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A tender energy lifted Xue Beng up. Tang San smiled then said, "You don't need to do so. How could I receive your etiquette like that?"

Xue Beng said determinedly, "Teacher, if you can't receive my bow, then no one can. Xue Beng now bows to you, not for me, myself, but for one million of soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. Moreover, I do it for millions of people of the Heaven Dou Empire."

His words were honest. Tang San could feel that what he was saying had come from the bottom of his heart.

Xue Beng got up, looking at Tang San standing in front of him, whose countenance was mild without a surging beam of energy. Tears lingered in his eyes, blocked his vision with a layer of water.

"Teacher, you know. Yesterday I was thinking about recklessly fighting with them till death. Now I can say it all. When we got the information that a God would join the Spirit Empire's force, I felt that we were all going to die. I have been praying that you could come back soon. Today, when I had decided to start the battle, I thought my prayer was hopeless. But you are back, teacher. You are the Sea God now. At the moment when the Heaven Dou Empire needed you the most, you appeared in front of us, using your divine powers to lead the Heaven Dou Empire to victory, breaking the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. I have dreamed about this. But I've never thought that it would come that soon and direct. Teacher, I don't know how to thank you. If you agree, I will offer you this throne."

"Your Majesty, you can't."

Tang San stretched both of his hands to raise Xue Beng up with a warm smile on his face. He could totally use his powers to raise Xue Beng up without touching him. However, he still used his hands. This is his respect towards Xue Beng.

Tang San smiled and said, "The victory today was not only due to my own efforts. Our men here have all played an important role in the fight. Especially that old monster, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor's toxins had startled me."

Du Gu Bo said angrily, "Little monster, don't you think that you can tease me since you are now a God. I can still whip you."

Tang San laughed cheerily, "Old monster, do you really think that I have no back up here? My father, my uncle and my teacher are all here. If someone has to beat me, it will not be your turn yet."

Then, Tang San let go of Xue Beng's hands, turned around, headed to Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and Grandmaster and kneeled down. No matter how strong he was, or what title he had, there's something that would never change. Teacher was the one whom he respected the most. Father was the closest family member to him. They were all his seniors.

Seeing Tang San kneeling down, Xue Beng followed him. Tang San didn't prevent him from doing that at this moment. And when Xue Beng kneeled down, the other generals in the tent, of course, couldn't just stand there, they all followed him, bending down on their knees.

At this moment, in Tang Hao's dazed eyes, there was only the image of Tang San, his only son. He was famous for being stiff in the spirit masters world. But now, tears were lingering in his eyes. Not long from now, he had thought that he would have let his son become an ordinary person. He still remembered that Tang San had cooked porridge for him every day. At that time, the amount of rice in their house had been only enough for cooking porridge for every meal. When Tang San had finished cooking, he just took the plain broth and left him the best of his congee. Tang San was just six years old at that time.

At this moment, his son was grown up to this excellent man. He was even more excellent than his father. Tang Hao didn't feel happy or joyful now, but bitter. He felt bitter for all the time that his son had to suffer. What his son had achieved today all came from his own efforts. Everybody could see his powers as a God now, but how many of them had witnessed what Tang San had to pay throughout over twenty years? Tang Hao could imagine easily countless times Tang San had to undergo deadly situation and came back from the death.

Tang Hao suddenly moved, he stepped forward, vehemently drew Tang San on his kneeling position, then hugged him tightly into his steel-like firm chest.

Tang Hao would never say any soft words with his tough personality. However, his embrace and his tears had spoken many things to Tang San.

Tang San hugged him back tightly. He didn't cry, but his lips were pursed. The emotions in his eyes weren't less than that of Tang Hao.

Although he had been living twice, Tang Hao was his only father. A father is always a big idol in his children's hearts. Tang San wasn't an exception. Even when Tang Hao had been a drunkard, Tang San had never disrespected his father.

Having his father's support was always something that a man desired the most.

