San’s brows were tightly locked, lips closed tightly, his body continuously convulsing violently. Adding to the drops of blood leaking through his skin, it was obvious that he was currently in severe pain.

Within the mist, from time to time transmitted the sound of bones snapping. Each time gave everyone around him a kind of hair raising feeling, but that third spirit ring that should emerge following absorption had all along not showed its true nature, this proved Tang San still could not completely absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.

Dai Mubai worried asked Zhao Wuji in a low voice:

“Teacher Zhao, if it goes on I’m afraid Tang San will be in danger.”

Zhao Wuji’s brows were equally tight,

“I know, but, right now we even more can’t interrupt him, otherwise, the result would be even more severe. Right now we can only watch his willpower. He should be capable of absorbing the energy this spirit ring bestows. Only his body’s condition isn’t at all optimal, and this Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring’s energy is in itself excessively ruthless. Under these kinds of circumstances, I hope Tang San is able to surmount the mountain pass, otherwise……”

The pain which Tang San currently endured only he knew. From the energy of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, he felt his whole body seemingly cut by countless sharp blades, there was nowhere his internal organs weren’t hurting, the tyrannical energy unceasingly tore apart his body, constantly putting him in extreme pain.

In fact, what Zhao Wuji said had a mistake. Because the Man Faced Demon Spider was so rare, even if it was Grandmaster, it would still have been very difficult to determine its cultivation interval. The largest spirit power which a Spirit Master was able to absorb for the third spirit ring was on the one thousand seven hundred years level, reaching the fourth spirit ring they were able to absorb spirit rings around five thousand years of cultivation. The fifth spirit ring upper absorption limit was twelve thousand years or so, the sixth spirit ring absorption limit was twenty thousand years. The seventh spirit ring within thirty thousand years to fifty thousand years, determined by different Spirit Masters’ different attributes. Reaching the eighth spirit ring, it was possible to absorb the spirit ring of a spirit beast over fifty thousand years. Only the final ninth spirit ring had the possibility of absorbing a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Of course, among known Spirit masters, nobody had been able to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit beast for their last spirit ring.

This Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San killed, had actually already surpassed two thousand years. Although it was just recently, it still already exceeded the limit of what Tang San could absorb for his third spirit ring. This was also the most significant reason why although Grandmaster knew the enormous benefit of the Man Faced Demon Spider to Blue Silver Grass, he did not approve of him looking for this kind of spirit ring.

In the fight, Tang San simply estimated the Man Faced Demon Spider’s actual strength, but he overlooked one point: that Man Faced Demon Spider had after all already been injured by Dragon Duke Meng Shu. With the kind of strength Meng Shu had, the injuries he gave the Man Faced Demon Spider would naturally substantially influence its strength.

Tang San’s circumstances were greatly different from the majority of Spirit Masters. Because he had dual spirits, in addition to also cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill recorded in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, his body’s resilience was much better than an ordinary person’s. Ordinarily, if it was some common spirit beast, absorbing a two thousand year or so for his third spirit ring was already without too much of an issue, after all, that was where his body exhibited its advantage.

But this Man Faced Demon Spider couldn’t be some ordinary spirit beast, its own ruthlessness and power made the spirit ring also become extremely tyrannical, adding to Tang San’s body not being in optimal condition, he immediately sunk into huge crisis.

If Tang San’s circumstances could be calculated, then, he could in the end only have one result. His body would be unable to bear the shock of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy, bursting and dying. After all, that energy already exceeded the scope of what he could absorb.

But, some things couldn’t be calculated. For example, willpower and conviction.

As his willpower alone reached a certain resolute degree, or perhaps by possessing a matchless stubborn conviction, frequently miracles would appear.

The current Tang San, although enduring incomparable pain, in the depths of his heart possessed an extremely stubborn conviction: that was to save Xiao Wu.

Relying on this conviction, he unyieldingly withstood wave after wave of pain. Even if blood already seeped out over his body, he still withstood the tyrannical energy of the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring.

From a certain point of view, Xiao Wu being snatched by the Titan Giant Ape on the contrary helped Tang San. A spirit ring surpassing the absorption limit would admittedly produce a huge crisis, but when successful, the benefits would be equally tremendous.

The tyrannical energy fluctuations unceasingly grew stronger, the blood mist around Tang San’s body also became more and more distinct. Within the blood mist, even a faint fishy smell seeped out, unknown whether it was impurities within Tang San’s body or the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison.

While everyone were worried like cats on a hot tin roof, suddenly, the echo of a soft footstep grabbed Zhao Wuji’s attention.


Zhao Wuji’s ice cold gaze turned to look in that direction, spirit power suddenly amassing, this was already Tang San’s most crucial moment, he couldn’t let any person or maybe spirit beast disturb him.

“Teacher Zhao.”

A slender silhouette ran out of the forest. Seeing her, not just Zhao Wuji paused, the others also couldn’t help staring blankly, suddenly coming running out of the forest, unexpectedly was Xiao Wu.

Right now Xiao Wu cut a somewhat sorry figure, her clothes were greatly damaged, the orderly scorpion braid on her head had also become disheveled, but her her complexion was extremely healthy, compared to before apparently a bit more mature.

“Xiao Wu, you didn’t die?”

Just as Oscar said this he became aware that his words were somewhat unpleasant.

Xiao Wu snapped:

“Did you hope I would die? What is this? This mist……, Heavens, what’s happened to little San?”

Seeing Tang San within the light red mist, Xiao Wu’s heart immediately tightened, rushing over.