"Dad, my life was given to me by mom and you. Even if I have to pay with all my life, I can never pay it off. My life belongs to you. Everything I have belongs to you, too."
Tang San understood his father's thoughts; he consoled him directly.

Tang Hao lifted his head up, both of his hands hugging Tang San's shoulders. He studied his son's handsome visage and nodded.
"You are my pride."

Although Tang San always controlled his emotions, having listened to Tang Hao, he couldn't hold it anymore as tears started to stream down on his face.

"Little San, you are also my pride. The pride of my whole life."

Grandmaster came to Tang Hao, staring at Tang San. His stimulation was even bigger than Tang Hao's. He had trained a God!

Tang Hao let off him, backed off to clear Grandmaster's way. Tang San kneeled down again, in front of the Grandmaster. When Grandmaster was about to lift him up, Tang Hao stopped him from behind.

"Grandmaster, you have to receive his obeisance. You have paid a bigger price for him than I have. I didn't fulfill my paternal roles, but you are an excellent teacher. Without you, we wouldn't have the Tang San that we now know of today."

Grandmaster was held by Tang Hao, how could he fight it off? He could only see Tang San giving him three bows, and nine kowtows respectfully.

Tang San didn't stand up right away. He looked up to Grandmaster, as his eyes were dewed with tears.

"Teacher, there’s something I have wanted to tell you for so long. But I had considered myself wasn't qualified enough because I hadn't reached the peak of the spirit masters world. I always wait for the chance like today. Now I've broken through level one hundred and the Sea God's title, it's time to say it."
Grandmaster was surprised. Apparently, he didn't know what Tang San wanted to tell him.

Tang San's eyes were reddened.

"Grandmaster, you've been struggling for the whole life. You don't have any children. You have put all of your efforts on me. Although you are not my father, in my heart, you are as important as my father, Tang Hao. Dad, please receive my obeisance."

While saying, Tang San bent down again, hitting his head hard on the ground. Previously, he had kowtowed to his teacher; now he was giving his obeisance to his father. It was like what Tang Hao had commented, Grandmaster had put more care to Tang San than he did. Tang San, at the glorious moment of his life, finally had a chance to speak out the words he had hidden from the bottom of his heart for a long time.

Xiao Wu had come and bent down together with Tang San right when he kneeled down the first time.

Grandmaster dazedly looked at Tang San. His body was trembling. Without Tang Hao's support, he would have fallen. His lips trembled, couldn't utter a word to Tang San. He emotionally rose his hands, putting on Tang San's broad shoulders. He was crying in silence.

His whole life, like a big picture, was flashing through his mind. From the childhood time, when everybody had discriminated him for his mutant spirit; and they had never considered him a member of the family.

It had formed his silent character. When he had been seeing people of his generation growing up with the special spirit of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, he couldn't have hidden his admiration. At that moment, he had been self-deprecating. It had made him leave his family when he hadn't even grown up yet.

Then, he met the first love of his life. That woman came from the Spirit Hall. But when she had entered his life, he hadn't known her origin. Even though Grandmaster had a mutant spirit, he got a brilliant mind that no one could ever have. Moreover, his knowledge about spirits was profound. Gradually, they had fallen in love. The first love is always the most beautiful one that one could never forget. In Grandmaster's heart, that woman was so beautiful. She was the goddess of his heart. Even when they had been together, he didn't dare to touch her, as he was afraid that he would disrespect her.

That woman wasn't Liu Er Long, but the current Empress of the Spirit Empire, Bibi Dong.

They had been together for two years. Those two years were the most beautiful moments of Grandmaster's life. He had told Bibi Dong every of his miraculous knowledge about spirits. Every single day they had spent together was carefree and full of joy. At that time, he had believed that Bibi Dong was the gift that Heaven had made up for his loss. An Angel had come for him, and him only. Because of Bibi Dong, he had released himself out of the darkness that had been chasing his soul. He then had been able to define his way, putting all of his heart to the study of spirits.

However, happiness doesn't last long. Tragedies had come. One day, the Goddess of his heart came to him and told him that the reason why she had spent her time with him was actually because of his knowledge. Everything between them should have ended now. One simple saying had broken Grandmaster's heart. That deep wound, up to now, hadn't been healed.

Although Grandmaster could find many flaws in what Bibi Dong had told him; she still left him at the end. He finally knew her origin. The Holy Maiden of the Spirit Hall. Moreover, she would have been the next Supreme Pontiff. He couldn't believe anything that Bibi Dong had told him anymore. One night, Grandmaster had drunk alcohol for the first time, he had been so drunk he didn't want to wake up again.

After that, he met Liu Er Long and Flender. It soon had been his next tragedy. The second woman he had ever loved was his cousin. At the moment he decided to leave Liu Er Long, he only thought about death. Yes, only death could have saved him. Right when he decided to kill himself, his arrogance had drawn him back. He wanted to prove to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family that he wasn't a handicapped person before he died.

Since then, Grandmaster had put all of his heart and brains to study spirits. Only studying it could save him from recalling his life's tragedies. Until the day he met Tang San. Grandmaster still remembered when he had been stirred up knowing Tang San had the full innate spirit, an indication of twin spirits. He knew his chance had come. With this child, he could prove himself to his family. And, he accepted Tang San as his disciple.

At the beginning, Grandmaster just wanted to prove himself to his family. However, as time was passing by, Tang San's position in his heart had become more important. Even Grandmaster didn't know why he had cared for Tang San that much.

Until he knew that the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family was gone and he had become the Receptor of the Heaven Dou Empire, he didn't need to prove anything to anyone. However, his heart still had a void. Although he was with Liu Er Long every day, the shadow in his heart still existed. At this moment, when Tang San had called him Father, the last defending layer in Grandmaster's heart was broken. He finally found the goal of his life after thirty bloody years. For his son, his own son. Even if he had to pay with his life, he would never regret it.

"Good son."

Grandmaster's voice was trembling as he gently stroked Tang San's head. His tears were streaming down. His stiff face's muscles were twitching.

Frankly speaking, Tang Hao admired him, but he wasn't jealous. He had brought Tang San into this life, but Grandmaster was the one who had brought him up. One day a teacher, lifelong a father. What Tang San had called him was satisfying.

Grandmaster's emotions couldn't be calmed for a long while until Liu Er long came forward, lifting Tang San up. When Liu Er Long came to his side, her face was full of tears. They had been together for many years, who could understand his sorrows more than her?

Flender said with his low voice. "Xiao Gang. This is a big occasion. You should be happy!"

Liu Er Long led Grandmaster to his seat. He still turned his head to call Tang San with his trembling voice. "Little San, call me again please?"


Tang San suddenly stepped forward, hugging Grandmaster tight, shaking Grandmaster's emotions.

"Good, good. Even if I have to die now, the life of Yu Xiao Gang hasn't been wasted. Son, I have a son. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

During his laughter, Grandmaster's countenance suddenly paled, his laughter was choking, fading out. Grandmaster was getting weaker, falling into Tang San's chest.
Tang San was scared, hurriedly putting his palm on Grandmaster's chest.

He finally had his dream fulfilled after a long life of tragedies. This had shifted Grandmaster from sorrow to extreme happiness. The sadness he had accumulated for many years had burst out at once. His feeble meridians couldn't withstand this, had been instantly broken. His vitality was like a tide, flooding away.


Tang San screamed.

Grandmaster leaned on his chest; his breath was feeble.

"Little…San…Thank…you….It's…time…I…have…to…go. But…I'm…not…willing…to…go…now…Kill……Dong…This…is…my..…last wish…"

"No, teacher, you're not going to die. No!"