She had been carried here by the Titan Giant Ape. Although the area of Star Dou Great Forest was extensive, if the forest king Titan Giant Ape wanted to find the Shrek Academy party here it was hardly difficult, all spirit beasts could be its eyes. After Xiao Wu was delivered to the vicinity, the Titan Giant Ape just quietly left.

“Don’t disturb him, he’s absorbing the third spirit ring.”

Zhao Wuji hurriedly stopped Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu involuntarily cried out:

“But, how could absorbing the third spirit ring become like this?”

Turning her head to look at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse to the side, she more or less understood,

“It’s a Man Faced Demon Spider. Not good, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation age exceeds two thousand years, Grandmaster said, a Spirit Master’s third spirit ring limit was one thousand seven hundred sixty years, little San he……”

Zhao Wuji stared blankly,

“How do you know this Man Faced Demon Spider has cultivated two thousand years?”

Xiao Wu at this became aware of what she let slip,

“The Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation will be seen from the length of its legs. You see, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs already surpass three metres, this is the mark of cultivation age exceeding two thousand years. Don’t tell me you all didn’t know thousand year spirit beast cultivation will engender some clear change with each each millennium passed? Like hundred year spirit beasts will change with each cultivated century, and like ten thousand year spirit beasts will change according ten thousand years?”

Zhao Wuji somewhat impressed said:

“I truly didn’t understand this clearly. I didn’t expect you to have so much knowledge of spirit beasts.”

Xiao Wu said:

“These are all taught by Grandmaster.”

Covering for the mistakes of her mouth by shifting them to the most knowledgeable in spirits Grandmaster clearly was a very good method. As expected, hearing her words, everyone’s doubts eased.

Zhao Wuji said with a wry smile:

“Little San already started absorbing this spirit ring. Right now there’s no chance to stop. We can only hope for him to withstand the shock of the energy in the spirit ring, enduring this mountain pass. Oh right, Xiao Wu, how did you escape the Titan Giant Ape’s demon hand? Tell us first what happened?”

She couldn’t tell everyone that it was because the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming sensed her smell that it specially came to carry her, before returning Xiao Wu naturally had thought out what to say. Worriedly looking at Tang San before her she explained:

“I also don’t know what it was all about, that Titan Giant Ape grabbed me and ran into the forest. Before running very far it seemed a cow like roar came through from one direction, that Titan Giant Ape appeared very nervous. Looking at me, it threw me aside at once. Afterwards it ran off.”

“A cow roar? What cow could make a Titan Giant Ape nervous? Afterwards?”

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but scowl.

In Xiao Wu’s eyes displayed a fearful light,

“As that Titan Giant Ape dumped me, before leaving it made a howl. I only felt a sky spinning and earth revolving dizziness pass, once I woke up, it was already nowhere to be seen. The scene at that time was terrifying. All around were at least ten spirit beasts unconscious from the shock, the weak were directly shocked so they bled out of the nose and mouth and died. I don’t know whether to say my luck was good or bad, I suddenly discovered, my spirit power had also broken through the thirtieth rank.”

Zhao Wuji was alarmed,

“What? You already reached thirtieth rank? Who is older of you and Tang San?”

Xiao Wu said:

“I’m some months younger than him.”

Zhao Wuji was speechless a spell, the record Tang San had just now set, had already been altered. However, Xiao Wu’s next words widened his eyes even more.

Xiao Wu said:

“At that time I was very frightened, perhaps the reason my spirit power increased was because the external excitement was too large. I happened to discover a comparatively suitable for me thousand year spirit beast that had fainted, so I killed it to obtain my third spirit ring.”

“That as well?”

Fatty stared at Xiao Wu, showing an expression like a blind cat at a dead mouse.

Xiao Wu displayed an expression of lingering trepidation,

“Consider my fate great, I basically believed I would die. So that none of the surrounding spirit beasts would wake up to attack, I had no choice but to jolt the surrounding spirit beasts to death. After absorbing the third spirit ring my physical strength recovered. Then I just walked in the direction I remembered coming from, before hearing voices from this side and coming over to look, finally finding you.”

[1] Idiom: There’s always someone better than you.

[2] “Three”, which is also the san in Tang San.

[3] 5寸 = 16.7 cm

[4] (听声辨位) “Hearing Sound Distinguishing Location”

[5] Idiom: Having sentimental attachment.

[6] Oscar uses (儿), a diminutive suffix, in this case meaning something like “son”.

[7] This one is a pain to translate. It’s close to a line from a poem in the famous 1989 comic by Ma Wing-Shing (马荣成/馬榮成) Feng Yun/Fung Wan “Wind and Cloud” (风云/風雲) also variously adapted as “The Storm Riders”. The full poem is (金鳞岂是池中物,一遇风云便化龙;九霄龙吟惊天变,风云际会潜水游), which a daring person might butcher by translating as

        A golden carp within a pond, meeting storms (wind and cloud) thus becomes a dragon;

        Nine heavenly dragons’ cry change the sky, at storm’s edge will dive and swim

 What confuses the issue somewhat is that here “golden carp” (金鳞) is misspelled as the homonym “golden (female) unicorn” (金麟) which differ only in one radical, and by a quick google seems to be a common typo. Further confusing the issue is that the top hits on a google search will refer to the erotic web novel by Monkey by the same name (金鳞岂是池中物) about a street hoodlum growing up to become a business tycoon.

In any case, I can’t find an explanation of it and won’t be bothered reading the comic to figure it out, so you get a best fit translation.

[8] Idiom: Misarranging matches through mistaken identification of couples. Mandarin ducks are a common symbol for lovers - as are most birds in pairs.

[9] This rhyme (nu da san, bao jin zhuan 女大三,抱金砖) is part of a series of how various age differences in couples improves married life. Rhymes don’t translate well to English.

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