He was so worried he had called him teacher again. Tang San's eyes changed immediately. They were all blue now. His gloomy emotions and meridians had been broken; it was a fatal incident to anyone. But his son, who just kneeled in front of him and called him father, was a god.

The Sea God's power was like a rising tide, covering Grandmaster entirely in just a blink of an eye. Moreover, the divine power had passed all of his body's functions, and strongly reserved the last beam of his vitality.

"I will definitely not let anything take your life away."

Tang San's voice was firm, stressing each word.

The Sea God's divine power started to enter Grandmaster's body. Tang San had controlled each beam of his divine power skillfully, making them more tender. When the Sea God's divine power had totally fused with Grandmaster's body, Tang San became serious. The heart meridian was one of the weakest parts of the body. If Tang San wanted to take Grandmaster's life back, he had to aid him in healing his heart meridian. Grandmaster's heart meridian had been weakened because of his accumulated sorrows; although his sorrows had been gone, it had already severely damaged his heart meridian.

Crack. The Sea God Armament appeared on Tang San's body. To get back Grandmaster's life, he had to put in all of his strength. He couldn't have any careless moments, as he wanted to use the best way to recover Grandmaster's meridians.

He retrieved the Sea God's divine power, then started to pour his pure vitality into Grandmaster's body. At the same time, he rose his right thigh, putting his hand on the Sea God Armament. His finger flickered, and gold blood was oozing out. Tang San didn't waste them. He used his power to gather them, pouring into Grandmaster's mouth. Then, he used the Sea God's power to lead that blood to Grandmaster's heart meridian.

This was the blood of a God. Tang San's Sea God Armament had a part formed by the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone; thus, his blood there also had the spirit ability of the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone, Wildfire burns without end, spring wind blows new life. After his spirit bones had been evolved, this spirit ability had also been enhanced much which make his right thigh's blood become the best medicine.

Blood from a God was powerful. In a normal case, if Grandmaster took his blood, his body would explode since it couldn't contain the tremendous energy. However, Tang San was now using his Sea God's power to coordinate, making sure that no anomalies would happen. Tang San had poured the Sea God's power into Grandmaster's body, opened up and fused with his body altogether. All changes that were happening inside Grandmaster's body were controlled by Tang San's divine sense.

The method Tang San had used was simple, yet effective. To not let the break exist there for a long time, he first used his divine power to create a temporary vein, connecting the broken heart meridian, making way for his blood circulating. Under his urge, Grandmaster's vitality was activated again.

With the aid of the divine power, Tang San's formidable vitality had come along with his blood, flooding into Grandmaster's heart meridian. Under his strict monitor, Grandmaster's heart meridian had now started to regenerate.

Tang San was now using his powers to help Grandmaster improve his entire meridian system, dispersing the god energy in his blood into his body, under the control of the Sea God's tender power to completely fuse it into Grandmaster's meridians.

This progress was hard and required careful moves. Although Tang San was a God now, he was still very cautious.

The meeting hall had been quiet for an hour. Everybody was all concentrating.

Finally, when the blue light on Tang San's hands had ceased, Grandmaster started to breathe. He opened his eyes; his visage had glowed again.

A wonderful feeling had filled his body. Grandmaster could feel clearly that his meridians had become more flexible. Even his spirit power had been upgraded to at least five levels.

Tang San helped Grandmaster get up, but he didn't let him say anything.

"Dad, you shouldn't say anything now. Do not incite your emotions, either. Take a good rest tonight. When you are fully recovered by tomorrow, we will talk more."

Looking at his endearing eyes, Grandmaster smiled, nodded in agreement. Liu Er Long and Xiao Wu promptly assisted him. Tang San took him out of the hall then returned. Grandmaster's body had no problems now. Moreover, he had placed a trickle of his divine sense on him, if anything happened, he would know immediately. Now he couldn't leave this place just yet. Although the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was in ruins, there were many things they had to settle. Especially Qian Ren Xue, who had run away from him. She was like a thorn, piercing through his heart.

Tang Hao patted his son's shoulder.

"It's good now. Don't worry too much."

Tang San nodded quietly. Xue Beng came by, asking Tang San to sit in the chair position. Tang San wasn't ceremonial, sat down there. After he had become a God, his status had been changed accordingly. Among the Heaven Dou Empire's forces, there was no one who had a higher position than him. Moreover, after this war had ended, his position in the soldiers' hearts would be absolutely the highest. Xue Beng's manners now weren't wrong. Quite the contrary, if Tang San were too humble now, it would possibly somehow harm him in the future.

Xue Beng didn't even sit down, standing next to Tang San. However, his face was full of arrogance. In his mind now, taking Tang San as his teacher was the luckiest event in his life.

"I was chasing after Qian Ren Xue, but I was late, and couldn't find her anywhere. It's strange that the other Title Douluos and her seemed to have vanished into thin air. I had used the divine sense to search for them, but got no positive results. However, I'm here now, she couldn't rise another tide. Your Majesty, what do you want to do next?" Tang San said.

"Teacher, we have broken through the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. We can say that the entrance to the Spirit Empire is open now. Moreover, we have almost destroyed the major spirit masters force of the Spirit Empire. It must be pretty hard for them to protest against us. Anyway, the Spirit Empire is profound. I think we shouldn't rush. It's been a long time since we have deployed our men here. They've been staying in improper conditions. I would like to base our soldiers in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, rearranging the formation. Then I would send a troop of excellent soldiers to the Star Lou Empire, and support them from the other side. Wait until the Star Lou Empire's forces break through the wall, we will then gather at some location. Then, both of us will eradicate the Spirit Empire, leaving nothing for them to raise again." Xue Beng said.

Hanging on Xue Beng's words, everybody nodded. This would be the best option that should leave nothing for the Spirit Empire. Perhaps the Star Luo Empire didn't have any spirit master as strong as Tang San. In case they had, when they joined the battle together, the Spirit Empire would have no chances at all. Also, they could take this opportunity to finish the Spirit Empire's forces that were entrenching at the Star Dou Empire's battlefield. This could weaken the general powers of the Spirit Empire. The war wouldn't be so strenuous later.

Tang San nodded. "We will then just follow Your Majesty's opinions. About sending a troop to assist Star Luo Empire, let the spirit master legion and Tang Sect's Army go there together with some supreme spirit masters. Too many people would cause unnecessary troubles."

Xue Beng's eyes raked over the spirit masters standing in the meeting hall.
"Seniors, who are willing go to?"

Everybody almost said at the same time.
"Awaiting your orders!"

Tang San smiled then said, "Hey, I think we would send only the old monster. He would sneak into the enemy's base and release his toxins again. Our opponents would soon collapse themselves."

Du Gu Bo said indignantly, "Little San, are you teasing me on purpose? I will not do it again. Would you go with me to wipe my ass after that?"

"We will go like this. President Tang Xiao, please lead five hundred disciples of the Clear Sky School with the spirit master legion and Tang Sect's Army to the other battlefield. How about that?" Xue Beng said.

Tang Xiao nodded.


"Dai-dage, Zhu Qing, and Fatty should go with them. We can make it a little bit more certain then. Your Majesty, did you know that my dage, Dai Mu Bai is the prince of the Star Lou Empire?"

Xue Beng was astounded, looked at Dai Mu Bai then turned back to Tang San. He felt tense now, but he understood something.

Dai Mu Bai appreciated that, glanced at Tang San then said, "Good, we will go with senior Tang Xiao."

"We shouldn't delay more. Our men didn't get hurt much today. We will depart tomorrow. We should be hurrying; we could destroy the entire Spirit Empire soon." Tang Xiao said.

Early in the next morning, Tang Xiao took Dai Mu Bai, Zhu Zhu Qing, Ma Hong Jun and a group of supreme spirit master, all Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan's disciples, except Ning Feng Zhi and the two Title Douluo Luo, the spirit masters legion and a myriad of Tang Sect's soldier to depart. Although the total number was less than two myriads of soldiers, this formation was the most talented among the force of one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. With this support, Star Lou Empire would find it easier to settle the battle on the other side.

In the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Xue Beng let his men rest and rewarded them. The time for this rearrangement would be ten days. According to Xue Beng's plan, after ten days, the Heaven Dou Empire's great force would be deployed again, wiping out all the adjacent cities of the Spirit Empire around them, preparing the place for the soldiers of the two Great Empires.

However, it was just three days, something happened.


Xue Beng, Tang San, Marshall Golong, and Grandmaster were discussing the plan in the meeting hall when a messenger suddenly stormed in, kneeling down.

Xue Beng frowned, "What made you panicked?"

The messenger glanced at Tang San first. To any soldiers like them, beholding this Master Sea God was a glory.

"Your Majesty, a force of the Spirit Empire is heading towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass."


Xue Beng was surprised.

"Are they seeking for death here? How many of them are there? When will they reach the pass?"

"Your Majesty, the force is not more than ten myriads. They look like the ones who had been running away from our attack. Their speed isn't fast. They are over one hundred li away from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. They are heading towards us."

Tang San stood up then asked, "Qian Ren Xue?"

Besides Qian Ren Xue, he couldn't think of anything that could make the Spirit Empire's soldiers come back to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Marshall Golong smiled, "Sea God, perhaps they come to surrender."

"No matter what, we should go to the wall-top to take a look. If they are a small group of soldiers, maybe they are coming to surrender. But there are almost ten myriads of them, as many as the total number that had initially escaped from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass." Tang San said.

They promptly came to the top of the wall. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was to defend the Heaven Dou Empire, thus the wall facing the Spirit Empire wasn't thick. It just had the defending ability of a normal wall. When the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire got atop the wall, they could see the force of the Spirit Empire was slowly approaching them.

This group of Spirit Empire's soldiers was disorderly, just like a mob of scattered soldiers. They didn't have any aura or morale. Let alone the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire that was now based in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, even if they had only two or three myriads of soldiers, this mob couldn't break the wall.

Marshall Golong laughed out loud. "Seems like I got a lucky guess. They are coming to concede."

"Aren't you afraid that the wind could get into your stomach and trouble you?"

When Marshall Golong was still talking, a voice as cold as one thousand year iceberg echoed on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass's wall. Hearing that voice, other people were amazed, but Tang San's countenanced had changed badly. Two gold light shot out from his eyes.

There were two figures jumping up from the group of the Spirit Empire's soldiers. They weren't flying directly to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass but up to the sky. The sky color had been changed because of them. Half was reddish-gold, and the other half was dark purple. This phenomenon looked bizarre on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass' sky.

That cold voice arose again, "Tang San, come out and die!"

Other people couldn't see it clearly, but Tang San could see who those two figures were. The one who was hovering in the air with the reddish-gold aureole of flames, needless to clarify, was the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue. Her Angelic God Armament had fully recovered. She was looking at him with cold eyes. Standing next to Qian Ren Xue was a woman, whose body was covered in a shining purple armor. Her face was of a dark green-purple, as she looked really malevolent. Tang San had to release more divine sense to observe her reluctantly. That was the Empress of the Spirit Empire, Bibi Dong. No, that was the Rakshasa God Bibi Dong to be exact!


Hi all,

Say hello to the Rakshasa God, a true God. Besides her curves, the Hentai Goddess is too weak, totally a blonde.  Bibi Dong is a really Goddess that you should behold, my gentlemen.

Yesterday while I was jogging, I saw a group of children in my neighborhood playing jianzi (kicking shuttlecock). I asked to join them and had fun for half an hour. My body feels like it was smashed into pieces today. Old Tomato is up for a long deep sleep now. See you on Tuesday.

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